I follow this Canadian actor Mike Dopud (he's been on all 3 Stargates, Durham County amongst a ton more shows and movies) on Twitter, and he said to check him out on Flashpoint tomorrow night... apparently he said they've "aged" him, so I'll be curious to see what role he has? Anyway, I tweeted back, awesome, great show and he responded he agreed. Can't wait to check it out. :)
If your interested Baba I posted the cast list in the tag,

Air Date: Friday, August 20, 2010
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBSEpisode Title: (#313) "Whatever It Takes"

A HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE THREATENS SUICIDE AFTER HE IS KIDNAPPED AND BEATEN. Whatever It Takes" - When a high school athlete is kidnapped and beaten, the SRU's wonder why he would threaten suicide after they attempted to rescue him.​

Douglas Smith ("Big Love") Guest Stars as the High School Athlete.​

Steve... Steve Boyle
Carlton Hayward... Douglas Smith
Judson Dell... Terry Jones
Antony Romero... Kevin Claydon
Cory Pearce... Colin Williams
Rowena... Katherine Forrester
Shauna... Kerri Smith
Kevin Pearce... Emmanuel Kabongo
Mrs. McKecknie... Donna Goodhand
Coach Wellstead... Mike Dopud
Doug Saunders... David Tompa​

Team Mate #2... Alex Spencer

Also Episode Gallery of "Whatever it takes" airing Friday 8-20-10

BTW Flashpoint tweeted this.
-Writing the outline for Flashpoint 401. 402 and 403 up and running....

Geez in season three, they were given the go ahead for season four, lol and they are already dealing with that.​

Thanks, D. And I just realized I'm 3 episodes behind! I didn't realize the new eps were airing until Mike's tweet for some reason. D'uh. Sometimes ME NO SO SMART. :p

Thought you might appreciate this exchange:

@dopudmike: Hey guys I'll be on Flashpoint on CBS and CTV tomorrow night (yes they aged me up).I'll be on The Bridge on Saturday night as well on CTV.

@ISaidDont (me): @dopudmike Excellent. Flashpoint is a wicked show, but haven't seen The Bridge yet...?

@dopudmike: @ISaidDont I think both shows are excellent! Even if I wouldn't have worked on them!

ISaidDont: @dopudmike Must have been cool to work with Hugh Dilllon again... Unless you can't stand each other. Lol Yeah, doubt it- he seems pretty cool. ;)

dopudmike:@ISaidDont Hugh dillon is awesome. We also did season 2 of Durham County together. He's probably the reason I did the episode of Flashpoint.

I really like him b/c he actually takes the time to respond to followers. Suprisingly, Russell Crowe is like that too. :) Anyway, I'm pretty psyched to watch the 3rd of the 3 episodes I've already missed- I'm not a kid person, but the Kelly Rowan episode made me cry. This show ALWAYS does that to me. Looking forward to tomorrow's episode hugely (obviously! ;) )... once it shows up online! Plus, going to a wedding on the weekend, so probably won't see it til Sunday night at the earliest...
Last night's episode, 'Whatever It Takes,' was good but for me it was a little bit over the top. I don't think a guy like Carlton with good family, friends, grades and hobby would resort into suicide because he's frustrated and felt betrayed. I love my friends but I won't kill for them unlike Cory.

US Nielsen ratings last night:
10:00 CBS Flashpoint 1.3/4 A18-49 6.27 million viewers
10:30 CBS Flashpoint 1.3/5 A18-49 6.52 million viewers
- up from last week!
The angst of a teenager, I have heard of many reasons they would consider suicide, not that any of them were logical but at that time in their minds, it is, As to Carlton I think that might be the case. He felt like a ton of cement blocks was on his shoulders, he probably felt that everyone would be better off if he did it. Yet in the back of his mind he knew it wasn't logical, something Greg helped him to bring forward.

As to Cory, he didn't want any part of that beating, just like he didn't want any part of the booking in the locker room, then instead of taking his brothers advice to get out of town, he not only went back to the scene but he wanted revenge on the guy who held all the cards, forced kids time and again to do all this stuff. Carlton and him were like brothers. And I think in Cory's mind he too hit that wall if you will, and just like Carlton it made sense at the time, even if it wasn't logical and yet in the back of his mind he knew it wasn't and with the help of the team and Carlton they made him see that too.

Course honestly that whole school didn't help the situation, they live and breath basketball and they allowed that coach whether they knew it for sure or not to set this tone, over the years. Everyone knew it and yet no one, staff, students, what have you stopped it, until the janitor helped Cory, then told the cops. That coach allowed a "W" to be branded onto that guys chest, I think there was more too it.

But the problem that came with it is that they couldn't tell more about it, so therefore any sense it would have made lost a little because of the fact that pace. Which is what I didn't care about on the episode is the fast pace nature. It was like watching thirty things flying in fastforward high speed.

The eps was good, the storyline was good though lacking a bit, the team needs to run faster lol. But other then the parts that seem to have gotten away from the storyline I liked it.
One of the things I have admired about "Flashpoint" is the tight scripts and the fast pace, so this ep last night just didn't work for me. There was too much going on, and not in a coherent way, and some of the acting seemed off. I'm not too much of a sports person, but whenever "Without a Trace" or "Cold Case" had a sports storyline, they always made it compelling to where I enjoyed the episode. Not so with the "Flashpoint" ep last night. In fact, it's the worst ep I've seen of this show. :(
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Good. I thought I'm the only one who had some issues about the episode. I've watched a lot of Flashpoint episodes but last night was maybe only the second or third time I felt different towards an episode. It's just boring and not plausible for me, though the story was good.
Another Getting to know you tidbit. The winner is Michael Cram aka Wordy

Going to Georgian Bay the best summer vacation for 'Flashpoint's' Michael Cram

With a sizzling new season of “Flashpoint” now airing Friday nights at 10 pm ET/9C, CTV.ca sat down with the stars of the hit series to hear how they’ll be spending the lazy days of summer while they’re not on the job. Next up is Michael Cram, who plays Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth.
Missed an episode of “Flashpoint?” Full episodes are available on demand at CTV.ca.

