Episode 10x01 - 'Countermeasures' ***CONTAINS SPOIILERS***

-Eric just left H, I know he went back, but Eric, that's your brother-in-law and he could be dying! Obviously the Delko's don't think of family like the Reagans or the Sopranos do.

Really bad writing, that! Eric absolutely adores H - it's been obvious from well before they were brothers-in-law. No way would he leave him.

That was a bit odd. Unless there was no one else around to take Tollen and Eric wasn't about to risk him getting away. But then again everyone's behavior towards Horatio was rather oblivious to how he was feeling. Those kind of details I agree are to be blamed on the writing.

Horatio looked like he was about to cease lung-functions throughout the whole of the episode, and the only people that noticed were Natalia and Renee.
I noticed that too. That would be my only complaint in an otherwise excellent episode. Horatio's team should have definitely been more observant and aware that he was not doing well. I expected at least a "Horatio, maybe you should sit down" from one of them.

Actually, I think Eric did the right thing at the end. Duty first. He needed to secure Toller in custody. It wasn't like Horatio was going to die and Eric knew that. There wasn't anything else he could have done except allow H to lie down. I don't think H would have made it back to the team had he not "rested" first.
Fantastic season premiere. Awesome job by everyone, especially David. He was simply fantastic throughout the whole thing and the tender moment with Marisol's photo... tissues!

Action packed and very well done. I LOVED IT!!! :D :D WAY TO GO CSI: MIAMI!
The opening scenes were great. I loved the friendly chat between Ryan and Natalia. Calleigh and the little boy was a cute moment, but I got all teary eyed when he saw his sister and hugged her... awww. I really like Renee. I loved angry Natalia... that's a side of her we don't often get to see. She was so peeved at Randy, with good reason.

It kind of bothered me that Toller targeted Randy over a necklace, even if it was his mother's.... with the way the flashback showed his mother treating him, why did he care about her necklace? LOL.

Why didn't anyone notice Horatio's heavy breathing and his wincing in pain?
I'm surprised everyone thinks no one noticed that H was in agony. Everyone noticed, you could see it in the way they looked at him. But its not like he'd listen if they told him to let the case go. All they could do is watch him. Had it been me, I'd have slapped him and dragged him by the collar back to the hospital, but they're not as maternal as I am ;)

Disappointed in the case itself, it was very sloppily put together IMO. The character moments made the episode tolerable, but in a sense I'm glad that the case took a bit of a back burner. We don't get these moments as often as we'd like.
Well, I'll admit I missed last season's finale, so the case made absolutely no sense to me for the most part. Maybe I'll be able to catch on with 10x02 after I go back and watch the couple episodes I missed at the end of last season.
I hope so too. Both LV and NY debuted well. If Miami can't keep up it might discourage CBS from renewing it for another season or putting more than 18 episodes in this one.
Who said there will be only 18 episodes!?


In a word - AWESOME!
Loved it from start to finish. The cast was fantastic, especially Horatio.
So do I. I can't see any goof (well, H wasn't badly wounded, just fragment of bullet, etc... ER Doctor rocks - "this man isn't autorised to leave this hospital!" ha-ha, obviously he dosen't know our Horatio :lol:, but Natalia... Birds of a feather! And she is awesome when she's pissed off. Poor Randy I've almost feel sorry for you... joke... this jerk got what he deserved:devil:)

The flashback with Marisol is just as doctor odered! Moving, tender and not it all sloppy. To be honest, I'm not in all this Marisol-H romance but this scene was great. Perfectly written and performed.

Davis was terrific - thanks to writers, they finally give him the opportunity to show how greatly he can play.


I expected at least a "Horatio, maybe you should sit down" from one of them.
You really think it'd work? ;)Thats why I think writers didn't put this words in the mouth of every teams member just Natalia and Renee. Actually, I thought that Renee would go to visit him in hospital so they could start their relationship but take him there aslo a good idea

Emily was so fantastic in the scene with kid. Why she didn't have such a scenes before?
I hope so too. Both LV and NY debuted well. If Miami can't keep up it might discourage CBS from renewing it for another season or putting more than 18 episodes in this one.
Who said there will be only 18 episodes!?

NY has 18, Jonathan Togo said Miami would have 19, I'm sure :shifty:
too bad... I want like season 4 and 7 - 25 spisodes :brickwall:

We're lucky we even get 19 episodes, the ratings are so bad. I think this will be the last season, I hope CBS gives the writers a heads-up so they can wrap everything up.

It's sad. CBS obviously doesn't care if CSI: Miami dies or they would do something about the delays, that's what's causing the ratings loss. Oh well.
Jon said (at the time of the interview) that he knew they were AT LEAST picked up for 19. I think he said he wasn't sure though. That number could go up later in the season.

Why haven't they put in any new pics in the opening credits?
I don't know if 18 is the exact number, but Jonathan Togo did say that they might get less episodes for this season of Miami. :(

No, I know Horatio wouldn't have listened, but it would have been nice for Eric to give him a concerned, brotherly warning.

I like Renee too! That scene where she offered to take him to the hospital was very sweet and I was surprised Horatio let her; he must like and trust her. I know we haven't heard anything about Natasha Henstridge coming back, but that scene gives me hope that they could really go somewhere. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we haven't seen the last of Renee.

I agree bellemaria. They FINALLY gave Horatio a chance to show another side of himself, a more human side, and David nailed it :thumbsup: Hopefully the writers will give him more chances to play Horatio rather than Lt. Caine.
Well, the season premiere has come and gone and while the story was a bit uneven, there was decent screentime for everyone and the acting was top notch up and down the cast.

Starting with....

Random Thoughts:

DC; hands down a fabulous acting job. I really felt his pain and determination to keep going. I kept yelling "get that man to a hospital":lol:

ELR: two thumbs up as well. She did a fine job of making us see that the time in the trunk really affected her. After what Randy put her and H through I had no problem with her shoving Randy's head into the table.

Good to see Calleigh back in action (I would love to see her outfits more colorful though). Her interaction with the little boy was heartwarming and showed the Calleigh I love; kind and compassionate.

Loved Ryan as always. The scene with him and Natalia showed us Ryan's sensitivity toward Natalia's plight. It was cute that he repeated Nat's words back to her, although I didn't think Nat was around when Ryan got the nail in his eye.

Didn't really mind the Marasol stuff.

I like Renee.

Frank was his usual feisty self.

Looking forward to next week.
I loved the episode, especially David's performance of a very human and suffering Horatio who through determination, courage and commitment saw the situation to a conclusion. :thumbsup::luvlove:

I really felt that it should have been his team around him and taking care of him in that last scene where, with nothing more immediate to fight for, his body and his spirit were shutting down. I know that TPTB used Renee because they want to keep alive the hope of an H romance, but Horatio has always been there for everyone else and it was WRONG for his team NOT to be there for him.

I also especially like the scene between Natalia and Ryan, and the one of a tough Natalia with Randy. The scenes of Calleigh with Randy's son were beautiful to see and something special too.