Grissom & Sara #26: It's So Obvious, Isn't It?

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    I think that "Burn Out" was one of WP's greatest acting S/7.. so calm, cool and collected, and playing cat and mouse with the perv.. disgusting low-life scum-bag..:mad: ..loved Hodes comment 'I don't know why all pedophiles, just don't kill themselves" to Greg, good one!!!.. really!! not to much GSR, but enough ;)

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    It's a long wait for a new episode. I have an idea... Fav Geek Love moment from each season. Try to pick only one!

    Season 1: I'd have to say... "Unfriendly Skies" The bathroom scene. While I love the "Crate and Burial" flirtations, the flirting in "US" was really the first time we saw the two of them really, actively, for more than three seconds talking about themselves. They were actually tossing glances each other's way and jabbing each other. If anything, this probably gives us one of the clearest views of their relationship pre-Vegas.

    Season 2: The chalk scene from "Scooba Doobie Do." I just love that she reached out and stroked his face. She didn't just cup his face, like he did hers in "Crate and Burial." She really stroked it. It was real concern, and she wanted to show him she was worried about him, and comfort him the best way she could. He was taken aback, but his reaction is two-fold. He first registers that she's touching him, then REALIZES "Wait, Sara's touching me at a crime scene." He looks at her, trying to make sense of the moment.... Love it.

    Season 3: The "honey" scene from "Play with Fire." Grissom calling Sara, "Honey" was huge for me and my journey on Geek Love. It was honest concern and adoration that led him to make that little slip. He was worried about her, and he spoke to her with an endearing tone. That little slip was just great.

    Season 4: One scene. I said ONE scene... Right? Drat. ONE scene. I never realized what a good season this one was for us until now. I'll say... The confession from "Butterflied" because it really was a turning point for Geek Love, and for the fandom. We finally had Grissom, in his own words, confessing that he could love Sara, but was too afraid to try... because she might leave. He couldn't bear it. He acknowledges that being with her wouldn't just be a "relationship," but it would be a "life." It's funny, looking back, to realize that he knew, even then, that he couldn't have a fling with Sara. It wouldn't work. He knew she was easy for him to fall in love with... and that terrified him. She offered him that life, but he couldn't do it. I'm so glad it all worked out, and I'm a firm believer that however GSR CANON started, he initiated it.

    Season 5: One scene? CRAP. I made this too difficult. You guys better not cheat! The confession scene from "Nesting Dolls." Sara was forced to open up to him in a way she didn't want to, at first. She really wanted to keep it inside, even telling him to leave it alone. It was huge to see her reject him, even in the smallest way, but he wouldn't back down. He cared more about Sara, the person, than he did her personal comfort. He wanted to know what was going on, not as a supervisor, but because he was worried/concerned about her. "It makes a difference to me." He was talking about Gil, the man... Not Grissom, the supervisor. A supervisor would have called. He wanted to be there with her, to hear her story face to face, and she opened up to him. And, even though it was small, he reached back to her. Their relationship took a huge step forward there in terms of repairing their friendship, which had seemed fractured for quite some time before then.

    Season 6: I know I'm supposed to say "THE BEDROOM SCENE" but I just can't. Yes, my fav moment is in "Way to Go." But, it's not the one everyone thinks of. Yes, the reveal at the end was huge for the fandom, but not so much for the two of them. They weren't finding out that they were together. They knew beforehand, I'd hope. So, for me, my fav scene is the camera duel. I just loved watching them having fun together, smirking at one another, showing us that whatever stage their relationship was at, they were happy. It reminded me of season 1, of how easy it was for them to flirt and toss glances at one another. Things just got more and more complicated as time went on, but this signified a bit of release. Things were simpler. No, relationships aren't simple, but they finally seemed to be at a stage where the "this" wasn't a jumbled mess of "what ifs" and fantasies. They were engaged in one another's lives in a romantic manner, no longer dancing around one another. That simplifies things a bit for them, at least inititally, allowing them to flirt and play like teenagers in love.

    Season 7: We're not done, of course. So, I can't really say. For now, though, from what has aired... The hallway scene from "Law of Gravity." I know I'm supposed to gush about the shaving scene, and while I love it, I can't watch it on repeat. I watch it once in a blue moon... I lOVE the symbolism. Love it. But, the big moment for me was when he came back from sabatical, and all he could see in that hallway was Sara... and she finally got to see the changes in him face to face. It was the beginning of reconciliation, and I love that we got to glimpse that since so many other huge GSR moments have been kept off the screen (and, for good reason, in most cases).

