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CSI: NY does Rear Window tonight... give it a watch and let us know what you thought! :cool:
omg! There's Hitchcock styled music. :lol:

Lindsay to Flack: Did you just say "take a leak" and "altercation" in the same sentence? :lol:

Oh, Adam, how I love your cute, nervous rambling. :adore:

Pretty birdie. Oh, no... what's he doing? He's gonna test something on the bird and kill it? That meaniehead!

I so could have done without that Peyton/Mac love flashback montage. This is not freaking Y&R for crying out loud. -10 cool points for that one.

"Any chance we could buy a vowel." :lol:

"Conservatory! Unh!" :guffaw:

Mac: You jealous?
Peyton: Yes.
Mac: Good. :lol:

What gets me is why in the world all these people leave their blinds open. Mine stay closed all the time unless I have to look out of them for a second.
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Gut reaction: What a stupid episode.

Constructive Criticsm: What a stupid episode.

The only good part was Peyton being back and her and Mac talking out why she left him. Too bad it wasn't enough to save the episode.

Poor Mac. It's not often that he goes over the wall.

Orange Chicken for breakfast. Yuck!

Love the I spy into the next building. They are so close I'd never open my shades.

I swear Hill Harper jars me out of every scene with his over-dramatic posing. Why can't he just take the damn picture.

Adam...what can I say.

Well, well. Look who we have here.

(Hub says this whole episode is probably a dream due to the painkillers Mac is on.)

So Peyton is back in town, in the apartment building next door and doesn't even seem to realize that Mac's apartment is across the alley? How soon she has forgotten.

uh-oh, poor birdie.

Do the city shots seems brighter and sharper to anyone else? The whole episode looks somewhat more "crisp" than normal.

It's always in the toxology!

Oh, so he moved.

A little jealous are we, Mac?

okay, I've had enough of this double interrogation.

So is that why she really broke up with him?

Was Hawkes just skipping down the hall?????

This is sort of ridiculous. Oh please, when did she get so good at forensics?

I'm not usually critical, but that thing Lindsay is wearing is downright ugly. The colors are good but the length and pattern are not flattering.

Wasps...who woulda thunk it.

I believe I'd be wearing a mask when dissecting that bird.

I was just about to ask why this guy hadn't noticed Mac before and guess what? I spy!

I guess Mac is naturally immune to the gas that killed the bird?

AHA! Blueprints of.....what?

Go team go...

I want lip reading software for my computer.

it's a conservatory...I got it before Adam...go me!

I have to admit that Peyton looks a lot younger and prettier in this show than she did in the past. Not sure what she did but her skin looks smoother and younger.

Unfortunately, Danny is standing out like a sore thumb in his casual clothes and dogtags.

Now that's cool.

Okay, this guy is a real wacko.

I still don't like these two together. Way to go kissing.

An interesting episode with everyone in it.
So far this episode gets an A. (9:34 PM Alabama time)
As of now this episode has went from A to A+. (9:43 PM Alabama time)
I can't wait to rewatch this on ON DEMAND after midnight. (9:54 PM Alabama time)
Oh, now I really wish they'd bring Peyton back...permanently, or at least more often. (9:58 PM Alabama time)
I wanna see the scenes from next week's episode then I'll give my final grade. (9:59 PM Alabama time)
Oh boy! I gotta see next week's episode.
But as for this episode, my final grade: A+.
To paraphrase a KT Tunstall song "Suddenly I see Why the hell season 6 has been so crappy." They were saving the best 2 episodes for the end of the season.
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I'll be honest - I was most excited for Gale Harold being in this episode. He didn't get to do much besides look creepy and suspicious. If all I'd ever seen him in was that last scene, I'd think he couldn't act. :( I love you, Gale Harold, but that was not your best work, bb.

Adam was adorkable as always. :adore:
I liked the episode. I mean, Mac was a freaking creeper the entire time which really made me question his sanity. Although, it was awesome seeing that mom bust her daughter and her boyfriend.

