Danny/Lindsay #20: BOOM!

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oh wow, Liffys got a thread under them now. aww, congrats on making liffster!

Dutch: come on forget my name so I can whack ya. I can't resist an invite like that!

Somehow I figured it was Mo that asked all those questions.

1) I used to love DL alot, Auda can actually vouch for that -- I loved them alot in Zoo York (even though I was still shipping DnA) , and then more during the middle of that season and then season 3, after the whole turning him down, I still loved DL but not as much and then towards the middle of it all -- I just lost interest in Lindsay -- not DL -- Lindsay. It became hard to even ship FM. So it just wasn't one ship -- *looks at Mo* I'll wrap it up dangit!, She has some things this season that I like but she still has a few steps to go before I jump on all ship wagons involving her.

2) Middle of season 2, they just were really flirty and it was cute.

3) In my fic, They had a boy. :)
I must say, tonight's episode
interested all the way through. Unfortunately, no D/L moments, but Lindsay is finally out of the lab for a few scenes. She's only in a labcoat for one scene. Anyhow, I'm not sold on the whole Second Life thing, but Adam made the most of his geek out moments when he had to take over for Mac in the role playing game. Everyone seemed to have a fair bit to do this episode, and Mac told Flack about him and Peyton breaking up. There is one group scene, in the last fifteen minutes of the show, that's as close as you'll get to seeing Danny and Lindsay in the same shots together. Not that I'm worried, because next week is hopefully chock full of D/L. And Stella is dressed appropriately for work for a change, in a high necked t-shirt. All in all, much better this week.
Happy Hump evening to all y'all! D/L is quite happily celebrating the "meaning" of the day! :devil: Which may explain a few things Catey! ;) Heehee! :lol:

When I first saw it, I hadn't seen SOY yet and I totally thought they were holding hands!
Dutch you're brilliant, that was TOTALLY my first thought when I saw that pic, I seriously sat there staring at it for a sec going "Wait, they held hands in that eppy? How the heck did I miss that?" :lol: Awww yay!! And I totally agree, we most definitely do need another meal of theirs where they are holding hands for real! :D

Lol, Lynny darling of course it was me who asked those questions...Aud taught me well when it comes to asking brilliant questions! (Ain't that right Aud wub! ;) ) You answered my questions! Yay! And I know deep down you still like Linds...I feel ya, it's all good! ;)

Catey thanks for the info hon...you are the spoiler Queen, as always! :D

I love how many of you want D/L to have a little girl first...I really see them having a baby girl first, and I think Danny would be THRILLED with that, a tiny version of his beloved Montana...*Sigh...* I can just see him snuggling a beautiful tiny baby girl to that gorgeous chest of his, crooning softly to her as he rocks her back to sleep...*Swoon!* :D :D

Yay for a new eppy tonight...looks interesting, should be good! :D

*Mo waves and giggles as she shimmers off to find dessert!* :D
catie! Txs for the info! :)
Box, 'cause the West Coast is still watching - - - The ep sounds really interesting, and I like it that again this season they all work one case. Too bad DL is only in a scene together with others, but as you said, there will be plenty on fun for us next week! Wasn't there a promo for next week's ep with lots of DL clips??

Too bad I have to go to a meeting at the end of this afternoon :mad:; I hope I get to see it today :)

Stuffy said:
he remains silent because his eyes convey everything he's feeling at that particular moment
Yes his eyes do tell a tale in those few seconds. You can see all the worry, all the love and his respect for her for being willing to take that risk. She has to be one strong woman to resist those pleading eyes :cool:

And the first time we see them having a meal together (LOL Mo I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was seeing things :D) I think it might be a nice gesture to make it clear that this time Lindsay has invited Danny. :) He has already invited her so many times and now that they're together she can really make it up to him that way. :)

*Is thinking - CathSt..., hmmm who's that stranger*

Aaah, txs Mo! Lynny you're back! :D *tackles* Where have you been? And since when do you need a reason to whack people? :p
Lol, yeah Dutch great minds think alike! ;) Of course when it comes to D/L I always tend to see things like that anyway! :lol:

