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I live in Canada but I am originally from the Philippines and even though it is a very small nation we have more than 100 dialects.

I'll remember that one for trivia. I had a friend from the Phillipines, but she lived most of her life in New Zealand, so she had a very interesting accent. Then she moved here to Australia and picked up some of our accent too.

I think Australia has to be one of the only places with no clear regional dialects. You can go Sydney to Perth to Melbourne to Brisbane and we still sound the same. With the exception of South Australians, who use the European 'ah' in words like dance or plant whereas all other states generally use 'air' like North America. Oh and each state has different words to describe beer lol.

To be honest when I first watched Miami I thought Emily had possibly spent a lot of time in Australia, because it sounds to me like a cross between a typical American accent and an Australian one. And then I read she was from the south, so that quashed that theory. I thought Aussies were some of the few people in the world who said the letter O the way we do, and yet Emily does. And aside from the ever present hard R in American accents (for those interested in trivia, pronunciations of 'arr' is called being rhotic, where 'ah' is non-rhotic) In fact I've always thought that with a little practice she could convincingly pull of an Aussie accent, which a lot of Americans simply cannot do. It would be interesting to see her try it.

On another note, I became a fan of Emily on facebook, and they have some really nice pictures on there that I havent seen before, including some of her and her boyfriend. I must admit a twinge of jealousy, for both of them lol. If you havent seen it yet I can recommend checking it out.
Yeah, thanks. I love learning cool things. I would have never guessed that there would be that many dialects in such a small country. Fascinating. This is so cool!

I'm guessing that from the area of North Carolina Emily is from (I said Raleigh-Durham because it's the more metropolitan and recognisable, but thanks for the Greenville reference. Small town girl.) that her ancestral background based on the surname is either English or Dutch and lots of both settled in eastern NC. Lots of common English names ie. Smith equates with a job once held by the family: blackSmith. The etymology from Procter comes from the 13th Century contraction of "procurator" for an official agent of a church or holy order.

Oh, gross. I just had a Grissom moment, didn't I? Wrong forum....wrong forum. Somebody please administer a head slap.

I let my uber geek slip, didn't I?
I love the Grissom moments. I love holding everyone in awe because of what you say and they think your so smart, where most of the time you just read it in passing. I knew something of the nations that colonised the Americas but only the really obvious ones like the Dutch and English on the east and the Spanish on the west. I have no idea where the French were but I'm pretty sure they were there too somewhere. I have just had to look up Greenville on wikipedia. Looks like a fairly large place, but I still might have to pay a visit when I go to the USA in July.

Speaking of etymology, where is the name Duquesne from? (I think I spelt that right lol) It looks almost Spanish, but the Du part and the silent S is very French, and also I have a Dutch friend who has a very similar surname. Its been a niggling thought of mine since Miami first started.

And still on much the same subject, I wonder if Emily gets annoyed when people want it spell her name ProctOR. I know someone with the O variant, and I myself have a surname that everyone always misspells, and it also makes lots of peopel ask me whether I am related to a certain famous rapper, which I most certainly am not.
From what I've seen, Duquesne is Breton (Brittany French), so, while still being in France, it's actually Celtic. There's branches in the Normandy region, too. I did name research for a story I was writing a while back.
Nice. I myself do a bit of writing, and at the moment I'm writing a couple to do with gold in America. Coincidentally, did you know that North Carolina was the site of the first gold find in the USA?

Oh and another thing I forgot to mention in my previous posts was that to save you from writing out aussieturtle, you can call me Keira, or Kez, or K, or anything similar, I'm not overly picky lol.
Oh my god!! My video of Emily on Ellen's show is on the official site!!! It's not really a big thing, but it kinda is for me :lol: How cool, wooo! :D
I think that is the best and funniest interview by anyone of anyone that I have ever seen. Australian interviews are bland and in general awful, and they would never interview her anyway. I love her outift, its very cool, but what or who is the beast master? Am I the only one who doesnt get it?

She flashes a bit of leg at around 2:40. :p

And she says she doesn't have any singing talent but I think she sings great. Anyone know anything else about her band? It sounds like the sort of thing I would seriously go and see. I love power ballads, especially 80s ones. And she writes the material herself, which all says to me like she has a lot more talent than she thinks (or at least admits to)

Really glad I saw that now, thanks endlessly for the link.
Yeah, the only thing I know is that they do infrequent performances in L.A. The only time that I've heard her sing was on the West Wing and her character was supposed to be tipsy. She sang a few lines of Blame It on the Bossa Nova and sounded fine to me. Putting out even a small clip on her official website would be cool.
Yep, seen the west wing one, its very cute and funny. I got the idea though that she wasnt supposed to sound like a good singer, just someone drinking and singing and dancing in their office.

She sings a tad in that Ellen clip. Mostly Ellen is at the same time though, but it didn't sound bad, although I dont know the song.

I have heard the band mentioned 4 times. Her article on wikipedia, an interview here on csi files and two videos on youtube. The information that they all add up to is:
Emily plays Britney Wednesday in the band, which plays 80s power ballads (Britney Wednesday singing) In between the songs there are stories, written by Emily, about Britney's fictitious (or possibly real I suppose) ex-boyfriends. The CSI files interview (from 2005) and the Ellen interview both say where the band plays at, the wikipedia article says they changed their name from White Lightning (as mentioned in Ellen) to Motion. I cant find a single thing under the name Motion though. The CSI files interview also says that Emily was trying to get Jonothan Togo to join the band playing sax, but this may have just been a joke. I havent heard any more on this regardless. And finally, in the Megan Mullally interview, she gives a general idea as to what the bands about and their beginnings and there is also a picture. Aside from this I know nothing.

On another note, tomorrow is monday, which means back to back episodes of Miami. The first new episode is one where a stag party goes wrong. It doesnt say much more in the preview though.
It was November 2006, dear. I love that interview! seeing Emily talk about her band and having fun is just lovely!