George/Nick:Texan Charm #9

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I have to agree with you Speedy. I'm glad Grissom didn't figure it out, maybe for once he let his emotions guide him and cloud his study.

I loved the scene with McKeen. Nick didn't let emotions guide him. It would have been easy to shoot McKeen, its what he wanted, but Nick knew justice would be better served if he live.

The last scenes broke my heart. Watching the team, lab rats and PD's pain was palpiable. You felt their anguish and grief. When I saw the single tear stream down Nick face...My heart sank. He lost his other brother. TPTB got it right, for once. It will be interesting to see where they take it from here.

Mourning the loss of Warrick.....
But Nick did pull the trigger, though. Let's not forget that He did pull the trigger and it's probably by the grace of God (not getting religious) he did miss.

I think he did intend to kill Makeen. His facial expression after the gun went off was a mixture of relief, yet regret. I really do believe Nick wanted to finish him off . Why else did he pull that trigger? and most interesting-why else did he turn off his radio?

For all intents and purposes, Nick came close to committing murder, but luck stopped him..not morality..not because he's a killer, but because he is knee deep grief.

This won't be addressed of course in the show because it's all about Grissom for the next ten episodes.

But it makes for interesting thoughts..
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I disagree about the radio. I think he turned it off so McKeen wouldn't hear him coming. He wanted to surprise McKeen. He didn't know where McKeen had been shot, so he could have gotten away had it been a different area of his body and not as bad a shot.

I really think Nick pulled the trigger to scare McKeen and maybe to shut him up. I think it was tempting when McKeen told him to shoot him, but I'm fairly certain that Nicky would never really go through with it (no matter how much he may have wanted to) because he'd know that it wasn't what Rick would have wanted.
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I know we could get in a real angry discussion on the subject and I definitely do not want to do that. But, nonetheless will make this point. I believe Nick was angry and wanted payback, but he realized justice was better served through the system. Nick is a meat and potato's guy, right is right and wrong is wrong.

I believe he thought about killing McKeen (who wouldn't in his shoes,) but he still would not disregard the justice system and morals he grew up with. The shot he fired was meant to frighten McKeen. It was out of frustration and not meant to kill. Nick values life too much to murder a suspect, no matter how emotionally involved he is.

This is just my viewpoint and is in no way disrepectful of yours. If I've insulted you in anyway I apologize in advance.

Nick values life too much to murder a suspect, no matter how emotionally involved he is.

And also... McKeen was suffering from the gun shot wound Pritchard provided and he only wanted Nick to shoot him so he wouldn't be in pain anymore. It would have been funny if Nick had said, "Sorry, Mckeen, but you're not Old Yeller and I see no need in ending your suffering." :lol: I think Nick realized that McKeen was suffering and that after what he did to Warrick, just ending that suffering wouldn't be good enough. Nick wanted him to suffer. Actually, it probably would have been more humaine if Nick had just shot and killed him. :lol:
McKeen didn't deserve the easy out. Suffering and pain is a better form of revenge. And then a trial taking him down. Enough about Mckeen (the limey Bas****.)

Did the ending of the episode break your heart as much as mine. Everyone was in pain. For once TPTB wrote a final. Cudos to Warrick (Gary's) great performance. My heart broke watching the single tear roll down Nick's (George's) cheek. I wonder how much was acting, or real? I'd say it was real.

Well, he wanted Nick to shoot him because he figured he was going to die anyway and this way he'd take Nick down too on his way out. Nick didn't miss. He wouldn't have shot him.
I wasn't starting a debate and certainly had no intention of doing so. I was certainly putting out an opinion and while I know it unsettle people because we all want to think of Nick in a positive way. I was simply expressing what I think Nick's state of mind was at that point.

I know that Nick is not someone who would go out and kill anyone in a fit of rage. And yes probably he wouldn't have done it.

Yes, maybe his conscience did rule over him at that moment, but he came close.

Relax it's a show and it was a thought provoking moment.
I reallly need to go to bed. Why am I still up?

McKeen didn't want Nick to shoot him because he was in pain, he wanted Nick to kill him so he could take the easy way out.

I think McKeen knew he would live. So he gets the easy way out and not only takes Warrick with him, but Warrick's best friend too.

As for Nick pulling the trigger, I just think he needed to do that. Not to kill McKeen, but just to let it out.
Excellent Nickisode last night :)

I was super glad that it was Nick that figured out it was McKeen. Nick wasn't there for Warrick at the end but he found the evidence that started the ball rolling :) Good Nick.

Loved the road trip that Brass and Nick had and I think it was very true to form that it was Brass that found Nick with McKeen. I think those two will have the same respect for each other that Grissom and Brass have/had.

There was no way that Nick would wreck his career for a scumbag like McKeen. Oh yeah tptb wanted you to think that Nick fired the gun but that is so not Nick. He'll let McKeen rot in jail for what he did to Warrick and Warrick would want that. There is no way Warrick would want Nick to kill McKeen for him. I was expecting Nick to say he fired the gun in the air to let Brass know where he was not the 'missed' line. That was good. Missed enough to scare the **** out of McKeen.

Nick looked super hot last night in more than one way :) Oh the suit at the end :) even though we only got to see the top......boy we need more court appearances for Nick.
Jacquie, I've always thought we needed more court appearances for Nick. The more reasons for Nick to be dressed up the better. :lol:

I have never thought Nick would shoot another person. It's not in character for him. I'm surprised he didn't accidentally hit him when he shot the gun with the way his hand was shaking. Brass was worried about it though, with the way Nick just disappeared while he was calling the wreck in on the radio. I think he had to pull the trigger, it was a release, I don't thing he would have been able to let go of the gun at that point without pulling the trigger, but I don't think he could shoot McKeen.

I like how he was absolutely positive it was McKeen when he told Catherine and Grissom. He was positive and he had all his reasons lined up in his head as to why.

And to be shallow - Nicky looked Fine last night! :angel::devil:

And to be shallow - Nicky looked Fine last night! :angel::devil:


ah blackflag you certainly don't have to worry about being shallow. I think all of us Ward Girls will agree with you. Nick looked Fine :) :devil: I think this could turn into a theme for us :)
I don't know if anyone else made this connection, but I absolutely loved the way McKeen got away from the scene of the wreck - on his belly, like the snake that he was. Mad Props to the writers on that one - beautifully done.

Nick was angry holding that gun on McKeen, and when people are angry and hurt - even meat-and-potatoes guys - they do irrational things. I think it probably occurred to Nick in a flash that he could do it, but just as quickly thought of Warrick and how he wouldn't have wanted it that way.

As for the end - while the funeral was touching, for me, it was weird. That was the moment when I realized that Warrick wouldn't be back. Kind of hit me all at once after a summer in pseudo-denial, thinking maybe there was a chance that Warrick would survive.

Oh, and I have crappy reception of CBS on my TV, so I didn't get to see Nicky tears :( So I'll be stalking the Ward for caps :D
I don't know if anyone else made this connection, but I absolutely loved the way McKeen got away from the scene of the wreck - on his belly, like the snake that he was. Mad Props to the writers on that one - beautifully done.

Haha! I didn't even make that connection. That's great!
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