Episode 7x16 - 'Sink or Swim' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I thought Diddy did a pretty good job - and it was his job to defend criminals (since they have a right to be defended) that guy didn't have to have the woman he was going to marry killed - he should be angry at the guy who killed his daughter, not the guy's lawyer.

And Eric's dad... interesting. Although I don't think it's right for the CIA to ship someone to Cuba and then when the operation goes south to just leave them there to fend for themselves.
waw, nice episode.... the case was really interesting,had a number of nice turns.
I really liked Yelina, she seems to work UC for H, how cool that is.

H and Cal together in a lab scene..... when we actually saw something like that last time?

scuba equipment, strange ways to get the location of a laptop and to say where a guy grow up....

strangely I liked Sharova, I pretty much understood his position, well except the hit, but I got a feeling that we'll find out about that too.
about what ~Sarah~ asked...is pretty much the way that the Secret Services work from what i've heard.

But, I knew from last time that Derek wasn't really a bad guy, that he had a soft spot.The way that he spoke about Eric was so funny.... remembered me of the guys in L&O francise.

H had to have the last scene...."i always can use another prosecuter"....
"you don't get over it"..... is soo true....

Natalia got a fairly amount oif sceen time this episode, i liked her getting angry and over protective:devil:
and Ryan....when he aproached the two with the laptop.... :guffaw:

we need more of the british guy.... he's hilarious
i'm not saying anything about E/C...i will do it in the ship threadand i don't want to...
I thought this episode was WAY better than the last episode that Sean Combs, P. Diddy or whatever he's calling himself, did. I'm sick I didn't record it when it aired earlier tonight but luckily I can record it off ON DEMAND. I loved the extended theme song music that started playing when that get-away boat pulled away making a small hole in the get-away boat. I loved seeing Horatio wearing the white lab coat and doing lab work a couple times.
There is one thing from this episode that I'm confused about:
:confused:How the heck did Horatio get in the back seat of Alexander Sharova's car without the alarm going off???:confused:
The funniest moment in this episode was Horatio's response when, after Eric knocked out one of Sharova's teeth and Sharova was leaving, Eric says "This was a mistake. I shouldn't have met him." Horatio responds "I figure he's feeling the same way about you, Eric." I loved it. I've gotta post that Horatio line in the "Favorite lines from any 3 shows" thread in the General Discussion section. :guffaw:
Amazing what they can find out from a tooth. I loved how Sean Combs's character Derek Powell defended Eric Delko's character when the judge said "Speaks to the character of the witness." referring to Eric.
I wanted to reach through the tv screen and hug both Combs's character Derek Powell and Horatio when Sean Combs's character Derek Powell said, referring to Marisol in season 4 "I heard about you losing your wife. How did you get over it?" and Horatio replied "You don't get over it. And you never will."

Well that was my review. Now, I have a suggestion for this section and the Vegas CSI section. My suggestion: Have 'grade the episode' polls like they have in the CSI: NY episode threads in the CSI: NY section. If we had one of those 'grade the episode' polls for this episode I would give this episode an A.
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Let me just say OMFG!!! What an intensely, action packed episode! There was so much going on in this one. The kiss was so sweet. I loved when Calleigh said "I was going to suggest marriage, but your dad stepped in". You could really see how much they love each other! However, I don't believe that was their first kiss. I think they had their first kiss after Eric drove her home from the hospital! I sort of wish we got to witness their first kiss, but I'm totally not complaining! I was balling my eyes out when Diddy was complementing Eric to that judge.

My only question is...What ever happened with the hit on Eric? Did Eric's father put an end to that when he helped him get out of jail or is his life still in danger?
^^I'm pretty sure they took off the hit.

I liked this episode. I would have liked to have seen more Ryan, but I was happy anyway with his screen time. Everybody had like...equal amounts...it was crazy!!!

WOW! I loved Natalia's fierceness in this episode!! I hope we get to see more of that! I loved the part where her and Ryan were both catching that boat guy. But she just went crazy when Eric was about to get arrested!

Diddy did an even better job in this episode. I honestly forgot it was him and just thought he was another actor for a while. His speech a few times made me giggle though. My dad was pretty annoyed when he said, "Ya awna!!" (Your honor)

Calleigh and Eric-FINALLY! GOSH! Eric was hesitant though, which surprised me.

Ryan looked hot. Maybe they're finally decided to do away with the ties!!!!

Does anyone know if that tooth thing is real? Because if not, I'm going to be pretty irritated they came up with something that outlandish.
I thought this episode was amazing!!! The case and Eric's storyline were so well balanced out that both could easily be followed and understood. I really did feel sory for Derek and thought that Sean Combs did a pretty good job. There are so many things I want to comment on that I don't even know were to begin! :cool:

Ok, let's see:

- Eric diving. YAY!!!!! :thumbsup: :D When he got caught up in the net I was like please, writers give him a break :lol: but then I saw that it was done as something relevant to the case and not as a in danger situation for him.

