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How would you grade Point of View?

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  1. vegaslights

    vegaslights Brute

    Oct 30, 2004
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    Watched the episode for Peyton. Claire Forlani didn't seem to be digging the storyline... she seemed way off tonight as compared to season's past.
  2. Fwuzzfwuzz

    Fwuzzfwuzz Hit and Run

    Oct 21, 2009
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    I was laughing at the chase scene at the beginning. I don't know I found it ridiculously hillarious seeing a guy running at breakneck speed down the stairs and Mac leisurely asscending down a rickety elevator.

    Love Adam, just love him. He's so cute having the attention span of a kid with ADHD. Touching everything in it and not even catching the hints of Mac. He's so cute when he stumbles over his words I want to carry him off and keep him forever. ^.^

    Flack seemed to blip in and out but he always catches me off guard with his gourgeousness. Danny was looking good in the episode to.

    I liked this episode. The music really was engaging and love the violins. Mac looked really creepy looking out his windows. I still find it hard to believe that everyone just left there windows open for everyone to see....even in their bedroom?!

    Faylinn - your so bad. Thought I found the scuffle at the end more entertaining than I should've even if I don't know who Gale Harold is. :p

    Liked this episode, right amount of team, suspense-fullness, and good dialogue. Solid A.
  3. Carolyn_333

    Carolyn_333 Pathologist

    Nov 27, 2004
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    Watching on ON DEMAND. Gonna write down things that strike me.

    Mac must be part Superman cause I'm pretty sure that fall would've killed any of the guest characters on this episode.

    That scene with Stella at Mac's place was the cutest, most adorable, sweetest, funniest scene between those 2 since the last scene in the season 5 episode "Grounds For Deception".

    The only thing wrong with Lindsay's outfit at that John Doe's crime scene is that the jacket is too tight. It makes her look like she's got a baby bump, as if she and Danny are about to be parents again.

    OUCH. That guy just insulted innocent folks: That's cause they're stupid and don't have the balls to sue you guys for false arrest.
    Or maybe you're the stupid one, dude. Maybe we're more understanding than you and know the CSIs are just doing their job trying to figure out why and how that guy died and if someone killed him, who it was.

    Adam makes me laugh when he starts tripping over his words.

    LOL Adam. "And I'm outta here."

    Wait a second. That guy just put that nerve gas in that canary's cage wearing a gas mask then he carried the cage to the bedroom without the gas mask? :confused:

    HOORAY!!! A Sid and Hawkes scene.

    Wake up, Peyton. Mac wouldn't be telling you all this if it wasn't true.

    LOL. Mac would know the law for how far away you have to be to legally spy on your neighbors.

    Peyton's in the toilet. Clever. Duck in the toilet and come out pretending to have allergies.

    Peyton used to be the M.E. and Mac had to tell her that "Many poisons are highly violatile and can evaporate within minutes. Just cause it wasn't detected doesn't mean it wasn't there."

    Stop recording, Mac. Uh-oh. You've been spotted, Mac.

    Hey, Doofus. Reality check. You didn't get the gas in the room. Flack and Danny stopped you. That reminds me, nice tackle by Danny.

    Can you say "nut job"? That guy and Shane Casey would probably hit it off.

    What was so funny, Peyton? I would've loved to seen what the neighbors were doing that made Peyton laugh at the end.

    On my cable box's guide before and during the airing of this episode it spelled Peyton <--that way. My ON DEMAND when I pick this episode and then I hit the info button before I hit the play button, the info on ON DEMAND spells Peyton <--that way.

    As for this episode...I'm sticking by my A+ grade I gave it.
    Last edited: May 20, 2010
  4. Faylinn

    Faylinn Adam Fangirl Super Moderator

    Nov 30, 2005
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    I checked the episode for the spelling of Peyton's name - it's spelled with an E on Mac's phone, so we've been spelling it right. :)

