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I gave it an A.
That was a great episode(one of the best ever).The whole concept with Mac's apartment was perfect.It was good to see Payton back.I like her interactions with Mac.The case was generally good although I didn't like the guy's motive to poison so many people.The scene between Mac and Adam at Mac's apartment was hilarious too.
So,Shane Casey uses Danny's card and they are unable to catch him yet?I'm not happy about this direction that case takes.
meh... a C.

I know it was a whole Hitchcock theme whatever but the music annoyed the heck out of me.

Adam and Mac's scene in the apt was the best part of the whole thing. That was funny and great to watch.

Peyton... I remembered exactly why I did not like her before. I don't like her with Mac, and frankly the character just doesn't hold my interest.

An ok episode.
-He still has her number? I don't know whether that is desperate or stupid.
Maybe he just transfers all his numbers when he changes his phone and doesn't delete any unless he runs out of space. I have numbers on my phone that are well out of date but I just don't get round to deleting them.

P.S I have a question. So, Mac and Aubrey aren't dating? 'Cause when Peyton askes Mac if he likes her, he says their only friends. But they've been eating out together and stuff, right? Sorry, haven't been on a date before so I wouldn't know how it works
I don't think they're dating seriously. The previous episode when they were talking about restaurants and at the end Aubrey suggested going to 'your place', Mac gave her a funny look before she clarified that she meant the restaurant he had mentioned earlier. So they're obviously not at the stage of going back to each others apartments as of yet.

By the way being a Smack fan aside would you not expect Mac to have Stella in his contacts since he calls her for work related stuff? I mean my cell automaticlly relays who is calling if there in my contacts and sometimes when Mac answers his phone without hearing her voice and just says Stella? suggests to me he saw her name on the screen so whoever created the phone log forgot to put Stella in the "B" contact list

Unless he has her under S for Stella.

I have mixed feelings about this ep. On the one hand, the idea was a good one, but I loathe Peyton so much that I wanted her to be actively involved with the bad guy just to make sure she wouldn't be back again.

There were a few annoying little things as well. Okay, I can accept that Mac suffered only minor injuries even from a fall that height, but surely he should have been strapped down on a back board, with a neck brace and everything when the paramedics brought him out.
Liked that it was Flack first on the scene after Mac was injured (although too bad we didn't get a 'squeeze my hand Mac' moment, since they were copying the Charge of this Post motivation anyway).
Also it would have been nice if Mac or Flack had made any reference to having previously encountered a guy who wanted to 'warn the city'.

So they're investigating a dead John Doe, Mac knows where the guy was before he died, and nobody thinks that maybe speaking to the guy in the apartment across the street from him would be a good idea? Okay, maybe they don't want to alert him, but at least run a background check or say *why* they're not sending Flack over there to at least see if he can ID the guy.

Two words neighbours of Mac, 'net curtains'. Does nobody in NY use them?

Flack on roof of the conservatory, come on, I don't care how much gravel he had in his face, he still shouldn't have needed Danny's help to take down the bad guy.

Oh and speaking of Danny, fuck you and your 'innocent people don't need lawyers', just fuck you. I always hate it when cop shows play the 'if you ask for a laywer you've got something to hide' attitude and I wish more suspects would answer back like the guy Danny was dealing with.

Overall, I think it could have been better. I think i'd almost have preferred it if it looked like Peyton was involved, only for them to find out she was working for MI6 or something investigating her friend. Maybe i'm just like Gibbs and don't believe in co-incidences. Hopefully that's the last we'll see of her for at least another 4 years.
Graded with B, would have given an A, if it wasn´t for another obsolete "Super-Hero-Man-Mac" scene- I´m talking of injured, but tough, heroic Mac entering the guy´s apartment alone (ooh, and did you see, he can even use the gun left-hand, wow :D). Would have served him well, if the guy had still be there and knocked him out, just to make him see that this wasn´t such a good idea :rolleyes:.

