Danny/Lindsay#24: Because 10 percent is all you need

Sunday?? is then when they show it where you are Desertwind?

I love the way they showed them in the last couple of seasons, they have their sweet and happy moments but they have had their very sad moments as well. You can see the pride and love for each other in their eyes. a couple of times in season 6 I could have sworn that the grin on Danny faces was like "Thats my girl that is" :guffaw:

Thank goodness only 10 days to 24th! Think I would be climbing the walls if we had to wait too much longer so see the outcome.

Exactly Brinchen, she gave him what for lying to her, he should do the same to her even if she is blocking him out. Think I may have said this but... the fact Carmine said that he is going tio be her rock pleases me a lot and makes me think that they are going to be working through this together.
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Sorry LME I goofed, it's now on Friday's at 9, instead of 10.. so that would be the 24th..:( Miami is on Sunday's, talk about confused:confused:I live in California;)
I agree, Desertwind! They really have a lot of respect for each other. I think by now, they know how each other's minds work. When you compare them how they were in season 4 and how they are now, there is a big difference, especially when it comes to trusting in each other. It's like they both grew up a lot, maybe also because of their baby, and I love to see how close they are now.

And that's why I agree with you, LME! You can really see those glances with love in their eyes. I love those little details like those smiles you mentioned. ;) That's kinda how I felt when I watched The Formular. What I also really loved was this scene where she came in and told him they needed to buy something and then they kissed. The way they look at each other is so lovely. But I guess one of my favourite scenes of last season is this 10% conversation (to find a short name for it lol). I love how Lindsay talks to Danny here, and how he listens so closely. That's such a brilliant moment!

Yep! I think they can do this together. They have experience with difficult situations. I hope we will get a few scenes in which we will see that.
no worries Desertwind with these day changes it doesn't take much to confuse me :lol:

That 10% conversation is something else. the look in his eyes I think is amazing, I don't know if it is me but it almost seems like his eyes are almost on the edge or crying - perhaps with the tough that if she knew the truth she would leave him but her speech got him to understand she would never leave him because she really loves him. Him the man and not just because he is the father of her child. The looks on their faces in that scene kind of reminded me of the way they looked in the Lets take that leep conversation in Green piece.
I've always liked the fact that they listen to each other. They're so different but listen intently when the other is talking, that's true love:p How would you feel if one of the stars say Carmine or Anna left the show, but one stayed, would you all still talk about them as if they were still together? It's enjoyable to see them always in tune wth one another on all levels:bolian: At one time I thought maybe in real life they were a couple, but it shows what great actors they are. Is Anna married?
Yeah they really do seem to listen to the other one and not just seem to be paying attention.

That is an interesting question Desertwind, and quite a hard one to answer. I don't see either of them leaving the show in the immediate future, from the pictures and interviews we have seen they seem happy to be where they are. I think that in someways it would depend of how whichever one it was left the show - like if they were killed off or something. But even if they left I think that a part of me would always think back to how they got together and how they are now, kind of thing.

I hope that we do see a little more of Lucy in the coming season, not all the time or every eipsode but she is a big part of their lives. given the size of NY it is not beyond the realms that she maybe with one or both or them when crime happens - thinking of Risk and Stuck on You.

Anna is married to actor Eric Siegel, but I think he does mostly writing now (not sure on that), and they have a little girl and a little boy.
Thank's LME for the info. about Anna. The reasons I asked that is the couple I was enamored with GSR, one is gone and their constantly making excuses is to why, where and how, and the "is he coming back" NO, he isn't. It's a weak, lame story now, how can there be a credible romance, when one half is no longer on the show. It's fan-fiction now to me. I just hope this doesn't happen to them, so that's were I was coming from~And I so want to see baby Lucy, and watch her grow!
The 10 percent conversation is one of my favorite D/L moments from last season. So is the phone conversation from Criminal Justice after Danny realizes his badge is missing and the locker room scene from the same episode. And of course all the scenes in Vacation Getaway. lol

What about you guys?
The reasons I asked that is the couple I was enamored with GSR, one is gone and their constantly making excuses is to why, where and how, and the "is he coming back" NO, he isn't. It's a weak, lame story now.
I haven't really watched vegas in years but I did think that storyline was a bit odd. Given the all the time that NY have invested in DL and now to include Lucy I can't see NY doing the same thing.

That Badge scene a really great example of just how close and tight they have become, for his first thoght to call Lindsay.

Over the years they have had a lot of poignant conversations it is hard to pick a favourite. "I miss you", "Tired of being afraid", "10%", "Baby Steps" are just some of mind.

