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The first episode of 6th season is finally here!!! I know you guys are excited, but please don't spam this up with "I can't wait!!" posts... let's save this for just grading the episode. :)

After you've seen the episode, vote in the poll and then post your thoughts about it here in this thread! :)
Feel so embarrassed about being the first to vote/post, but I've seen it. I liked it.

On Hawkes: Lol, he often seemed like the only sane one :lol: I got the feeling he was the one holding things together (professionally, anyway) more than anyone else, even Mac.
On Stella: Well for the most part she seemed okay. And I guess if the fling with Adam was a one-time thing, it's okay - I mean, it left them awkward with each other, but neither of them seem to have lost one ounce of respect for each other. And aw, she's just as there for Mac as she's ever been.
On Danny: It's a very good storyline, and he made me feel it. A lot came through about his uncertainty and his fears in a very short period of time - honestly, if it keeps up like this they probably wouldn't need to stretch the wheelchair-storyline throughout the entire season to make it seem believable.
On Lindsay: I'm fairly horrified by the sheer amount of DL in this episode (seriously, gag me, and she barely got a chance to talk to anyone other than Danny, let alone connect with them :mad:). But at least on the DL front's other hand, I'm very proud of her. :D
On Adam: ...I know he often inspires people to feel protective of him, but I think this is the first time I badly wanted to hug him and shield him for the world. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I feel like he's lost a bit of his innocence/naivete in the aftermath of the shooting. He just seemed a little darker somehow; still charming as ever, but definitely not as bouncy.

And on Flack: I'm watching you :shifty: I don't feel like I saw enough of his storyline to make a call yet, but if I have to make a preliminary analysis...I didn't see him so much grieving for Angell as I saw him becoming a bit of a player because of Angell's death. I'm not sure I like it that much, but again, there wasn't nearly enough to pass judgment.

Those are the characters that to me seemed especially noteworthy - Mac did great, but he and Sid pretty much seemed the same as they'd ever been.

But it's showing again in about two hours, so I might be back with an entirely different review, after the "OMGitwassooototallyawesomeandit'sfinallyheeeree!!111!!" feeling passes. :alienblush::lol:

ETA: Oops, sorry Top! Well, I put everything in a spoiler-box just in case, 'cause I don't know where it's already aired and where it hasn't, and I don't want to spoil anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled ;)
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Feel so embarrassed about being the first to vote/post, but I've seen it. I liked it.

But it's showing again in about two hours, so I might be back with an entirely different review, after the "OMGitwassooototallyawesomeandit'sfinallyheeeree!!111!!" feeling passes. :alienblush::lol:

Sweet!! Tells us more!

Don't feel like you have to put spoiler boxes--you can add in some spoiler space between the top and your comments, but grading/comments are definitely open. :)
I'm really sorry if this counts as spamming! But just one extra little comment and then I won't post until I've seen it a second time - I didn't want to risk editing my first post and mess up the spoiler tags I just figured out.

I'm iffy on Haylen Becall. A part of me wants to like her a lot, because I think she's just the type of endearing-know-it-all that I usually tend to like in books and on TV. But on the other hand, given the way she's coming into the story (and the way she's threatening to shaft-out Adam), I'm worried this could be the kind of know-it-all-ism that actually is extremely annoying :wtf:
Hey folks, long time no see. Hope you all enjoyed the off season!

Wow season six! Talk about anticlimactic! Yikes. :wtf:

That month passing montage showed us some interesting stuff, too bad almost none of it is elaborated on within the next hour. Adam hooked up with Stella, and Don's dating already-- despite the fact he tells Mac he's just mulling about Jess in his down time, but hey, that's cool, everyone grieves differently, it's actually kind of interesting, but like I said they really don't give us much to sink our teeth into. Thankfully we're placated a little with Eddie's wardrobe, Danny's new look and more exposure for Adam.

Mac, as we all guessed, spent the month stewing about the shooting, but one thing I'm struggling with is Danny's working status. Mac has his ID and badge*, but Danny's still involving himself in all this business the minute he gets a call with some info and no one steps up to tell him he shouldn't be? This problem comes up with Don too, I'm having a hard time knowing who's officially involved in this case at all.

ETA: Thanks to Rhonda's watchful eye we can see that Mac actually doesn't have Danny's ID and badge on his desk. At least not in so many words, since that particular badge is typically Flack's. Nice.

Apparently, Adam getting laid immediately means that his work has to start suffering. But not Stella's. Nope. Spare me.

While we're on Adam, why does this pushy girl think he's going to stick his neck out for her while she tries to usurp his position of employment? Way to make new friends at the place you'd like to be hired. All in all the new girl wasn't heinous, but she didn't sweep me off my feet. Especially, since they seem to use Adam's credibility as a stepping stone for other people's awesomeness to shine through more than I find believable. It's bordering on not making much logical sense.

