Episode 10x01 - 'Countermeasures' ***CONTAINS SPOIILERS***

By the way, I was rather shocked that we got a mention of "Nailed". We don't usually get a lot of continuity on this show, so that was nice to hear lol.
Well not everyone lucked out. WWJ TV Detroit is running 25 minutes late. At least CBS is flashing time delay countdown messages for each next show several times during the previous one. That may encourage people to stay tuned or come back since they know exactly when the show will start.

Just my luck. I was having cable problems most of today (going crazy to possibly miss CSIM) and only just got it back about 15 or 20 minutes ago.

I need a virtual hug right now.

I was all ready to watch the show and saw the delay and thought, "Oh no, not again this season!" Oh well, I guess that is the reality there. But I find with the station WWJ TV the sound keeps going low and I don't know if that's my cable or the station itself. Small inconveniece, I guess. LOL

But I did enjoy the season opener. Poor Horatio! :eek: I thought he was going to faint or lose it and go unconscious all together. Also, I thought Frank would have dragged H to the hospital.

I really enjoyed the scene with H and Mari. I knew he was either dead for a moment or having a near death experience. Now I don't know if this is trivial or not, but Marisol died wearing a wedding band and on Sunday night, she was wearing a different ring on her left hand. It looked like an engagement ring I think. I could be wrong here but I noticed that right away. No big deal.

I loved the way Ryan supported Natalia and told her she would be ok. And to tell her how he coped with the nail injury from Season 4. But Ryan is a great guy anyways. And yes Walter is a great looking guy. :thumbsup:

Renee did a good thing with Horatio and took him for some medical help. But to hear H say he wasn't ok, was quite human for him. He needs to show that more, the human side of him.

Overall, a very good episode. And if it helps at all, DCHC4ever, I send a virtual hug to you. ((((((((DCHC4Ever)))))))) :):cool:
There was no delay in the show where I live. Everything came on when it was supposed to, so I guess the game went over as scheduled. We were having bad storms earlier in the afternoon, so I was worried that weather coverage would preempt the show. Luckily, the bad weather passed long before 9pm lol.
Thank you for the virtual hug Linda&Horatio :). Also, yes I saw the ring thing right away too. Just another example of TPTB not paying attention to past details.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...reading so much positive feedbak about DC is getting me an adrenaline rush! :D he was truly amazing in the episode! I just hope he knows that ;) I'm still annoyed about cutting out the horatio n marisol heads together scene. I was sooooo looking forward to that :/ and the Eric and calleigh bench scene... I just hope they have a really good reason fr not showing that! grrrrrr :mad:
Wow, that was an amazing start, I loved every bit!!! Especially the beginning, that was true art! David`s and Eva`s performance were awesome. Especially David`s. I wish they would give him the chance more often to show his acting skills!

I must agree though, that I was disappointed about the team reaction, concerning the condition of H. They do not seem emotionally involved, which was really sad to see. But it was a small comfort to see that H was/is finally a human breathing being and it was heart breaking to see him suffering. That "near death" experience seemed to reveal some blocked trauma H. had by losing Marisol. I hope the writers will pick up that storyline during the season, that would be awesome!!!!

Again, great promising start!!!! I would love to see more emotions in the future, instead of hunting one cool camera setup after the other. In the end we all love those shows because of the characters and how they deal with life. Tonight I was really touched, thank you!!!
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Well, the season premier certainly was intense - I still was kind of like :rolleyes: watching H save Nat w/that injury, but I was happy they at least made him feel like crap the whole episode - props to DC for that acting job - it was a long time coming.

Also liked the scenes w/Cal and the kid - I personally missed Calleigh and am glad she's back. Good to see her tag-teaming with Nat a bit too.

LOVED the Ryan/Nat scene - those two actors are keeping CSI:MIAMI afloat, IMHO. They keep it "real" when the writing can seem so contrived or unrealistic.. Great continuity w/"Nailed," although I was expecting Ryan to say that it was Alexx or Calleigh who said that to him - I remember Cal giving him a lot of pep talks in the beginning and being there for him.

That being said, this was a prime opportunity to bring the TEAM together and stand around/support Horatio. Instead, it felt disjointed and like the team was looking the other way b/c they know how stubborn H is. I'm sure they noticed he was not right, even in that first scene of him being back in the lab - did you see Cal and Ryan's expressions? They were like - "Here he goes again...guess we better just go w/it b/c he won't listen to us."

I think the lack of emotional response is b/c Horatio has not been an emotional support to the team for the last four or five years. He hasn't really been there for Eric or Cal, or Ryan IMHO. He catches the guy, but leaves the team to deal with the aftermath of it all. They're always talking to each other, never Horatio. That's why we had all the Eric/Calleigh scenes in Season 6 and now we're getting the Ryan/Nat stuff here in Seasons 9/10. Horatio has dropped the ball and emotionally checked out on his team since Marisol died. My dislike for that storyline is no secret, and I'm just glad those scenes weren't too overdone or dramatic :rolleyes: I think maybe 5 people bought the idea that those two were "in love," so the whole thing seemed overplayed and dry.