    So, that's me. What about you guys?
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    Alyssa That is a great idea, I am going to type mine out now [i'll edit this post when I'm finished.. Just wanted to say I think it's a great idea, lol]

    I think most of us are going to have pretty similar answers.

    Season One: I think "Unfriendly Skies" was one of the best Geek Love episodes. They talked about sex. Grissom just rose an eyebrow.

    Season Two I don't have Season two on DVD yet, and I can't really remember any of the episodes.

    Season three I think "Play with Fire" was the only real GSR episode we got. So I have to pick that one. He called her Honey, whether it was intentional or not.

    Season Four Butterflied. Grissom explained his feelings for Sara, we finally realized that she did mean something to him, but he was too afraid to act upon it. Also, "Turn of the Screws" was not-so-gsr-related but was cute anyway.

    Season Five "Nesting Dolls" was obviously one the most memorable GSR moments. Sara opened up to Grissom, it was hard for her and he was there for her. He listened to her, and held her hand. "Committed" is even though not so much related to Geek Love, the look on Grissom's face when Sara was at knife point was just... Believable. He was scared for her, and all he wanted was the door to open so he could save her.

    Season Six Well, for me it was "Time of your Death". The eye-sex they gave back and forth was just adorable. When they went and met the guy, the way they kept looking back and forth at each other was cute. The end scene was also great, she turns her head up and looks at Grissom with a "I love you Grissom" look, while Grissom looks her up and down. Who knows what was going through their mind, the scene was about fantasies, so take your own guess :D

    Season Seven I am at odds about this one. I'd like to say the shaving scene, but no. For me, it was probably in "Built to Kill" when Grissom brought her a veggie burger. How sweet was that, and he didn't realize Warrick was there. It was cute. Other than that, the chainsaw scene was also great.
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    Yeah Alyssa good one. ;) mine are pretty similar to your gsrLOVE and are just some. there's so many

    SEASON 1
    "Crate & Burial"
    "Unfriendly Skies"

    SEASON 2
    "Scuba Doobie Do"
    "PNN" "Since when were you interested in beauty.."Since I met you"

    SEASON 3 HMMM, couldn't pick one :(

    SEASON 4
    "Homebodies" so sad
    "Suckers" they worked so well together in this ep.
    "Bloodlines" "Let me take you home"

    SEASON 5
    "Swap Meet"
    "Nesting Dolls" for me, I think this is when they consumated their relationship.. he didn't just hold her hand, and say bye-bye. and when Ecklie said "What action are you going to take he replied "I've taken it"!! oh yes he did..and they decided to keep it a secret ;)

    SEASON 6
    "WTG" the ultimate love scene. riveting

    SEASON 7
    "Double Cross" "no, dear"
    "Fallen Idols" "do you trust me" "IMTIMATELY" :p

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    Adz my sweet, I can only wish I could be as insightful and eloquent as that. No, that was all typical Alyssa... but I'm touched that you think I could even approach it.

    This? May seriously be my favorite GSR revelation scene ever....

    ...until I read this, and now I'm torn. I love that the first one is exactly the kind of low-key reveal that the show would prefer to do, and is refreshingly matter-of-fact and in character (for the series as well as the cast). On the other hand, I love the second because it'd be a shock for the viewer as well as the other characters - just when we thought we knew everything about GSR, bang! Another whammy! Please, TPTB, may we have both?

    I so agree with this. Sara went through her final metamorphosis in Season 5, when she owned her feelings for Grissom and started putting herself back together personally and professionally. In this season, it's Grissom's turn.

    Oh hell. I haven't even seen all the episodes from Seasons 1-4.... But I'll try.

    Now keep in mind when you read these that I've seen Seasons 1-4 all out of order, so my answers might not have much sense to do with what came before or afterward. I'm pretty much going on what my strongest GSR impression is from each season.

    1: Cite your source.

    For this one, it's the airplane conversation. It was the kind of flirty banter that writers tend to put in when they're setting up two characters for a romance (sooner or later) down the road, and "Cite your source" definitely flagged my "future canon ship" radar.

    2: Since I met you.

    This was the very first GSR moment that I ever witnessed (told you I watched the episodes all out of order). It was the moment that made GSR personal for me.