-Yelina!!! She's amazing :). Though I am starting to get tired of H giving some kind of statement and then walking away from her. I don't get why in their last encounters H has been a little on the cold side with her. At least this time he asked her if she was ok.

- H inside the car. I don't care how he got there cause I just found it so funny and H-like. It's one of those moments in which we are shown that Horatio can do and know all things. :lol:

-Natalia finally got some attitude! I've always seen Natalia kind of mushy and scared which is why I'm not too fond of her, but this side of her I can get on board with. Loved the way she got all pissed and when she called Eric "aquaman" it really made me laugh.

- Horatio and Calleigh working together to help Eric...awww. That was really nice. I loved when Cal said they had to do something to get Eric out of the mess. Really interesting what they said and did with the tooth.

- I was so sad for Eric :(. Thought Adam did a great job portraying Eric's frustration, anger, and disbelief. Then at the end his happiness and playful side :).

- The EC scenes were amazing also. Loved Calleigh's concern and dare I say fear? It really made me feel for her when Eric told her there was no due process for illegals and that everything was being done quickly; she kind of held her breath. Loved the way she was there for him and at the end and actually told him that he protected her and now she'll protect him. I think it shows how much it meant to her every single moment Eric was by her side. Their moments were subtle like some people have mentioned and did not take over the episode. I think it was done extremely well. Of course I loved the hug, the kisses and everything that had to do with them :).

- When Cal said the "I was gonna marry you..." line all I could think of was back when we were joking in the spoiler thread about Cal marrying him so he could stay in the country. I have no idea who mentioned it first but it's pretty funny that even as a joke it was still there.

- Oh I can't forget what has become one of my all time favorite quotes: "My house is the safest house on Miami. You know how many guns I have?" :lol:

I give this episode an A+.
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Very well done! Think everyone has pretty much posted my thoughts re this epi...I think this is going to be one of my favorites ever! Sooo nice to see the interaction amoung all the team for a change!
- When Cal said the "I was gonna marry you..." line all I could think of was back when we were joking in the spoiler thread about Cal marrying him so he could stay in the country. I have no idea who mentioned it first but it's pretty funny that even as a joke it was still there.

I thought about that too!! I was like....have the writers been reading CSI Files more than usual?
Wow I really like this episode: H in the lab TWICE-working the case; Yelina working the dangerous woman w/ a gun very slick and sexy; Derek the lawyer realizing what an idiot to let strangers on his party yaght-hello,but how dumb are you? I liked seeing that Eric's dad came thru for him and Calleigh's comment to Eric that if dad hadn't helped I'd marry you-I mentioned it before as a viable possibility. Oh I really was disappointed that I got zero Kyle time since the epi was father/son centered that I expected that I'd finally get my famous fishing scene with H and Kyle dressed both in shorts/t-shirts or boating or something???hello FL outdoor stuff they could have ended with...Love the Cal comment my house is super safe?of course it is somebody would have to be suicidal to walk in on her place armed...well I felt we got character development and cool crime scenes..also did H ever have to draw his gun or SHOOT anybody this episode????just wondering...
Wow, I think you're right ladyjr8, I don't think H shot anyone in last nights episode. That just might be a first.

I was glad that Eric's dad came through too, but I have to wonder if we will see him in later episodes.

Yelina & H together, I really have missed that. But it scared me just a little to see Yelina looking at the gun and then looking at Eric as he processed the scene. I knew I didn't have anything to worry about but still, I did.

Calleigh & Eric, well my thoughts are in the shipper thread so I won't bore you with those. All I have to say is YAY!

Equal time for everyone...next week looks interesting to say the least.
i am so happy i decieded to watch Miami last week since i saw the promos for this ep. all four of my fave characters- Calleigh, Natalia, Delko and Yelina- had something to do and were good last night.

Calleigh and Delko!!!!! i was so happy to see them kiss. post more of my thoughts in the shipper thread.

Natalia getting pissy with the immigration guys!! that was awesome i liked that scene a lot. i don't always like Miami b/c to me it seems like the characters aren't close to each other (besides Calleigh and Delko of course) but this scene with Natalia ready to punch the dude's lights out for Eric was nice to see.

very nice to see Yelina back. she's definitely one of my fave Miami characters, i wish she was still a regular.

the rest of the ep was ok. Diddy was good he's not a bad actor (my grandma kept telling me she couldn't take him when we talked in b/t commercials though lol), i wouldn't mind if he came back (i'm not up on the Miami spoilers so i don't know if he's coming back). i liked how Frank was coming down on Diddy's character, for some reason i found him funny yelling. Ryan cornering the couple in the cafe was good i liked how that went down.

after this ep i will definitely try and tune in more to Miami.
Heh, I enjoyed this episode, although I had to watch it a second time later on so I wasn't influenced by my family's 'this is so lame' comments. :lol:

Horatio appearing in the backseat of Sherova's car = LOL. Like a lot of people here, I was wondering how the hell he got back there without alarms going off. But in true H form, he's invincible and able to do anything with a wave of his shades. He was so badass when he was telling Sherova to "drive".

