Eric and Calleigh #36 - We're In This Together Now.

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I've been gone for too long :wtf:

I'm happy we finally have a spoiler, but to me it confirms that she shot him..:( I just wonder what the title means because it doesn't sound good...

Well, I could imagine how Calleigh would be feeling to know she actually did shoot him. I also wonder what strain it will put on their relationship?? Its a tough thing to swallow... Him being in a coma and she at his bedside again will be gut-wrenching and heartbreaking to watch...

side note: I hope he keeps the hair b/c its all grown out now.

I'm still not sure she actually hit him. I mean, he could be in a coma for a number of reasons: maybe he got beat up by people who took him or got really hurt when the car crashed. Also he was shown after Cal took a shot at him and he didn't look hurt at all, much less in a way to a coma. So I'm still leaning towards him being hurt in some other way other than by Cal.

EDIT: Where are our wonderful EC fanfic writers???? I'm dying here for updates and new fics!!!!! :shifty: :D *pretty please...*
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Haven't posted in a while...wanted to keep myself calm for the next...11?...weeks.

OKAY. Where to begin?
1. I don't like the fact that he is in a coma. The only thing I think that could put him in a coma is- serious traumatic injury. Like a bullet to the head...smoke inhalation...etc. Done already &Kinda scary, no? And we KNOW he will wake up at the end, but still. If it is a bullet, and it is Calleigh's bullet, I feel that its a not so good thing for her. (Imagine if you shot your bf and love into a coma. Not so good for the sex life is it?) Plus I feel that one miraculous recovery from a bullet to the brain once a series is good enough.
2. I do hope that we see lots of pre-hiphugging hiphuggerness. :lol: that's what makes me happy about this whole coma pickle. A few things I think that would make us all squeal!
  • them meeting for the first time!
  • couple flirtatious moments that we never saw
  • him asking her to be his friend (or asking her to hang with him at a bar...etc.)
  • him asking her to be his girlfriend <3
  • first kiss
  • first wild know =)
  • speedle hinting that he knows eric likes calleigh.
3. Has anyone seen Public enemies yet????? I actually screamed "SPEEDLE?!?!?!?! and found it ironic when he died. sorry.
Oh goodness gracious...spoilers make me so happy :D

According to delkolovers post in the spoiler thread:

Eric, interestingly enough is NOT a CSI in this ep. He is still underwater recovery. However, if any of you have ever wondered where H got his iconic sunglasses...we find out that it was Eric who gave H his very first pair!! It does look like though, by the end of the '97 case, H asks/hand picks Eric, as we know from the bios, to join a team he is forming for the new crime lab.

In the current timeline taking over from last season, Eric is rushed to the hospital with a head wound...I am not quite sure how he is injured his head or how they even find him but I think it might be safe to assume that he hit his head on the steering wheel when the car crashed b/c the EMT's talk of several of his wounds. It also seems that he has left his medical decisions up to Calleigh and she is conflicted on what exactly to do. Alexx explains that they need to get the fragment out b/c it is contributing to the swelling on his brain. Ultimately it seems she decides to have them go through with the surgery...what Eric is like when he wakes up, IDK...I didn't see that in the sides. I'm sure though, he wakes up in the end....probably, as I mentioned above, right after H asks him to join to the team back in '97. I think since the case is really a flashback on Eric's part, that this is supposed to give him perspective on himself and who knows it might have to do with the fact that the fragment has been removed and the memory portion of his brain is working overtime.

We do see how the old fashioned cops give the young fresh young newer forensics techniques Calleigh a very hard time. Especially when she turns out to be smarter than one of the lead criminalists and proves him wrong in front of H!! We also really see the report between H and Speed and finally begin to understand what their relationship was like and why it was soo strong during the early established seasons of the show.

Oh goodness, where to begin. I am so hoping that we get to see Eric "checking" Calleigh out when they first meet. She could give him her "signature smile" and he could give her his sexy smirk that we all know and love.

Calleigh has been given the right to make Eric's medical decisions...that is going to be so upsetting to me. I can see her struggling to make the right decision for him. I think I will have to have the tissues ready for this episode.

I really, really hope that this isn't a way for them to break Eric & Calleigh up by giving him amnesia or something and him not remembering their relationship. I hope that it does grow stronger and that they will go on to have many, many babies.....I just hope that we get to see him having flashbacks of their first kiss like tamemyheart4692 mentioned in her post. They could do it like they did on Prison Break when Sara woke up from her maybe not, but you guys get where I am going with this.

Ok, so I think I have calmed down just a bit :lol:
ok...maybe not... :lol:
Well... I'm glad SOMEONE IS CALM! All I have to say is... that WOULD happen!
I also hope we get some young flirty-ness between them!! :) I am looking forward to how they make them look 'younger' etc. It should be cool and definitely interesting.
But then... we have fricken amnesia and not remembering and ohhhhh god. THAT WOULD HAPPEN. Although I am addicted to angst, I really just wanted them to be together for just a bit longer. I really hope its only temporary and then we can see how it affects Calleigh if its maybe amnesia for like a few weeks or something... Imagine her telling him that he isn't at his apartment anymore that he's living with her... and he's like "Why?" Oh my. Fanfictions might be a'brewing.

hmph... After weeks of lurking I finally had something to say. Sorry if I sounded annoying. I speak kasjdfjhsd when I am freaking out.
Hii everyone i have a serouisly problem my pc is dying i can not click at any of the links can pleasse some post the things what are seen in those links i'm tryingto solve the problem it only take's a while thank you very much xXOox

Spoilers already. Yay!! :) Thanks so much for more info.

