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Honestly, I thought the episode was awful.

First off, I really hate that they skipped an entire month after the shooting. :scream: Was it really necessary to skip that much time? Flack struggling with Angell's death, Danny struggling with the shooting---there could have been so much potential to show them struggle with these issues over the next few episodes, instead of cramming them all in one 45 minute one. We get to see Danny being pessimistic about his situation for about six seconds, then all is well again? Obviously he has been struggling since he looks so unkept and lies to Lindsay about the diagnosis, but why not let us see it?

DL I honestly didn't mind in this episode...I actually found most of their scenes okay, and I did like the scene when Lindsay tells him about her bringing an umbrella, even though there is only a ten percent chance of rain. Again though, it didn't have the same effect knowing that he's going to be fine, and that we never even really get the full picture of how depressed and pessimistic he is about his situation.

Flack hooking up with random women to forget Jess? Ugh. I can see how a show can make this work, but if he says in one scene he's doing nothing but sitting around thinking about her, and then in the next four he's flirting/drinking with some random chick, I don't buy it.

Adam/Stella....ugh. I like the little crush he has on her, but I really didn't want to see this one night stand thing. For one, what even led up to it?? How did this even happen? Okay, maybe they were both upset about the shooting, whatever. It was still totally unecessary and random, and wasn't even explained except for them saying "oops what a mistake lets not do that again!"

The case was extremely anti-climactic, and weak. And someone please tell me why they just couldn't pull photos from the building Risa worked in and see which employee looked like the Jane Doe, instead of listening to voice recordings? Obviously just a ploy to get us to hear Danny's prognosis about his walking again, and done very ham handedly.

I did like Mac in this episode--for once he actually seemed like he was doing something for someone else. But really, he didn't suspect Dunbrook at all? After this whole saga of being at each other's throats??

Overall, not worth the wait. D. Minus.
Stella/Adam - Only this one episode. That's how I saw it. And about this Stella being a "Sl*t" thing well, I guess I'm about to be shunned from here because I think that could be farther from the truth. From what I saw she was in pain, she might not have shown it but you could see it in her eyes. I mean her friend just died, then this random shooting happens, which almost killed her and made her good friend be put in a chair. That's a lot to take in in a few days. Sure she didn't go to Mac, but he never would have done that; he's not that kind of man. Not that Adam is either but I digress. What I'm getting at is that is how they both felt the need to grieve. Stella said it best, it was a one time thing and it would never happen again.

To me this will just strengthen Mac and Stella bond. No relationship is strong from the beginning or even in the middle; there's always something to stop them from getting what they wanted. And from what I gathered anyway, Mac hadn't really been around, instead it looked like he lived in his office, until Stella called him on it, which strengthened their bond. Just the looks enough said all, and even if Mac did find out I don't think he'd think any less of her.

Mac - Man that man has some nice shirts *fans self* anyway, in all seriousness Mac was exactly how I thought a man would be hwo had gone through something like that. He could have drown his sorrows in beer and did things he knew was wrong, but instead he wanted to solve this case, even if it meant shutting himself out from the rest of the world. He finally admitted - though it wasn't a verbal admittance - to Stella he needed her most of all, needed her guidance and strength even if she wasn't feeling strong herself. Once Stella had called him out on his behavior, he changed. Just a testament of how strong their bond is, or will become.

Flack - I'm disappointed, enough said.

Danny - Oh man I shed some tears, I'll admit it. He hit me the hardest, seeing the pain in his eyes when Lindsay was trying to reassure him. He acted exactly how I think someone in that situation would act, angry and irrational. And yes I foudn his long hair and scruff incredibly hot. but enough about that; he was willing enough to try and be the man he had been before, trying his hardest to be an investigator. I'm glad they let him, if anything it helped him learn to deal more.

Adam - To me he seemed like "Oh yeah I finally hit that" you know, cocky and sarcastic. I don't know, it's not the same Adam. Probably just me though; but hopefully theychange him back. Though mind you I'm glad he's no longer shy and nervous anymore, sticking up for himself. bout time I say.