CTV.ca: What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer?
Michael: I like doing nothing. Give me a deck chair and a book and the sun and nothing can interrupt me. After four days I disconnect and I’m in a different world. My favourite thing last summer and the summer before (was going to) this cottage we rent every summer for five weeks up on Georgian Bay.
My mom and I go up and we get a pile of books and a giant amount of coffee. We get up in the morning, meet for breakfast and then disappear into our own corners of the area. We read, meet for lunch, go back into the sun or the water and then we read. We get back together for 5 o’clock tequilas and then we eat and go to bed at 9:30 because we’re absolutely exhausted from reading. And my girlfriend will come up on the weekends to visit. It’s the best thing in the world.

CTV.ca: What is the best summer vacation you’ve ever had?
Michael: That’s also the best summer vacation I’ve ever had but no, summer is the time for World Cup and every four years the World Cup Final falls on my birthday and my life always takes a change. It’s like a guidepost for me and this year, my birthday fell on the World Cup final again.
Every four years, we roast a pig in my friend Peter’s backyard. We call it sacrificing a pig to the gods and good things will come. About 60 or 70 friends come throughout the day, we put a television in the back, we put a big screen in the front, we have 15 or 20 people watch the final together and then the eating begins.

CTV.ca: What’s your favourite summer song?
Michael: “The Sweetest Thing” by U2.

CTV.ca: How will you be spending this summer?
Michael: The pig roast in July and going to the cottage in August again with my mother.

CTV.ca: What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
Michael: Chocolate.

Also the next episode is scheduled for Sept 3 (#314) The Other Lane. Right now that is all there is to know. Will post on this when there is more.
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Well, I thought the episode was actually pretty good. :) Not my favourite, but I enjoyed it. I had no problem with the pace at all. Was a little suprised to see the kid suddenly up there on the roof, but I can look over that. I had way more pace issues with the episode of two weeks ago, but that's everybody's own opinion. :)

Loved Greg's speech about how important a team is. We already saw that last week, and now again. The way it's shown now I have a feeling there might be coming some tension later this season, but I could be wrong. And yay for more Spike in the field, he needs to be out of that truck more often. And I also loved the scene in the beginning with Spike and Wordy betting over Jules and Sam. I'm still not sold by Steve, but since that's only a small part, I can look over that.

There will be 3 new episodes before fall season begins. Next week there is football, so no episode, then the 3rd of September the episode Destiny pointed out and the 10th and 17th there will be two more new epsiodes. The remaining 6 episodes of season 3 should air beginning next year on CTV, I don't know about CBS (depends on the succes of Blue Bloods I guess).
LOL I wasn't meaning that Sept 3 was the last ep, I just posted that one because of the fact it was the only one that had a title is all. That's why I said the next scheduled ep, and then game the ep title, and then that, that was all there was to know (ie about the title). ;)
LOL I wasn't meaning that Sept 3 was the last ep, I just posted that one because of the fact it was the only one that had a title is all. That's why I said the next scheduled ep, and then game the ep title, and then that, that was all there was to know (ie about the title). ;)

I know. I guess I wasn't clear (English is not my first language), I was actually just adding some extra information that there will be 2 more (confirmed) after the september 3 episode. :) The name of the September 10 episode might be "Jumping At Shadows", but I'm not 100% sure (I saw it listed somewhere, but I forgot where) and I have no idea what is is about, same applies for the episode before (although the title should give a clue ;)).
No harm done Daisy, btw your english is just fine. It was just a miscommunication is all, happens to alot of people. ;)
Okay three ep descriptions.

Air Date: Friday, September 03, 2010
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#314) "The Other Lane"​

When the team is called to investigate gun shots in a fancy neighborhood, they are confronted with a group of dangerous gunrunners, one whom happens to be Ed's brother​

GUEST CAST: Roy Lane Colin Cunningham
Nick Ian Tracey
Eric Jeff Parazzo
John Stefano DiMatteo
Matthew Jon De Leon​

Mike Samy Osman

Air Date: Friday, September 10, 2010
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#315) "Jumping at Shadows"​

When a young girl calls 911 to talk to a dispatcher, the dispatcher does not believe that an intruder has entered her house until she hears the gun shots herself. When the SRU's arrive, they find her mother shot and the girl abducted.​

Guest Cast:
Kate: Kristen Thomsom

Sgt. Jasmin Morello: Angela Vint

Operator 1: Suzanne Coy

Alexis Sobol: Natalie Alyn Lind

Dean: Jack Knight
EMS Dispatcher: Melissa Mancini
Man: Hume Baugh
Heather Sobol: Kate Hewlett
Paramedic: Chris Violette
Young Mom: Lara Kelly
Randall Vaincourt: Jason Barbeck
Philip Sobol: Yannick Bisson
Harvey Kuiper: Angelo Tucci
Colin Pell: James Binkley
Dad: Mio Adilman
Young Alexis: Emily Alyn Lind
Ellie: Chloe Tudisco​

9-17-10 (#316)

Team One is out to capture a man for the murder and of his daughter after a skate and escaping being from a transport fan for prisoners. Team One learns the suspect is after someone surprising and who he hopes and can prove his innocence.

Ed gets word that his wife is on the way to the hospital due to complications from her pregnancy.​

Thanks to The Futon Critic and Tv.com