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My favourite are Croatia, Israël and France.

But my fav never win !
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^^ Not really, but oh so many ESC songs have sounded like something else! For example, last year Swedish The Ark was accused of copying another song (non-ESC song)

Croatia was great, I really liked Armenia as well :D Thank god Greece didn't win...

News said Russia had put 6 million euros to that song :eek:
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Ha! (if I could get year 2009 to thread title, thanks!)

So anyone watching these this year?

We actually got to the final! :eek: this is our song's official vid Heh, his music always brings back so much memories, his biggest hits were released when I was like 13-14 :D I have two of his albums :p Great stuff ;)

First semifinal was kind of...bad and Waldo wasn't bad at all and I'd been amazed if it didn't get thru! Oh and Iceland is just plain wonderful! I haven' really checked out the other songs, now Ireland is playing and I think it's good one :)
Oh..and who let Sakis to represent Greece again? :p can he sing this time? :lol:

To dig up some old stuff, still one of my fave :p
grandma <3
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Erm, did you see Holland? They're all famous even when they aren't The Toppers and they are weird. :lol:
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Erm, did you see Holland? They're all famous even when they aren't The Toppers and they are weird. :lol:

I watched short clip on YouTube.. erm... looks interesting :p

Oh Sakis shaking his hips - makes people drool - men and women :lol:
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Ah shoot I missed it! I read it was on tonight and then I went and spent the evening on the phone!

Going to check, see how Ireland did. Probably :censored: as we usually do!
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To dig up some old stuff, still one of my fave :p
grandma <3

Zdob si Zdub is the band's name. The guys actually started singing in Romania. And they git the fame from here, and at the time some people weren't happy that they went and represented Moldova since the Romanians were buying their albums and tickets to their concert. But these guys still rock :D

What did Romania do? That song we submitted it's beyond horrible. We had some pretty good entries. But this year's entry makes me feel embarrased for the singer.

ETA: We made it to the finals. How? That song is just bad.
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^^Because most of the songs in 1st semifinal sucked :p

Oh, Romania - too bad Tornero was on the same year than it was our destiny to win (first and the only time :p ) I love that song!

And now that's just plain unfair that Ireland didn't get to the final! 2nd semifinal had better songs in general and it was tougher, I bet. But even in that one, there was few horrible ones
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I really like Sakis Rouvas, but they shouldn't have chosen him again. I think they should pick other people who haven't yet represented Greece. I loved the song tornero long ago, Mihai Traistariu has a beautiful voice!
^It's all about that smile and those moves.

CSINYAddict Sakis is one of the best showmen in Greece and in a contest like Eurovision that kind of artist is the best chance a country has.Right now I can't think of another person that could take part in the competition for Greece and be as good as Sakis.[and generally I'm not a huge fan of him]

I haven't heard all the songs that made it to the finals but I do like Norway[the song itself is fantastic],Greece[because it's a dance song and Sakis can make it look like a great one] and I kinda like Turkey's song[I really like the sound]

I actually liked my country's song,Cyprus and I think although it wasn't very Eurovision friendly worse songs made it to the final
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Oh, yeah, Eurovision Song Contest :rolleyes:
I watch it only from time to time. I always feel embarrassed for our member because Germany always sucks :( We can be glad that we haven't to pass the semifinals 'cause we are already seeded in the finale.

This year we have this "miss-kiss-kiss-bang-sing-swing-thing" - horrible!!!:scream:

But we have a real good chance to win the ESC 2009. Because we have Dita van Teese on stage :p
So, if you can not sing you have to strip :rolleyes: Sometimes it works. :lol:
As for new voting system - along with voting, there is some kind of group of music professionals who also give their points and somehow this is summed up and affects to points, when country gives those. This just is so countries that actually have a good SONG would get better chance

I just realised yesterday that France as Patricia Kaas... omg! They are taking this seriously - she's such an amazing singer!

As for the countries that get straight to the final (France, Germany, UK and whatsthefourthcountry) - at least Brits I know said it would be better if UK was in semis too, so they'd actually have to have good song and think about what they send.

If here is someone from UK - how you survive now when Terry isn't on BBC anymore?

As for Turkey (and kind for Greece) - I just hate when year after year songs are copies of their earlier entries - they all sound the same. (except 2006 Turkey had bit different one) but I guess that's the rhytm that Greek and Turkish like :) and yeah, it's good dance music