  5. Lori K.

    Lori K. Pathologist

    Jul 26, 2008
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    BIG F
    What the :wtf: was THAT! The big goo goo gaga looks from Peyton again:rolleyes:
    And MAC! He was pathetic! Falling all over himself like a love struck puppy wetting all over the place. GAH! SHE DUMPED YOU, HAVE YOU NO SHAME!!! And STELLA!! Kisses and hugs for her long lost FRIEND? If Peyton treated my friend like that the most she would have gotten was a "cool nod". Then Peyton the CSI? Please quit twiddling with my intelligence that and the fact that Mac only felt the pain in his ribs while in his apartment once he leaves the room he becomes The Mac Man and no amount of pain will keep him from fighting evil.:lol: And how long does it take a neighbor to notice someone is "leering" at them from across the way? And the end Mac plays coy and Peyton wraps her arms around him like "happily ever after" AHHHH Mac the ladies man... He just told her he wasnt interested but she/he couldnt help herself/himself after all "He does adore her".:rolleyes: And for the finale.. put a fork in this series its done.
  6. Axelsonfire

    Axelsonfire Pathologist

    Oct 16, 2008
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    Okay, just gotta say, I actually enjoyed the episode even though I do not like Peyton in anyway. However, she wasn't as annoying as I found her before. Also, I think the writers and director have been watching a little too many Alfred Hitchcock movies. The whole plot was Rear Window-esque and there was a spiral staircase which made me think Vertigo.

    Anyway, I gave it a B. I liked it, but it wasn't my favourite episode.
  7. Karlia

    Karlia Rookie

    Nov 7, 2009
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    Hated Peyton, wanted to scratch my eyes out most of the time. I seriously kept hoping Peyton would get poisoned or hit by a cab. Sorry guys!
    Only part that was good was the apartment scene with Stella.
  8. HnStetlerfan

    HnStetlerfan Pathologist

    Apr 3, 2008
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    I've really been liking the CSI:NY episodes this season, and I gave this "Rear Window" episode an A. The only reason it didn't get an A+ is because of Sid (?) not wearing a mask when he was doing the autopsy on the bird. Or did they already determine that the gas was now dormant after they did the wasp test and found the bird?
  9. LpoHeartsNick

    LpoHeartsNick Rookie

    Jan 11, 2005
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    I am 100% in disagreence. This episode was the worst hour of television I have seen in a long time.

    The writing was horrible. The acting was bad.

    The storyline was STUPID and the imagination of the writers has gone on a trip. I am pretty sure my 8 year old neice could write a stronger episode.

    CSI NY you deserve Friday at 9.

    I dont even want to watch the finale.


  10. ladyhunter

    ladyhunter Head of the Swing Shift

    May 5, 2006
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    This started out with so much promise..... Mac watching the world go by which is something he doesn't do. He usually ignores everything around him and focuses on work, etc... Although Aubrey might have changed that a bit in him? I like her and him, but that's for a different thread....

    Peyton returning didn't set me off as much as I thought it would. She was actually decent and not condescending like she usually is. But yea, she used to be an M.E. a doctor and Mac had to tell her about poisons and chemicals??? HMM? But yet she somehow knew to dust the case for fingerprints???

    I get the idea of Mac watching, seeing a crime being committed, but really, he has broken ribs, why is he even up and about??? I get the plot against America to, no one wants to hear that someone is going to release Serin gas into the general public. But come on, Mac is not superman.

    I guess it's how much of the original plot from Rear Window they could use because it would have been better if Mac were sitting on the sidelines as it were fretting over people in the apt instead of trying to solve things himself. And it would have been better if there was a murder of a person, not just a bird that sent them over there. Again, it was probably up to the writers, etc. of how much of the Rear Window plot they could use and get away with.

    The end was a bit much. I agree that Mac and Peyton should have some closure, but why all of a sudden do you miss her Mac? What about Aubrey? You two are more than just friends. I expect you would say that about Stella but not Aubrey. More plot lines to get us guessing who Mac will choose I guess. :rolleyes:

    I'm going with a C on this one.
  11. talkingtocactus

    talkingtocactus Coroner

    May 24, 2009
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    i've been saving my review up as i wanted to watch it properly and in light of exams/imminent migraine it wasn't that easy... anyhooo...

    i really enjoyed it, it was definitely one of the better ones this season - as others have said, they're obviously capable of doing good eps, so why do the good eps have to stand out so much? they should all be good!

