Degrassi: The Next Generation

Next Gen CSI: New team in new season!

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Nickelodeon used to the aire the first season, but canceled. Now I understand. Like Dance2nite926 said ^. It has ceratin... issues. They also deal with Homosexuality, as well.

Here's a lil' Paige and Spinner lovin':


My fave couple^.

I luv Craig (even if he's a two-timer)!
I remember when I was 13 (okay, so 2 years ago), I had a MONSTER crush on Jake Epstein. I first watched him on THE ZACK FILES and when I found out he's on the Degrassi roster, I was nuts! Who's your favorite couple? Coz I'm a Spinner/Paige shipper! They're cute together. Before, I was an Emma/Sean shipper, but, you know Sean's attitude and rep, don't ya?
I've been a Semma (Sean/Emma) Shipper for a while.

And he still loves her. (If you've seen the "Degrassi Minis" aka the "Webisodes" via

Paige/Spinner is kinda cute though. Although I haven't been too fond of Spinner since the shooting and seeing the episode "Pride"
Argh!!! I no longer watch DTNG that much, but I keep my self updated via the net.

Er, did Manny really get pregnant? Coz I saw her holding a PT and it looked positive.
Yes Manny did get pregnany, with Craigs baby.

She got an abortion.
This happened in the episode Accidents Will Happen Part 1 & 2. Emma, kind of supported her, saying that its Manny's choice because the baby is in her body and not Craigs.

This was in season 3, which is now out on DVD,
I love Degrassi! I became a fan last summer and unfortunately I haven't been able to watch this year as we don't get that channel in our new apartment :(. I keep tabs on it though.