Haylen - Okay I love her name, so cool! and I love her character, straight and too the point. I don't think she's right for Mac though; but definitely for Adam. She's awesome inmy book, kinds sounds like me too. but yeah I'll have to see how she is in other epis.

Sid/Hawkes - Cool and hip as always.

Stella - See to me, she hadn't changed much *except for that thing*. She still knows how to reel Mac in when necessary. Sure she seemed a bit... down andout, but she'sstill feeling thee effects of the shooting/murder so of course she's not going to be back to her normal awesome self. She still needs healing but she'll get it another way now, and now that they have closure, it'll be easier.

Lindsay - She is now in my top 5 list of great characters and I hope the writers continue to make her thisway. She was really caring and loving, it's like she finally realizes she's in this until the end and her love for Danny has grown. Even if they didn't have Lucy, she'd still be right there beside him. I hope she continues in that way.

Now for the episode itself;

I liked the way they did the first five minutes. I wanted to see everyone's reactions and I'm a bit confused on something. Like I swear Adam wasn't there but he probably was. It's been a few months lol The flash backs were wonderfully done, much more easier to understand. The wardrobe was great in my opinion and while I was disappointed in flack I understand, to a point. I'm glad they went the way they didn't, not sating it was Dunbrooks goons or more of the Greek storyline, because seriously they've been done.

I felt really sorry for Risa; I mean she tried, but failed. Mac knew this, but because he was hurt he didn't care at the time. Not until later. When the evidence finally began to paint a picture he knew. I love love LOVED the machine that Hawkes was using, that robotic arm was awesome. Very high tech.

All in all, I give this episode an A+
I liked this episode, and loved the camera work! I liked the flashbacks – well, except for the Stella and Adam one :eek:. And I may be a sucker for illogical (10% chance???) yet expected happy endings, but I was so glad when Danny was able to move his foot at the end of the show. Lindsey's monologue about how she would always be there made me appreciate the relationship for the first time. It was a moving scene.

Adam and Stella??? :wtf: :brickwall: That was unforgivable. It’s so totally OOC for Stella. Not gonna happen in a million years. She doesn’t cope by sleeping around. Especially after the BF she had to shoot to save her own life! If she needs comfort, she’d be more likely to go sleep on Mac’s always-available sofa, or perhaps (finally!) with Mac. But Adam? No way :scream:. How did Jerry Bruckheimer ever let that one get past his watchful eyes. And MK bought into this? Doesn’t she have any voice in her character’s development? Rant over.
I'm going to put in my two-cents here. Even though it appears that I am kind'a alone with my opinions...

I'll just start from the beginning.

The opener was actually pretty cool, I loved the whole 'who got shot? who got shot?' thing they had going. And they showed a lot of their faces, so it wasn't just a bunch of bodies dumping to the floor as it could've been.

The whole montage of what they'd been doing the past month, was all in all good, I didn't really see why we had to see Mac multiple times, since he was just doing the same. In stead of showing Sid or Hawkes og something.

The Adam/Stella idea,was very icky to me, at first, and I really just felt like tossing my laptop far far away. Until the whole 'not something we should ever do again' scene. Even though it was pretty clear that Stella was just using him in a weak moment, he didn't seem all too surprised. More like he had gotten this fantasy night with his hero, and that was it. I am a little disappointed that they didn't do more about it, i think it could be very interesting to see how it affects Stella too, not just Adams job. (Again, why does Stella have to be miss holy on that one? She's doing her job fine, and even lecturing Mac about his.)
I don't know, I kind'a have this feeling that they're using this storyline (If you can call it that) To give Adam more screentime, even though they could be damaging Stella's character by doing so. (Even though she could use a little less holyness..)