Otherwise nice homage to Hitchcock. And "love triangle"? I don´t see any, Mac´s made his choice already, which girl he´d prefer.

The ending was a little schmaltzy, but, hey, ok, otherwise it was a nice return of Peyton and I like her accent :lol:.

Adam was great as ever, he just can´t fail.

Lovely Stella-Mac friendship scene.
Great episode. I didn't see the love triangle.

I think Mac chose Aubrey, Peyton broke his heart. I don't really see Mac taking Peyton back after what she did to him.
I think Mac chose Mac!!!:lol: Since Aubrey is just a "friend" to him and Peyton wasnt gonna get any, out of the three of them Mac likes Mac the best! Lets face it he wont break his heart:lol:
This episode made the impossible: I want to be part of a forum again:p

Facts, facts, facts life is made with facts and episodes too

We have an amazing opening sequence (btw i am intrigued if it was on location because the place was really nice) I felt the urgency, the adrenaline when Mac set off in persuit of the guy. Very well done and very well filmed imho (I am just a simple viewer)

Ugly (VERY) free fall and blame me but i thought i was going to see traces of blood from his skull (too much horror movies and specially Friday 13 th:lol:)


First note:

Mac on a stretcher. But after that fall, where is the orthopedic cervical collar?????He had oxygen but not the collar?:eek: Ms Veaseyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!;) (definitely it must be an in joke or something!:lol:)

Mac's home(kudos to Mr Batts. Amazing place full of personality:thumbsup:) Poor thing! immobile! But to the rescue Wonder Stell appears Me think it was late in the morning. He likes oatmeal for his breakfasts but since his movements are limited, I cannot imagine he can't cook so easily or going out so easily to his fav caffeteria for his oatmeal. So she comes just to save him from starvation:lol:

Besides i imagine she had to process all the pile of paperwork before she went to his apartment to enjoy her break and to feed him in the process:p

Two suggestive lines

"You have no mercy" :drool:put that line without images and i could have had a stroke, specially when it is connected to Mac and Stella :guffaw:

"All this for tonight" (or something like that):drool:

Yeah, definitely images saved me:lol:

And she knows how much he likes spicy chicken, and she knows BOTH need forks instead of Chinese sticks (well in Mac's case she couldn't help)

And the best of everything: if Mac moved 8 months ago, Stella was incredible connected to his home and his kitchen:drool: She knew where to find EVERYTHING:lol:

Donnie, Lindsay and my lovely Sheldon. Finally two guys who fits better than Danny:rolleyes: Actually i still prefer Sheldon than Don but the banter was funny and nice between Linds and Donnie :D (ahhhhh! the story had been so different:p)

Sheldon-Sid, my fav doctors:thumbsup: yeah, conclusion did lead to poison or a gas. I think it was a smart move the fact it was sarin . Didn't Mac say some substances don't leave traces?

I don't think he started spying on his neighbours because he is creepy:lol: I do believe poor Mac was bored of being confined to a seat (with broken ribs you can't dance the conga:p) so his detective instincs played a lot on his behaviour

He wasn't spying on his neighbours but he was checking on their records:lol:

It was funnier that watching tv;) Something really creepy were his neighbours at least one of them. And of all people in this world Virus Driscoll appeared (welcome home honey!:p).

Mac, did you really expect Peyton had the same mobile phone than 3 years before? well it's possible but still:eek:

Poor Birdie:eek:

ADAM!:guffaw: 4 words for him: It's a BABY!:guffaw: he is. It's a kiddo, a little boy so fascinated by Mac's stuff (I was fascinated too) and he did the same i had done in his situation. Love looking at libraries and shelves

Love Mac's last line to him "Adam don't touch anything" or something like that when he was going to leave:lol:

V! V! Why are you so stubborn????? why don't you believe to Mac?:rolleyes: At least you are thinking Mac cannot live without you and he is jealous of your killer guy But playing hero when your friend is a suspect is not going to help:p