Danny and Lindsay aren't surprising me, we're still expected to sit through "married moments" but they're still not telling each other a damn thing. It's a wonder how they get through their days together with the amount of information they neglect to share-- but wait are they living together? Still in separate places? I'm so glad they've cleared all that up for me. The only info I can gather on just my powers of deduction is that Lindsay and the baby seem to be living at the home of Marlee Matlin from 'Silent Night' --nice set re-usage there. Or at least they share a decorator. So THIS must be the budget cuts Adam was talking about! Meanwhile, serious injury is the new accidental pregnancy this season! Just what the doc prescribed for manufacturing marital bliss. BTW, where is Danny at the end? Work? The clinic? Is he ever home with Lindsay and the kid?

As for the crooks in tonight's show, no one was particularly interesting or memorable, although I'd buy them as delusional. That's what I took from this, with their stupid 'make the city work for us idea'. Like they're the fist group of people who've ever hatched this scheme. What makes this handful of idiots with guns think they could hold NYC for ransom, when much bigger, better organized and more successful crime syndicates have failed to?

Unfortunately, that little snippet in the early montage is just about all we get out of this Adam and Stella stuff. Revisiting this information at the end seems like a waste of time since it's just about the LEAST interesting part of their whole situation. I'm way more curious to know how the hell this started between them in the first place then to see how its ending up afterward.

Mac isn't above nepotism, always quick to put a personally significant case at the top of the queue. I'm also very tired of these single case episodes, but what's worse it it's all starting to be about them, the team, and not in a good way. I mean, do they ONLY investigate crimes committed against members of their own team these days? I bet if they all quit, the crime rate in NY would plummet.

Also, everyones lack of doubt is becoming a problem for me. Sure, Danny is usually about as pessimistic as they get, but even he's been coming up short. I get that this show, like many others, typically have the batman character-- that one guy who thinks he's a one man workoholic army and believes in what he's doing so hard it makes others question his sanity, but no one on this team seems to have anything less than superhuman comittment to this job-- even though their line of work repeatedly proves itself to be a serious problem in most of their personal lives. We're getting the "I believe in what we do" speech a lot lately, from Stella and Sheldon and Mac of course, but that's kind of his anthem. It's getting heavy handed is all, and it's limiting my willingness to believe in them as real characters. Do these people ever have doubts about anything?

Ultimately, if this is an indicator of the season to come this show still lacks the substance I feel we once got in earlier seasons. Too bad.
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I wasn't as invested in this episode as I hoped I would be, but a few things stuck out to me as being interesting - unfortunately, it wasn't who got injured since they revealed that already and there was no surprise. Anyway, interesting things:

~ Flack and how he's dealing with Angell's death - this one is going to be more interesting as time goes on.

~ Adam and the new girl - I didn't like that they had her show him up as a way to introduce her. As roxi said, it's a bit annoying that they make him look bad so he can be a stepping stone for someone else. I'm not sure how I feel about Haylen yet as an individual, but I admit I'm curious to see how things are going to work out with her basically going after Adam's job. I don't think she'll actually take his job away from him (AJ's got a contract after all), but it'll be interesting to see how it works out.

Things that weren't impressive IMO:

~ Explaining Danny's condition early on using exposition between Danny and Lindsay. That always sounds so fake when shows include scenes like that - if that was me and someone I'm close to, I wouldn't sit there explaining everything in detail when we would both know all of the details already. I just feel like there could have been a better way to do it.

~ I'm not against new sets, but that one where Hawkes figured out the type of glass was kind of...over the top. Sometimes this show is too glossy and bright (or neon) - and unfortunately, it can seem a bit silly sometimes.

~ That whole scene with Mac, Danny and Risa in the building was so ridiculous to me. The lighting, her clothes, the chandelier, the close-up of Danny's ring - I don't want to laugh when I'm watching what is meant to be a thrilling scene.

~ The thing with Adam and Stella is pointless if they don't take it beyond this episode - I get the feeling they will, but if they don't, why bother, you know?

Overall, the episode was good - I think the true test for the season will be how things move forward now that they've used this episode to sort of set the season up. :)
~Nice opening, that. If you've been totally disconnected from the CSI:NY world up until now, it really makes you wonder about who was hit.
~*has solemn moment for Jess*
~Excuse me while I go kill the writers for giving Don a rebound. Oh wait. Now I need to kill them for Stella/Adam, which is even worse. WTF, PTB. W.T.F. You'd best redeem this in the rest of the episode. Wow, nine minutes in and I already hate the writers. That's a new record!
~Danny is pissy. Oh, and he's going to be even more pissy as soon as that girl dies.
~"Heard Danno was playing superhero. Didn't want him showing me up." Hee.
~Bullshit, Don. We all know you aren't fine.
~I can't tell whether to be annoyed with Lindsay or not for that one.
~Although I must say that I actually felt emotion in Lindsay's voice in that flashback. And I actually found their mini-scene cute. :wtf:
~"Fire him, Mac, this kid's slackin off." Hee.
~I actually like Haylen. She doesn't seem cocky, just genuinely interested in being in the lab. I don't think she wants to take Adam's job per se, which is obviously how Adam sees it.
~Glad ya'll care that a security guard got killed doing his job.
~Bit jealous there, Adam? *snicker*
~"Boom". Eh.
~When did Lindsay start sounding convincing?
~It took me a second to realize why rain was good.