Lol, yeah I know how to tempt our Lynny back in here, now Dutch we just have to make sure she stays in here! :D

Eppy is really good thus far! There's just been some Danny and some Linds, not together thus far...but this ep is really good, so far I haven't even had time to moan about no D/L and that's saying something! :lol: Plus it helps that both Danny and then Linds' scenes were good! Danny teasing Adam (who is ROCKIN' this eppy!) and then Linds looking gorgeous in first her blue shirt and then the fabulous coral shirt is back! And she was so cute with Stella..."61 days left until Christmas?" :lol: Nice Linds! ;) I love D/L together and I will always love that best, but the fact that I can still totally enjoy an eppy even when there isn't a direct D/L scene, that's what reminds of just how good our actors are and just how much of an awesome ensemble cast they really are!

Ooops it's back... :D

ETA: Linds is in "skinny" pants...and oh holy cow does she look GOOD! Wow, just had to comment on that! She is so gorgeous... :D And of course Mr. Messer...be still my heart...the man is as unbuttoned and as delicious as ever! (I swear I'm not this shallow...it's just so easy to notice! :devil: :lol: )

They didn't catch the bad girl! I'm sensing an arc here...hmmmmm!

Next week looks interesting! Just one quick shot of Linds in the promo...anyone know if there is a longer version somewhere yet?? :D

Off to sleep! :D
I just love it to read all your comments about pics and D/L moments! :) It makes me happy all the way!

My favorite scene is still the ending from NWILL...you can so see Danny's worried about Lindsay and that he's thrilled she OK. ANd Lindsay let him get to her...No matter what she said, Danny knew she felt something for him too. :)

So...Snow Day! What a great ep that was! My husband came downstairs to get something...and he stayed to watch it! :lol: He normally goes out of the way lately whenever I'm watching something from CSI NY, but he didn't this time. And I know now why everybody in here wondered how on earth it was possible the whole lab was up and running in 10 days...

As for Lindsay: she just ran to the warehouse where Danny and Adam were held hostage...she was so worried about DAnny. Although I think I would have hugged him when I noticed he could still stand on his feet...and then take him to the hospital. Couldn't TPTB give us that too?

But seriously, if we have to believe they just slept together and they really do care about each other: why not a hug or a kiss? That scene just missed something IMO.

:eek: I still forgot to say welcome to all the newbies in here. I'm sorry, but welcome anyway! :D

And Mo: I'm curious too about the promo!

i have to go now. Need to see a dentist... :( Wish me luck!
*Liff pops into the thread bouncing around because he's had too much sleep and as a result has FAR too much energy* :D Howdy everyone and everything *waves at the broken meter* :lol:

Ahh such a beautiful day - and I had another D/L dream. A lunch date this time....and Danny gets irritated because he doesn't get to finish his food :( before they get called in for a case. Poor, poor Danny. :p

Mo said:
the writer said Nope, and at first I was disappointed, cuz I love spoilers...but then I thought, "but hey, no news can be good news! No news means not news of the impending bump we (me especially ) are not looking forward to!
Aww Mo-sykins, I'm staying confident that whatever bump they could throw at us, whether it be a speed bump or mt. everest (hope not), Danny and Linds will walk or climb over it with ease. They've gone through quite a lot in the past and they ain't going to let each other go anytime soon (or later for that matter). :)

Cuzzy-wub said:
GREAT opening, Cuzzy, with animation and flashy stuff. silly boy!
Well... I had to open BOOM! with a BANG! :lol: Get it? hehehehe. It'd be rather amusing if Lindsay counters Danny's boom with a bang. I just cant get the thought out of my head now - it's just too funny!

i need some D/L on-screen now! although the pressies above are helping...
Hopefully we'll get alot next week :devil: Maybe D/L can get naughty in a haunted house. hehehe. But yeah, I want more of them onscreen.

JenHHH said:
Liff, I am with Catie, since you like 4 year olds take mine for a few hours.
Oh come on guys! 4 yr olds are adorable! Danny would love them :p And I did teach a bunch of them and am still standing (okay so I'm a little wonky but still...)