Wow I think the plot for the Season 8 opener is brilliant and should be super interesting. I'm not exactly sure how there goanna pull of looking like they were in 1997 but I'm sure they will. I'm also not to happy Eric in a coma but I'm sure it'll make for some really good hospital scenes. These leaves a lot of doors open. From what I read in the sides is Alexx will be back to do a morgue scene and also Rory Cochrane could also make a return. Will we get to see E/C meet for the first time?

Is it September yet?

By the way I though Rory Cochrane in Public Enemies was very good I was little surprised to see him.

From what I saw there unfortunatelly Calleigh is not the one who found him:(. Like always it's Horatio, he's kind of like Superman;).
Calleigh deciding about his surgery, that definitely could be really interesting. I think that if he has left such an important decision like this up to her it means he must truly loves her and trusts her completly. I mean if you allow someone to decide about your life then it must be someone really close to you or someone very special. I can imagine how hard it will be for her. She must decide about something so serious as hers boyfriends surgery and it looks that there's even no time to think about it:eek:. Poor Calleigh.

Spoilers already! That's amazing!!!
Since I'm fairly new to this forum, I need to ask: how accurate are these spoilers? Were these sources used in the past? How reliable are they?

well, I haven't been dissapointed yet! lol:lol: I'd say its about 99% accurate. Plus, that was a real script. Probably from one of the guest stars or an extra. Or the producers put it out so that we can get a little tidbit about what it is. (notice how a lot of pages are missing?) yeah, don't worry about accuracy here.

Does anyone think, according to the script, that Horatio already knows that they are together when he says "Do what he would want you to do."
Does anyone think, according to the script, that Horatio already knows that they are together when he says "Do what he would want you to do."

I think so. I think it'll probably be obvious by how upset she is at the beginning of this episode, but Eric putting his medical decisions in her hands will probably out them. Because I don't think that's something you just do with a friend...not that I've heard of, at least. When you are married, your medical decisions are legally transferred from your parents to your without legal intervention I'd think Eric's parents (or at least someone in his family) would be calling the shots. To me it's a pretty huge deal that he wanted to Calleigh to do this, and it'd be really sweet if it weren't so dang SAD. I can't believe he's going to be in a coma! He's already almost died. (And if you want to get technical he kind of did.) But at the same time the episode sounds really cool. I seriously don't think I can wait two and a half months. Ahhhhh!
This last two days were great for me, spoilers, hellooooooo :angel: :lol:

About the episode, I personally find it very,very interesting, I think it's so clever to do an episode like this one. TPTB were also very brave to do an epi like this, I mean, it can go wrong and can ruin everything. But I'm sure it won't be the case ;)
I agree that Calleigh won't find Eric alone, if it's even her who finds it, since from what I read in the sides, looks like it's H the only one in the ambulance holding his hand. Too bad, I was really hoping it'd be Calleigh, and I'm sure if that would happen, is more logical that she was in the ambulance too.
I read some comments in the spoiler thread (I haven't post in there yet, that complain are not giving me pleasure to post in there, but I don't care :p) about the right person who should take a decision about Delko's medical situation, but c'mon, why H? After all, he didn't trust Eric enough with faking his death, so it's fair. Calleigh is the right person, she's been his best friends since forever and seems she's not taking this decision alone, Alexx and H are helping her, so what's wrong?? Gosh, I've never been in a situation like this one, fortunately, but damn, I think it is incredibly hard!!

And, OMG, we'll have Calleigh and Alexx's moments, gosh, how I miss it :eek: unfortunately, it's not in Cal's best days :(

I'm seriously hoping to see E/C moments :angel: :adore:

I'm really looking forward to see how this team 'born'. I'm soooo excited!! :D Gosh, I couldn't sleep yesterday, I was like a hour awake :lol:
Yeah! Spoiler tags! :D

I think this is a really cool, and new way to look at an episode on this show. They've done other things, and even though it's another hospital scene, it's a flashback from 12 years ago, which is awesome! :thumbsup: I am excited to see how Calleigh handles all of Eric's decisions for medical purposes. I mean, brain surgery? I'm sure she does say yes because he has to wake up, but that's a big thing. I just want to see what happens when he wakes up. :)

I want to know how they are going to make them look young again. But, I'm sure they can do it. I am interested in seeing Speed and Ryan meeting! (Yeah! Speed!) because in the sides it showed them meeting. Also, H's first pair of sunglasses. :cool: That's exciting! lol.

And Alexx again! Yeah! So, at this point I have something I have been thinking about as I absorb these amazing spoilers. In the sides, it shows Horatio talking to Calleigh. I think people will start to know that something is up since Eric left Calleigh to handle his medical decisions for him in times like these. You don't just do that with someone you work with! I'm sure that will be great in the following episodes to see them maybe tease or ask about it...because you know Ryan will have something to say about it. :lol:
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