Grissom & Sara #29: The Only Person He Ever Loved

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Thank you SO much to Adz for bringing out my muse for my latest video! I KNOW ya'll will enjoy it. Specially since I special thanked AND dedicated it to this forum! Go check it out under Fan Videos!

Welcome to mikrotubuli. I KNOW you'll enjoy it here. We sure do. :)

GSR rocks tattoo!
GSR rocks my...Kelly Clarkson CD!

mikrotubuli, Choco will totally love your sig. She's obsessed with that thing.
can he swing.from a he cant.hes a pig.look out! hes spider pig!
There are three things in Choco's life that she likes to stare at, spider pig, lists and Johnny Depp's bare chest.
dont forget dancing cucumbers and HP books. :D

The banner on is from a promo shoot, I can't remember the season,
Season 7

OK so far:
Pin Me Down ... But Not With a Mustang
Fighting For Love
Angry!Grissom = Lovesick!Grissom
Did He Just ... Say He Loves Her?
We're Ready For Your Comeback Sara!
The Reason Of The Biggest WTF Moment In History of TV
Welcome back Sara
Two hearts that beat as one
I said I'd miss you and I do
Sara's Bringing SexyBack
We Hit 30 Threads - We Deserve A Kiss
Give Us Some On-Screen LOVE! Please?
Attention TPTB! You Kill Her - We Boycott You
Don't Leave Bruno ... and Grissom

Yeah Im not sure who is in charge of this, but no one has sooooo.
and i have a thing for lists.
so i supose about page 23 we should start a poll.
I am so going to win :p
I love the "Pin Me Down . . . But Not With a Mustang." That's just too funny not to vote for.

Ok, so she is so alive I can barely contain my excitement!! What's more, she has actually escaped from under the Mustang!! (at least that's the impression I am getting with the binoculars Grissom has . . . ) WOHOO!!! I of course won't be relieved until after the first ep airs, but I am hoping the knots in my stomach since the finale will go away soon!
Well i'm kinda of new but I like

Pin Me Down ... But Not With a Mustang
Twohearts that beat as one
I said I miss You and I do
Hey, welcome zappy glad your here, have fun the more the merrier as they say!

haha, choco.. i think you and i could become good friends. :D
it's nice to be welcomed to warmly. :)

so i figured that the pics are promo pics for season 7, but i can't find them in any csi gallery on the internet that i know of. but thanks for your help anyways. =)

if i have to right to vote, i'd take "pin me down - but not with a mustang." that's so damn funny.

@ desertwind: love your collage, but there's a typo in "together" or is it a thing i as a non-native speaker don't get? :D (still hope you do understand me and my poor english.)
Okay guys, I missed like a week on here cuz of school. anyone wanna fill me in? Iknow about the 'sara's preganant' rumor and the TV guide article, thats it.
Hey guys, I was just reading how Ausiello (or whatever his name is) says that Jorjas contract is "complicated". I was wondering if she's asked to write a couple of episodes, or direct a couple or something, as an incentive to stay. I'm sure the "will she stay or will she go" wasn't about money, but maybe time to do other projects or access to do other things on CSI.
'sara's preganant' rumor
ok. There is NO saras pregnant rumor, i mean there was wayyy back in LLV but that is history, i mean unless there is something going on in those spoiler boxes(which i doubt cuz you guys would be way more talkative and my little spoiler ***** buddys would inform me of serious spoiler activity) But any mentions of sara getting pregnant in this thread are about me and my theory of sara dieing, but being pregnant .Yes I want her to die.

haha, choco.. i think you and i could become good friends.
what? Cuz of spider pig? or do you share one of my other interests?

Ok so unless anyone has anymore thread suggestions we should put up a poll up soon, i think it might be adz's job...*yells* adz!!!!

You know what be awesome a sa tittle?
Grissom & Sara #30: GSR:lol:
how creative am I?

sorry for this dis-jointed post.
You know what be awesome a sa tittle?
Grissom & Sara #30: GSR
how creative am I?
Hey, bi-atch! That's what I said, you can't steal my humour, I'm far too funny. *throws a rather dented toy mustang car at choco's head*

Ha! Remember baby watch? That seems ages ago now... In that promo where Sara's got the box of coocoo over her belly and everyone went crazy. :lol:

Funny how Adz has taken over the poll job. You snooze you lose sarahvma. :p

I just learnt how to change the sounds on my computer, and now I when I hit submit Billy says Ok, when a 'device fails to connect' (happens a lot to me) he says Honey this doesn't look good, and when there's a 'program error' he says I don't know what to do about this' and...when I log off he goes we'd like to be alone. :p Oh the fun you can have with a computer. :lol:
OOOH, Eggy, I'd love to have my computer talk to me with Billy's voice, I don't think my hubby would go for it though. Bummer.
Did you fans read the S/8 lineup cast credits? NO JORJA listed :( what the H is up with that? :confused: I thought she was in the first 3 eps.

creepy Natalie is in the background :mad:
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