Loved seeing Eric go diving again, I thought the writers had forgotten Eric's specialties.

P. Diddy actually didn't do too bad. :eek: I liked his performance again and it was nice to see that he wasn't a cardboard cutout defense attorney. There was some depth to his character that Diddy portrayed really well, minor qualms aside.

The Eric and Calleigh kiss was sweet. :) It seemed pretty natural from where I was sitting and I always love Calleigh's playful banter with Eric so I really enjoyed the scene.

Nice to see Yelina again although I'm a little bummed that her last scene with Horatio was discussing Sherova for 10 seconds and then that was it. Not that I was expecting a huge conversation about the weather and how family was doing and whatnot because the business aspect of it was far more important than 'catching up' but oh well. It was interesting how Yelina essentially ignored Horatio's 'you okay?' comment and went on with business.

Plot-wise, everything fit together well and I wasn't unbelievably confused/annoyed or anything which is a nice change. :lol:

Overall, good episode.
My favorite quote: "My house is the safest in Miami. Do you know how many guns I have?" LOL. Should have known. That girl probably has an AK-47, AR-15, Mossberg 500, a couple of Glocks, Kimbers, and a Baikal or two. If you can't tell, I work with guns on a daily basis. And I LOVED the kiss!!!!! YAY! Also, her joking about marrying Eric. But one question now: Does this mean Eric's 'real' dad is a good guy now or bad guy still?

Yeah all those guns are probably tucked under her pillow too!! :lol:

This ep was worth the wait and not just for the E/C stuff (as many of you know I am an E/C shipper) This ep covered sooo much and really kept my attention. It had action and drama....when Eric punched his dad I was like YES..you go Eric! Alex was a jerk but in the end did the right thing.

I am liking H back in the lab too!! Was nice to see him really getting his hands dirty with the tooth! ;)

The episode kept my attention too!! Very well done!! I agree about Eric's father. I thought what H and Calleigh did about the tooth was interesting.

My favorite quote: "My house is the safest in Miami. Do you know how many guns I have?" LOL. Should have known. That girl probably has an AK-47, AR-15, Mossberg 500, a couple of Glocks, Kimbers, and a Baikal or two. If you can't tell, I work with guns on a daily basis. And I LOVED the kiss!!!!! YAY! Also, her joking about marrying Eric. But one question now: Does this mean Eric's 'real' dad is a good guy now or bad guy still?

A couple more things: I can't wait for someone to put that last scene on Youtube. It'll be favorited immediately. I'm surprised Calleigh wasn't more upset with Eric about his dad and not telling her but I guess she didn't want to make a scene at the detention center. And wouldn't we just love to be a fly on Calleigh dining, kitchen, or bedroom when they go back to her place for dinner and ahem, other activities. <EG>

Calleigh made me laugh with her comment about how many guns she has :lol:

The scene is already on Youtube. I think Calleigh understands where Eric was coming from in keeping quiet about his paternity.
I have to say that it has been a while since an episode from Miami kept me this interested.The case was good,super H looked human and Eric story was quite interesting.I also noticed characters that I normally don't pay much attention like Natalia.

And the way the writers handled E/C relationship is way better then in any CSI show IMO.:thumbsup:
ok...i was trying to quote and then realized that as always,that would be too long.... so...

ya, (do i repet myself..who cares)Eric diving was...waw... they actually didn't forgot about that..i mean him being one of the best in this field...you know...

i'm not going to start comment about H and his super-powers.... everyb super-hero hassomething..he has the sunglasses:guffaw: and he is invincible and can do things that nobody else can... like fooling a CIA ex-agent (there is not such a thing like ex-spy by the way....they're lifers).

again, and again...i enjoyed Yelina....i got a litle scared also at her staring at Eric and the gun.... but i got over it...

about Ryan i already said that the scene in the cafe was hilarious and i really enjoyed it...and his scene with Natalia was good....he had some street cop moves.... again nice to see the writers are not forgeting about characters backround.

i usually like Natalia,but this time she was great..... maybe is the latin in me but i like furious.... lots and lots of temperament

DO I ACTUALLY HAVE TO SAY THAT I LIKED EVERYTHING ABOUT EC SCENES???? *do not respond it was a retorical question*