Reunion Stell-V I haven't seen anything strange. They had a good relationship before and that's it but for just a sec Stella's face got frozen when she saw Peyton:p

Darling, Darling (V aka Peyton) why are you asking about Aubrey? You are history and NOT for a minute i thought you left NYC for your family. After all, you already lived years in US. I think yoiu ran away but unfortunately there was an explanation for that;)

Uy the guy who looked like a bad guy was effectively a...BAD GUY!:eek: a crazy man, like the man from 2.24 (one of my fav episodes ever). Arriving to the builing. For a moment i thought Mac was going to appear driving. Thanks God for continuity on the medical field:p

What about that liquid on Donnie's eyes?:confused:. I think i have missed something excellent scene!:bolian:

Final scene:

Darlingggggggggg, darling Mac has Broken ribs. You can't be a monkey on him my dear:lol: continuity payed a visit to insanity here (You are a DOCTOR honey. Check your grade)

Very entertaining episode. It was VERY worth the Mac and Stella scene and having Claire back for just one episode

Also it was evident writers are working hard on Lindsay. She had good interaction with the right characters and she didn't need any demostration:thumbsup:

Au bientôt

Debbie (jusqu'à prochaine season pour moi!)
Grade = a generous C-

Things I liked:

The Rear Window concept was an interesting premise, and the opening scene leading up to Mac’s fall was quite effective in terms of music, style, and atmosphere.

Adam’s scenes (with Mac and the wasp detector) were funny and well done. I’m not sure what the difference was, but this is probably the first time in season six that I felt the old Adam was back – the one who is smart but also can be a bit goofy and insecure in an endearing way.

Things I didn’t like:

The case was paper thin. Granted, it was just a vehicle to work Peyton into an episode, but seems they could’ve done a better job of crafting a more interesting case and one that made better use of Peyton’s actual background as a doctor/ME instead of as an amateur CSI and unknowing friend of the villain.

Likewise, the writers didn’t seem to spend much time on characterization or motivation for the professor. Looks like they just pulled out a scenario they thought would be timely without giving the motive (or character) much depth.

The idea of Mac deliberately (and frequently) spying on his neighbors was overdone and doesn’t seem to fit the character. Yeah, Mac’s human, and I can see him perhaps doing this once because something captured his interest in the moment-- but not day after day. This behavior doesn’t seem to fit someone with his temperament and supposed sense of integrity.

Peyton doesn’t seem to have changed that much –still self-centered and pushy. Apparently, she hadn’t planned to see Mac on this trip, and yet, by the end of the episode, she’s trying to kiss him and presumably pick up where they left off? And while it was good that she apologized, the explanation still didn’t make sense. Peyton went to London for a conference and ended up staying because she had a new job and her family and life were in London. I still don’t understand the nature of her choice and what, if anything, has changed in three years. And Mac has selective memory, too. Sure, Peyton made the decision to break things off, but Mac also made a decision not to go after her because apparently he didn’t want to change his life either. Oh well, if their feelings (and memories) are so capricious and fickle, maybe they deserve each other.

Things that make you go hmm….

So Aubrey and Mac are “just friends?” I know they’re probably not at the “significant other” stage, but I had the distinct impression that Mac’s interest in Aubrey was of the romantic/non-platonic nature, which in my view, would mean that they are “dating” and not simply friends. Interesting how he tried to downplay the sentiment behind the flowers as well. And if Aubrey were to show up, I could imagine Mac giving her a similar explanation – that he and Peyton are just friends. I’m starting to think Mac Taylor likes to compartmentalize his relationships with the women in his life. Not a flattering look for him.