Having Renee there at the end instead of the team was dumb move, as well. I have no idea why TPTB are so caught up on sticking the team w/Romances when shows like NCIS THRIVE on TEAM interaction. It should've been the TEAM to take him to the hospital, or at least Eric. I mean, how does Eric let H go back to the lab after seeing him like that??:wtf: I want the team to be more of a family, but to me this ep. confirmed that they feel like orphans, kinda like Randy's kids. Not that H is a criminal, but he's so caught up in his crap that he's let his "kids" go unnoticed for so long. :rolleyes:
Well, I've at last managed to watch it (in UK). Loved it. Pretty much speechless at the moment... just a comment regarding the team and their reaction to H... Don't you think the two who know him best - Eric and Calleigh (and maybe Frank) - simply know that you can't tell H what to do, even in that state? I didn't feel for a moment that they weren't concerned, and ready to give support. But he wouldn't accept it, would he? And Eric's reaction to him, when he goes down... No, I don't think the writers missed a trick. It seemed absolutely right. Why Renee and not Eric at the end? Not sure... It's possible that H would admit something to a near stranger that he wouldn't admit to his team. I'd rather it had been Eric though. Anyway, I need to watch it again, and digest it a bit more.
Oh, and did anyone ever think David WASN'T a class act? Yes, they should use his talent more than they do.
By the way, I hope this episode will quiet all the naysayers who complain that DC can't act and only has one or two expressions. This episode proved what most of us already knew. DC is a wonderful actor. Every time Horatio panted and did that wince in pain expression, I was wincing right along with him and kept saying "Horatio, please go back to the hospital, you're not healed enough for this".
I'm in full agreement on David & Eva's performances - I loved every second of them. Both were fabulous!

Starting with the intro -- the Marisol "hallucination" (is that what we should call it?) was ok. It was better than I thought it would be, & I liked how they pulled him back to reality with the blood seeping through his shirt & seeing Natalia's face as Marisol.
The rescue was also done well. So glad that neither one had to pull a 'Houdini'!
The ambulance ride was exciting -- it was rather cool to see them side by side (I think there was a brief moment they were holding each others hand) while all the commotion/chaos was happening between the EMT's voices & flashbacks. I love anything that brings the teammembers closer, & this event certainly felt that way for Horatio & Natalia.
Natalia running & falling as she tried to get to 'Randy' in the hospital -- great scene. I love how natural it came across.

You'd think at that moment they'd cut to "yeaaaahhhhhh", but no. We're going full-speed ahead. Suddenly Natalia is running to H thinking she's crazy, & Horatio is standing as if neither had just been beating down death's door.
At this point, I'm a little irritated at the pace -- I can barely keep up with thier conversation as both seemed to be talking over each other.

Quickly back to the lab, & I'm now expecting to see some "my god, are you ok" or ...something. But no. Ryan & Calleigh are both going "duuihh" like H & Natalia had just been on an extended freaking lunch break. What the hell, I say.

Still no Daltrey. Could they have crammed anymore into the first 5 minutes?
Sure they can, & they did. Even catching the guy who put Horatio & Natalia in the positions they were just in.

All that aside, the episode was pretty good. I'd been waiting like everyone else, very impatiently. I had missed it, & it was great just seeing them back.

The Natalia & Ryan scene was absolutely sweet. For two people who used to have so many disagreements & petty bickering spats (not to mention Ryan not even wanting her there as a CSI), it's so nice to see that TPTB have turned it into - IMO - the most beautiful friendship on this show.

Enter Natalia pissed & flying off on Randy. I'm sure I wasn't the only one screaming "you go, girl!". Loved Horatio's gentle "Natalia, sweetheart".

Now for the only real complaint on the episode...

I really felt that it should have been his team around him and taking care of him in that last scene where, with nothing more immediate to fight for, his body and his spirit were shutting down. I know that TPTB used Renee because they want to keep alive the hope of an H romance, but Horatio has always been there for everyone else and it was WRONG for his team NOT to be there for him.
Yes. I was terribly disappointed in the lack of reaction from the team. As sweet as Ryan's talk with Natalia was, even that came off a little too casual for what she had just gone through (but on the flipside, it was good he got her to smile). But here is Horatio - looking like absolute death - barely upright, & ....nothing.
From the moment they caught Toller & Horatio was on the ground, Eric (with the team following) should've taken him to the hospital & the episode should've finished there. Frank & Walter were both there when Toller was arrested -- there was no reason for him to have to leave Horatio just laying there (note I am not hating on Eric, this is all on TPTB).