    ok, so, things i liked:

    the premise that mac, being unusually out of action, has suddenly got all curious about the soap opera playing out across the street. it played quite well against his usual one track mindedness

    lindsay marvelling that flack could use "altercation" and "take a leak" in the same sentence and his confident assurance that it's just how he rolls :)

    mac vs adam - adam was adorably geeky but i could see how that might get annoying if he's going around touching your stuff (cue slash fans getting ideas ;) ) and being kinda in your face about it. i liked when as adam was leaving mac said "don't touch anything!" and adam had to grab onto his hands :D

    danny & flack's teamwork at the end

    adam asking if he could buy a vowel :D although i worked out what the word was as soon as the blueprint first came up on the screen, are csi's that bad at word puzzles?!

    also adam asking if when mac saw the victim in the apartment in the morning whether he was already dead :lol:

    the neat parallels between the perp at the start running down the stairs being followed, and the perp at the end running up the stairs being followed.

    also the neat parallels in the other apartments - the skiving teenage couple who essentially hadn't moved from that same spot, which made for a neat tie in between mac and stella chatting about them to peyton laughing at them; the guy leaving his apartment with an engagement ring at the start and then returning carrying a bride over the threshold (although that one made me wonder just how screwy their timeline is!), and the girl doing keep fit stuff initially and then sitting on the sofa eating pizza at the end (with a cameo from #pizzabox!) - those bits were nicely done, i always enjoy when little elements are tied up at the end.

    a lot of mac's lines, particularly "why ruin the fun?" when peyton suggested *just asking*, and "good" when she said she was jealous - it seems he does have some level of dignity then!

    things i liked less:

    the anti-american comment about this guy being into conspiracy theories. i know americans take anything that could possibly be deemed as anti american very seriously but to us brits it always comes across as a little jingoistic and it doesn't sit well with us generally.

    the fact that the reasoning behind the perp's plan so closely matched charge of this post - i could see why they did it but y'know, we've had that before, there must be other reasons that people would do these things right?

    stella and mac discussing danny's badge and card being used with no anger, no discussion of how stupid danny could have been to let that happen, no nothing. i read why the writers chose to ignore that element but really, you'd think there'd be *some* consequences from work, wouldn't you?

    things that just baffled me:

    wasphounds - what will they think of next?!:lol::lol:

    chinese spicy orange chicken? for *breakfast*? seriously?!!

    peyton. i was fully expecting to hate her. i never hated her at first but the more i watch s3 the more she pissed me off, and i'd developed a pretty strong dislike for her, plus had concluded that she and mac had no chemistry at all. but she wasn't that bad. which was a baffling shock. she wasn't as condescending or irritating as she'd been in the past; she deigned to apologise for how she finished it (and i was glad she volunteered that rather than waiting to be asked), and they had more chemistry in 5 mins of this than all of season 3, which was just odd.

    i also quite enjoyed watching them working together from separate apartments - his line about her just showing off was quite funny, although i guess it's always useful to know how to lift prints with a make up compact :lol:

    that said, when she was getting close to mac towards the end i was pretty much yelling "don't go there mac!" at the screen - he really should put his foot down a bit more and not just turn into a sap at the first hint of flirting. and it annoyed me that he dismissed aubrey so easily - i like aubrey more than peyton at this point and he needs to choose carefully on that one. i also foresee about a billion angry smacked fics being hastily scribbled down :lol:

    oh and one more thing: mac should get injured or at least dress down a LOT more often. he looked really really hot :devil::devil: ;)

    so yeah, i gave it an A, mainly because i'm a shameless mac fangirl ;) and it was really enjoyable.
    Last edited: May 20, 2010
  12. GregNickRyanFan

    GregNickRyanFan Holographic Moderator Moderator

    May 16, 2008
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    Yeah, I didn't get why Sheldon wasn't wearing a mask while examining the bird. I know they said the drop put in the cage dissipated, but even still I believe would have worn the mask just in case. :lol: but then again I tend to be overly cautious. I guess that's better than dead though. :lol:
  13. sjhubby

    sjhubby Prime Suspect

    Apr 10, 2008
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    ITA, I am not going to even rate this one. :wtf: I have only put up with the show this season to see if Adam and Stella would get back together, but, according to Peter Lenkov they won't , so I am done. Friday nights is where it belongs. The only thing I liked about this was Adam. He is so cute but without Stella he alone is not enough to get me to come back for season 7. I liked seeing Payton, but not enough interest to keeping me in suspence over the summer to tune in again. The show is not starting again till September, that is too long to wait for conclusion for cliffhanger.
  14. La_Guera

    La_Guera Lab Technician

    Sep 8, 2005
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    So, Mac plummets three stories and suffers only a broken wrist and some broken ribs? All right, then. I guess he really is Super!Mac. I also bet he takes his awesome pills rectally. Asshole.

