"Goodbye & Good Luck" Discussion *SPOILERS*

Thanks for posting that Wojo. Like many others here, I've been having concerns about this episode and how they've "handled" the storyline. Of course I'll have to wait for the episode to make up my own mind, but this is a nice morale boost. ;)
As far as her leaving in a taxi or her car, I'd take a taxi as well, who'd pick up her car? and sometimes I wonder if fans watch the same show as others do. For some, it seems their constant hints looks/smiles were subtle, and to others mezmorizing. As far as them and their "relationship" they've been together by Grissoms own announcement to Ecklie for "9 years" in the "CARP" ep. he just kept it hidden private and a secret, for obvious reasons. It was hardly out of the blue! to me, and others it was done beautifully by the awesome writers.. brilliant.. I know others would be devastated if one of their favorite characters was leaving. a part of the heart of CSI will be gone, :( and in this week's TV Guide , it comments how much their alike from the "Dead Doll" ep. stating their both "loners" & survivors. It actually gives a 8 yr. timeline of them & their relationship including pictures ;) and it isn't a tragedy, for her to take a break, it has nothing to do with them, after all didn't he leave for 4 week's on a sabbitical? and she survived, he will too. for me, and many GSR fans, I've never seen a coupling so perfect together on TV. Maybe she's wanting to go see her mom, or something else more then we know as of now, and guess will find out, soon. It's another different approach to this always fascinating show, we never know what's happening next ;)
Not a fan of GSR at all but I did like the proposal and thought it was perfectly done. I dont think the scene was a throw in a a sop for fans. I see them using this in several ways. William Petersen goes to do another play and so Grissom goes to find and/or hang out with Sara and comes back married. Or jorja fox comes back to guest star and GSR continues. Or for me the worse case scenario Grissom leaves to go be with Sara as William Petersen leaves the show. Despite the stupidity of the cocoon thing that never had resolution I dont think they will just throw in this engagement and then forget it. It has a purpose. But I agree this whole thing hasnt been handled very well and nobody is going to be happy. Sara will be gone. Grissom will be depressed and God help us there will still be snippets of GSR as people watch to see if Grissom gets another letter or mentions her.
alot of things havent been handled well.

like, as a snickers fans.. i'm very ticked off about that fact that nick saved sara, he found the connection, had an ADORABLE flashback, almost broke down cying, remembered sara saying 'it wasn't your day to die'... BUT grissom seems like he's getting all the 'credit'. yeah, i know it doesn't matter about 'credit', but when TPTB/the CBS promos/the writers are saying 'GRISSOM FOUGHT TO SAVE SARA'S LIFE...' that just gets me mad.

i'd LOVE for nick to say 'it wasn't your day either' to sara... just because (even if you aren't a snickers shipper) would be perfect seeing as she said it to him when a case (gum drops) got to him.

nick saved sara and we haven't even seen them have a scene together. i dunno what's up with that. i thought it was pretty obvious from 'dead doll' that nick has some strong feelings for sara. other may disagree... that's your persective. but, i just thought that snickers MIGHT get some more scenes seeing has nick and sara went through almost the same thing. wouldn't nick have alot to talk about with her? and with her breaking down now, i'm REALLY hope nick steps up and says something. nick probably went to get help over the summer time, but as we can see... sara got RIGTH back to work. arm in the sling and everything. so she probably hasnt really had alot of time to recover mentally.

and now i read in magazines that.. *quoting CM* 'everytime i watch that scene when grissom saves sara... i start to cry'. um.... were you watching the same csi episode i was? NICK SAVED SARA. i dunno what's all the talk about 'GRISSOM FOUGHT TO SAVE SARA'S LIFE...'

yes, some people here might be like 'we dont care' or 'i love GSR' but i'm just saying from an anti-GSR perspective that their GSR relationship problems (what's up the engagment. will grissom find her later?!) aren't the only unanswered questions out there.

i guess that just assures as that jorja/sara is coming back. to many unanswered question for someone just to leave for forever.

i hope TPTB can clean up this crazy mess...
csiemily I totally agree with you on this one. Nick did find her :confused: and they did give the credit to Gris, I was going "WHAT" and I love Nick and Sara together..as friends, many cherished moments with them they're great together, on the cases they work on and have a special camraderie, as she does with Greg. she has special feelings for them that is also obvious.. and maybe her and Greg get into it about her leaving :mad:
TPTB have done a fair job of keeping the GSR to a few scenes, but what I'm really annoyed about is the way they advertise it as the "Grissom and and Sara hour."

I'm not a GSR fan, but I can tolorate it in small doses. Right now, I'm just sick of hearing about it.

At least soon it will focus on the cases again. I don't mind the way it's being handled in the show itself, just the way it's being promoted to be bigger then it is.

On a side note, why is it that every time they date people outside of work, it ends badly? This isn't unique to just Vegas.
I'm really looking forward to this episode, but only if they do it right. I'll be very angry if Jorja's last episode is a bad one. I want to see her interactions with the whole team and I want all the loose ends tied up on Thursday, unless they'll be tied up later on in the season. I feel like there's so much stuff that's been hidden from us. I want to see the argument with Greg, I'm really curious as to what it will be about and if they make up before Sara's departure. Despite the cheesy promos, this episode seems good, and I'm very excited for Marlon and Hannah's return.
You know, they should make the ending no one from the lab. What if it's Sara's brother? It would be great to see him, just once. I'm sure half of the fans have forgotten she even has a brother.

Or maybe the last scene will be with Greg. If they do have a fight at the end, Greg and/or Sara apologising and promising to stay in contact would be great. I still hold to the fact they knew each other in San Francisco when they both worked at the crime lab. It would just be so fitting.

If anything, I'm so hoping it's not Grissom. Too cliche. Just way too cliche. Surprise me, TPTB!
Thanks for the clip, Dizzney. Definetly effected but the mention of what Natelie did to her and that points to Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome. Good reason to want to leave the work place.
Great clip, it makes me even more excited for Thursday. Hannah is such a great character, I think it's really great that they brought her back for Sara's last episode.
Great clip, thanks. I am 100Xs more excited for Thurs than I was before. This is the Sara that I LoVe!!!!!! I love when she is flying off the handle, it brings out the best in the character and the best acting out of Jorja.
csiemily you are exagerating a bit, Nick just wept a bit, had a flashback and then, luckily, founded that piece of paper with the adress.
In a way, they all "fought" to save Sara. Catherine and Grissom kept running around the dessert, Greg and Warrick kept doing sad faces, and even Sofia got to do risky maneouvres with her car and use her walkie talkie a lot.

I've already said it elsewhere but i'll say it here again: I want a really cheesy ending scene. Not very CSI? totally out of character? I couldn't care less, truth is the end of CSI as we know it is not far, and before they both leave i want running, rain and, while kissing, Whitney Houston's music in the background.
yeah, that clip was alright...I knew as I suppose many others did as well, that Hannah would really get to Sara, and the clip just shows it. She is a creepy kid as someone stated before...lol! Pretty decent acting by the two, to create that intense feeling...

Thanks for the clip dizz