    Full disclosure: Typically, I am open to all ship possibilities within a fandom (unless I have philosophical objections to a certain pairing for some reason), and should one of those pairings ever come to fruition in a logically and emotionally satisfying manner, I have absolutely no problems supporting the canon ship.

    However, sometimes one of those possibilities will flare in my imagination and become especially dear to my heart, and this moment did that for me with regards to GSR. I barely knew who the characters were, but I was mightily intrigued by the fact that the weirdly sexy bug guy was apparently unaware that he was flirting with the intelligent & atypically cute brunette who was, in turn, apparently startled that the bug guy would go there even in his subconscious. I have a soft spot for unlikely romances that the members thereof never saw coming, and that made my heart warm for GSR. The above moment, which I saw later, cemented for me that GSR was indeed a canon plotline that would probably pay off sometime in the future (if TPTB didn't muck it up)... but it was "Since I met you" that made me care.

    3: You told me to get a life, remember?

    Okay, canon proof that Miss Dee is a naughty, naughty Geek Lover: I had to go to the CBS CSI-wiki in order to refresh my memory about what happened in Season 3. Don't shoot me; I never actually saw the season finale or many other Season 3 episodes, so I'm at a disadvantage here.

    But I remember Grissom's uncharacteristic pissiness at Sara when she came in on her day off to help out... and when I realized later that a guy named Hank was in the picture, I went "Ah, now I get it." Kind of lame, really - but that's all I got. Sorry!

    4: Pin me down.

    Yeah, yeah, "Butterflied"/Grissom's confession/GSR symbolism/yada yada yada... look, I'd heard all about the "Butterflied" episode before I ever saw it. I'd read the recap on TWoP. I'd perused everyone's reactions in the forum threads. It was, in the very deepest sense, spoiled for me - by the time I actually saw the episode, the magic had been siphoned from it.

    Therefore, "Pin me down" wins by default. Why? Not due to the hugeness of the scene. It was the physicality of it. What I mean by that is that up to this point, GSR was largely verbal and emotional... the question remained: if those two actors ever got close, would they generate the kind of heat needed to make a TV romance successful? Seeing as WP and JF kind of brought that in spades simply by him pinning down her arms and encircling her waist* and sexing her up only with his eyes... it kind of relieved my mind that should these two actors kiss at anytime in the future, it wasn't going to come across like they were kissing their maiden aunts or something.

    And I stand by that belief. I know some people complain the actors don't have chemistry, but honestly: look at the reaction across fandom to the shaving scene; very, very few people responded to it with "meh." They may have thought it was hot, or at least intriguing; it may have made them want to throw up, or at least cringe - the point is, there was a major visceral reaction from just about everybody. That, to my mind, is the very definition of chemistry: not that people respond with universal positivity, but that they respond, period. And I saw that kind of chemistry for the first time with "Pin me down."

    5: You've always been more than a boss to me.

    To be honest, for me it was a toss-up between this and Grissom's choosing to go to Sara over the suspect in "Committed". In my theory of how Grissom and Sara got together, that's a big moment. But it's only a theory... and in the above "Snakes" scene, we got a delightful canon moment of Sara Sidle - if I may beg the Kessom shippers' collective pardon and borrow a phrase - finally saying "Stop."

    Up to this point, Sara had been kind of adrift on the sea of her life, pushed around by the winds: her violent childhood, her transient foster years, the major life-change to move to Vegas, her stalled ambitions in her current career - and, of course, her feelings for a man who could only give her a bloody plant to express his emotions yet could confess to a murderer both that he desired her and that he believed himself incapable of acting on that desire.

    But in this scene, we discover that Sara has said, in essence, "No more." She is taking back ownership of her life. She's seen the PEAP counsellor. She confesses to Grissom exactly why she was willing to move to Vegas. And, most importantly, she lays out her cards on the table with regards to her feelings for him - but she makes it plain that she's not going to hold on in the hopes of bluffing him into making a move. She's folding. She's moving on. If he ever decides he wants to move on with her and it's not too late, that's great... but if all he is ever able to get out is a "Let's...." then that's okay too. She's no longer looking to an outside source to trim the sails; if necessary, she'll break out the oars and row herself to dry land.

