Doctor Who!

Does anyone know when the nxt dr who special is?? :confused: Am really looking forward to it!

Also the other day i found out that dr who is filming just 1 mile up the road! Yesterday my friend went to see it and she meet Matt Smith and Karen Gillian (didn't think to get me an autograph though!) So today i set off to Puzzle wood (were they also filmed Merlin which i saw being filmed) only to find out that they have now moved onto to filming nights so unless i get there at midnight i am not going to see any off the cast! But next week they are moving just a few miles up the road to Clearwell caves so i am going to go along and try and see some filming there!

Anyway while i was there i thought i might as well take some pics of all the caravans and trucks carrying various bits of set (and maybe a few Daleks!)
(and to remind myself that i had seen the some of the dr who set!)
Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3
(i know not much and it was raining so hard i couldn't see the montior on the camera so the other pics which i got of some of the set were really out of focus!)

So just a quick word if anyone lives near Gloucestershire they are filming dr who in Clearwell caves next week acording to the nice lady at puzzle wood! (assuming she is right!) and at the moment they are filming nights at puzzle wood (about 10pm-5am ish!) :lol:
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Next one is out Christmas then New Year is the change over of Doctors - IF I am not mistaken...
Jealously to your friend for meeting Matt Smith I'd love to have met him let alone have his autograph too! - and YOU for living so close to places where they film and you've gotten to see Merlin being filmed - no fair! - You're so lucky =D
Thank u ! seems a long time to wait though!!

aww well my parents run a bed and breakfast so we actally had some of the merlin crew staying with us!..unfortnally we don't have any of the doctor who crew staying as they have there own caravens on set..whereas melin didn't when they came to puzzle wood!

I also see some of the buildings they use for filming torchwood just up the road which is pretty cool especially when you are watching it on tv and your like thats the town hall in monmouth and stuff! Have not meet anyone from torchwood yet though! :lol:
Yeah i always felt they should have put one in between Easter and Christmas - the gap just seems WAY to long
aww i'm even MORE jealous now XP Must be a brilliant feeling living so close to places they film at or even to have people who work on projects like that staying at your B&B... should take some more snap shot next time they film near your place and share the love XP
Yes i will do! Didn't have camera with me when saw merlin but will try and take some more pics when i go past dr who set again! Some infocus decent ones (with hopefully some of the cast in!)! :lol:
Yeah i always felt they should have put one in between Easter and Christmas - the gap just seems WAY to long

Actually I think there's one due to air near the end of October. Then the two over Christmas/New years.
yeah, i think there is one before xmas as well, then the xmas specials. i'll be away for the new year one i guess, thank god for sky+!
David Tennant to bring his `Hamlet' from stage to TV
Aug 3, 8:23 AM (ET)

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - "Doctor Who" star David Tennant is bringing his portrayal of Hamlet from the stage to the small screen.

Tennant won critical acclaim for his performance in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 2008 production of "Hamlet." PBS said Sunday the TV adaptation will air in 2010 as part of its "Great Performances" series and will include Patrick Stewart in the cast.

Tennant is taking on another role for the Public Broadcasting Service: This fall, he'll debut as host of "Masterpiece Contemporary." The series returns Oct. 25 with "Endgame," a drama about the final days of apartheid in South Africa, starring William Hurt and Jonny Lee Miller.

PBS announced that the film will open in select U.S. theaters starting Oct. 30.
Ok so i went along to Clearwell caves( like i said in one of my previous posts they were filming there this week) in my attempt to see the cast! Found out they were still filming nights at Clearwell Caves but the kind security guard let me in see all the sets and stuff!!! So down 100ft in the Caves they had put fake pillars, walls and arch ways and some strange sticky stuff on the ceiling at one point (although that might have been natural sticky stuff!) was really intresting as the fake rocks were made out of like a hollow box covered in paper mache (or something like that!).

So as asked by LyzabethSay I thought i would post my pics which i took! Was quite hard to take pics as it was so dark! the last few pics are puzzle wood were they were filming the week before and they also filmed Merlin.

A link to my Photobucket Album

All the pics of Rocks are fake rocks! (im not jsut some person obssesed with taking pictures of Rocks! lol)!)

Oh and the pics of the props does anyone know if the stone statues are the weeping angels??? :lol:
Can you borrow the Tardis and find out the Powerball lottery numbers for tomorrow night? :rolleyes:

You are lucky to have seen that. I hope you enjoyed it.
Lol i would have if i saw the Tardis! My friend saw it but it wasn't there when i went! :lol:
And yes thank you i did enjoy it very much!!:)
I know I'm a bit late writing this. I just say Planet of the Dead about two days ago. Honestly, I just didn't like it. For some reason, I just was anti-special that day. I did not really like the new companion. She was spunky, but I just miss Donna too much.