Not too keen on the fact that H was instead outside the station - alone - while everyone else was doing thier own little thing. It felt disjointed, & I feel tptb truly missed the mark here. They wanted to insert Renee -- ok, but it would've worked just as well had the team taken H to the hospital & she showed up at the end to see how he was. The rest could've excused themselves to get some coffee, so that they could have thier "moment" if that's what TPTB were so damn hard-up to do.

All in all, a good episode. Great performances, & a wonderful 'welcome back' ...but totally missed that "something special" with/from the team that should have been there for this occasion.

.....before it leaves my head -- kudos to whoever deserves the credit for letting Eva & David look "not so glamorous" throughout the episode. Both actually LOOKED like they'd been through hell & back. That's what I like to see.
By the way, I hope this episode will quiet all the naysayers who complain that DC can't act and only has one or two expressions. This episode proved what most of us already knew. DC is a wonderful actor. Every time Horatio panted and did that wince in pain expression, I was wincing right along with him and kept saying "Horatio, please go back to the hospital, you're not healed enough for this".

this is exactly what i mean! it annoys me wenever i hear someone say "oh he cant act" yeah...like u can... :/
This is more like it!!!

Fantastic episode, gorgeous even! DC was amazing. My wife (who's not a fan) actually asked me if this was the same actor !! She said wow I want to watch this again, and she hasn't seen an episode since season 6.

I adored this episode. Bravo!!!!

Ps.. sorry to single out only DC - the others were great too, especially CD - great to have her back.

So far for me, the best Miami episode for a long time, can't wait to see what is up next! :thumbsup:
At first, I had some rather harsh things to say about the episode, and I thought it was less satisfying than (sorry to be crass) the dump I took after the show last night, but I allowed myself some time to mull it over.

Nope. Still sucked.

The entire 40 minutes or so seemed very disjointed and hard to follow. If you ask me, they crammed way too much into too small a timeslot. If they'd had a 2-hour premiere, maybe it would've been better because they could've drawn it out a little more. I didn't like how they left out a bunch of what I consider to be important info- for example, when Melanie (I think that was her name) was taken by Toller. Who was she? What was her connection to the guys buying the plates? Why was she there?

I also would've liked some explanation as to how Randy went from not-totally-bad-guy-just-got-a-little-mixed-up to try-to-brutally-murder-two-cops-because-things-didn't-go-the-way-he-wanted-them-to. You would think that since he was so desperate to have custody of his kids, it would occur to him, even in his anger and grief at the ruling, that trying to kill people would make things worse, not better.

I could've done without the Marisol flashbacks, but at least they kept them short.

Got really sick of the heavy breathing/pauses by Horatio after he was out of the hospital. I get what they were trying to do, make him look somewhat vulnerable and human, but I couldn't keep from thinking he sounded more like a pedophile watching children at the playground than someone in pain from a gunshot wound. First it was funny, then it was just annoying.

I wish there had been a little more Frank.

I loved the scene towards the end with Calleigh and Austin, don't get me wrong, but I have to admit it was a little sudden. They only shared a couple scenes before that, the one when he agreed to help, and then after his father was arrested. If they'd lengthened one of those two scenes just a little to really introduce the bond that they formed, it would've made a little more sense. Of course, when I was first thinking about this, I forgot about Calleigh consoling him after his dad was arrested, so now that I think about it, it was a little less sudden than I initially interpreted it. Still could've done a slightly better job at introducing the bond.

Natalia was tolerable, so that was something. And I did like the scene between her and Ryan.

I'm really disappointed. For the first time in a few years, I was really looking forward to this premiere. I thought maybe the writing would've improved just a little bit, and I was hopeful. But now I'm starting to think the CSI:Miami I once knew and loved died sometime around Season 7 (excluding season 4, the season I like to pretend never happened, but season 5 was a huge improvement and season 6 was great too).
Dios mio!!

The comments from all of you guys praising David's acting last night have warmed my heart so much. I have said for years what a fantastic and unique talent he is. In my opinion, last night's episode was easily the best performance he has given on CSI Miami so far. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought he brought the house down! :D :D

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What an emotionally deep and fast paced ride this was! loved the make up on DC as he was coping with his pain-yeah his lungs weren't working right so he couldn't breathe well but he kept going for the bad guys like a personal responsibility since Toller escaped from him & Frank on that plane that went down last season..really liked Natalia's scenes with Ryan and her own emotional journey. Vulnerable and hurt Horatio isn't normal so I guess his team was stunned he was still standing? confused by lack of concern but I guess running up for group hug while dangerous criminals run loose would be an extreme in the opposite direction. Great acting all around and love Horatio diving in to save Nat...the season is off and running-literally!