    And she does it. That's the great part. After a rocky start in "Nesting Dolls", she talks about her past with someone who is not a counsellor, who is not there to be objective but to listen and share that pain with her. She sees Grissom and Sofia in "Unbearable" - but she swallows and moves past it. We can see her rediscovering her forensics mojo as the season wears on. She outwits suspects, bonds with colleagues, finds happy and funny moments with her friends, even teases her boss a time or two....

    God, no wonder Grissom fell in love with her all over again. So did the rest of us.

    6: May all of your dreams come true.

    As much as I love everything in the season finale with regards to GSR, I think this is the moment that is dearest to my heart. Because here... I knew. TPTB were gonna do it. All the previous scenes, the previous comments, could have been just more of the same old "throw 'em a bone and keep 'em happy" strategy... but here, it was pretty obvious that there was no case or science-based reason to have such a scene; it had no bearing on either of these. The only reason to have such a scene was that the story wanted to remind viewers of the connection between Grissom and Sara. And therefore, I knew that GSR was right around the corner.

    Granted, I had no idea that it'd been around the corner for a while. That was a delightful revelation!

    7: Dear Sara, etc. etc.

    Yes, the Laboratory Tango of Grissom's Triumphant Return and The Shavening have their own distinct charms. But while the former was adorable and the latter downright sexy, the letter scene... it was romantic. Pure, unadulterated, sweet, vintage-lace and scent-of-faded-roses romance. Sara looks at her "gift" she's carefully placed in Grissom's terrarium and thinks of him... and, a country's width away, Grissom is pouring his heart out to her in a letter. TPTB would have needed a writer channeling Jane Austen to make that scene any more swoonworthy.


    Just in case it's not clear: I. freaking. love. this. ship. It ranks right up there with any classic-novel duo I've ever encountered and grown to love.

    *Heh - I'd previously written "encircled her waste". Grissom, you scatological sex freak, you!
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    You guys!!!!!!! I'm druck right now! gsr forever! happy 21 troo me!!!!!!! yeay !!!!! adz thids one isd for you!! GSR FOREVER@!!!!!!!!!! I'LL DRINK TO THAT!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    [​IMG] to you SaraSidleRules8 hope you have a great day[​IMG]
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    Thanks desertwind! Sorry...for the erm...above post. I was enjoying my birthday. :lol: That one is for Adz though. :)
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    You know what would be great? A DVD compilation of every GSR scene from seasons 1-7. That way, during March Madness, we could all watch it over and over and maybe not go too crazy about 5 weeks without the geeks! I would be interested in how long it would run. We could get a like a solid hour or two of GSR!!

    Oh, and happy birthday SaraSidleRules! It seems like you had fun! :)
  10. Desertwind

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    That would be so cool.. good idea ;) no fast forwarding :D

    I just saw 'Nesting Dolls" again, and love how Sara stood up to Ickly Ecklie.. so fiesty.. when he told her to apologize to Cath she goes "No, I won't" you go girl


    [​IMG] "well your here, this can't be good"
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SaraSidleRules8!!!! :D It's my birthday in 22 days, actually that's quite a long time, anyway, whoot for spring babies! (It is spring now right?) Also, ermm, the link doesn't work? Well not for me anywho, it opens up an email thingy-me-bob. Just a heads up. :)

    Not even with sugar on top? (not you, the please, lol!)
    Dear god. :eek:
    I read that as on Jorja. *cough*
    See, everyone loves the hat, it's ok, I'm not crazy. :)
    How unfair would that be. We would be in the know as viewers about their relationship, but totally not, I think I would cry. Strike that, I would already be crying if Sara died. :( (Chandler Bing moment ;) )
    *clears throat*
    Season 1: SLL, dead pig, needs no explanation. :)

    Season 2: Hunger Artist. The crabs scene makes me chuckle, and also have "I've got a girl named Sara..." There is only one reason he would pick her out of random :D And of course the whole symmetry, and song "moth to flame". Had a thought, it still could be a moth in the cocoon, 1. because he said cocoon, so yeah, and 2. there is still some continuity with it being a moth because of the song. :)

    Season 3: Play with fire. He called her honey, I still squee :lol: and the end scene is a big moment of course. I do like some angst.

    Season 4: Turn of the screws. It was a happy geek episode. "I'd like a screw" and "We'd like to be alone". *sigh*

    Season 5 (this is taking a while): I can't decide. It's between ND and Committed, it's a tough choice. Both have Sara like...weak, and Grissom being all there for her and such. In ND she cries in front of him for heaven's sake, and Committed, she tells him about how her Mum went to a psychiatric hospital really easily. They had reached a whole new level of understanding.

