Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let go

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Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

Did he say what episode when they would be doing the "montage"? I was thinking last night that tptb may have made noises about making it but it could be that it would not be shown until later in the season.

Seems like an odd thing to say for a spoiler.

As much as I love this couple I do agree that they need to be apart to sort out their lives and feelings. From the info we have heard in the last few weeks they are both going to things to go through this season and that can only be good for them as characters. I hope that Lindsay actions mentioned in the earlier spoliers is the turn around brings them back on track some time in the last third or fourth quarter of this next season.
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

I agree, Danny and Lindsay need some time apart from each other but as everyone here knows my impatience will not allow for it very long :)

Two episodes maybe? I might extend it to three episodes :p I stand firm in thinking that by the end of next season they shall be together again. But if there is any word of Lady V coming back in the future....:brickwall: :scream:
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

we can pretend they have been apart all summer. and then for 2 or 3 episodes on-screen where they mention that they talked a lot about what they want, need and feel. and after that the banter and flirting can start again. then a second first date (that we actually get to see) and by the end of the season we might get some serious smooches

as for Lady V - Im in complete denial about her return
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

As much as I would love them to only be apart in 2 or 3 episodes I don't think that tptb are going to let it happen so easily.:(

In season 4 I would like to see their relationship similar to how it was in season 2 and the start of season 3 - they had some very cute moments the. :angel:. I think that this time would help to further heal the rift (if thats the right word) and for them to strengthen their bond. As we know Danny will have to deal with some issues this season (that don't involve Lindsay, and I would like to see Lindsay try to talk/help Danny out with those (if Danny will let her). Lindsay will also be busy with out "more that one interest" that should not last too long as she knows deep down just who it is she loves :devil:. Then the "Incident" happens (the one that we have not idea what will happen in it just Lindsays part in it (kind of)), this would prove to be a catalist for the both of them. Danny ends up going to Lindsay apartment to tell her his feelings (plus we finally get to see her place:thumbsup:), they kiss, one thing leads to another :drool::devil:. They wake up in the morning, they decide to move into together....... you can see were I'm going with this!!!!
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

Well let me throw this out at everybody.

Say you were Lindsay how would you handle the situation with Danny?

Personally, I would keep at arms distance, but I would still be there. What I mean by that is that I would continue to be his friend, while in the back of my mind, praying he gets his crap together and get straightened out so we can eventually get together. I would be someone he could rely on, but NO sex, No "DATING", no relationship (being a couple). I would strive more to be a true friend. That is what he really needs right now. Well, actually he needs a good ole fashion Mac smack down, but that is for another time.

I would like to see more friendship develop between the two of them this season. My husband and I were best friends way before marriage. So, I think the respect has to be there. Danny should have respected Lindsay and consider how this would affect them. I know, I know, it was grief, it was heartache, and guilt, he's a man.:rolleyes: Still. It doesn't make it right. I didn't go screw around on my husband when my BFF killed herself, then my aunt died, and then I find out a family member was messed up in a wreck, all within a months time. What does that fix. NOTHIN'. But ya know, I can't see who would possibly think about sex when they are greiving. Nope, still nothin', can't see it. But that is my 2cent.

What if she is coming back to help Danny get through this. Not in a sexual way, but in a true, I want you to get over this and move on with Lindsay way. It could happen.
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

Messygirl asked:
Say you were Lindsay how would you handle the situation with Danny?
That's quite hard to answer. Feeling like she feels about him she must definitely have sensed that there is more going on than he has told her thus far. So if I were Lindsay my curiousity would already have won from my fear of being hurt by the truth. I more than anything would want to know what happened and what he is feeling for me at the moment. Anything is better than being kept in the dark.:scream:

I agree about the fact that he has been disrespectful. I'm still not sure if they ever both decided to call what they had a relationship in the true meaning of the word, but they at least are very good friends and he did lie about his night/morning with Rikki.:(

I disagree about the dealing with the grief. I think everyone deals with that in his/her own way and I also know from personal experience that sex can be a way to distract yourself from your feelings...at least for a while...it doesn't solve anything of course, but it can numb the pain for a short time.

I think Rikki has more on her mind than Danny's love-life. I have a feeling she will be back for some other reason and perhaps unconsciously helps D/L along the way
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

Dutch, I'm with you. I believe that there is no way Rikki is gonna appear and lay 'claim' to Danny regardless of what speculation may occur. To be honest, if that were gonna happen they would have settled on it end of PF. Both however decided that it wasn't the best idea and both have moved on

Check us with the posts! Take it we're going with Jelly's Because it is a big deal to us? So excited. :D

If I were Lindsay (aware of the situation) I'd try to be the bigger (not literally obviously) person. Accept that it was something done out of grief but not instantly think they could go back to the way they were. I'd be cautious but over time, try and get on as friends, build trust back up and then see where it could go.
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

So, I haven't been a good D/L shipper, I'll admit it. I've been lurking around all summer and haven't once posted.

I was just wondering if someone (either in a PM or in a post, I don't really care) could tell me what, if anything, happened with Danny and Lindsay in the season finale. It was finals week at school that week and somehow I completely missed it!

So, Rikki coming back for more than an episode? That sucks. I was hoping we saw the last of her. And did I read right that Linds will have a new love interest? That really sucks! Although, it might be able to bring in some new tension and the old D/L from season 2 and 3, which I miss terribly.

Well, you know it's all good providing it isn' t to. 'Cause you keep me coming back for more, and I feel a little better than I did before. If I never see your face again, I don't mind!'

I swear this guy just throws things at us for giggles. I mean, you would, wouldn't you?

No wait, if it relates to the new relationship 'Wake up call, caught you in the morning with another one in my bed.... 6ft tall, came without warning so I had to shoot him dead.'

This could go on a while (notice how the warpedness of Peaches chose not to go for the flufftastic 'She Will Be Loved).

That is probably one of the funniest things I've heard in a really long time.
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

If I were Lindsay I am not sure how I would handle what is going on with Danny. Unless you have gone through something like it I agree with Dutch it would be a hard one to answer. I would hope that I would continue to be a supportive person that he could go to when he needed someone. But I have been told that in times of great emotion in public I have a habit of shutting down, keeping everything inside (not showing any emotions at all) and not letting people in so maybe I would have done something like Lindsay. :lol: Hmm perhaps someone should call the men in white coats :lol: to take me away.:guffaw:

Everyones grief is different.

As I said in my post below, my hope is that they will be able to get back to the relationship the had in season 2 and the start of season 3.
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

^^ smiliee nothing happened between D/L in the finale. They do work together, but :)rolleyes: again :rolleyes:) it was just like PF had never happened...there's no evidence that they even talked after their phonecall, so basically we were left hanging again...:scream:

Well at least there's something in 'She will be loved' which is very Rikki related and she could even make her re-appearance with a guitar beneath his window:eek:, singing:

"I drove for miles and miles
And wound up at your door
I've had you so many times but somehow
I want more

I know that goodbye means nothing at all"


Sorry, post #1000, Reply #999
Re: Danny/Lindsay #22: I've fallen in love with you...and I can't let

HAH! I got the 1000th reply! :D

Oh peaches, I have no idea what you said but I can count on it being hilarious :lol: Who is up for some laughs and unanswered questions?! Not me that is for sure...but oh well I shall take what I can get! Here is to more walks in the rain, missing each other, and hopefully eventually make ups!

Is it time to close this thread? I think so!
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