Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

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Heads up, the link CSINYMIA000 posted for that This Is Not A Test video has a virus. One visitor who clicked on it claims it gave his computer a virus called a 'pro anti virus 2009' and he had to get his computer fixed. I've removed the link for the safety of everyone's computers.
My apologies. I honestly had no idea. Sorry.

Interesting though - that link didn't give me a virus....... It was like a typical HTML site.
I hope I'm not breaking any rules but you can find the movie over at *content removed by mod*
It's just a streaming site.
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Oh whoa. I'm watching right now...I hope it doesnt cut out on me! I hate watching things online though- I feel so guilty. :lol:
As Top said only a couple of posts ago, it's unlikely that watching the whole movie online is going to be legal. Please don't post about how you're engaging in such behaviour, or post any more details about how or where to watch such things online, unless you're referring to proper, legal sites like iTunes, CBS etc. If in doubt, don't post it!
We get to see Eddie tonight!

I can't wait minus the part I'm dreading....

So This Is Not A Test will be released on DVD on January 20th, 2009. Not that long of a wait! Still no official work on The Narrows yet which sucks cause I really want to see it!

purevintage I really like your icon and sig banner!
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Well since starting to watch New York, I am just head over heels in love with Eddie Cahill. Those blue eyes are amazing!

BTW purevintage, your signature is just about the best thing I've ever seen. I cracked up when I saw it.
You can find a short video of Eddie talking about behind-the-scenes of the new NY PC game. As you read in the recent CSI Magazine in Eddie's article he is Italian-Irish and Roman Catholic. (Which is cool as I am too! Ok, OT so....)
Anyways, I had always noticed he used his hands a lot while talking and never keeps them still (you can see this a lot on the show). You can really see it in this interview. Too cute!

Thanks CSI Stokes Girl for the link! I love listening to his voice, so deep (heart flutters) haha that was neat to see I wonder if my old computer can take on this game...probably have a meltdown hahah
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