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Discussion in 'CSI: New York' started by Top41, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Dawni

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    Oct 20, 2007
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    I loved it...
    I mean the expectations were high seeing as there was bit of hype surrounding SL but it worked strangely well.

    The whole mac not sleeping reminded me of S1 but it showed some real side to him that it still effects him that he broke up with peyton.

    But i think the adam moments were the best specially the fight scene it was pure geek love i was giggling for hours being a computing student myself its like i know people who would get like that. He was just funny how he interacted with Mac, taking over when he knew mac wouldnt understand and explaining it.

    I enjoyed Danny's first reaction to it was like he was trying to understand but it didnt quite work specially when they were like we googled it.

    There was nothing I didn't like about the episode they all worked so well, and it was just well done in general.
  2. Faylinn

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    Nov 30, 2005
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    Ok, I read through the thread and see similar comments to what I wrote down while watching, but once again I'm just typing it all out anyway. :p


    ~ LOL @ the music!

    ~ Mac, why do you jog in a log-sleeved black shirt? o_O'

    ~ I still love the tango scene. Slightly odd, but fun--and poignant when you know what it means.

    ~ Ok, the eyes kind of creep me out.

    ~ Mmm, Sheldon!

    ~ Mmm, Flack!

    ~ Mmm, Stella's boobies! ;)

    ~ Mac came to the scene all sweaty. Ew. :p

    ~ I wish Mac would change his ringtone.

    ~ Again with the theme song--maybe if they'd left all the lyrics in, I wouldn't mind the intro, but without it the song sounds unfinished--too much at the beginning, not enough at the end.

    ~ SID! :D

    ~ Ewewewewew! I don't need to see under her skin, ew! :eek:

    ~ Sid totally reads Cosmo. :lol: I love you, Sid!

    ~ Ew, tick, ew!

    ~ ADAM!

    ~ Hai Danny's white shirt!

    ~ You're such a dork, Adam--it's why I love you. ^_^

    ~ Aww, Adam knows his stuff. *snorgle*

    ~ Is it just me, or does that jacket not fit Lindsay right? o_O



    ~ Hey, Stel, maybe he's sending you shit he tampered with so you'll die when you try something 'physical'.

    ~ What kind of gift is Lindsay expecting that has her counting down 'til Christmas already? :confused: *makes a note to start dropping hints to people* ;)

    ~ Adam, your avatar is a chick with big boobs, isn't it? :lol: "I just want to let you know your options." Suuuure. :p

    ~ Look at Adam, he's all excited to show that stuff to mac. How cutesy. ^_^

    ~ Adam gets off on digital tah-tahs. *sigh* That's probably a pervy dude, babe. :p

    ~ I wonder if the assassin will have lyme disease?

    ~ That 'White Rabbit' is more like a dingy yellow-gray.

    ~ Of course Mac is a slutty woman. :lol:

    ~ HAHAHA, poor Adam looked mortified at Mac's total lack of game. Adam's probably all suave in Second Life. :p

    ~ Mmm, Flack and Danny. :devil:

    ~ Is that Trillian? *squint*

    ~ Oh, look, a chase...

    ~ Oh, look, a gun...Don't worry, Danny, Flack's there to save you. ;)

    ~ Polka dots, Flack? Seriously? Polka dots???

    ~ Peyton couldn't leave England which she, ah, left to go live in the US before...doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    ~ Mmm, Sheldon, glasses and a lab coat. Mama likey. :devil:

    ~ Prepare for battle. Adam's all eager. :p

    ~ Why no codpiece on the armor, Adam? :lol:

    ~ "Dude--I mean, sorry, Boss." :lol:

    ~ "I got skills...I think so." Hee! :p

    ~ "Want some-a this?" :lol:

    ~ "Say my name." :lol: :lol:

    ~ "Who's your daddy?" :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ~ HAHAHAHA, love the little victory dance! And he had an audience, too. :p

    ~ He totally went to get 'water' so he could squeal to himself. :lol:

    ~ That room is seriously cool, by the way.

    ~ Mmm, kevlar all around. Sexy-sexy. :devil:

    ~ Nice doo-hickey, y'all. Kinda looks like that thingy from the Crocodile Hunter movie. (Steve! :()

    ~ I love Stella and Hawkes. ^_^

    ~ You're so adorable, Sheldon. I don't care what you say, baby, just keep saying it. :p

    ~ Dude, quit checkin' out my Stella! *smack*

    ~ Gotta love Adam's ho-shit! face when 'Venus' identified Mac.

    ~ Aside from the two Second Lifers, the other victims in the 'trophy room' all looked like old, crusty white dudes of the judge/congressman variety.

    ~ Good time to say not to pick it up, Adam, after the fact. :rolleyes:

    ~ I find it slightly hilarious that there's a big picture of NYC in that conference room...probably just me. :eek:

    ~ Those tablet-computer things are a bit much, IMO. Folders and printouts are so passe.

