Episode 10x04 - 'Look Who's Taunting' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I did not like this episode at all. Poor editing to say the least. It moved at a very slow pace, like they were trying to stretch the scenes out because they had no decent dialogue. They kept flashing back to the torture scenes, as if that would keep our interest.

I totally agree with this. The editing was horrible and the flashbacks were way overused.
I give this episode a D. If nothing else, we've already had the ruthless killer son and powerful father to protect him back in season four with Clavio Cruz. I really have no desire to see that again.
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Hate to say this, but I didn't like this episode nearly as much as the other three in Season 10. I didn't think it was very well written and seemed like they were trying to cram too much into the hour. Do like seeing more of Horatio, though :)

O'Shay is a pain in the @$$, but I liked Navarro's dad. Sometimes playing with politics is deadlier weapon than playing with guns, and I think Horatio is really in for a fight going head to head with this guy.

Aside from setting up the new villain arch, pretty much a lackluster episode. :shifty:
I give this episode a D. If nothing else, we've already had the ruthless killer son and powerful father to protect him back in season four with Clavio Cruz. I really have no desire to see that again.

I agree completely. It's like they're recycling storylines, same stuff different pile.:scream: and we now have O'Shea back again along with Memmo next week. :wtf:

I found the episode a bit slow but I watched it anyways. That dr gave me the creeps at the get go. His charm is a part of his MO. He had no redeeming qualities and seemed like a narcissist sociopath. His father wasn't much better. Did I hear Diego threaten Horatio with death? Or its implications? I wonder if Estaban or Diego is the new nemesis?!

I thought Eric was good in offering Elizabeth help in getting her life in order. She was a nice person and I am glad she accepted Eric's offer.

Natalia is one smart woman. She looked at the drs gait and she had him in her grip. Good work Natalia! :thumbsup:

Ryan looked good in green.

I am glad Jennifer and Angela were reunited at the end. And that telephone call made to Jennifer took the dr by surprise. Good work Horatio. But Estaban will be back again and cause more killings.

Overall a good episode although slow to make a point.
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Yep, Diego threatened Horatio. H didn't seem the least bit surprised, though.

From what I've heard, Diego is the new nemesis.
I actually liked the slow pace & the odd slow-motion ...it was different from the norm
Yes, in general, when there is somebody kidnapped H and team fuss too much, but not now. That`s good.

David's face when they were talking to that confused hillbilly was soooo funny! He just barelyyyy looked like, "what the crap??" it was just subtle enough to be a perfect Horatio reaction.
Totally agree:thumbsup: this swamp guy was really great

I liked this one. Esteban really gets under Horatio's skin in a creepy way unlike others nemesis that were simply brute force. He knows his daddy has the money and connections to get him out of trouble which makes him even more dangerous because he's afraid of very little.
Esteban reminds me a bit of Walter Resden (I really love those eppis) but for now he looks much worse - apparentely, he doesn`t have an abusive stepfather he's just a psycho and enjoys it. He looks like a perfect villain Horatio'll be really happy to get off the streets but it's seems not be that easy. However, Horatio loves challenge;)

Then the scene with H looking for the girl...entering the building....looking around....walking...going down the stairs...looking around....walking....more walking....oh my goodness just find her already!!!
I like this scene, very thrilling:thumbsup:

Only one thing I don't like - too much of torture scenes. Well, I got our daily villain is a psycho after the first one that's enough. Hope I won't have a nightmares
Maybe I was extra tired having worked this weekend, but I just couldn't connect with this episode.

Random Thoughts:

This Dr. Navorro is one sick puppy. If this is the villian that H is chasing for the greater portion of this season, H has his hands full.

I love Travers.

Ryan was good as always. He and Travers worked well together.

I think screentime for most everyone was pretty good with the exception of Calleigh.

Calleigh has a soothing voice.

Eric was pulling a mini-H by help the prostitute.

Why is Natalia always going alone to interview the suspects who she ends up needing back up for? I kept thinking something was going to happen to her.

I hate split screens.

Was anyone besides me creeped out when Navarro's screaming back at his victims sounded like a roar?

When Frank was following the guy in the van, I was half waiting for him to get smacked by another car.

I was a bit surprised at O'Shay's lack of screentime. All he did was screech at and shove a paper into H's face.

I agree with those who hated the pacing.

Not a favorite eppie.
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I only hope they don't drag this plotline out all season. We all know what is going to happen in the end. One way or another, the bad guy will fall and H will come out on top. It's already been done in seasons 4,5,7,8 etc...
Dear lord Estaban gave me the creeps. Okay not so much in the beginning but as soon as I realized he was the guy he was giving me a major creep out. Been a while since I got really creeped out by a villain. But then again I did miss the last two seasons (school got really bad and then I was stuck somewhere where we had one tv for 70 people for 3/4s of season 9). So that may change once I get a change to actually sit down and watch the last two seasons.

About five seconds before they said on screen when we saw the mph all I could think was 'Damn he's fast!' 8 and a half minute miles which is what it translates out to is fast enough to get you into Boston (pretty much every long distance runner dreams of at some time of qualifying for Boston, I probably never (the day I run 8 minute miles is the day hell freezes over) will but will probably run it for Charity) depending on your age group and the allotted time for said qualification grows bigger as you age so he could easily qualify. All I could think though was if they tried catching him at a run they may have a bit of an issue.

Is it bad that when he said he was training for his third I cackled and said 'You've done two and training for number three? I've done three and running my fourth later this month!' Mind you I'm nowhere near as fast as Estaban but I do get it done. And I've done all of them this year. Though technically the first was a DNF because of an ankle issue, but I did finish 20 miles of it!

