CSI: Vegas Season 5 DVD Disscussion

lauracathfan said:
is the special feature on weeping willows any good, with marg commentating

Yeah is good. They talk mostly of course about her character and about her husband playing a suspect. :)
Another question for y'all.

I'm trying to figure out why on the Season 5 DVD, they cut Ecklie's scene out where he talks about trying to raise the money for the ransom for Nick, where Ecklie actually is cool for a change. Did anybody else notice this and/or why do you think they cut out this scene? It plays a big part in the episode
My guess is that they did it due to time constraints. I agree, I would have liked to see it too. I guess they figured that because Marc Vann is such a good actor, you'd be able to tell that he was concerned about finding Nick too, and the emotion would come through while he was telling them that "the City of Las Vegas isn't going to finance a ransom." At least I felt the emotion from that.
Ya that makes sense, it is just weird because those are the only episodes on that disc, other then the extras, so I would think they would room on the disc. Anyways, I watched Grave Danger on DVD today, man I can never watch it enough.
It's SO good. I watched it two days ago with my brother - he and I both love it. George is such an awesome actor. Anyway, I meant they had time constraints by the network. Although it would have been nice to see it added to the DVD version...
Everybody I show that episode too has a new respect for CSI, because none of my friends watch the show, but love that episode. I tell people that if it was a movie, it would be my favorite movie.
It would certainly be mine too. Actually...no, I think I'd have a hard time deciding between GD and Evel Knievel.