    ~ Of course the whole CSI team would go. The relevant department of the NYPD must be swamped. [/sarcasm]

    ~ "How's it goin', chief?" :lol: Mmm, take-charge Flack.

    ~ Sheldon and Lindsay get to clear the lobby while the others use their guns and look sexy. Typical.

    ~ I'm supposed to believe that Mac and Flack got up the stairs as fast as Stella and Danny got up the elevator? Granted, they had to wait for it, but still...

    ~ My response to a gun in my face is not a calm "what the hell?" but rather a shrill "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

    ~ Duh, Mac, duh. That'sherdamnit!

    ~ Preview for next week: Zombies are h0rs, eh Mac? :p Ah well, at least they're better than clowns. Clowns are evil incarnate. :eek:
  3. csiviper

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    FAYLINN, Dude, You are Hilarious, I totally agree with u.

    I give it a freaking A+ cause it was really awesome, SMacked fans, we all saw that chemistry *swoons*, Let me tell you Mac running, all sweaty and stuff HOT, Stella like always looks gorgeous and Flack Oh Yeah Babe.
    Second life is off the chain, I will soon be downloading it to my comp.
  4. goukanomegami

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    May 17, 2007
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    I heard somewhere that you can find out a little more about the case by doing the second life thing? If anyone would like to share their experiences, I wouldn't mind hearing about them. I am far too busy with school and work to start messing around with new games, but I'm interested to hear what is out there for the CSI portion.
  5. cSiNyFrEaK30

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    Mar 26, 2005
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    I loved the extra Adam geekiness in this episode =] His interaction with Mac and the rest of the cast in regards to Second Life was priceless....and the whole thing with Mac trying to flirt with the suspect on Second Life...that certainly got me rolling =D

    I really did like the story too. It was interesting and i was intrigued the whole time, which i havent been much this or last season. I love the fact that they DIDN'T catch the suspect at the end, and that the killer was a hit-WOMAN. It was exciting to see a cunning woman as the bad guy, and i hope that plays over in more episodes. With the continuity on the show...ehh... we may not see this killer for another year or so...but its still cool to think about and look forward too.

    And on a side note....i watched the Office today (i dont know if anyone here watches it) and Dwight and Jim are playing Second made me giggle that two of my favorite shows had the same thing in them =]
  6. csiboy

    csiboy Dead on Arrival

    Apr 18, 2006
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    Adam is definitely a welcome addition. Overall I thought this ep was pretty good and the SL of it all was genuinely novel. Unlike others here, I thought Lindsay did a great job -- the character seems refreshed.
  7. xfcanadian

    xfcanadian Pathologist

    Oct 3, 2005
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    I gave it an A

    I am a huge nerd, so the whole second life thing was really cool. I am really upset that my computer won't run the virtual CSI NY, because I wanted to play that so badly!!

    Adam was definatly great in this one...lots of great lines. "What's my name!" :lol:

    I liked Mac trying to be a woman...hehe, trying to flirt.

    Oh, and Second life was mentioned on 'The Office' tonight...i don't know if that was a coincedence or not. Dwight made a character named Dwight who was a paper salesman :lol:
  8. flackie_boo

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    May 14, 2007
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    well I thought it was great, But I could have used a little more Flack.

    Adam, well we all got a good serving of Adam.... which was SUPER DUPER! You can never get enough Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam=great. He's totally pretty pro at that second life game too!

    Great that Mac confided in Flack. Flack seems like a great friend. Still gotta feel bad for Mac that Peyton decided to stay in London, but he was right about what he said.

    and Fay, I agree with you.. yup.. EWWW TICK EWWW!!! I hate bugs!
  9. mandy9578

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    Jul 12, 2007
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    The episode was pretty interesting. I'm really not into internet gaming and it was interesting finding out more about Second Life although I know that the high tech stuff was exaggerated as some of you guys already mentioned, I think for entertainment purposes.

    I love Adam all geeked out and dorky. Yeah Adam, show Mac how you are the Second Life master.

    Hahaha! Sid reading Cosmo...My dentist, yeah right! :lol:

    I liked the scene where Mac confided in Flack about his break up with Peyton. Flack really is a good friend to the team. He seemed so genuinely concerned about Mac.

    Oh yeah...Boy, Flack looked hot wearing Kevlar. :lol: :devil:

    I was laughing so hard at the last scene where Mac was looking for the assassin and he checked the garbage chute! I was like, 'she can't fit in there! duh! Unless she is a contortionist! :lol:

    Another thing I liked about this episode is the fact that the murders remain unsolved...Can't wait to find out who is behind the contract killings.
  10. nattybatty55

    nattybatty55 Nadalaholic

    Jan 28, 2007
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    Ok this ep got my first A+!!