I have to admit, Danny/Lindsay is kind'a growing on me, I actually kind'a like the way they bring family into the show. Admitted, in the last few ep's of season 5 it was just too much. But if they just step up their game here, they could actually go somewhere great with this storyline. I loved the way Lindsay was there for Danny. I had feared it would be much more cliché, or insulted Lindsay as we saw in season 4. I loved the way she convinced him that 10% was a chance, and for once, he actually listened to her, instead of just going off on his own. (as he did in the start of the ep.)

Which brings me to (Guess) the start, where Mac and Danny goes off. I don't really get why they have to bring Mac up in all these situations, always acting the hero. I would've personally loved for Danny to call Don instead, an they'd go all men in black on it. I know Mac is the lead character, but I would really love if he didn't always save the day, or take credit for it anyways. (I like Mac sure, but sometimes, not so much.)

That was just about what I have to say. I really don't know what to think about Don's rebound girl, but hopefully they have a point in doing so. He seemed a little too into Jess, just to go find a new girl.
I really enjoyed the episode. It felt like it was so much more than just a wrap up from last season - it seemed to be setting the scene for the whole of this season which is great. There were glimpses into how they're all dealing with the fallout and hints as to the direction it's going to take.

Stella/Adam - this was so much better than I'd anticipated. I thought they were cute and I can so see how 'it' happened. My fear from the spoilers was that they'd have Adam being hurt by their hook up because he had feelings for Stella - I'm so glad that didn't happen. It was very clear that Adam saw it for what it was (mutual comfort etc) and just seemed happy that he'd had the opportunity. They say it won't happen again but I have to admit I might even be able to get on board if it does, as long as it's kept light - I really wouldn't want to see a more substantial something coming out of it. Oh, and I really really don't see this as Stella 'sleeping around' - it takes more than one guy to be doing that and even if she was sleeping with more than one then so what? People really do deal with loss in unexpected ways, they often seek comfort wherever they can and that's fine.

Flack - I kind of love how Flack is 'dealing' with things. He's full of bravado and dealing with his loss by putting on a front. It's not the Flack we've come to know but I kinda like that. Grief will bring out all sorts of sides in a person and it's interesting to see. It's clear he's going to fall at some point and I can't wait to see how that unfolds. I'm really hoping that his fall comes at a point where Danny's in a position to support him. Unfortunately I can't help but think it'll be Mac to the rescue - the look that Mac gave him when he was flirting with the blonde seemed very telling i.e. 'I'm onto you, don't think I'm not.'

Danny/Lindsay - I have to admit I loved their scenes. I thought they were sweet and showed a certain depth that's been missiing until this point. I like that tptb haven't made everything 'fine' between them after the relationship rush that was S5. Danny lied to her, he's still trying to protect her and doesn't entirely trust her - it was a great opportunity for Lindsay to step up and make it clear that she's there for him. And yes, for the first time she did seem to be making it explicitly clear that she was going to support him no matter what. I loved her optimisim in the face of his negativity. I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds for them and would really like to see Lindsay falling apart at some point. I also loved their banter and have to admit to enjoying the return of 'Montana' - that scene showcased the D/L I love. Now, I'm not really one to get worked up over babies but I really loved the scene in the nursery (even though Lucy was likely made of plastic!). I thought Lindsay looked completely at peace and in her element there.

Haylen - I really liked her! Can't wait to see where they go with her character.

I loved the character development and focus but the actual case was a bit blah!
As a forward, I'd like to point out that I have religiously avoided anything that could give me any spoilers at all ever since the season 5 finale, so this is my first dip back into here, and I didn't know at all what to expect.

Since other people seem to be doing character-by-character, I'll do that too :)

Mac - I actually thought he was very in-character, with the obsessing over what had happened, and forgetting that he wasn't alone in all of it. Kind of expected him to do that, and I like that Stella called him on it. I thought his wardrobe was good, too (not just for shallow reasons!), with him not bothering to be smartly dressed.

