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I found this info on CBS.com, all the special features...etc

CSI The Complete Seventh Season

Available 11/20/07
Winner of the People's Choice Award for "Favorite Television Drama" three years in a row, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation comes to DVD in this special collection that includes all 24 episodes from Season Seven - which includes Grissom's hunt for the notorious Miniature Killer.
Check out the special features of CSI Season 7:

* The Evolution of CSI: Season 7
* Smoke and Mirrors: Directing Feature Television
* Who Are You? Inside "Living Legend"
* Miniature Murders
* Inside "Built to Kill"
* Las Vegas: The Real Crime Solvers
* Audio Commentaries on 7 episodes:

- Ep#702 "Built To Kill, Pt1" Naren Shankar & Ken Fink
- Ep#704 "Fannysmackin" Richard Lewis & Dustin Lee Abraham
- Ep#709 "Living Legends" Martha Coolidge & Matthew Mungle
- Ep#713 "Sweet Jane" Naren Shankar & Ken Fink
- Ep#715 "Law Of Gravity" Richard Catalani & Richard Lewis
- Ep#720 "Lab Rats" Tanenbaum, Sarah Goldfinger, Wallace Langham, Jon Wellner, Liz Vassey, Sherri Rappaport & Archie Kao
- Ep#724 "Living Dolls" Naren Shankar & Ken Fink
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Elsie said:
Just a little reminder to people in the UK. The Season 7 part 1 DVD is released tomorrow. I still can't find any details about the special features, but tomorrow we should find out! :lol: :)

Anyway, the only disappointment is that we will have to wait until January 28th 2008 for part 2 to be released. :( Here is the cover art for Part 2:


Yeah i checked out HMV and omg! they was asking like £40 for it, and i thought no way. Sorry I'm not paying that for half a season. Considering that at the moment its being repeated on Channel 5 and all that, hmmm then the second part will be realeased probably just intime for season 8 to start...

I'll hang on for a bit, and buy it either on ebay or somewhere where its a lot cheaper.
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Well if you hang on (as you already know) you will get it for at least half that price. They are always priced high and then come down quite quickly. Although you can get it for about £25 from some retailers at the moment, that is still a high price to pay for what is essentially just a collection of 12 episodes...yes, I have been looking around for the last few weeks to see what extras the UK release DVD has, and apparantly it has none!! That's right, absolutely nothing.... :confused: That's just not good enough if you ask me.

I will be waiting for the region 1 complete season releases for all the CSI shows this time, as the very poor extras and high pricing of the UK releases is extremely disappointing.
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CSISidle said:

Just a friendly reminder to add more content to your posts please to avoid spamming. I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here. ;)
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Thanks for the info!!

I've been wondering when Season Seven comes out. Wish Eric could've done the commentary on Fannysmackin' but at least there still is one.

I feel silly for not checking here before going nuts trying to get the release date. ;)
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Candygirl1uk try (dvd.co.uk)i saw S7 of LV for about £25 i've been looking there myself

just been onto dvd.co.uk got S7 P1 for £12.95 and there's no extra postage its free deliver
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For you UK people, HMV, Virgin & Tescos are selling all (and I mean ALL) CSI box sets for £15. Including the newer series :)
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Because TPTB decided to put the leads on the cover, everyone else is on the back. I hope to see him on the next one (S8).I'm just glad they didn't put GSR on the cover. Anyone know if Greg is on any of the disks? Since there are six instead of seven.
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I really, really hate season 7's cover so much so that I probably won't buy it.

It's not that I hate these two characters-but this is an ENSEMBLE show...not a Grissom/Catherine show..but the TPTB forgets that a lot.

And if Greg is not anywhere on the set--that is a real shame because the character was on the forefront of two episodes of CSI-which Eric did a wonderful job at.
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So, today is the day of the complete season 7 DVD release in the US. Has anyone bought it yet, how are the extras and commentaries? :)