George/Nick: Texan Charm #13

Looked like a new ep.

They had his pix up and said he was on Wed, plus it wasn't a rerun today.

Sometimes they have more than one guest, unfortunately it means less time for each.

Cable guide says it's a CSI spoof--I had read it was supposed to be Ted doing it with Sheryl but they said George so...:p
It'll still be good to see him.

Works for me! :D Thanks for letting us know.
I hope he's really on! Of course, then I hope someone will post it somewhere or it will be on their website because I cancelled my cable today! :lol:

I'm also really doubtful about any kind of truth to the spoilers....well, they may be true, but I'm sure they're misleading. That's how I suffer through the Nick drought...don't get my hopes up and then maybe I'll be surprised. But I doubt it. George deserves so much more.
George Will be on The Talk on Wednesday. According to this Ted is still doing the spoof. :confused:

Upcoming guests on "The Talk"

*Wednesday, Feb. 20

Actor George Eads (CBS’s “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”) guest co-hosts; actor Benjamin Bratt; “The Price Is Right” host Drew Carey brings classic games to THE TALK; Talk Takeaway: cooking with chef Chris Kimball; week of CBS Primetime video spoofs continues featuring host Sheryl Underwood and “CSI” star Ted Danson (D.B. Russell)


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George is going to be the guest co-host?! :eek: Hooray! That's awesome! That should mean he's on for the whole show, right? That will be fun to see him in a role other than the one being interviewed. :) Will be fun to see him with Ted Danson on the show too. Cooooo! :cool:
What they showed today for Sara G. just had her in a clip from Vegas with Dennis Q. and the guy who plays his brother, they weren't on the show but Michael Chiklis did co-host.

I was so hoping George was co-hosting when I saw Michael C. doing it today.

Doing the happy dance!

It was funny that when I read about the CSI spoof I wished George was doing it instead of Ted, glad I wasn't careful what I wished for 'cause this is way better!!!
I'm just glad he's on....for any amount of time! :) It will make for a good Wednesday when I'm not really interested in the show episode itself.
We are finally getting the new season here in the Uk next Tuesday. Can't wait seriously need a George fix! Saying that doesn't sound as though he has been in much of the season from what I have read.
The Talk full episode on CBS so might not be available outside the U.S. :(

He has got to do more of this stuff. The smile! :adore:

That was so great! It really made my Wednesday, considering I don't care to watch tonight's episode. At least not right away. Hopefully there will be some good Nick moments in it at least.

Anyway, George was awesome, as usual! :) Loved what he had to say about people talking about you online or whatever...if you ignore it, it didn't happen. :)
That was great. He seemed like he had alot of fun, and the ladies seemed to really to enjoy his company. He should to some comedy because he was funny.