    Season 6: TYOD, it was just a generally lovely episode in all, despite the whole dead guy thing. :lol:

    Season 7: I'm not going to pick, because I can't, and besides, I will reserve judgement until the season is over. Most of the GSR heavy episodes tend to be at the end of the season, so I'm going to wait.
    pssst...*whispers* Fallen Idols, we got physicality ;) (it is a word, just as musicality is a word. *nods*)
    Have you ever read Cincoflex's series? :devil: Also must say thank you, MissDee, for introducing 'opendiary' to me, you may not know it, but you did! It's a life saver that thing. ;)

    Righ-o, ta ta for now :D
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    Which ep. did he say "I've got a gal named Sara" to the homeless girl is it 'Facelift"? I forget and I forgot to put in "COMMITTED" riveting :eek:he was going out of his mind, when the crazy guy had Sara by the neck.. trying to get to her!!!

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    Yeah...about that. Definately NOT a was just me drunk typing. :lol:.

    But yay for spring babies and yay for your birthday! :D

    My favorite moments? Let me grab a beer and reminisce...

    Season 1:"Unfriendly Skies". Come on now...sharing their sexual experiences on a plane is pretty kinky. :lol:

    Season 2:"Primum Non Nocere". The BEST WTF? moment of all time for Sara, and for our geeks. It just basically popped out of his mouth without thinking, like he already knew the answer. LOVE IT.

    Season 3:"Play With Fire". Why? Because him calling her 'honey' is the icing on the cake. The way he cares about her and is concerned for her just makes you melt. ::sigh::

    Season 4: Wow...this season was filled with GSR goodness. I bet you want me to say "Invisible Evidence" don't you? But I'm going to say "Butterflied", because the symbolism in that episode is AMAZING. From beginning to end. Especially the end. He opens up to a complete stranger about her, yet he can't talk to HER. Little does he know that she's watching from behind the glass. AMAZING.

    Season 5: This one is a tough one...but I'm gonna have to say "Nesting Dolls" because I love the fact that Sara is FINALLY opening up to him. To ANYONE for that matter. And she CRIES in front of him for heavens sake! Vut he was there to comfort her and tell her it's okay.
    Season 6: Wow. I didn't realize how much GSR goodness was in this season...this is a toughy. I'm gonna have to say...WTG. Because we FINALLY know that they are together and because I almost peed my pants when she bent down. :lol:
    Season 7: I can't really say yet, because the season isn't over, but as of right's gotta be the Shaving Scene. He finally trust her enough to let her in, and, well, use a sharp object around him. :lol: That's LOVE.

    Edited: Because originally it had NOTHING to do with GSR. :)
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    I'm rested. I'm cool. I'm back.
    Haven't posted in here for a while. Hope you didn't miss me this much :)

    Anyway, I was eager to post my favourite scenes in every season. Although it's killing me that I can put only one of each. Adzix, you little devil! :devil:

    Okay, here goes...

    Season One: I would have to say Sex, Lies and Larvae. It was the first episode that got me hooked. I remember watching the "You wanna sleep with me?" scene over and over again... It was so well done. Kinda showed me that there is something going on between them. She knew how to push his buttons :)

    Season Two: Hunger Artist. No doubt about it. It was an exciting episode and the background song... "Unbound", was a sign from the writers that, yeah, there's definately something going on. And then that thing the homeless girl said: "You don't know what you're looking for, until you find it". I think Grissom didn't know he was looking for her, he was just led by his heart...

    Season Three: Dammit. I have to pick one? I know the GSR episodes in the third season aren't that many, but they are, oh, so good. For example The Accused is Entitled. We have jelaousy, a broken hearted Grissom, "You look nice"... And in court, that lawer was using everybody's weakness and with Sara that weakness turned out to be... Grissom. When she was asked about him, I noticed her face going like: "Uh-oh, busted!"...

    Season Four: Butterflied. Is anyone even surprised about that? Best episode ever.

    Season Five: Commited. That scene looked a liiiitle bit unrealistic to me, but it was so good I forgot about all the little thing that bugged me. The look on Grissom's face as he thought he was going to lose her... priceless. And besides, since that episode things seemed to be going better between them. It still kills me that we don't know when they got together, but I have a pretty good feeling it was after Commited. And then I watched Grave Danger and I was thinking that if they really did hook up a few episodes back, now they're in this phase where they learn stuff about each other. I don't know, it's just a theory.