Stella - Ok, when I saw Adam in the bed, I was praying that the woman wouldn't be Stella. And then it was. And I went like this: :wtf::wtf: It doesn't make sense to me. Not just because I'm a die hard Mac/Stella shipper. I tried to delete it from my mind, and enjoyed the rest of it, but I really hope they don't ever return to that. I really liked the scenes of her with Hawkes, and with Mac.

Lindsay - Really liked her. Loved her around Danny, and I liked that she called him out on his lying to her, without making too much of a big deal of it. And I loved the bit with her and Lucy.

Danny - Yeah, I don't like Danny, he's always come off to me as a jerk. And I'm not a fan of his beard thing. Kind of guessed that he would be walking again, but the rain was a nice touch :) Not having seen spoilers, it was a shock to me to see him in a wheelchair, which was cool.

Flack - the women in bars was what I expected him to do, tbh, it seemed in character to me. I rather hope this'll continue, and we get to see more of this side to him, rather than him just going back to being happy. I do get the feeling he's pretending his grief isn't there, which is never healthy.

Haylen - Erk. Didn't like her, she annoyed me immediately. Very pushy. And she's after Adam's job. Discounting the :wtf: with Stella, I really like Adam. Loved him wanting to pimp out Danny's wheelchair!

Can't say that I cared much about these guys trying to hold the city for ransom, tbh, but it was an ok episode, and it did spend a lot of time on the characters, which I liked. As someone else said, NY always does seem to be a little iffy with their season openers, so I'm looking forward to much better things for the rest of the season :)
~ The thing with Adam and Stella is pointless if they don't take it beyond this episode - I get the feeling they will, but if they don't, why bother, you know?

the problem i'm having with stadam (as i've decided to call them!) is this: when two characters in just about anything have sex and then say it must never happen again, it *always* happens again. it's like some kind of universal law of physics.:lol:

~Although I must say that I actually felt emotion in Lindsay's voice in that flashback. And I actually found their mini-scene cute. :wtf:
~"Fire him, Mac, this kid's slackin off." Hee.
~I actually like Haylen. She doesn't seem cocky, just genuinely interested in being in the lab. I don't think she wants to take Adam's job per se, which is obviously how Adam sees it.

i didn't think haylen was that bad, i expected to but she was ok. i could see why adam was frustrated, and it was quite nice to see him coming across as the confident one turning her away - maybe stella's influence?!

i thought lindsay was alright too - she seemed to actually care which was a surprise! someone was wondering if anyone else thought danny looked less sure - i thought that but then it might just be because he's the one in the chair and it's easier for her to be positive.

hehe that line about slacking was great :D

my favourite thing about this ep (not that i have a one track mind) was mac - omg he's so hot when he's angry and miserable :D i also liked his more dressed down wardrobe, and just ... well, mac generally.
Sorry if maybe somebody ask this question:But what is the Name of the song, in the beginnig (after the Intro)

As others have mentioned, I found this ep a bit anticlimactic - but not so much that I didn't enjoy it (gave it a B+).

I liked how they gave the audience subtle things per character to chew on a bit. Stella and Adam of course, Hawkes moonlighting, Flack flirting with a woman in the bar and being seriously underdressed (for Flack) and for that matter, same with Mac, being more casual (one of my personal fave looks for Mac!) :thumbsup: Sullen unshaven Danny in his wheelchair, chirpy Adam at the crime scene, unorganized Mac in the office. Given that they dove in a month after the drive-by shooting and of course Angell's death, it seemed realistic to me to see some conflicted souls out there, not just Business as Usual.

I was shocked that they actually went there with Adam and Stella, but their ever-so-brief conversation at the end cemented my initial impression that they sought out a familiar person for comfort. For Adam it might have stemmed more from his obvious crush from last season, and for Stella it was reaching out to someone she trusted in her confusion and grief, and nothing more. I honestly don't think the writers will waste much more time with that little snippet, I got the impression that it was simply another cog in the wheel of the team's emotional struggle in the aftermath, and the various ways each person dealt with it.

