Flack #9: An Officer and a Gentleman

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(The evil, naughty part of me is excited that Flack is having lots of one night stands because maybe, finally, we'll see him shirtless! :drool:)

Shirtless Flack...Oh yeah, baby! But not lying on a hospital bed all hooked up to machines a la COTP style. I'd be just as happy seeing the white wife-beater again. :drool:
Glad nobody heard that comment earlier, I mean that could be bad.....butttt sorry yeah anyways. Duke me love those wife beater shirts....now if only a fan had just so happen to be turned on, or a BIG gust of wind blew his shirt up, we'd all be going "dear me how did that happen?"

Had to post a pic...for some reason I couldn't find anything tonight so I just went with this lol

Been out of touch for a bit. Real life usually gives me a beat down from time to time. Gotta have Flack around to help!!! :lol:

I must say how yummmy Flack is looking! Ever get a feeling that something is looming on the horizon? Could be the fog that is clouding my mind. I must say I would support the "No Shirt for Flack" organization! I mean he looked yummmmy but it is time to go half monty!!! Whole would be nice too but I will take what I can get!!! :lol:

I'm kinda hyped as to the direction where Flack is going. Hate to see him get bit..... :hugegrin:
thanks lal ;)

Sparkygirl - know the feeling, want to do other things and life is like..ummm no. I do believe something is coming! I can't simply wait, because we know Flack/Eddie is the best when it comes to emotion...or maybe I'm being biased hahah

I to want to join this no shirt club...but I'm a bit more sadistic, I want no shirt and hurting emotional or physical I take either one :devil::evil:


I don't think Flack is so sure about our comments though ;)
oooo me likie Luciana! Me want more, MORE, MOOOOORREE lol. I love him when he is wearing a bit casual, and I love those damn sunglasses!!!
Mm... Casual Flack.... :D
Love that picture Luciana ,thanks!

When I saw him wearing that last night on the episode, I dropped the book I was holding :lol: I like that he's abandoned the suits and ties for a bit, it makes him look a little more at ease.
Awesome picture, Luciana!

When I heard the soundbytes of him and Angell during the shooting, I knew they were going to show him but I wasn't expecting the way they would. But I'm not complaining. :p When the camera went ZOOM! on his face, I didn't find any complaints on my part at all. It just took my breath away for a while before I regained my composure. :guffaw:

Oh Flack.
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