Stella and Peyton are (or were) friends? It’s possible I’ve forgotten something, but I can’t recall any scene from season three where Stella and Peyton had substantive interaction – personal or professional – except for the one where Peyton told Stella she couldn’t be present in the morgue because of the conflict of interest. And even if Stella and Peyton had been friends, why would her first impulse be to hug the woman who, last she knew, sent her partner/best friend a rather callous “Dear John” letter? Oh well, this strikes me as the same type of thing they did with Mac and the Danny/Lindsay relationship – using one of the leads to try to “validate” another character and/or storyline. If Stella forgives/accepts/likes Peyton, then the audience should, too. Not buying it…..

A disappointing penultimate episode for a rather disappointing season. Changes are in order, imo, and when I have more time, I’ll make my way over to the fix-it thread to give my take on what’s ailing the show and what could be done to improve it.
Wasn't part of this plot line taken from the last one in season three where Flack was injured in the explosion?

Adam made me nervous with touching everything in Mac's apartment.

And at the end where the guy keeps saying, "We're not ready." Uhm...your stupid butt was caught wasn't it before you could poison that group of people. So, I'm thinking that "we" are somewhat ready.
Just out of curiosity who do you think he picked?
Well, wasn´t that obvious? He was close to kissing Peyton in the final scene; I think with Aubrey he hasn´t even come anywhere near to that stage. To me it´s very clear, he will try to get Peyton back, he seemed over the moon to see her again.
Just out of curiosity who do you think he picked?
Well, wasn´t that obvious? He was close to kissing Peyton in the final scene; I think with Aubrey he hasn´t even come anywhere near to that stage. To me it´s very clear, he will try to get Peyton back, he seemed over the moon to see her again.

I agree on this one.Mac seems to be more attracted with Reyton rather than Aubrey(unfortunately),so I think next season he will try to geth her back but I don't think they will be together again.
I watched it again on-demand before it expires. At first, I thought this episode has taken more liberties than an average episode. It has lip-reading software, super-resolution (the technology behind the super zoom and still get an almost clear picture), and "Microsoft" Photosynth Mapping.

It turns out that there are real existing lip-reading software! Amazing! I thought it's for Hollywood only. Of course, the ever reliable super-resolution exists. I think it's one of the most useful tools in CSIs. Although, it really has some limitations that the show is neglecting. Remember in 'Night Mother' (the worst ep for me because of this) where Mac/Stella identified a man in a white t-shirt by zooming-in on the eye of the lady from a security camera footage!!! That is the most offensive thing the show has done with technology! CSI and CSI: Miami had done this too - CSI by zooming-in on a car about 20 metets away from the security camera and getting a bar-code from a paper inside the car!!! - CSI Miami by same thing as NY. Microsoft Photosynth really exists. But, Microsoft Photosynth Mapping? I haven't seen on Google. Hmmmm...

Just yesterday, I watched an interview of Regis & Kelly with Gary. He was asked if the technologies used on the show are real and he answered yes. I believe him. He also mentioned that some companies are sponsoring the equipment they are using. DNA, finger printing, ballistics, GCMS, A/V etc are all true. They just compress time which all TV shows do.

I also like to give PV a clap for not turning Mac's lovelife into soap-opera/Twilight saga. I think it was nicely handled. I'm glad Peyton returned. She never annoyed me. Good job!
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Just yesterday, I watched an interview of Regis & Kelly with Gary. He was asked if the technologies used on the show are real and he answered yes. I believe him. He also mentioned that some companies are sponsoring the equipment they are using. DNA, finger printing, ballistics, GCMS, A/V etc are all true. They just compress time which all TV shows do.

yep, i believe they also get equipment that's just gone out of date as well, like if the real lab has replaced it, they sometimes get the older model. i might be imagining that but i'm sure i saw them say it somewhere - i think it might have been zuiker saying it on the bonus documentary bit on one of the early seasons' dvds.

I also like to give PV a clap for not turning Mac's lovelife into soap-opera/Twilight saga. I think it was nicely handled. I'm glad Peyton returned. She never annoyed me. Good job!

me too, and it was a pleasant surprise.