    I...just. Really? Clay Dobson fell three stories onto a squad car and died, but Mac falls a commensurate distance and suffers relatively minor injuries. It's ludicrous. It's not as though I was hanging out to watch Mac wallow manfully in his pain, but if you're going to have him fall, then have the fucking guts to make him suffer realistic consequences. He should not have been well enough to be kicking in doors eight days after the accident. At least they were smart enough to confine his badassery to the security room during the climactic roof scene. If he'd been the one to bring down Dr. Wood, I would have had no choice but to perform the CSI:NY Dance of Apoplectic Rage around my house until I collapsed from exhaustion, twitching and drooling and muttering incoherently.

    And how convenient that the nefarious terrorist just happened to be engaging in his sordid didoes right across from Mac "Busybody" Taylor's Fortress of Solitude. The CSI gang has thwarted four terrorist attacks against the city in five years. The odds that the team would not only uncover these plots but be in a position to stop them with nothing but pluck, Mactimony, and some baling wire beggars belief. If a single Manhattan crime scene unit truly had stopped four terrorist attacks on the city, then they'd be feted by the city, lauded by the President, and immortalized in golden statues in Central Park. It's a joke, and a tired one.

    So, Aubrey Hunter is "just a friend", and Peyton, who left Mac with a half-assed Dear John letter, is back to cooing breathlessly at him and giving him the old googly eye? Color me all out of give-a-shit. While I don't give a wet, ripe rip for who's polishing Mac's ceremonial sword either way, I never liked Peyton. She struck me as manipulative and needy. Dr. Hunter, on the other hand, is a strong, self-assured woman who can hold her own in the world. I like her far better than dewy-eyed Peyton.

    And while I'm at it and just because I can, no, Lindsay, Flack did not just use "altercation" and "take a leak" in the same sentence. He said, "The barkeep didn't even know there'd been an altercation. He was found when another guy came in to take a leak." See? Two sentences. And even if he had done, so what? It's not as if "altercation" is an esoteric word known only to dwellers in towers of ivory and elect members of S.H.I.E.L.D. Imbecilic fucktart.

    Oh, show. Why do you suck so? D-
  15. Queenie

    Queenie Witness

    Dec 26, 2005
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    Mac must have hit his head REALLY hard because...what the heck was that!? :wtf:

    Idea of the story was good. I liked the idea. But Mac being the one who spies the I thought Mac would be the last person who would do that. :shifty:
    It was kinda creepy actually.

    The scene between Mac & Stella was cuuuuuute! And it was so like them! Nothing OOC what so ever. Just them being who they're.

    And then...hell broke loose.

    Never liked Peyton. Still don't.
    I can see that the writers are running out of ideas. Bringing back the ex-girlfriend...oh pleeeeease. :rolleyes:

    That whole interrogation about Aubrey and about that guy Peyton was staying with. Oh my Lord. :rolleyes: Ridiculous.
    And the way Mac acted around her!!! He should hit his head again to get his brain straight.
    Now that was OOC! I can't believe he was like nothing happend! And followed her like a little puppy!

    Stella hugging Peyton!!? :wtf: Excuse me,what!? She was happy..let me say it again...happy to see her!? :wtf: A hug!? :wtf:

    And then this ridiculous reason why she left Mac with the letter! And Mac kinda brush it away just like that!?
    And Aubrey is just a friend!? A friend!?
    I thought she's the new love interest. So...if Aubrey is just a friend...then Stella must be the love interest! There's more chemistry between Mac & Stella than Mac & Peyton and Mac & Aubrey combined!!
    There's been more going on between Mac & Stella than between Mac & Aubrey!

    Adam in Mac's appartment went just as I thought. So Adam like. Funny to watch.

    I think after seeing that Mac & Stella scene with my own two eyes I actually had to close one of my eyes for the rest of the episode. I felt so uncomfortable watching it. Didn't enjoy this episode.

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