Flack/Angell #1 - This Is How Sexy Looks

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Thanks for the caps, Elsie. That scene made my day. I've been whistling all day. :hugegrin:

The kiss, to me, looked spontaneous, but not like it was the first time they had ever kissed before. Maybe I'm completely off base, but the body language and the vibe I was getting (even in the first scene where they were talking about Sam), it looked like they had been seeing each other already.

That's what I think too. The kiss seemed so natural and Jess didn't look surprised, shocked or whatever.

i really like how TPTB have handled Flack and Angell with the little we have seen them. i liked how their flirting in CS was so out of the blue but so natural and sweet. and after that all the time F/A have talked there was always something more underneath it.

Somebody somewhere (I forgot...:shifty:) mentioned the word sizzle when referring to Don and Jess. I can't think of a better word. Yes, they sizzle! :lol:
Thanks for the caps, Elsie. I agree with everyone else who said that they didn't think this was their first kiss. I think they'd already been dating a while. It seemed that way to me. :)
OMG!! I loved that episode, watched it twice. The first time I watched flack walk away near the end and all I thought was he is so turning back. Me and my sister watched it again after criminal minds. We commented on all the scenes. I love it. well thats all.
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Forget 'I'm a happy camper!' I'm a happy shipper is more like it. If she had been shocked she might have shouted at him or maybe pushed him away :( Glad she didn't though :). It's sort of good that they had the sweet innocent kiss instead of the full on thing like with the pool table and the waking up together like a certain other NY ship *cough* DL *cough*
*whistles* Damn, you guys post fast! And all the old Jess/Don shippers are back... *tackles them all* Anyways, where was I..?

Oh my god, they kissed! Well, he kissed her, but it's still a kiss nonetheless! I even screamed and it takes a lot to make that happen so great job TPTB... *pats them on the head* Not to mention that the kiss was so easy and natural... and come to think of it it seemed more like a thank you kiss instead of a romantic one. Well, in spite of the heat that emanated off the screen when it happened. By the way, don't screw this up TPTB. We need bantering Jess and Don... but feel free to throw in a kiss every once in a while. Just don't go overboard.
*whistles* Damn, you guys post fast!
karu, I've had about 18 hours and 46 minutes to post. Where we you? :lol:

Well, in spite of the heat that emanated off the screen when it happened.
:guffaw: So true, so true.

We need bantering Jess and Don... but feel free to throw in a kiss every once in a while. Just don't go overboard.
Hear hear! Agree totally. Which means no D/L nonsense, PTB! Or I'll sic one of the Criminal Minds UNSUBS on you! :rolleyes:
I'm loving this couple!! :p Subtle & in the background, sweet, & sooo sexy - just perfect for me!!
I really wasn't shocked by the kiss, & I agree that Angell didn't respond like it was out of nowhere either. Methinks they've been smooching quite a bit before this epi. ;)

I don't really know the NY cast very well (even though I watch every week), but my impression was that Flack turned around to kiss her goodbye because of what Sam said to him earlier about him & other women (don't remember exactly what it was)- maybe he didn't want Angell to feel like he was walking away from her & whatever it is that's there between them.
I guess that part is a 'to be continued'...yayyy!!! :D

I'm sorry. I have a thing for couples being revealed. It's amazing :):):):) The kiss on Wednesday made me so happy. I still can't get it out of my head.

I actually watched the episode twice. The first time I saw it, right when Angell said "Are you going to be okay?" I was thinking "KISS HER!" and then he did. It caught me off guard for a moment. Usually I think things like that and they don't happen but this time I did. My sister and I started freaking out. We were like "OHHHHH!" in a happy tone and we started high-fiving and stuff. It rocked.

I'm hoping for some more FLANnEL (my sister's name for them) scenes in the future.
The mature, grown up side of me has one thing to say - SQUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally love Flack & Angell together. Their scene was perfect and to me it looked like he kissed her twice. :D

She just looked so chuffed - reminded me of last week's 'Who got it on me?'

Yay on another canon ship. :lol: I truly cannot get enough of FA.
I hope that TPTB keep this ship alive but professional. If they screw the ship up by never showing any shippy interaction at all, then this scene was a waste of airtime. Hopefully TPTB can stand to have a nice non bumpy ship, and they'll just be on their merry way. I'm not sure if I can take two rocky road ships at the same time. Basically, I guess I'd enjoy seeing work related Don and Jess, with little pieces or clues that they're still seeing each other - nothing major, just little hints at it. :)
I haven't posted on this thread before but I just want to say that I saw a clip of these two kissing and all I can say is....HOT!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
They are so cute together!!!!!
Maybe I should support this ship more often! ;);)
when i watched their last scene, i just DIED. lol. at first i thought he would kiss her, then he started to walk away. maybe not. then he turned back and i just lost it. :lol: hopefully TPTB keeps this ship up, without all the drama. yeah. they look great together it's ridiculous. looks like so long "girlfriend"! :lol:
That kiss took me completely by surprise. I never really gave much thought about Flack and Angell until the beginning of that ep when she made the statement about his sister. Of course, it caught my attention that she calls him Don instead of Flack like most people do. I was like "They'd be cute." And, yes, I watched the kiss more than once. She definitely didn't look surprised. I noticed that right off to. It was there. bam! New ship.
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*laughs* Welcome to our ship then, CSIFray. I like your explanation.

Of course, it caught my attention that she calls him Don instead of Flack like most people do.

I've noticed that. It's kind of funny to hear sometimes. Which brings up the fact that he's the only one that calls her "Jess", too. That, along with the lack of surprise, is what's making me think that there's something going on.
I loved the Flack/Angell kiss! I really wasn't expecting something to happen between them so soon. So it was a very nice surprise when it did! These two are so hot together and they have such amazing chemistry, I can't wait to see what happens between them in the upcoming episodes!!
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