The writing was okay, but honestly the last seasons were just better. Plus I had just recently watched the entire fourth season (well, series I guess) again. I just thought that the finale on it was ace. Everything just came together and I loved it. Although the scene with Donna was so sad. She was and really is my favorite companion. So this new chick just didn't do it for me.

Oh well, that's just my opinion.
I'll yet have to see the Christmas Special and Planet of the Dead. For some reason I can't bring myself to watch the first one although I have it standing on my shelf for months now.

I do miss Donna and I can't imagine DW without her. She was my favourite companion, too, so far.

I've read in a review for Children of Earth that Jack might appear in another special of DW. Anyone else heard of it? I wouldn't know how they'd do it especially since Jack wouldn't be the cheeriest person to be around with :(
10 doctors of doctor who

10 doctors of doctor who
Just finished [LINK REMOVED] 2 of 2005, and
im so loving it .. i did a research about the 10 doctors here they r
 Doctor #1
  Actor: William Hartnell
  Doctor between: 1, An Unearthly Child, and 29, The Tenth Planet. 23 November 1963 until 29 October 1966.
  Actor's birth and death: 8 January 1908 to 23 April 1975
  Actor's cause of death: Aftermath of strokes
  Active actor between: 1932 and 1964
  Doctor cause of death: Old age, I believe. Brought on by the time destructor of the Dalek's, and the energy drain of
Morbius. Troughton mentioned, however, that 'barring accidents, a Time Lord can live forever', so does this tie in?
  Doctor #2
  Actor: Patrick George Troughton
  Doctor between: 30, Power of the Daleks, and 50, The War Games. 5 November 1966 until 21 Jun 1969.
  Actor's birth and death: 25 March 1920 to 28 March 1987
  Actor's cause of death: Heart attack
  Active actor between: 1947 and 1987
  Doctor cause of death: Forced regeneration, as punishment for breaking the laws of time.
  Doctor #3
  Actor: John Devon Roland Pertwee
  Doctor between: 51, Spearhead from Space, and 74, Planet of the Spiders. 3 January 1970 until 8 June 1974.
  Actor's birth and death: 7 July 1919 to 20 May 1996
  Actor's cause of death: Heart attack
  Active actor between: 1938 and 1995
  Doctor cause of death: Exposure to the Metebelis crystals(?)
  Doctor #4
  Actor: Tom Baker
  Doctor between: 75, Robot, and 115, Logopolis. 28 December 1974 until 21 March 1981.
  Actor's birth and death: 20 January 1934 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1968 and present
  Doctor cause of death: Fell (from atop the pharos project's radio-telescope) to his death, caused by the Master
  Doctor #5
  Actor: Peter Moffett, better known by his stage name of Peter Davison
  Doctor between: 116, Castrovalva, and 135, The Caves of Androzani. 4 January 1982 until 16 March 1984
  Actor's birth and death: 13 April 1951 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1977 and present
  Doctor cause of death: Spectrox poisoning
  Doctor #6
  Actor: Colin Baker
  Doctor between: 136, Twin Dilemma, and 144, Trial of a Time Lord. 22 March 1984 until 6 December 1986
  Actor's birth and death: 8 June 1943 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1971 and present
  Doctor cause of death: Died of cranial injury or other blunt trauma when tardis crash-landed on rani's planet
  Doctor #7
  Actor: Percy James Patrick Kent Smith, better known as Sylvester McCoy
  Doctor between: 145, Time and the Rani, and 156, Survival, not counting 160, Doctor Who The Movie.. 7 September 1987
until 6 December 1989, not counting 27 May 1996 (14 May 1996 US)
  Actor's birth and death: 20 August 1943 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1964 and 2002 (Don't know if he's still acting)
  Doctor cause of death: Old age, mixed with a hail of bullets, where two go into his leg and one through his shoulder. He
doesn't die from the wounds, but is taken to a hospital to be sent for heart surgery due to his frantic double-pulse. Dr
Grace Holloway then kills him by jabbing a fibre-optic camera into one of his hearts. He doesn't regenerate straight away,
due to the anaesthetic, which almost destroyed his regeneration.
  Doctor #8
  Actor: Paul McGann
  Doctor between: Just the movie, and a hell of a lot of audio adventures. 27 May 1996 (14 May 1996 US) only.
  Actor's birth and death: 14 November 1959 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1983 and present
  Doctor cause of death: Never made clear...
  Doctor #9
  Actor: Christopher Eccleston
  Doctor between: 161, Rose, and 170, Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. 26 March 2005 until 18 June 2005
  Actor's birth and death: 16 February 1964 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1990 and present
  Doctor cause of death: Absorption of the Time Vortex
  Doctor #10
  Actor: David Tennant
  Doctor between: 171, The Christmas Invasion, to present. 25 December 2005 to present
  Actor's birth and death: 18 April 1971 to unknown
  Actor's cause of death: Not applicable
  Active actor between: 1994 and present
  Doctor cause of death: Unknown
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