CSI: Vegas Season 5 DVD Disscussion

My grandma said she would think about stoping at walmart on her way home! I told her I would be her slave if she got it for me. I hope she gets it
Mine is coming tomorrow, the last time I looked it was in Illinois, UPS is weird, it went from KY to IL to MN. Man UPS is weird.
My grandma is getting it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's getting it at walmart!! She'll be home in like 15minutes!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!
Any minute now, (waiting patiently at my cubicle) any minute now. It will be here...Dang I wish they would hurry up!!!

I ran out and bought it RIGHT after work.... I got a free $10 gift card too... bought it at Target
Yeah, I got it there too. And since I HAD a gift card from my birthday, and WITH getting a gift card, my actual out of pocket ended up being 15 bucks!
Whoo hoo I received my Season 5 today in regular mail today. I can't believe I got it so soon or that I didn't have to pay any shipping and handling charges.

I sooooo can't wait to watch every single DVD!!!!
Whooo-Mine came while I was at lunch, I came back from lunch and there was my DVD in it's box from Amazon.com. Whoo hoo can't wait to finally be able to watch every single episode and see the one's i missed. And the best part, now I can watch Grave Danger without the funny lines or color changes. Long Story. WHOO HOOO