Episode 10x04 - 'Look Who's Taunting' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

As for me, plot sounds great. Yes we have lot's of H's foes but I never get tired of it. First and foremost, because it's gonna be Horatio-centred eppi:drool: In addition, have a smart criminal it's more interesting then some domestic violence gone bad.
Also spoilers said it'll be an arch:thumbsup:
so, can't wait

Exactly. I'm eager to see what this Diego Navarro brings to the table. The character has been hyped as "an entirely new type of villain".

Yay for Horatio-centric episode!
This episode, at least for Detroit, Eastern Time Zone, will be approximately 15 minutes late.:rolleyes: At least that is the shortest delay so far this year.:rolleyes:
This episode, at least for Detroit, Eastern Time Zone, will be approximately 15 minutes late.:rolleyes: At least that is the shortest delay so far this year.:rolleyes:

Oh, that sucks. :rolleyes: I checked the CSI: Miami Twitter account and they had nothing about delays tonight. Oh well, I don't think it's delayed here in Massachusetts at least.
No delays here either.

Okay, that dude on the phone is trying too hard to sound like the Scream killer lol.

I like Tom's baffled look when Ryan said the girl's fingerprints were "puffy".

That music during the scenes with the killer is just weird lol.

LOL at Horatio saying "nitwit".

Okay that music is getting really annoying.

Weird looking shoes.

Did Horatio just pronounced "Angela" like "Angel -ay" or am I just hearing things?

Kind of a blah episode to be honest. :shrug:
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Blahblahblah...somewhat typical episode, despite it being eerily similar to a past Criminal Minds episode.

...Pardon the language, but O'Shay can go fuck himself. Seriously.

...Wait, Horatio said "nitwit?" Heh, must've missed that.

Some of the camera angles/shots are just soooo weird...

It was nice to see Eric avoid letting his anger/enthusiasm/etc get the better of him, unlike in the last episode.

That piano music is more suited for the Halloween episode, in my opinion.

Haven't heard Horatio use the word "gentlemen" in...forever? *shrug*

Again, less Calleigh...I'm not a big fan of the character, but she deserves as much screentime as the other characters...no matter who a specific episode is centered around.

Weird ending is weird.

...In my opinion, a typical episode. *shrug*

The preview: Blahblahblah...MEMMO!...blahblahblah...HORATIO PUNCHING MEMMO...blahblahblah...
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This episode wasn't too shabby. Could've had more Ryan but that's just personal preference. ;) the whole theme of a villain stretching over a season is over used, but I still dig it.

I had a soft spot for that confused hillbilly. :(

The song they played when Eric went to get the hooker is part of this inside joke between me and some friends.... I nearly died laughing when it came on!!

The hooker Eric befriended was fairly convincing compared to other escorts they've featured on Miami. Reminded me of what's her face twilight chick when she played a stripper in a movie I can't remember the name of lol....

I felt like the episode was missing a little umph but that may have been bc I'm dealing with some stupid crap and I kept losing the remote and texting. Haha

And what the CRAP that dude's lawyer looks JUST like Jesse Cardoza from a distance. I thought it was some crazy twist they were able to keep secret and he faked his death and all that. Then I realized it wasn't him. :(

Btw, H is so funny when he's trying to talk to two differen people. When they found the girl he barked at Eric, "HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and immediately looked at her and softly said, "good job :):):):):):):):)" haha.... He did it earlier with Frank too....

David's face when they were talking to that confused hillbilly was soooo funny! He just barelyyyy looked like, "what the crap??" it was just subtle enough to be a perfect Horatio reaction.

Anyway, i think next week will be pretty good.
I liked this one. Esteban really gets under Horatio's skin in a creepy way unlike others nemesis that were simply brute force. He knows his daddy has the money and connections to get him out of trouble which makes him even more dangerous because he's afraid of very little. I also really enjoyed seeing "Tony" but I wanted more than the 20 seconds we got :(. At least he'll be back.

I also liked Eric helping out Elizabeth. It's usually H doing the heroic thing and it was nice having Eric do his part in this episode. Though of course H saved the damsel in distress in the end lol. Can't let another CSI have all the saving in one episode ;).

