Grissom & Sara; #33 Time to Re-combine!

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I started lurking on the thread titled "Pin Me Down ... But Not With a Mustang". I actually began reading the GSR threads because that title was so funny! Being a bit superstitious, I'd prefer something for the next thread like Welcome Back, Sidle or anything that doesn't refer to a happy ending because I don't want to jinx it ... but I'm new so I'll defer to the established members on this one :)

I can't believe we still have 2 months to go!!!

The WELCOME BACK SIDLE would be great on the Jorja/Sara thread, but this is pertaining to both of them and her returning to be with him, and the passion was in the last ep. when she planted a big wet one on him so now it's back! and it look's like so far that GSR, BACK WITH A PASSION is out front, so mabye this is the one, we still have time but this seems to describe them to a tea:thumbsup: how nice to sign on everyday and see this!:p

How about: Acushla - it is Irish for 'the beat of my heart'. (I love irish music and such, hence one of my tattoos!)
Welcome Back, Sidle

I am so hyped on this season. This is the first year I have been on TSF and ... (*skip)
Lastly, I want to add a countdown for today, since it's been awhile.
58 days, and 0 hours and 0 minutes!!!! Yeah, less than two months to go for our hopes and dreams to come true!!!!!

> Welcome Back, Sidle is good to me. Or 'Sidle Comes Home' or 'The Butterfly goes home', well something like that (i duno but i just like the idea of 'home' to them bec. home is where the heart is). :)
Your counting is fun too, Bengali, i like it. BTW, what is TSF? Excuse my ignorance.

Or... Here Comes The Bride.
>Or....(In tuned with the olympics).... "One World, One Dream, One GSR! (Go for geekbaby)" he he... (just joking ;))

Ok ok, here's my pick:
then later on...

Keep safe everyone! :luvlove:
hi folks! firstly want to say sorry for not being on here for aaaages, and secondly want to say sorry i'm not going to be on here for aaaages more :( i'm so totally drowning in music stuff that i've hardly got time to sleep at the moment!

i really miss you guys - so please do me a favour and keep the GSR spirits alive and kicking until the new season begins? as i'm on Team Spoiler Free i'm just going to avoid everything until the new episodes begin, then i don't care how busy i am, i will be back on here with you all to celebrate the inevitable fluff->angst->make-up->happy ending (come on!) that will happen (all fingers and toes and strings crossed). :guffaw:

here's some party cake for all you folks outside of the UK - i'm going to be partying like a nutter next week celebrating the album (it's up on amazon, itunes etc including all over the world! and i've been getting some lovely reviews). oh, and i sent a copy of the CD to Jorja's mailing address too :D

big love to you all - GSR rocks my band!


p.s. after a quick scan my vote is for 'GSR, Back With A Passion' :thumbsup:
Hey guys!

o_cat, I am so joining you in your guilt! I have been so swamped! Actually not really, but I've just had soo much emotional stuff going on recently that I haven't beenon recently... I don't even know when the next season is starting!!! (Someone, please tell me!)

I agree with everything o_cat said and yay, yay, yay! for you! I'm going to order your CD as soon as I am in Europe (Amazon has apparently black listed South Africa, so anything costs an arm and a leg to get here and I'm broke!)!

Keep up the GSR spirit, and yay to all the spoiler free people!

Btw, I have some fanfic in the making... Will put it up once it's finally all formed on paper instead of in my head!

'GSR, Back With A Passion' is definately my vote... It's still sad that they are looking to replace our lovely Billy!!!!!

I don't think I'll be able to watch CSI from then on...
Hey orange_cat we've been waiting for your vote, and SA_Kate too, so it look's like these are the 3 finals, so lets choose and we'll be done with it:thumbsup: and the SS returns ones are fine, but it's THEM and these are all about our couple




PERFECT HARMONY also might have been a good title!
I think I'm going with that too, they do have "passion" for sure, and here's a brief article from WP's lips some time back~

They've obviously always have been interested in each other. And there's an intimacy there. We just thought it was time for the audience to see that there was an intimacy there William Petersen! OOOH, BABY!

what did they do after this scene?

bengali your so funny, counting it down~keep it up!
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Me three, Back With a Passion! let's hope they live up to it.

O_Cat and SA_Kate, hi girls, we've been missing you. (get the CD, Kate, it rocks)

Go Team Spoiler Free.We have our GSR coloured paint balls and we are ready.

Two months seems so far away. We really had many more weeks without GSR/CSI than with this year, and that sucks.
Me too!!

57 days 2 hours and 34 min!!

Still? gaah :shifty: ah well i still got 98 days for the 6th Harry Potter lol so CSI is less daunting then that :)
, i like Acushla too! bahaha i'm always the one vote against everybody else. ah well, i'll go for anything really.
Me too, me too...
Passion, passion, GSR, GSR... :)

Hi KaTE & O_cat, don't worry GSR is soaring high in spirit.
Congrats on your music. :thumbsup:
Woot! Viva! Nice to know there is still all that spirit out there, thanks for all the welcome backs! I've missed you guys!

Who's seen the replacements for Billy? My word! I'm just sitting there thinking... NO ONE CAN REPLACE BILLY PETERSEN! Or Jorja Fox for that matter... All that sexual tension and final realisation could never be repeated again and never without those two amazing actors! My word!

Sorry, I love GSR.... :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

And I so will get the CD, it will remind me the awesome power of GSR and how amazing o_cat's singing is! :)

Csi... GSR..CSI..GSR... It is my life blood! Mwahaha! I really hope the show doesn't go down hill from now on, since it's lost most of it's main cast... (especially the best ship in the world.. sniff...)

Sorry, I'll shush now. VIVA GSR!

Edit: GSR, Back With A Passion!!!!
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