    I loved Mac and Flacks little conversation about Peyton (looks like flack might have found out brfore Danny :lol:) I am so glad that Lindsay was out of the lab and the ab coat which she only wore in one scene! I liked the conversation that Stella and Lindsay about drew 'rock climbing'!!! Loved Adam being his geeky self- enough said :) Mac was hilarious wth his, 'I like waterfalls!' and when he was testing his voice, 'hello, hheeellloooo!'

    Ok one last thing....the Kevlar is back!! :devil:
  11. Lessien_Tinuviel

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    Mar 9, 2005
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    This is my first time grading an episode, after lurking for sooo long. I decided to come out of my little shell and mingle with y'all. :D

    Anyhoo, I gave this episode an A. It definitely held my attention and the intrigue was done pretty well, slowly building up to the big twist. I hope we learn more about the whole assassin thing. Going into the episode, I was both excited but not expecting very much. I was absolutely pleased with this episode on a whole. Loved the open-endedness of the episode. The time flew by really quickly in the episode, it was ending before I knew it. :(

    Some of my thoughts. They're all over the place, so bear with me here.

    -> Second Life. "Can avatars fall in love?"
    Don't know what to make of it, not very interested in it. Loved Mac and Danny's expression when Adam was explaining how SL works. Adam looked a teensy bit annoyed when Danny called it a video game, then a cartoon. :lol: Overall, they did a great job of incorporating Second Life into the case. One of my fave quotes of the ep:
    Danny: Why?
    Adam: It's fun...? *raises eyebrow*

    I don't think I've ever laughed so much during an episode of CSI: NY before. Gary Sinise did a great job of making Mac all befuddled about how Second Life worked.

    Adam is totally in his element here, geeking out about Second Life and guiding Mac through. I loved how he slowly became more and more confident, and then he took over for Mac during the fight. "Who's your Daddy?" Dude's got an audience! I was like, "Don't lose now!" :lol: He called Mac "dude"! Hahaha.

    I just about fell out of my chair laughing when Adam turned Mac's avatar into a woman and Stella walks in. "Who's the tacky dresser? That's me!" :lol: And Mac really has no game whatsoever. Stella to the rescue, she rocks, I tell you. I wanna be her when I grow up, minus the creepy ex-boyfriend and current stalker. ;) Speaking of...

    ->Drew the Stalker
    First a parachute, now rock climbing gear? What's bad is that Stella seems to be liking the attention a little bit. Lindsay, please do not encourage her. Why are you counting down the exact number of days to Christmas anyway? :lol:

    ->Autopsy scene
    OMIGAWD. I don't usually flinch during autopsy scenes, but I had to close my eyes a little when Sid removed all that stuff from her face. Ew, ew, ew. And Sid reads Cosmo! LOL. Come on, Sid, don't be shy, admit it, you subscribe! ;)

    -> Interrogation scene
    :lol: Danny still can't quite grasp the concept of avatars falling in love.
    Mac confided in Flack, woohoo! :D That scene was awesome. Loved how Flack just listened. And his whole tone of voice changed when he was speaking to Mac, he was being all gentle and soft...*fangirly squeal* Eddie and Gary play off really well with each other, more Mac/Flack scenes please! :D

    Other random thoughts:
    - Club Random? Isn't that the name of the club in last season's "Past Imperfect", the one with the lock-and-key parties?

    - Is it just me, or are Danny and Flack's Kevlar vests looking a little small? Not much coverage there, if you ask me. :lol:

    - Why were the judge and Congressman targeted? I guess we'll find out in the concluding episode.

    - Too little Flack in this episode. :(

    I'm going to stop rambling on now, seeya guys back here next week, after "Boo". :D
  12. nattybatty55

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    Jan 28, 2007
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    ^^ I got the feeling that i've heard the name before to!
  13. Islandgirl

    Islandgirl Police Officer

    Jun 27, 2005
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    I enjoyed the ep and especially the priceless look on Mac's face when Adam asked him what sex he wanted his avatar to be.
    Ya know, I never liked Peyton when she was on the show, but I like her even less now that she's off it!! Why did she pursue Mac -- an emotionally vulnerable man who was still grieving the death of his wife -- if she had NO intention of making New York City her permanent home?? All she did was hurt a man who'd already been hurt more than enough.
    Some great Mac/Stella interaction in this ep!
    I've noticed that Lindsey doesn't seem to be as prevalent this season as she was in the past. Has Anna Belknap asked for a lighter workload in order to spend more time with her baby?
  14. nattybatty55

    nattybatty55 Nadalaholic

    Jan 28, 2007
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    ^^^Thats what I thought! :) But we could be wrong!
  15. AnastaziaMarie

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    Jan 30, 2007
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    I grade this a C+

    I was a bit confused at times in the show. Adam was cute however being his nice geek self. I was also intrigued on how Mac was getting into the virtual game thing. He looked pretty good and understood most things Adam was saying. :D ((I have ideas for fics from this one.))

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