Flack #9: An Officer and a Gentleman

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Thanks for the pictures everyone. I prefer Flack in suits. Well, he always looks handsome. Even when he wears casual clotes. But I can't resist men in suits. Especially not Flack. It makes me think of the song: I am too sexy (by Right Said Fred). It is totally true if we talk about Don Flack :lol:

can someone tell me what happened in the last episode with angell

I have already answered your question in the Angell-thread. Check there.
Don Fleck (and Eddie) looks great in suit. Yes, he always looks great in any clothes!! :drool:

Thanks for the pic!:)
Those pics are great. Its nice to see some of the old Flack for a change.

I mean, I don't mind Flack now, heck, he's hot either way, I just miss suit Flack. To me, that was one of his characteristics that made him who he was. I mean come on, who didn't love Flack's "fugly" ties. :lol:
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