I thought Mac's reaction was par for the course, albeit a bit more untidy than we usually see it :lol: Flack's reaction I found totally believable. Many folks tend to drown their sorrows, even deap-seated grief, via alcohol/the bar scene, and hooking up with people who are more "disposable" in the sense that if they walk out of your lives, it doesn't matter, you won't miss them, it can't hurt you. Didn't surprise me a bit to see Flack do just that.

Not a huge Danny fan, but I think Carmine's performance was spot-on, right down to his reluctance to share the doctor's real prognosis with Lindsay. Not a huge Lindsay fan either, but she not only didn't annoy me last night, but I actually liked the way she dealt with Danny, she didn't turn into her typical "It's all about Meeee!" I didn't even mind her dialogue with him about the "10% chance of rain" bit, which is a turnabout for me, because I usually cringe during her speeches. The end bit with Danny moving his foot in the wheelchair, then smiling at the rain bordered on cheese, but I did like it anyway, because it was great to see the smile of hope light up Danny's face.

Sad to see Hawkes having to moonlight on the weekend, but it excites me to think he has a good personal storyline coming up, which he so richly deserves. And the new girl didn't annoy me particularly, I'm in the "Wait and See" camp. I don't think she meant to diss Adam or insinuate she was after his particular job, but he obviously did, and it'll be interesting to see how things between them develop. Liked that he wasn't swayed by her "Cute Factor". ;)

Finally, I thought it was refreshing that the perps weren't after the team, no personal vendetta, just a bunch of yahoos who thought they could rule the world, or at least their small corner of it. World is filled with idiots like that, and it's nice to see NY focus on perps like that for a change, instead of the slick ones who are hell bent on taking out just the Rich & Beautiful of NYC.

Once again, not a mind-bending Season Premiere, but I thought they did a good job of setting up some future storylines. :bolian:
Alright, say what you will about Lindsay, but I absolutely loved her in this epsiode. She was so sweet and warm and caring. The little scene when she passed Danny the bullet was perfect. I loved that they didnt make Danny all glum, he still has his humor. "You didnt even use porfanity because you're too cute for that." "You call that a push Montana"

I loved it. This episode was more then I was expecting and I am completely convinced to Danny and Lindsay now. Before the chemistry was missing, now you can see it.
I love Lindsay, she is awesome. Single tear...
Nope, nope, nope!

We go from the whole Dunbrook conspiracy to "we wanted the city to work for us?" Seriously?? Random? Bleh...

Does anyone in their right mind post that kind of message on a huge lighted board that half of Manhatten can see?? Who's running that company? Dunbrook, Jr.? I can see it now:

" want the board to read, "Pay us and we'll stop." OK--will this be paid for by cash or stolen credit card?"

Adam and Stella: Oh man. ONE brief scene and that's it? How in the world did that happen?

Danny: I liked the acting, but I do want Danny to clean up a bit.:rolleyes: I liked L threatening to kick his ass.

Mac: I liked him. He's all dark and broody. Wait, I think that's supposed to be Flack. At least he admitted he wasn't solving the case on his on...

Flack: :::sigh:::: Hoping we get more angst from him. Except for the brief scene in the bar and the interaction with the team....not much was shown. Seriously liked the wardrobe though. (Flack could wear a sweatsuit and I would love him...)

Hayley: She is dressed llike a 80s throw back and she acts like a mini-Mac. But.....well, maybe it'll get better.

I gave it a D. To me it seemed like the writers sat down and said, "We're tired. Let's make this simple..." I hope the premiere of CSI is better. While I am a hard-bitten CSI:NY fan, I like the writing at CSI better.

Tobin...still onboard for next week...
I gave this episode a "B"

Overall the episode wasn't bad, each character has their own storyline.

But that was a bit of a problem too, personal stories of each character

got tangled as the episode continued...

