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How would you grade Pot of Gold?

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  1. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    St. Paddy's Day-themed episode tonight! :cool: Watch it and let us know what you thought.
  2. cavanaughdevil

    cavanaughdevil Victim

    Nov 6, 2008
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    Just finished watching and I really enjoyed it.
  3. roximonoxide

    roximonoxide Lab Technician

    Jul 12, 2007
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    Not terrible, but generally kind of dull. I actually enjoyed the way they handled Mac's somewhat serendipitous meeting with Aubry (sp?) since any quaint love story that takes place in New York ought to be. He just needs to be glad no one else wore a green coat to that open house. ;)

    It was particularly nice to see Reed again, and acting more like a grown up these days. While I've enjoyed some of Reeds storylines and the character's portrayal, sometimes I felt like his whole angsty-kid-saving-the-world-through-his-blog routine was wearing thin. Something about him seems to have manned up though, for lack of a better phrase. Also his friend was pretty well played by Aaron Ashmore and that was a nice, unexpected cameo since I hadn't read any spoilers about the ep.

    The only thing that really irked me was Stella casually laying that gold brick on the table before Ian Ziering towards the end like it was a box of tissues. I know what you're thinking-- they just told us it wasn't REAL gold, it didn't have to be as heavy as the real thing! Unfortunately, just as she set it down she finished saying how the gold covered tungsten was good enough to mimic gold in it's weight among other properties. So Stella is in reality Wonder Woman, and since her juggling gold bars isn't raising any eyebrows then I guess her cover is blown.

    Overall, pretty meh.
  4. FlackFan01

    FlackFan01 Police Officer

    Jul 9, 2008
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    Still watching it now, but I must say, Kylen Gallner is quite the young man, and quite the actor. For all of what, 5 lines so far, I this he's doing quite well. I might have to consider myself a fan of his!

    ETA: just getting to the end of the ep now. I really liked this one. I like the way Reed turned out (not sure I like the whole blogging for a living thing, but hey, that's a legitimate and legal way to make money, so I shouldn't criticize!) I was intrigued by the story this time. Looking forward to the last few eps of the season. I would definitely like to see more of Reed. Just my opinion!
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  5. Faylinn

    Faylinn Adam Fangirl Super Moderator

    Nov 30, 2005
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    Adam is such a dork, I love it. :adore: Also, I loved the Irish references from Flack. :p

    I was glad to see Reed again - it's always good when they bring back characters from previous seasons. I hope this isn't the last we see of him. :D (BTW, was it just me or did his demeanor seem a bit...odd? I wonder if that's on purpose, or if it's just because of the story from this episode? It would be cool if they were foreshadowing something for a later episode. As long as it has nothing to do with Shane Casey, anyway. :lol:)

    I like Aubrey Hunter - she and Mac were kind of adorable there at the end. ;)
  6. wildcat

    wildcat Witness

    Dec 23, 2009
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    Slow. Booooring…. :rolleyes:
    Green beer and gold bars, and even Flack speaking Irish did not help much. :shifty:
    The best scene was Adam in the vault – he never disappoints. :thumbsup: Well, Mac with his tricks – electrolysis and ferromagnetic liquid was not too bad either. All the rest - …:wtf:
    Even the regular characters seemed kind of subdued. :rolleyes:
    Not much of a story, absolutely unbelievable perp. :eek: Mac totally out of character going after the woman who looked like a pissed-off bxxch. :wtf: :scream:

    F - courtesy of Mac's “new interest”.
  7. lilmzhappy

    lilmzhappy Witness

    Jun 10, 2009
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    I was a bit gutted it took them so long to discover the gold was counterfit. But I loved the segment wiv Reed nd Aubrey. I didn't think i'd like her for Smacked reasons but i do, she isnt whiney and annoying like the virus.
  8. PerfectAnomaly

    PerfectAnomaly Resident Smart Ass

    Feb 6, 2007
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    Not really interested in this one, but it wasn't bad either. I agree that it was just kind of "meh." I loved Reed coming back and I really like Aubry so far. She and Mac have some good chemistry for the small amout of time they shared on screen. It just really struck me watching them how little (read: no) chemistry Danny and Lindsay have. Watching the processing scenes really made me realize how good Hill and AJ are at selling them and how boring it is watching Anna. I'm really annoyed that there's been no follow up on Danny's badge. It makes no sense that he'd be able to do his job without it. And I suppose that's why he was joined at the hip with Lindsay tonight. She must have to flash her badge for the both of them. I really hope Mac reams them BOTH when he finds out about it being missing.

