Gary #8: Chicago's Finest

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  • Time stands still when you're having fun!

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  • Chicago's finest

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  • We steal toasters too!

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  • We are Gary's girls

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  • Women have reckless crushes on him..who, us?! nooo...*nods* yes

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Never seen that picture before, where is it from?
It's either from the recording of 'Open Season' or the voiceovers for the computer game. I can't tell which though...
I'm going with Open Season
That's my guess. The microphone is the same as here


aww look at that smile! he was so good in Open Season it was really nice to see him do some comedy :lol: but i still think Shaw is LT Dan on drugs :lol: :lol:
Haha those pics! :lol:

Gotta love Open season! It's one of my fav. animation films! :bolian:

Gary is fantastic as Shaw there! Brilliant! :D