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Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by Top41, Nov 28, 2007.

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    That's just speculation though, right? Interesting...if they brought Andy back they'd have to do something different with it, but it'd be good if they didn't just forget about this. At the end of the ep I kind of got a feeling like the characters were going, "Okay, it's over now, we can go back to the way things were". I'm sorry, but you can't just do that. Have a storyline go on for months where somebody is being terrorized and then in one swift movement everything's fine and dandy and we never hear of the villian again.

    About the whole constant retelling of the story thing, yeah, that got annoying. I really wish they'd come up with more interesting ways to put it, like when Mac told Lindsay and Adam. It WAS word for word from a previous ep. :rolleyes:

    MakeTracksCowboy, my personal theory on the decline in the writing is this: It's all the fault of the strike. The writers have had this on their minds since July, when shows start shooting again, and so they were probably frustrated to have to go to work and write these scripts when they weren't getting anywhere with the AMPTP. Just a theory though...
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    ^^^^^^^I don't thing Andy/Drew will be back! [just my opinion]
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    I'm with you, here, LibertyBell . It's been a BIG shock for the whole team, I mean, Andy actually wanted to kill one of them, and it sure has to afect you somehow.

    It's funny because over the pasts weeks, there was a discussion (I can't remember in which thread) about the topic if whether or not the characters show somekind of emotionally/phisic wounds after going through this traumatic experiences. In the case of Flack, for example, after "Charge of this post", his non-effects could be explained because of the time-leap. But that's not the case between "The thing about heroes" and "Child's play", so TPTB should show some consequences of the 333 case, or, at least, make some allusions to it.



    "I'm glad you stayed"
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    Haha! Flack "hiding" behind Stella when he saw Sinclair was just funnY! haha! This episode rocks!
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    Two weeks later, I finally got around to re-watching this episode. Short notes this time.

    ~ It all started in London... :p

    ~ Has Danny been receiving calls in the middle of the night?...Ok, it was me, I admit it. :eek: "*breathes heavily* Who's your mommy?"

    ~ Mmm, Hawkes :devil:

    ~ ding ding wtf? (The train moving. :p)

    ~ Sooper Danno!

    ~ Stella's acting atually seems a bit...meh in this scene. :confused:

    ~ Danny even runs bowlegged.

    ~ Yay, just in the nick of time. :lol:

    ~ Mac's pissed them off nao!

    ~ Eew, corpse.

    ~ "fill in the blanks"--buh-duh-ching!

    ~ Danny totally wanted to hug Stella. Must remain professional, dearie. ;)

    ~ Detective Brennan wants you to be her bitch, Mac--and you'd like it. :devil:

    ~ It all started in London... :p

    ~ "keep your badge in your pocket" *whipcrack* :devil:

    ~ SID!! :D

    ~ 'Oh, it's just anthrax, la la, not a big deal.' :rolleyes:

    ~ BUBBA! :p Love the 'stache, babe. ;)

    ~ "He's got twelve hours and then I want his ass back in New York"--'I miss my beh beh' :p

    ~ "Walk with me." :lol:

    ~ Adam, you're a dork. *wub* :p

    ~ "You are so impatient." :lol:

    ~ "You can take over the world." *glances at icon and laughs* I'll bet you've thought about it, Adam. You're such a nerd. :p

    ~ I love the way Adam said 'Brooklyn'. :p

    ~ *hugs Jimmy and Mac*

    ~ Oh Flack, u so sneaky. :p

    ~ 'Hello, my name is Lindsay Monroe, and I kinda look like a drum mallet.' (It's the hair--remind you of anyone?)

    ~ Hawkes, ILU BB! :p

    ~ Danny, u so pretty. ;)

    ~ Mini-Mac needs a haircut. ;)

    ~ "Aren't you two seeing each other?"--You don't know the answer to that, Lindsay? I thought you guys were BFFs!

    ~ Mmm, kevlar. :devil:

    ~ Flack glanced at Danny ;) (I'm easily pleased, it would seem. :lol:)

    ~ Bubba wants you, Mac. He wants you bad. :devil: When he gets that feeling, he wants sex-ual healing... :p

    ~ 'Gimme one of those vests so I can go in with my beh-beh.' :p

    ~ Aww, Danny was looking back for Flack to join him. Heehee. ^_^

    ~ Andrew has ninja stealth!

    ~ Aww, Danny taking the lead. ^_^ "Let's move!"

    ~ The team is Mac's family, aww!

    ~ Danny went to the X-Factor for answers. :p

    ~ Aww, Jimmy came.

    ~ "I didn't ask to be anything other than who I am." *hug*

    ~ Andrew is, like, the most psychotic woobie ever. o_O'

    ~ Yay, the day is saved. Hugs for everyone! :D
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    Lindsay's hair is really bad. They need to let her grow it out, at least to the length it was when she first joined the show. The new cut ages her ten years.

    I still love how Flack followed Danny and not Mac. :lol:

    I haven't rewatched the episode, but reading over your comments reminded me of what I liked about it--and how glad I am the 333 case is over. ;)
  7. Jimhuang

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    I couldn't agree more!

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