As someone who has had a neighbor do something to their family, I was uncomfortable with this episode. I know a particular person in my family (who will remain nameless) would have hated this episode for that. They tried to make it lighthearted, but it really bothers me.

We've been spelling Peyton wrong for all these years. Apparently, it's Payton, but that spelling bugs me so I'll use Peyton.

Mac's phone has a fantastic camera. I don't think my mom's Nikon has that great of a resolution.

Hawkes is so freaking sexy. I love him, and I loved when he did the autopsy on the poor birdie.

Peyton's accent's different. It's more... high pitched. That's all I can really say. I'm bad with accents but I noticed that.

Mac knows about the whole badge thing? Maybe he's just too hurt to take care of things with Danny. It doesn't make much sense.

Flack was so hot today. He needs to go shirtless. Did I say that out loud? I guess so. I should've added how he also needs to hug Danny.

Speaking of man hugs, why aren't we getting those? We got a girl hug tonight, but we need some man hugs.

Okay, I thought the episode was A worthy. It was worth missing most of the Rangers game. As long as the Rangers pull a walk off right here :D

The promo looks... bad. I just don't want to go into what I think of what's to come.
Great episode! It reminds me of "Charge of This Post" where the motive of the suspect is also to show that we are vulnerable to attacks. Both are pretty crazy. Mac and Peyton still have that spark they had years ago. Good to see her back.

For me this is an A!

The finale looks exciting!
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I loved this episode! Best of the season! I gave it an A+! Hope Mac is better by next episode! I love Peyton being back! I would love to see her and Mac get back together.

Can't wait till next weeks episode!
ok so as a Hitchcock fan who owns just about all his early movies and the ones into the '50s i have to say this was not bad tribute to the Master of Suspense. i own "Rear Window" and visually and musically it is one of Hitchcock's good movies (my faves are "Rebecca", "Notorious", "Spellbound", "Mr. and Mrs.Smith", and "North by Northwest").

so J.B Jefferies... oh wait excuse me Mac... spying on his neighbors was kinda creepy. Lisa Fremont.... oops wrong person i mean Stella... bringing Mac his food was cute... i guess Stella couldn't afford the 21 Club. i was waiting for Mac to break his other arm like JB broke his other leg in the movie haha.

i liked how Mac looking in the windows was almost like the movie versions: the girl working out was like Miss Torso and the couple walking into their first place together. these were great touches.

great touch with Hawkes and Lindsay finding the bird, more high tech and different from the movie it was a good modern twist.

can i just say that the music was fabulous. that was the best part of the whole episode and the perfect touch for paying tribute to Hitchcock. for those of you who have never really seen one of the director's movies the music is probably like the key element of his movies. the music in Hitchcock's films set the tone and let me tell ya personally it keeps you on edge. whoever did the music for the ep has to be well versed in the music of Hitchcock movies to make the music, it was perfect and dare i say i detected a hint of the music from "Psycho." there really isn't any music in "Rear Window" it's more of the environment around JB, what he hears and sees, it is very clever.

here's something for thought if anyone has seen this movie.... would the shower scene from "Psycho" have been as memorable and classic if it hadn't been for the music?

so anyway off the Hitchcock subject....

Lindsay to Flack: Did you just say "take a leak" and "altercation" in the same sentence?

probably one of my favorite lines of the series haha. i found it funny the way Lindsay came back at him and Flack was just like "yeah i did".

oh goodness Stella said that Shane Casey was spotted in Astoria Queens.... Astoria has a large Greek population likr Staten Island and Brooklyn have large a large Italian population.

seeing Peyton back was great i truly do miss her on the show. it only took her THREE YEARS!!! to really apologize for leaving Mac like she did. i liked her questioning about Aubrey and when Mac asked if she was jealous that was really good.