Flack is "coping", quite well it seems. Working and not staying at home seem to be the cure...I think that's just a sign of a workaholic....but one could sympathise.

Same with Danny,

Adam, (unfortunatly I have to say this) was an arrogant a*:censored:*, I know no one likes having their job taken away, but he could have been a bit less selfish, and a bit more nicer.
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I initially gave this ep an A but its a first impression A. The actual procedural/crime part of this one sort of fell flat. I didn't feel like there was much of a wow factor in the actual solving of the case. As much as I like the characters I thought they tried a bit too hard to document the passing of the month and what effect the shooting had on everyone. I didn't like how they put it all to music in a montage either because we still don't know what could have possibly possessed Stella and Adam to have sex and how Don got from sitting around thinking about Jess to deciding that the only way to deal with her death was to go girl-hopping...I mean bar-hopping...well...both actually in the space of four weeks. It all felt sort of "wham bam thank you ma'am now lets solve a crime" to me.

Mac was very authentic in his taking on responsibility to solve it all on his own. On a side note, I truly can't wait until Adam slips up and says something about himself and Stella because we all know that Adam tends to blabber things when he gets nervous. They will need a prybar to get Mac's eyebrows out of his hairline.

I liked the conversation Stella had with Mac. I love the friendship they have that allows them to talk honestly with each other with no fear of ruining something romantic and I hope the show keeps it that way.

Introducing who was in the wheelchair was great for anyone that doesn't hang around here and didn't know already. I don't particularly like the Shaggy-from-Scooby-Doo look on Danny but oh well. I am glad they set the story of his injury from the very start of things. Now we can relax and enjoy watching Carmine play out the emotions of progress and setbacks and how it affects his job and family without the dreadful factor so prevelant in dramas where they go from "you'll never walk again" to jumping out of the chair to save someone and miraculous healing taking place.

I really loved Lindsay in this one. I have at times been frustrated with her character but she really hit one out of the park in this one with just the right amount of caring concern and threatened ass-kicking. Top called it right with her protective manner around Danny when Adam was teasing about his wheelchair. I didn't pick up on that on the first viewing. The bantering between her and Danny was refreshing and sweet...him saying she was too cute to be threatening, her kissing him on the top of the head. Very much needed.

Now for the new girl: Ick, yak, PaTooey!!!!!! Her voice (and face if truth be told) annoy the heck out of me and I don't like grandstanding so we didn't get off on the right foot from the getgo.

Let me see if I have this right. She found a print at a crime scene that looked like it had not been processed so she left the crime scene went home showered dressed in her sexy little outfit with her sexy little boots and her ruffly little shirt and paraded herself into the lab to interrupt a conference. I would be willing to bet a Benjamin that wasn't proper procedure and should have gotten her in some serious trouble. Me thinks we might just have us a new MarySue here.

Well anyway, if I don't nitpick too much I can say I enjoyed the season premiere and it was good to have everyone back for another season.
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I know I'm probably going to get a lot of crap for saying this but I liked the Adam/Stella hookup. I would agree that there is definitely something there between Mac and Stella but it's been how may years and still nothing has happened whatso ever between them. Do you all really expected Stella to have to wait for Mac to have an realization? I'm proud of Stella that she potentially found something that could be great. (i don't believe the "Let's forget it ever happened" line)
Way to go Stella, Cougars Rule, lol
I know I'm probably going to get a lot of crap for saying this but I liked the Adam/Stella hookup. I would agree that there is definitely something there between Mac and Stella but it's been how may years and still nothing has happened whatso ever between them. Do you all really expected Stella to have to wait for Mac to have an realization? I'm proud of Stella that she potentially found something that could be great. (i don't believe the "Let's forget it ever happened" line)
Way to go Stella, Cougars Rule, lol

I agree with you. I actually hope they go somewhere with this, it could be amazing. I mean, just a mention, or maybe word spreads around, goes to Mac. I don't know, I just don't see the reason to include it in the show, just to give it a minute and a half of screentime.