When H found Angela all I could think of is before she opened her eyes were 'Oh dear lord please don't show empty eye sockets this episode is all ready creepy enough as it is!' And while trying to find Angela I kept thinking 'Just how big is this place? It just seems to keep going, and going, and going.'

Favorite scene had to have been them talking to the confused hillbilly. He was kind of a bit odd but definately entertaining.

Also loved the scenes with Eric and Elizabeth.

Overall really enjoyed this episode. Curious to see where they take the storyline after this.
Maybe I was extra tired having worked this weekend, but I just couldn't connect with this episode.
Same here,I worked until midnight and watched the episode on line. I watched,but really no connection. When it was over I thought I probably should have gone to bed and watched it some time today on my day off.
Why is Natalia always going alone to interview the suspects who she ends up needing back up for? I kept thinking something was going to happen to her.
True but at least she called for backup. I do like that she made a quick connection with the bare feet and those weird running sock things that weirdo doc was wearing.
I agree with the majority here who seemed disappointed w/this ep. While Miami can get "hum-drum" w/patterns of evidence, interrogation, nabbing the suspect, I thought this ep. was just dragged out. The editing didn't seem that great - it didn't help me "connect" w/the ep.

Also, I agree that this is just recycled Clavo Cruz stuff. I personally loved Clavo and thought he was THE BEST nemesis Horatio ever had - multi-layered, dangerous, creepy, charming - and a great actor! This guy was just...creepy, with no backstory to explain his perversion - very one-dimensional. I HATE one-dimensional villains w/rich daddies. :rolleyes:

And yet again Eric is the "mini-H hero" of the show. :rolleyes: I actually enjoyed his scenes w/the prostitute, but the whole time I'm thinking "He better not be all "high and mighty" w/her since he was notorious for casual sex and toothing back in the day." I was happy to see him be gentle w/her and actually empathetic - that's the Delko I enjoy watching (not crazy yelling, beat the crap out of and threaten anyone who stands in his way Delko). The problem I had was that, yet again, Eric's scenes left most of the other characters in the dust, including the female lead. :wtf:

I just couldn't get into the ep - I too watched it very late, so that might've been a problem, too. However, it seemed kinda blah. Even the O'Shay thing was just ...::meh:: :rolleyes: These "bad guys" are so one-dimensional - at least Stetler could do good things and see both sides every now and then. I'm not going to like it if they try to paint H as being unfairly targeted for an investigation - I personally think it's warranted and a long time coming. He should answer (honestly) for his mistakes like everyone else,though I wonder if H is too proud to admit he's made mistakes...
Boring and bleh. That's all I have to say about this episode.

The story just seemed stale and overplayed. A serial killer, a torturer. Wow, brand new. :rolleyes: Criminal Minds manages to come up with more interesting serial killers every damn week season after season, and TPTB can't even make up one semi-interesting villain? Bring back Clavo Cruz, at least he was entertaining.

I like Eric, I really do, but they could've swapped one or two of his scenes with a scene or two more for Walter, Ryan, or Calleigh. TPTB, if you're going to make this "Calleigh only has 1-2 scenes per episode" thing a pattern, I will NOT be happy.

I did like that they didn't portray prostitutes as dirty terrible people, but as humans, who have troubles just like the rest of us (but who also have incredibly dangerous jobs). Calleigh saying that bit about men thinking they could do whatever they wanted to these women just because they paid money was very powerful. And it's true- roughly 80% of prostitutes have been raped either by customers (money being exchanged is not "I consent to absolutely anything and everything you want to do to me") or their pimps, who use violence and threats to keep women "in line". Most women who enter prostitution are coerced into it, or desperate to escape abusive homes, and the average starting age is about 12-14. Many are survivors of abuse. I liked that Delko was trying to help Elizabeth get out of the lifestyle without looking like the patronizing dickwad like Horatio would've been. He would've likely called her "sweetheart" and treated her like a helpless child. Thank God we were spared that.

Speaking of Horatio, what the hell was that "good job" supposed to mean at the end? Good job staying alive? It wasn't really in her hands anymore...why couldn't he have just said something normal like "you're going to be okay" or "we're here to help you"?

I used to like you, Horatio. Then Season 4 happened, but I forgave, and it got better. Then Season 7/8/9 happened, and I couldn't forgive anymore. :(
Agreed with the last part of your post Miami. THe past two seasons H and Delko have crossed the line with suspects more than once,ignoring lawyer requests and many times resorting to physical abuse themselves to get confessions or perps to talk.
But of course it's okay because it's in the name of justice.
This episode is eh, whatever to me. Another damsel-in-distress type of episode. The blonde girl in the beginning looks familiar, and then I started thinking that she might have been that girl in Jonathan Togo's "My Best Friend Is My Penis" video; The girl who didn't like the McCain hat the penis was wearing. The whole damsel-in-distress plotting has seriously run its course. Time for something else!

As for the story, it does remind me of the Criminal Minds episode where the guy gouges eyes off of victims.

It's nice to see Travers again. And I do miss the rare Southern accent heard in Miami, especially a seductive and smooth one from that guy. And what is the big thing he was cutting up? It could be an alligator. And Ryan's short yell at him..nice!

I'm done with recurring foes. And Delko again taking second to Horatio in screentime. With hardly any interest and the continuous crappy writing, I still watch CSI: Miami, waiting for the time that I can actually stop.
I still think this episode was kind of boring. Esteban just is not creepy enough to be doing what he's doing. I don't know if its the casting, the writing, the pacing or what... but he just came off as a smarmy jerk to me rather than viscous serial killer. :shrugs: