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Oh, boy, oh, boy. Does that mean I get to watch Danny and Lindsay gaze soulfully at one another while Lucy grins and shits in a tide pool?

I can't wait.
So is Carmine just saying that the baby is going to be in danger??? Because that's all I'm getting out of that quote.
Maybe--I guess what everyone is getting at is that we'll be shocked by what Shane does. Hopefully he's more menacing than he looks in the previews.

There are still two possible fatality slots open on Ausiello's May Sweeps Scorecard--I wonder if one of them will be Danny or Lindsay. Or baby Lucy? Though I really hope that's not. I kind of wonder if the cliffhanger will be Shane taking the baby.
Wow, maybe my theory about Lindsay being a sociopath wasn't so unfounded after all! :lol:
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Merci, perlnoir. Cette vidéo était très drôle. Désolée, mon français est mauvais.

That video made me burst out laughing. I'm actually looking forward to the finale for that. It could actually be funny. Plus, Lucy was adorable. She looked like she's about two (maybe) though. Oh well, it was a cute scene, and I've missed humor in NY.

I don't know how the rest of the finale will be, but that scene looks promising. I just hope Casey's appearance doesn't go cliché. Only time will tell :D
Thanks, Perl. Loved the preview. Lucy was priceless, standing there like she didn't know either one of her parents. But then of course she doesn't, because they haven't shown her all season. This episode may border on corny but I think it will be a lot of fun to watch Anna and Carmine finally act like they are a married couple that has a life outside of the lab.

*passes a bucket to Perfect Anomaly so she can vomit again*:p
Best description for the finale:

"SEASON FINALE, CSI: NY, 10 p.m., CBS: The kid who played John Conner in Terminator 2 is chasing down Danny and Lindsay. Give Ahnuld a call."

Win! :lol: (From here)

I dread watching a scene of Messer Family Time, but I guess I should. *sigh* I cannot avoid it forever.

*watches* Ok, count me in the 'genuinely uncomfortable watching this, please make it stop' group, but Lucy is cute (even if I have no clue how old she's supposed to be).
^Lindsay is creepy! She'd totally murder Danny for not doing laundry. :lol: Though if Flack was the homicide detective on the case, she'd be getting the electric chair. :lol:

That description from the newspaper is pretty funny!
She would not only murder him, but she'd tell everybody he was impotent. That's just cold!

BTW, I forgot to mention that it's good that Shane was arrested before they went on vacation. I was going to be annoyed if they were off chillaxing while a serial killer was on the loose.
ROTFLMAO! That clip was hilarious! "I'm genuinely frightened. I don't want to go on this trip." :lol: The cutest part was baby Lucy doing the Cas head tilt of confusion. :lol:
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