Adam is so damn funny. he's like a little kid i love it when he gets all flustered.

so all around very good ep. it seems the writers are stepping up their game... TOO BAD THEY COULD NOT HAVE DONE EPS LIKE THESE PAST FEW THE WHOLE YEAR!!!!!

this was not a bad tribute to Hitchcock it was cleverly done with a modern twist. the music was very well done that was the best part of the show tonight. Peyton was greatly incorporated into the story it wasn't for some stupid reason. i give the ep an A.
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See, this is what confuses me. This ep was about twenty times more entertaining than over half the season, so if they CAN pull out episodes like this why don`t they do it more often? The problem might well be the sporadic schedule; or hell, that I`m watching on a week-to-week basis (or however the schedule plays out). I don`t think the less-interesting eps would stand out as much if they weren`t the only new one I had to look forward to for a week or more. But this was one I could really enjoy watching more than once or twice. It strongly reminded me of episodes from earlier seasons. For the first half, it even almost felt like an old school two-case episode; if the second case were being covered entirely by Mac, but still. It was a great formula.

Weird things that struck me:

- I swear Lindsay`s outfit in that first scene was a duplicate of the one Natalia on Miami was wearing this week (and that mirror might`ve been easier to reach if she`d been wearing her heels :lol:)

- For some reason, I would not have pegged Stella to be ``chopstick-challenged`` :p So...they were probably for Mac, with his right-hand being broken and all.

- 8 months ago. At this stage, I have no clue what the date is in CSINYverse, but if they`re even pretending to follow earth-time, Mac moved into his place either shortly before Hawkes moved in with him, or shortly after Hawkes moved out.

- I...really liked Peyton in this one. Weird. Actually, I completely loved just about everyone in this ep, even the suspects. There was lots of focus on Mac, lots, but I honestly didn`t mind it here, even though there were a few times when his peeping tendencies showed up on that side of creepy. Their bantering was fun, especially since she turned out to be wrong in the end. Feel kind of bad for Aubrey, honestly, because of Mac`s `just friends` comment, and I`m not too sure about Peyton`s reason for The Letter (or that Mac didn`t seem too mad about it, but whatever). But it could`ve been much worse, and it wasn`t. Soapy? ...Yeah, kind of, but they made up for it lots on the crime and forensic side, so it cancelled out. I was glad.

- Brian Kinney, so nice to see you :lol: The way the guy`s character was handled in this ep was just great though; honestly there were a few suspects that were smartasses in the best way, which you used to get a lot of on NY (haven`t really lately, though), so I`m glad they`re bringing that back.

- Adam is love. That`s it.

Grade: A-
Wow this is like the first episode I have seen since like December.

-Nice to see Payton back. :eek:
-Love the fact that Gale Harold is the bad guy in this one. I really miss Queer as Folk. :drool:
-Yeah Adam so geeky, I love it! :thumbsup:
-Finaly we get some closure to the Payton/Mac relationship. :)
- "Did you just say 'take a leak' and 'altercation' in the same sentence?" Finaly some witty banter with Flack, it has been lacking at the beganing of the season. :guffaw:
-Flack and Danny back to busting the bad guys, yeah!!! :cool:

-Not enough Flack, and he needs to go back to the suits; or better yet just walk around with out cloths on!!!!!! :scream:
-Hasn't the whole "Rear Window" motife been done to death???? :rolleyes:
-Again finaly we get some closure to the Payton/Mac relationship. To bad we had to wait for like three seasons for it. Maybe we will get a explination of what the final fate of Louie Messner was sometime in season 12!!!! :confused:
-Not liking the fact Shane Cassy is back, apperntly the other CSI franchises got the good reacuring villians this year! :(
-The promo for next weeks show looks prety dramatic (as in Danny Dramatic as ussal)! I am guessing that this would be the season ender (again as ussal). :confused:
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Oh, BTW, random comment: that little scuffle at the end with Danny, Flack and Gale Harold was kind of hot. :shifty:

(Sorry, I can't help myself. Hehe. :devil:)

ETA: Yes, Flacknatic, next week is the season finale.