Gary #2: Fire Alarm Hottness

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orgasmicbilly said:

i can see it now...fumbling around in the dark, the clink of chains and the deep breathing!
and me praying that my parents don't go downstairs :lol:
although with all the oh god and omg they migth think im praying already.
you guys had confused me lol. It's only 1135 here so the TV guide's right about it being Thursday. I can still watch it with mom, makes me no big deal.
lol...and I hope you know Feenx that if you're there in the dark with Mac and have cuffs, Lynn and I will both be sneaking in to steal him away from you...while trying to keep him away from each other at the same time LOL
Ehem, I do hope y'all are posting every single little detail about his guesting? :)

...but what I'm really hoping for is that it's uploaded to youtube or some such site
speaking of you tube...there isnt a lot of NY vids is there :(

im dissapointed!

ive found some goos ones but when i click on them it dont work!!!!

we need some good shipper vids on there 2!
I'm working on some new vids on S2, maybe if you suggest wich scenes and music, I can work on one ;) your talking!!!

band: toploader
song: time of my life
clips: any with him having a laugh and obv. the topless scene!

and ill be very happy lol!
^let me tell you something and I hope the mods won't hit me!..a fan down at the fan art section posted some of her own videos-I know is not allowed-they locked the thread but the links are still working for download!..there are really good!.. :cool:

and on youtube there are not a lot,there are some completely out of CSI stories and characters,normal people upload csi_them selves videos! :lol:
but from nothing is better! least some Mac_Gary is better than nothing! :rolleyes:
For topless scene you mean the CoTP one, right?
Mmm, I can work on I search the song, I think I have it in some cd :)
orgasmicbilly said:
wel...i was thinking both topless scenes!!
Wait, 2 shirtless scenes in S2, or you mean the scene form S3 in the promo?
:eek: I missed a shirtless scene???
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