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I'm looking forward to Stella's storyline tonight--as much as we've gone back and forth about the D/L nonsense, the friendships between Stella and Mac and Flack are so good--I'm sure we'll get some awesome scenes tonight with the three of them.

I'm alright with characters being less prominent in some episodes--so long as they have their chance to be in the limelight. Stella being in the background last week and prominently featured this week is a good example of that. Unfortunately, it's like they stick Hawkes back there and then forget to bring him up front some other time.

I hope we get a good Stella-Hawkes scene tonight, too, come to think of it--he's a real sweetheart, and I love their interaction. :D

Here's a question--since Rikki is there this week, do you think we'll see very little of Danny in the lab? When she was in 4.13, that's how it was, with Danny not being involved in the case. It seems possible since there's only one case this week...

I guess we'll see. The ones who see it at 7:00pm EST will know in about 45 minutes how things are going to go. ;)

For those of you who can't watch it tonight, I'd definitely try to stay away until you can see it--if nothing else, you don't want to spoil the resolution of the case for yourself. Be strong--YOU CAN DO EEEET! :lol:
I swear to god if we dont get an episode that has some flack major flack stuff going on i just might have to right a very angry letter, and ill send a stamp, a cheap stamp, one thats brown hahaha
Yeah, definitely more than just a kiss, but probably not anything permanent. And since Danny and Lindsay are on a date in 419, I'm guessing they're just going to start over.
I can't see Danny lying about that, or really hiding it if they go for a fresh start. And csifan mentioned that Danny and Lindsay are talking about Rikki in 418, so I'd say she probably knows.

I doubt that after all that - she going to forgive him and just like that get back together.

2nd - I doubt that she knows whats going on, she knows its about grieving, Ruebens death.....just not the part invilving Rikki.

3rd - Clearly he moved on...........(even if it's just pitty sex)

and if she finds out......she's Never in a billion years is going to forgive him for that.

This relationship is over.........just wonder if they could be friends - but I really doubt it.
I read that i thought hmm could be a childish tantrum she pulls if she walks out on evidence but then i kind of thought maybe its actualy excusable because i know when you break up with someone or things go tits up you kind of do stupid things and its still pretty raw so if Danny has told her, if i was her i would still be pretty confused.

Looks a good episode i'm liking the sound of this woman who wanted macs job.
And since Danny and Lindsay are on a date in 419, I'm guessing they're just going to start over.
Oh good grief. What the heck was the point of having what happened last episode if it was just to get them back together? How stupid. This is not a soap opera, people. It is a crime drama and while I like glimpses of personal lives and character interactions this whole story arc is just ridiculous if there was no point to it but to give us angst. I don't care if D/L are together, I don't care if they are apart - just please leave whatever relationship they have far, far in the background. Admittedly part of my disgust with this is my dislike of Lindsay, but a bigger part is that I really don't watch this show for the romantic relationships. Those should be just a minor little sub-subplot here and there. Show us more of the friendship and caring among colleagues that this show is actually pretty good at along with good crimes and mysteries.
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Looks a good episode i'm liking the sound of this woman who wanted macs job.
Me too. She sounds like she's gonna be a professional who will be straight with Mac about what she sees/thinks, and not some SuperB*tch who's out to get him.
I can't wait to see Reed again either! *does happy Reed-lovin' dance*:) I think that if Mac says his colleagues' personal lives is none of his business, he probably knew about Danny and Lindsay (he probably realized it was goin' nowhere:lol:), but chose to stay out of it. I wonder if what Quinn sees and what she says will encourage him to talk to them. Mac doesn't like getting involved in such situations unless he really has to, I think.
I think Mac will have to speak with them, or Lindsay at least. You can't break protocol and compromise an investigation just because you have had an arguement with your boyfriend.
I get the feeling he'll probably talk to Lindsay, but we'll have to wait and see.

Please, any deities that are listening, please don't subject me to a close-up of the scrunch face as Lindsay is internally-conflicktid over what to do. :scream:


Now that we know the title of the finale, hopefully we'll get some spoilers soon. :)
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