Dutch said:
She's so determined to not let her feelings take over and he's so worried. And when the smoke clears and he calls her name it was as if, for a moment, they were the only two people in the room and nothing mattered except holding each other
That was a great scene. I remember sighing (and still do) watching Danny try and convince her not to do it. But, like each other, they know what they have to do and they've both definately hard headed. Once they've made up their minds, there's no changing it. It was sweet to see Danny try though, because he knows himself that he wouldn't know what to do if something were to happen to her.

So all lurkers join the fun and feel free to whack us (and especially Liffy )
Hey! *sigh* I'm going to be all battered and bruised soon enough. Not to mention my head's already been whacked enough by the meter :p But yes, I agree - to all the lurkers (hehehe. we know you're there! :devil: ) Come out and play and you get pink fog and a shot at Dutch with Fluff balls to see if you thwack the angst out of her :D

Gypsy said:
I would love a little Danny Messer first. I could just imagine that cheeky grin and everone commenting on how much like his father he is. Then a couple (maybe more)years later, a little Montana. Big bro would be all protective of his little sister.
That is EXACTLY how I see it! A little baby Messer with not only protective parents who just happen to be two of New York's finest, but a super protective older brother too! It's such a sweet picture.

Twinny said:
In our imaginations they are holding hands dutch
They WERE holding hands. They just let go when the camera was on them. We can just imagine what they were doing (groping) whilst the cam was on Mac. :D

Lynny-the-one-who-needs-to-pop-in-more-often said:
oh wow, Liffys got a thread under them now. aww, congrats on making liffster!
Yay for me! Hahaha. :p

In my fic, They had a boy.
*runs off to look for said fic*

Mo said:
I can just see him snuggling a beautiful tiny baby girl to that gorgeous chest of his, crooning softly to her as he rocks her back to sleep...
And he'd probably croon himself to sleep with his baby girl lying happily on his chest. Linds would come in to see the two asleep on the couch, laugh slightly kiss them both on the forehead. :) Awww..... *tear*

I haven't seen the ep yet since my internet crapped up. I'll have to wait a lil' while!

But until then, au revoir! :D
"I don't understand why you would stand up the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with"

^^^ exactly, danny messer, exactly. may i ask if you are indirectly referring to your montana, the lovely lindsay monroe? of course you are! no actual D/L in last night's episode, but i think that was a BIG implication ;) (cause danny knew never to give up when it came to lindsay, the woman HE knew/knows/will know he'll spend the rest of his life with (squee!!)).

boom and bang? Cuz, get out of the gutter! :p only you would come up with a response like that. :D

welcome CSIFANINMD! and nice to see ya again, sherry and spikegal! hope the dentist visit went okay, JenP.
Happy Thursday, the day before Friday which makes it a good day! *Mo pops into the thread, wishing she could bottle some of Liff's energy and keep it for herself...or better yet sell it and make a million!* :lol:

Hiya buddies! How are all y'all this morning? It's freezing cold at my house right now, and my heater is crapped out on me :p So I am wrapped up in blankets and using my computer as a heat source! :lol: I need me some Mr. Hot Pants Messer to come and get me warmed up! :devil: :lol:

I just wanted to say again, I really liked our eppy last night...it was actually good enough that I managed to forget there weren't any D/L scenes in it! I did like the end group scene in the conference room where they were all working together and all managed to look stressed/pissed/worried at the same time...if I was the dude they called on that conference call and I saw a roomful of them staring back at me...I would have been scared! (Well first I probably would have said "Wow, that's a beautiful group of people...why do they all look ready to hurt me?" :lol: ) Good group scene though...and I liked how they had D/L walk down the hallway together at least...(Hey what, I'll grab at any straws I can get! :lol: )

Did I mention too that wardrobe is doing an awesome job dressing our lovely couple...they are looking FINE this season! :D

Aww Mo-sykins, I'm staying confident that whatever bump they could throw at us, whether it be a speed bump or mt. everest (hope not), Danny and Linds will walk or climb over it with ease.
Like the new name bud! ;) And yeah I know, I just don't like bumps...good, bad, or otherwise...they tend to shake my bubble (not pop it though of course!) and I hate that! :p :lol:

Lindsay counters Danny's boom with a bang.
And there's the Gutter! :devil: Wow, you said that and I tripped flat on my face into naughtiness...nicely one bud, nice one indeed....nice mental picture I have when you say that too! :devil: And now the meter's coming after me... :lol:

JenP I hate the dentist, so good luck with that hon!