Eric's and H's expressions when talking to the guy with the fake eyes were so amusing and funny. That was a great scene lol.

I have to say I really, really like Loman. He's a really cool character to have and I have added him to my top 5 faves in Miami :).

There were things that did annoy me though. There were some scenes that were just so slow paced. Natalia took like 40 seconds to realize Esteban was the bad guy. Lots of weird, unnecessary flashbacks and back and forth. Then the scene with H looking for the girl...entering the building....looking around....walking...going down the stairs...looking around....walking....more walking....oh my goodness just find her already!!!

Decent episode. Solid B.
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decent episode-liked that Horatio got to be all tough cop barking orders for help and kinda proud of the girl for being tougher and surviving torture from that creepy doctor..wow professionally, profoundly psychotic doctor! yikes makes a person think twice about those free clinics..he pulled a 'Dexter' wearing plastic and not leaving DNA evidence for the cops to get him-he's methodical and sick this pervert is gonna get Horatio going now..yeah a good adversary for now..liked Natalia texting need backup now and immediately they show up-why was she alone anyway?
The episode was okay.Maybe my interest will increase as it plays out over the season.Perhaps I should have watched it Monday during the day(after sleeping) as opposed to after working 8 hours. It just didn't do a lot for me for some reason.
I'm grading it a C.
I did not like this episode at all. Poor editing to say the least. It moved at a very slow pace, like they were trying to stretch the scenes out because they had no decent dialogue. They kept flashing back to the torture scenes, as if that would keep our interest. And poor use of the cast--there was absolutely nothing memberable in anything they said. It appears the writers have once again annointed Adam as the star of the show for two weeks in a row. This is one character they have absolutely overdone at the expense of the others. Ryan, Calleigh, and Walter were totally wasted. The camera angles and the music were horrendous. I am truly disappointed. Next week looks equally bad; I am so tired of Memmo. I was so excited for this season, now am feeling really let down!
Episode had enough of H to keep me happy, but I agree with those of you who said it was slow - one of Miami's trademarks is its hectic pace. This was like a 30 minute episode stretched to 43. Quite unlike 10.01, which felt like a 90 minutes crammed into 43 (I'd really like to see a 'director's cut' of that one - there were so obviously missing scenes.) But as far as 10.04 goes... OK-ish... Like the new adversary for H - someone with brains rather than brute strength, and like that slimy O'Shea is back.
I have a question, was the girl that H saved at the end a prostitute as well?

Yes she is. Her sister mentions it at the begining wen she goes to the police saying that she's a good girl but is roughed up (cnt remember the exact lines). The CSIs even try to locate where she was hooking.

I Dno bout all of yhooz Buh I'm excited for the next episode.! I'm probably the few who likes the memmo storyline an wen I saw the preview of horatio punching him..i was like Omg! We never see him hit anyone! Last time I remember he punched someone when he was a suspect himself...years and years ago LOL. This was an OK episode.. I also thought the piano music shuda been in the Halloween episode, an was it me or the music that came while natalia was trying to match the footprint was hilarious! Vaguely remember it was this scene Buh a funny song did come up while me an my mum couldn't stop laughing...LOL x if they decided to put the piano music in this episode..we would have to expect more for the haloween one.
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this episode so much, but I did. I actually liked the slow pace & the odd slow-motion ...it was different from the norm, & that's one of the things I'd been getting so tired of with Miami is that every case/episode looked like the other only the characters & crime were different. It was always dead body > chase suspect > lab scene > clears original suspect but enters another suspect > interrogate suspect > not enough to go on > back to the crime scene > oh! here's the twistah! > process new evidence at lab > another chase scene > apprehend the killer > enter touching scene & H's badass shades - the end.

This one had a different feel to it, probably because we already knew pretty early on that the killer was Dr. Navarro (I think that's his name). For me it worked - I was still anxious to see what was going to happen, how the killer would walk (since I knew from spoilers he would), if the girl was dead or alive, etc.

I didn't get enough of a feel for Diego, so I can't form an opinion of him just yet, but I really, really like this serial killer doctor. Normally I don't like the "pretty boy" killer-type, but this guy had a certain charm to him & at the same time was just downright creepy. I'm excited to see where it goes.