    Grade: C
  9. Carolyn_333

    Carolyn_333 Pathologist

    Nov 27, 2004
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    Cute. Green lights on the top of that tower.
    Where is Mac?
    Is that Aubrey?
    Must've been Aubrey.
    Snap. Snap. Snap those pictures.
    Is Stella's hair getting darker or is it just me?
    You can say that again. In fact, those 2 had NO luck.

    Danny snapping more pics.
    I saw the name Kyle Gallner-(actor who plays Reed Garrett). Haven't seen him in a while.
    I like this song. I want the name of it.
    2 Killers. OOH. I'm scared. Mac, Flack, Sheldon. One of you big, strong guys come hug me.
    Lindsay analyzing something.
    Danny using that contraption I can't spell the name of.
    Lot of green, so far.
    I'll bet that's Aubrey.
    Sid and Hawkes. My 2 favorite tv M.E.s.
    I know Stella's hair is darker.
    Took the words outta my mouth, Stella. "A very expensive murder weapon."

    Water..Statue of Liberty.
    Adam...all giddy about gold.
    Hawkes and Adam playing "find the missing gold bar".
    They found the murder weapon.
    Green beer...GROSS.
    Charlie Cooper...I think there was an episode of Dukes of Hazzard with a character named Charlie Cooper in it.
    EPM strikes again.
    Oh, now I really suspect that's Aubrey.
    That's Aubrey or I'll eat Top41's socks.
    LOL Mac. "But his hands are way too soft for murder."
    There's the missing blogger.
    A COP?!?!?! The plot thickens.

    I SO hate commercials.

    Mac just got a clue.
    Phony as a counterfeit hundred dollar bill.
    Yep. Stella's hair is darker.
    Mac playing MacGyver
    And dang if it didn't work. There's the gun's serial number.
    :eek: The Bartender did it?!?!?! I swear, I never saw that coming.
    Ooh, I love a good chase.


    The chase continues.
    Caught like a rat in a trap.
    Oh boy. Mr. Weir is up to his eyeballs in deep :censored:.
    (musical note)Mac's got a date.(musical note)
    I was right...that's Aubrey. So, no eating Top41's socks.
    Next week: RE-RUN!!! No. Those 3 exclamation marks [!] after RE-RUN do not mean I'm happy about it.

    My grade for this episode: A-. Enough said.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  10. Maya316

    Maya316 Lab Technician

    Jun 7, 2009
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    Not a bad one. The parts involving that journalist Cam (and Reed, slightly by extension) were particularly good. But I was all excited when Reed said that the killer was a police officer, because that was a twist I wasn’t expecting…and of course it was a total cop-out at the end, but oh well. The case still held my attention. Definitely low-key, especially compared to last week’s – can’t help thinking that “Uncertainty Rules” seemed more like a St. Patty’s Day episode, because unrealistic as it was, it felt more like something that would happen on St. Patty’s Day night. This one seemed like a case based entirely around the theme of the day, and the likelihood that the team would actually land a case like this, on St. Patrick’s Day, without the culprits meaning for the events to go down like that? Even more unrealistic.

    I really like the way Mac and Aubrey look together, and I enjoyed their introduction even more (very sweet, it made me want them to stay together). Another upside: Reed is all grown up now! :lol: The Cabbie Killer encounter changed him – a mean lesson, but I’m really liking the effects. Hoping he'll show up again. A lot. Horatio’s son makes quite a few appearances on Miami, surely they can find some excuse to bring Reed back.

    ETA: Grade = B-
  11. Geeno

    Geeno Pathologist

    Feb 13, 2010
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    A+ for the following reasons:
    - The team is complete! Is this the first time they are all present in an episode since "Epilogue"? I'm glad they are all in. I love this show because of them and the NYC.
    - Interesting case though not the best in the show.
    - Continuity. Reed as Mac's stepson and his wound from season four's "Taxi" is still visible.
    - Adam is funny sniffing the gold bar. I'm thinking I would also laugh with CSI's upcoming episode about sniffing but not gold.
    - A couple of science tricks. Nice, that's what makes CSI stand out.
    - I think I saw "Peyton" at a table behind Sid while he was reconstructing Charlie's face in the computer. :)
    - Drunk girl made me laugh. :)
    - Mac and Aubrey. I think they will make a good couple.

    I just checked TV listings and noticed that the next new episode will be after 3 repeats! That's April 7! Anyway, it's the repeat of the whole Compass Killer story so not bad.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  12. CSI Cupcake

    CSI Cupcake Police Officer

    Mar 31, 2009
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    From a purely emotional standpoint this episode gets and A+++. The meeting of Mac and Aubrey did not feel contrived at all. I loved the deli owner trying to play matchmaker. I grinned through the whole episode with the two of them writing notes to one another and then meeting at the end of the episode.:luvlove: It was sort of cute watching Mac getting ready and asking Reid if he looked okay.:adore:

    The whole episode felt like a family reunion that everyone showed up for. We got Lindsay, Sid, and Adam, and Reid.:hugegrin:

    Watching Danny and Lindsay gave me new hope for these two. I sensed an energy between them that has not been there this entire season. I hope it continues and builds because they are going to need it by the end of the season.

    Adam was adorkable loving all over the gold bar. Loved the guards glare.

    They're giving Sid a little more to do onscreen than handle the dead. This is twice we've seen him at a desk doing something on the computer. This is cool!

    As for the storyline it was okay. Not sure why we got St. Patrick's day a week early but, okay. Flack knocking down the leprechun was a riot. His comment to Ian Zeiring about the cops wanting to boil him like cabbage had me laughing too.

    Fashion wise: We got Danny in a pinstripe suit jacket again.:cool: Haven't seen that since, what, season 1? Flack is always yummy in whatever he puts on. Lindsay's green coat was a bit of a shock but it fit in with the theme of the show, and fit her well.

    All in all an enjoyable episode except for the blatently fake bar of gold at the end. It looked like it had been dipped in gray paint and then in gold glitter.
  13. GregNickRyanFan

    GregNickRyanFan Holographic Moderator Moderator

    May 16, 2008
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    I liked this episode. I gave it an A. Not nearly as boring as a lot of their eps this season. :lol:

    That eating place sure is busy. I'd have to leave. Too crowded for my tastes. :lol:

    Flack: Where the hell are we, at the end of the rainbow? :lol:

    Mac: Neither one of these guys had the Luck Of The Irish. :snicker:

    Yay, it's Reed! Forgot he was in this ep. :lol:

    Which Ashmore is playing Cam? The one from Smallville or the one from Xmen? I know their names are Shawn and Aaron, but I don't know which is which. :lol:

    "Dear Number 39". :lol: Love Mac's smile. #39 and #40... oh boy are these gonna be their nicknames for each other now? :lol: Gotta admit it's unique and kind of cute. :lol:

    Thank God Sheldon's hair is back to normal.

    :lol: at Adam sniffing the gold bars. that's gotta be the funniest scene in the episode. :guffaw:

    Danny and Lindsay's expressions when the woman was chugging the green beer cracked me up. They were looking at her like they thought she was weird or something. :lol:

    Okay, the notes back and forth between Mac and Aubrey are adorable.

    Ian Ziering's in this ep? Weird that its on the same night as Gabrielle Carteris shows up on Criminal Minds just an hour earlier. :lol:

    What Mac did with the stamp number on the gun was kind of cool. Loved Adam wondering how he does that. :lol:

    Flack: Erin go bragh. :lol:

    Like we didn't know Ian's character would be involved in the murders. It's almost always the most famous guest actor's character who is the killer (unless they're the vic lol).

    I love Mac and Reed's scenes.

    I already like Aubrey much better than Peyton. She and Mac were kind of cute together. :)

    Oh and I'm so glad that Reed's scar hasn't been forgotten and hasn't disappeared like Greg's burn scars did on CSI Vegas. :lol:

    That was adorable. They were like father and son in that scene. I loved it. :)

    I agree. There was a new sort of energy there... or rather some of their earlier energy coming back in there. It was nice to see. :)
  14. sjhubby

    sjhubby Prime Suspect

    Apr 10, 2008
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    Gave it a C. Story wasn't to exiciting. And yes Stella is sporting a darker shade of brown these days :thumbsup:. Love Adam as always :luvlove: I must say I really like Aubrey and Mac. :drool: I think they looked cute together. :lol: I too liked the way the deli guy helped to get them together. ;) Looks like good chemistry. :) I however am not going to get to exicted about it. The way the writers are going this season they are going to stop it soon anyway. :rolleyes: I think D & L were good. All and all an OK epi.
  15. ~Sarah~

    ~Sarah~ Lab Technician

    Jan 22, 2009
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    I enjoyed Adam and the gold bars.
    Also, I was glad that they decided to bring Reed back.
    I haven't quite decided how I feel about Aubrey yet, I'll just wait and see how it goes.
    I also think they maybe need to show Lindsay talking to someone other than her husband - when Lindsay is on the show the vast majority of the time she seems to be with Danny. I kinda with they would show them together outside of work.

    I don't understand why the need to run so many re-runs - the show just got back on the air after the Olympics.

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