Aud wub, where is you??

Okay off to work....even though I'd rather stay snuggled up nice and warm here all day! :D

*Mo shrugs, grabs her coffee and shimmers away in her triple reinforced fluffy pink fog filled bubble of wub!*
Hey, guys! *brings M&M's to appease the 'shipper Gods*

Thought I'd drop by and let y'all know I'm still among the living, but have been super busy.

Loving the new season; love, love, LOVE Lindsay's new haircut! Also that Lindsay and Danny are still together! Whoo-hoo! They are so adorkable together! I know I'm behind the times, but the spray-on condom scene was hilarious!

Hope everyone is good; I'll try not to be a stranger. ;)

Take care, and keep on 'shippin'!

ETA: Congrats on the new thread, Sweetheart!
Hey buddies!
I had a lot of fun in the Netherlands, but I missed you and our ship very much! :) I thought of you a lot, even because here I heard ‘Everything’ by Michael Bubleè a lot of time (that remind me always of D/L ;)) and because there I ate a lot of M&Ms :lol:. Besides, when I was coming home, at the airport, I saw a billboard with two close packs of M&Ms, so I took the camera of a friends and I photographed them. :D
Oh…btw, congratulation for the new thread!!! *Abby throws M&Ms in the new thread* (Nice thread’s opening, Liff)

Mo’s questions:

1.) What was the first D/L moment you remember loving?
Well, my first D/L moment was not in Zoo York, but in the crossover with CSI: Miami. In Italy, last year, they aired season 4 of Miami before season 2 of NY, so I saw there Lindsay for the first time. :D The first time I saw her was in a scene with Danny, where he was teasing her. ;) When I saw that, I immediately said ‘there is chemistry between these two!’ [insert here the laughs of my whole family:rolleyes:], even if I had no idea about who they were because it was my first episode of NY. :lol:

2.) When do you think was the first moment they realized it was more than teasing betwen them??
Uhm…I think in NWILL, because when Danny was so afraid for his Montana, he realized how much she was important for him and that she was more than a friend. Lindsay realized that when Danny hugged her and showed her how much he cares about her.

3.) Do you want D/L to have a boy or girl first...or twins?
I think twins. I don’t know why…probably because I like twins and because would be funny to see Danny and Lindsay running after two cute babies! :lol:
*pokes head in*

This just proves that I'm a dork...when the janitor opened that door at the beginning, I was half-expecting Danny and Lindsay to appear, both with messed-up hair and ruffled shirts :devil:

Danny needs more shirts. The white one is yummy, but it seems like he's worn it all season. Lindsay is showing off some fantastic clothes (I especially loved the blue shirt she wore last night). Maybe Danny can take some fashion tips from her ;)

even though I'd rather stay snuggled up nice and warm here all day!

I hear ya Mo. I'm wishing I could go back to sleep right about now.

Phyx!! Hey hun! Welcome back :D *huggles and a daisy*

"I don't understand why you would stand up the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with"

*giggles* I went back and re-watched that scene...and then re-watched it again...and again. SQUEE!
The dentist was awful :( But she said I should be OK for years now! :)

Thanks Natty, for the clip! I am so looking forward to this one! See you guys tomorrow!
I love it. BOOM! Such a small title can say so much about two people.

I apologize I've been slacking in here a bit. I've been a bad CSI Talker lately. I should be pied in the face numerous times.

But my love for Linds and Danny stay strong! Love those kids. I haven't watched last night's eppy yet. Hopefully there was some stuff. If not, I guess there's next week, right?!

Love you guys!
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