Death by OnStar!
I, for one, will be happy if the writers never bring up the Adam/Stella thing ever again and leave it as a one night stand. I mean, like seriously....W.T.F.? :censored:

Other than that, I liked the premiere and how they showed a bit how every character has been affected by the shooting.
I actually loved this episode!

I didn't really like scruffy Danny, he looked kind of strange :lol: for some reason the scruffiness looks better with Adam.

Adam and Stella :wtf: didn't really see that coming, but I like that it wasn't highly predictable. I actually think it would be a good idea to have the story develop just a bit :shifty: or maybe have people finding out about it, I bet it can be as comical as I thought it was when I saw who he was with. Never thought Adam liked the older ladies :lol:

My, Andrew Lawerence sure did grow up a lot since the last time I saw him :eek: I've pratically watched him grow up *cough* makes me feel old :lol:
I know this sounds crazy, but I actually l like they handled flack's girls all of a sudden...Flack's Angels. All the other stuffs been done, this one I don't recall seeing a whole lot. Notice he was wearing a lot of darker colors...more than usual? Or maybe it was me. WHY DID THEY NOT SHOW HIM IN THE END, that was my pet peeve!!!! Mother truckers.

Adam and, NO, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOO that's what I say on that

Lindsey...boom..don't ever say that again I swear to God I will literally throw something at the tv...but I do have to admit this...she wasn't as annoying. Some parts but for the most part I could tolerate her.

The new chick...sounds like miney mouse. Sorry not trying to be mean but her voice is kind of higher or maybe I just feel like she's playing the "oh look at me, if I play cute then the boys will like me." But...she might not be as bad, she seemed okay and I might grow to like her. Will see.

OTher then that an okay episode, this might be an okay season.
I wasn't annoyed by the D/L this time. Except for yeah the lack of telling each other things.

lol for once I agree with several of you, they can never mention Stella/Adam again and I'll be happy.

Also agree with new girl, tone it down already chick. LOL if you wind up hurting Adam, Faylinn will get you.

Points to the writers for not having a magical recovery with Danny...At least it's halfway decent this time, as opposed to Flack.

Speaking of, we should line up and give Flackie hugs. He needs them.

Hey Mac, how can you say that's the first cold case that is personal to you? Have you forgotten Aiden? *thwaps him* That annoyed me tonight.
I actually really liked this episode. I wasn't expecting to, and parts of it were cheesy, but I liked it none the less.

I was impressed that Lindsay stepped up to the plate. She reassured Danny, handled the situation with grace and humor and wasn't a total self involved twit. Kudos to the writers for doing that and for Anna for making me believe it. Yeah, the ending with the rain and Danny moving his toes brought the cheese to the yard, but overall I liked how it was done. The one big problem I have is
that Danny supposedly only has a 10% chance of ever walking again and he'll be using a cane in, what, 6.06? That's just lame.
I also don't want Danny's injury to mean they are joined at the hip from now on either. And I thought it was dumb that Lindsay wouldn't have been with Danny when he got his prognosis. That made no sense.

I don't dislike Haylen . . . yet. I don't think she was showing up Adam because they explained that the temperature change made the print show up after Adam processed the scene. And she said she wasn't after Adam's job specifically and I think she was sincere about that even though Adam mentioned with all of the money issues she would technically be after his job. If down the road it turns into Haylen is out to get Adam, then I'll have a problem with her; but as of now she's OK. The one big problem I have is that her voice annoys the crap out of me. I don't remember Sarah Carter's voice being that annoying when she was on Shark.

I'm assuming that the quick glimpses of what's going on with Flack and what's going on with Adam and Stella were just teasers to be followed up on during the season. If they don't follow up it will be really stupid that they showed it in the first place. I don't want Flack to become a total man whore, but the idea of him trying to get over Jess in a distructive way is intriguing to me. The idea of Adam and Stella isn't icky to me any longer. I'd like to see them hook up again as long as it doesn't impact them working together or their friendship negatively.

Mac still has his God complex in tact, but this time it really didn't bother me because the case wasn't just personal to him but to the whole team. Mac was more in protective father mode than it's all about me mode and fatherly Mac is easier to handle even if he is being a little annoying.

This episode pleasantly surprised me and I hope the rest of the season will continue to do the same.
Since I actually like all the lead characters on the show, Lindsay and all things DL don't bother me, and yes I know that's very unpopular opinion here.

Everyone is definitely acting very strangely. The only one's that seemed to have their typical personalities were maybe Hawkes and Sid. I knew the sitution from last spring would change the team, but I can't say I enjoyed the way they've changed so far.

Hayley is someone that I feel they didn't necessarily need on the series, but I'll give her a chance. Hopefully she won't always demean Adam's contribution to the team.
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