Hill Harper/Sheldon Hawkes #2: He's Got Panties

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Dear Hill,

GOOOOOOOD GRIIIEEEEEEF!!! That's almost as bad as the gold lame suit. What on earth is he thinking and *who* is he supposed to be???
Whoa! My poor eyes... *closes them tight*

Hill, my dear, I hope you have a really good explanation for that... ;)
Wow, that's baaaaaad. And hilarious! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh, wow! I wanted to go to bed soon! Now I have to stay up longer to prevent a nightmare. I first have to browse through the forum to see some other pics. This one hurt my eyes...
Uh..., oh my, I'm baffled! :rolleyes: :lol:

(shakin' my head @ Hill) -- we'll discuss this later over a cherry martini...and leave the wig...okay!?! I got another costume for yah! :D :devil:
BonaTaylor, wow...that's amazin'...thanks for sharin'. :eek: Ewww, I wonder how long it takes the body to reach that decomposed state/stage within the container. ...and Hill was being BRAVE!!! ...he said something like - "Can I stick the spoon in there..." Ewww, but I noticed that he was also emphasizin' the word 'okay' a bit. :) ...in the name of science! ...now, maybe I can go to sleep tonight with the lights out. I was a little scared yesterday due to a real death on Halloween. Now, that you've placed everthing in perspective -- Good Night!!!
BonaTaylor said:
Hey everybody, I haven't posted in this thread at all, but I found a vid from Hill Harper on YouTube which might be of interested for you.

I checked the last couple of pages if it has been posted before, couldn't find it and decided to post it. So pls bear with me, if I have overseen it and do now a double post.

"CSI:NY Human Goo"

It is Hill Harper visiting the REAL Body farm that was once content in a LV eppy.

WARNING! This is not that easy to take. If you don't wanna see real dead bodies in ... let's say... not the best shape, don't click on this link!! I mean it!!

Okay, and now for those with the strong stomachs, watch sweet Hill being a real man and taking not just the looks of the bodies (which I couldn't btw...) but also the SMELL! which we will fortunately miss.
I watched it...right after I finished my lunch. :lol: I didn't throw up though. It wasn't as icky as I'd expected, maybe something's wrong with me, hehe. Maybe the rest of the footage in the full featurette is worse, I'll know when my S3 DVD arrives in the mail. :D

Hill is definitely a man's man for braving the body farm. Hee! And brave too, for getting his hands dirty and trying to stir that muck around in the trash bin. Oh, Hill, how I love you so. After Flack and Danny, that is. :devil:
Oh-kay.... I finally watched. I'm not easily grossed out but that definitely did the trick. I guess it's because those were actual people and not special effects? Brave man, Hill, sticking that spoon in there like that.
I'm not squeamish usually but now I'm truly afraid to watch this featurette. :lol:
Ok, it was disgusting. Really gross, but they have to do this kind of research to be more closer to the real world. Seeing it was bad, being there should be even worst. And Hill did not puke, so a point for him.
Hill was great. If it was bad on tv, must have been worst to be there. I was ok watching it till the "stick the spoon" moment. That got to me. Had to fast skip that. :lol:
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