Another of their looks I love is in Greater Good, at the end, they look at each other in such adoration and love and the pride on Dannys face is something to see.
Oh yay, so many posts! :D First of all, I agree with you, LME and Desertwind. I would also love to see Lucy again. The child is so cute! And I agree; they could just do a scene where she is with them when they get a call or something. It's just always nice to see her.

And I agree with MS1213; those scenes are both fantastic! And of course also the moment from Green Piece which LME mentioned. Oh, there are so many moments!

I really love the 10 % conversation because here, Lindsay clearly shows Danny that he doesn't have a reason to be worried. She loves him and supports him, no matter how difficult things are.

Then I love Danny's speech in Green Piece and Lindsay's speech in The Triangle. You could see their trust and love growing so well in those episodes.

I think I can't really pick a favourite scene. There are so many which are just sweet and full of love, and that's what I love. I still remember season 4, and so it's amazing to see this love between them now. I think all those glances are the best. I mean, looks say more than words, right? ;) And those glances are so full of love. :adore:
Thank's to you all for being kind and answering my questions;) And I luve' your icon and avatar Brinchen really cute. I'm not as familiar wth all the one liners you all are, but am trying to catch up. I love the look's of love too. The kindness they show with each other, so enchanting
There have been so many great scenes over the years These are just a few of my favorites

Season 2.

The wood floor and linoleum scene from City Of The Dolls
When they ate bugs together in Fare Game.
The roof top scene from Cool Hunter

Season 3

The hug in NWILL
When Lindsay told Danny she couldn't be with him in Love Run Cold
Danny going to Montana to support Lindsay in Sleight Out Of Hand
The wake up scene from Snow Day.

Season 4

The batmobile speedracer convo from You Only Die Once
The sling shot scene from Commuted Sentences
When Lindsay told Danny she had to let her love for him go in RND
The phone convo from Personal Foul

Season 5

The locker room scene when Lindsay tells Danny she is pregnant in The Box
Then Danny asks Lindsay to Marry him the first time and the convo afterwards in The Triange
When Danny asks Lindsay to marry him again in Green Peace
When Lucy is born in Greater Good.

Season 6

The 10 percent convo From Epilogue
The locker room and phone convo scenes from Criminal Justice
And of course all the scenes in Vacation Getaway.
Thats a nice list MS1213,;) a very nice list indeed. :cool: To Season 6 I would have to add the car scene from The Formula. I know that it was more a Danny, Linsday and Adam scene but there is just something about it it that I find very cute.

I am loiking forward to seeing the little scenes we get ths coming season.
Oh hey, that is cool, Desertwind, then we can make you watch all the great scenes and after that, you have to make your own list. :lol:

MS1213, you are awesome, thanks for that list! I guess we can add more and more to it and it'd get super long. :lol:

I have so many favourites. In season 2, I really love all their flirting and bantering, and that includes almost every scene they were in together. :lol: I love their little date in Stuck on You and of course the eye sex thingy in Risk. ;) They often share those glances and I love that. This dynamic is just awesome. I also really love how Lindsay goes to Danny first when she finds his DNA on the cigarette and how she then shows him the tape. And I love how he checks on her first in Charge Of This Post.

In season 3, there is so much I love. I love all those little glances; it was such a complicated situation for them. You could see Danny wants to be together with her, and Lindsay wants it as well but can't. I love how he offers her support, even though she pushed him away, and how she for example let him know that she has a problem with mothers. I also love how he turns the Suicide Girl and this other woman down. That was a great gesture! And then of course Sleight Out Of Hand, when he flies to Montana to be there for her. That's like the sweetest thing of the whole season. Wonderful! I guess that's one of the reason why I started to ship them. And Snow Day? Well, hotness! ;)

In season 4, there's not much I love. I love the condom spray teasing and also their discussions in You Only Die Once. And Boo and Commuted Sentences are great episodes as well. The whole angst after that...I'm not a fan of it. I love how honest they were to each other in Personal Foul; he admitted he made a mistake and she told him about her feelings.

Season 5 still makes me squee a lot. :lol: I think the most I love that you could see how they got closer and closer again and I guess how the trust returned. I love how sweet they are around each other, with all those little gestures like glances, belly touching and all. That's wonderful. And the I love you's of course.

I didn't see the whole season 6 yet, so I can't say much about it. I did see many scenes of the Epilogue though and the closeness and trust between them really is wonderful. And I agree, LME, the car racing episode is cool as well!

Okay, that got longer than expected. :lol: