Emily/Calleigh #9: 'Charlie's missing 4th Angel!'

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome guys! :D

I love that pic! :)

I have an awesome pic of Emily to show you (it's actually a screencap from the show but whatever). The only thing is that I can imagine you guys have seen every pic in existence. ;) Will I show it anyway?
Welcome, shopping_luva91. Until you have made 100 posts, the message board software won't let you put an image in your post. Until then, you can at least enter it as a URL (website address).
Hey Jen (shopping_luva) glad you made your way over here sweetie! I was gonna tell you to post here but got destracted by emily-ness. :)

And I am the same height as Emily, I get short jokes all the time. probably coz my friends are all model height :p but never mind...

My BF told me he liked me small, so he felt like he could protect me... I think he was glad I didn't have my gun on me...
CSI_Willows said:

It's one of your favourites? I didn't know, I guess I just pick the right one :lol: I'm glad that you liked it, did you have a good day? :D

Mmmm...actually I spent almost the whole day in class and studying :( But I went out with my friends on Friday :D

rummy80 thanx for the birthday wishes!

I think I've never posted a pic here so...

BulletGrrrl said:
Emily went to Ronnie Woods 60th Birthday Party!
We finally have HQ Pictures in our Gallery!


And Enjoy!

I like the one with her and Jonathon Togo. They seem to really be enjoying themselves. They must be fun to have at a party. It would be fun to see the CSI:Miami characters at a party. Maybe Alexx could have a barbecue and invite everyone.
she looks so awesome!! i love her outfit!!!! but in the pics with her and Jon...to me Jon looks more like a pirate than a gypsy.
Hello everybody, it's been far too long since my last visit - please forgive me! ;)
*sighs* what would we do without our Leels and Jules, always keeping us up-to-date with new pictures etc. - thanks for this! :)

Now I only stopped by to say that I can't await the next season to finally start, I need new Emily/Calleigh stories!
Finally the German television will start to air season 5 here, I guess next Tuesday, but that's not enough anymore, now I want to know if there maybe a come back of Calleigh's dad, how will Cal's love interests end, will there be some action for the Bullet Girl etc. in season 6.?
Further more: does anyone knows some news about Emily's movie 'Dollars'? I didn't hear anything lately, will this movie ever be aired? :confused:

So many questions, it's time to get some answers! :p
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