    Season six: I would have to say... A Bullet Runs Though It 2. A jelaous Sara I don't see as often and it was very interesting and after watching Way to Go, I watched this one again I could really tell what everyone was thinking:

    Sara: Sofia?
    Thinking: I knew she would crawl back to you, Griss. But you don't really seem to mind, do you?

    Grissom: [guilty look]
    Thinking: It's not what it looks like. She just wouldn't leave and I sware I was thinking of you the whole time!

    Sara: You're on administrative leave.
    Thinking: You just can't get his hands off him, can you?

    Sofia: I know.
    Thinking: Yeah. You got a poblem with that?

    Sara: You should not be in this building.
    Thinking: Or this town for that matter.

    Sofia: I was just talking to a friend, if I can't talk to a friend, who the hell am I supposed to talk to?
    Thinking: I was getting so close to him until you came along, you geek.

    Sara: Any friend outside the department.
    Thinking: Who you callin' a geek? You wanna take this outside?

    Sofia: And how many friends outside of work do you have, Sara?
    Thinking: Damn, I hope she doesn't say anything. It'll look like she's just as pathetic as I am.

    Sara: [stares at Sofia]
    Thinking: Damn, now Grissom will think I'm just as pathetic as her.

    Sofia: Oh, maybe I should talk to my mother... Oh, no, sorry, I forgot - she's a cop, too.
    Thinking: Going with the Mother Card. Nicely played, Sofia.

    Sara: I can recommend a departmental psychologist...
    Thinking: psycho.

    Sofia: [stares dumbly]
    Thinking: Damn. Dead end. She's just playing nice because Grissom's here. Actually, is he? [looks at Grissom] Oh, yeah, he's just standing here, enjoying this.

    Grissom: [of course, says nothing]
    Thinking: She blew you away, didn't she? Now, get the hell out of here.

    Sofia: This was a really bad idea, I'm sorry.
    Thinking: I'll be back and then you'll be mine!

    Grissom: [says nothing]
    Thinking: Maybe if I don't say anything, she'll give up and just GO!

    Sara: [looks at Grissom]
    Thinking: You'll be hearing about this at home!

    Grissom: [looks guilty]
    Thinking: Damn Sofia. Always gets me in trouble.

    Season seven: Laws of Gravity. Yeah, big surprise there. But I just love it so much.
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    I haven't posted here in a while,
    just kinda been reading as other people posted.
    Less work for me.
    lol :p

    So, here's my favourite scenes:

    Season One: "Unfriendly Skies", I could watch it 3024870234 times, and then I'd watch it again and still be laughing about it.

    Season Two: "Primum Non Nocere", because my jaw literally dropped. I had a bigger WTF look than Sara did. And I also couldn't stop laughing because Grissom just keeps going on as if he never said anything, and Sara's like 'WAIT WAIT, WHATT?!'

    Season Three: "Play With Fire", I was really excited to watch the episode because I heard about an explosion, and a fire, and all that good drama stuff. Then Grissom called her 'honey' and i'm like 'WAIT, WHAT?! AM I HEARING THINGS?' then Lindsey (moi twin) looked at me and she's like 'No, I heard it too', then we ran around in circles screaming.

    Then, of course, SARA ASKED HIM OUT, and again i was like 'did that just happen?!' And yeah, it did.

    Season Four: It was a tough choice, between "Butterflied" and "Bloodlines", but I just had to pick the choice that started my obsession for butterflies. *looks around room at various butterfly things* Yeah.. there's.. well, a lot.

    Season Five: "Committed" was the episode that got me hooked. It got me addicted to CSI. I'll be sitting here talking about this one for a while.

    So, first, Grissom and Sara's case was the only case during the WHOLE episode. Like, the WHOLE thing. And they were the only two on the case, and there were many cute, little, private moments throughout the episode.

    Second, during the whole 'SARA GETS ATTACKED' thing, Grissom looked so helpless, I loved it. It broke his emotional barrier. Then Sara gets out and I LOVED, literally LOVED, the effect the Sara slamming on the window thing had.

    Third, Sara told Grissom more about her past.

    Fourth, BABY. Enough said.

    There's other things, but they aren't that big, so I'll stop there.

    Season Six: "Way To Go", need I go on?

    Season Seven: It's coming soon :D
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