CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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LOL Flash.


Biscayne Park, house, 4pm

Tom: *picks up Brook, grabs toys*

Anni: *walks in, shuts door* Hey, I'm home.

Tom: I got dinner started.

Anni: You did?

Tom: Yeah. Scott gave me one of those southern cook books so I'm trying it out.

Anni: Oooh. Well it smells good so far. By the way, Tim's coming over tonight to see Brook.

Tom: Great.

Anni: Uh oh, what was that tone for?

Tom: ...I think it's...confusing for Brook.

Anni: How so?

Tom: *wipes hair from Brook's cheek* Well to be frank...Tim's a stranger. And she's expected to just...I don't know, see him as something he isn't.

Anni: Which is what.

Tom: Her father.

Anni: He is her father.

Tom: *shakes head* Forget it. *walks into kitchen*

Anni: *follows* Hey, wait a second. This isn't so much Brook's problem as it is yours.

Brook: *lies head on Tom's shoulder*

Tom: *stirs sauce* Look, I'm all for him getting to know her and vice versa but the thing is, I don't want to suddenly become second rate just because he's in the room.

Anni: You're not.

Tom: Yeah I am. As far as anyone's concerned, he's the father, you're the mother and I'm the guy who just happens to be married to you.

Anni: I didn't realize you felt so strongly about this.

Tom: I feel strongly about Brook.

Anni: *stares at Tom*

Tom: And I'm going to raise her as if she were my own.

Anni: *smirks*

Doorbell rings

Anni: I'll get it. *walks away*

Living room

Tom: *staring at Speed*

Speed: *looks at Tom*

Katie: BABY TIME! *runs over to Tom, grabs Brook's cheeks* YOU'RE SUCH A CUTE WOOTIE! OOGLY BOOGLY!

Brook: *giggles*

Katie: *smiles* That's it. I'm taking you home. *grabs Brook* Bye guys.

Tom: Or you could stay and have something to eat.

Katie: FOOD! *looks at Brook* FOOD!

Brook: *giggling*

Katie: Here, go visit Daddy for a while. *hands Brook to Speed, leaves*

Speed: *holds Brook*

Brook: *reaches out for Tom* DADA!

Tom: *stares at Brook*

Brook: *starts to cry* DADAAAA!

Speed: *holds out Brook* Here. She wants you.

Tom: This is your time with her, she's all yours.

Speed: Clearly she could care less about me.

Tom: *shrugs* Just as well I guess. I have that affect on all women in your life.

Speed: *stares at Tom*

Tom: *crosses arms*

Speed: *places Brook into playpen* You want to run that by me again, son?

Tom: Don't 'son' me you deadbeat prick.

Speed: *slams fist into Tom's face*

Tom: UGH! *falls against wall*

Katie: *looks into living room*

Tom: *grabs Speed, knees him in the gut*

Speed: *shoves Tom into couch*

Katie: Whoa! Whoa!

Anni: *walks over* What's going on? What the-

Tom: *grabs Speed by the shirt, spins him onto the floor*

Speed: GET OFF, YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! *punches Tom*

Anni: STOP IT! *runs over*

Tom: ERGH! *punching Speed*

Anni: *grabs Tom* What the hell is wrong with you!

Tom: *stands*

Katie: *runs to Speed, kneels*

Speed: *holding side*

Katie: *looks at Tom* We can't leave you men alone for 2 seconds before you've entered yourselves into epic death matches.

Tom: I'm her father, HE isn't.

Speed: That's funny because I don't recall you being there as she was conceived.

Tom: At least I'm there now!

Speed: *stands, lunges at Tom*

Katie: STOP IT! *pulls Speed back* BOTH OF YOU.

Tom: Shut up, bitch you aren't even in this.

Anni: HEY. Watch it.

Tom: *frowning*

Katie: Call me a bitch again. Do it. *extends arms* You want some of this?

Anni: Why don't we all just calm down. I'm sure we can talk about this like adults.

Speed: Great, then you should have married one.

Tom: That's the spirit of maturity right there.

Anni: There's no reason Brook can't see you both as her father.

Tom: Why? I thought he wanted nothing to do with her.

Speed: I do and legally you can't do a damn thing about it.

Tom: Oh so we're flip-flopping now.

Anni: *rubs eyes* This isn't an adult conversation.

Speed: I knew this little arrangement would never work.

Tom: Right and it's all my fault.

Katie: Gee, you almost ruined Lori's marriage and you did ruin his so what the hell are we supposed to think?

Tom: *laughs* Yeah it's all me. I kidnapped his wife and forced her to marry me.

Anni: Enough. Tim, Katie, get out. We're not doing this until everyone can act like sane human beings.

Speed: Fine by me. *leaves*

Katie: *looks at Tom* I hope someone shoots you. Oh wait-

Anni: OUT.

Katie: *grumbles, leaves*

Tom: *leans against couch*

Anni: You just couldn't let it go.

Tom: It's unfortunate that Brook was a byproduct of him. *walks away*

Anni: *looks down at floor, sighs*

And this is the part where everyone says.... I TOLD YOU SO... Seriously though, they can be a bit more like adults about this. I think both men should just take things as they are (Tom's there in the Dad capacity now/ Tim has the right to see his child...etc, etc...Etc...) . But of course, that won't happen. How come I think that there's this epic legal battle brewing? And where there's Epic legal battles, there's loss of friendships...trust...*sigh* a drama smorgesboard... As if the RT couldn't be anything else :guffaw: and that is an Awesome thing!

Excellent work...CANNOT wait to see how this plays out!
Oh boy! I hope they get some good lawyers for this showdown! I'm surprised Speed didn't bust Tom in the mouth for calling Katie a bitch in front of him! I wouldn't blame him! Hes gonna have to relies that Speed is that child's Father and has a legal right to be in her life weather he likes it or not! If he can't handle it then they need to make other pick up arrangements so they can be Tom free when he sees his daughter!

Note to Tom! Hey buck o ! you better settle your ass down and try to do the right thing ! At least Speed has started to come around and show that he does love his daughter and wants to see her! Best thing for her is to let him be apart of her life because in the long run 2 dads are better than one! So shut the fuck up and go set in the damn corner! You have no legal say over her! you are not the biological Father and Speed is weather you accept it or not! Enough Said end of story!

Great update Geni!
WOW! Geni! Great updates! I feel like I missed so much and I was only gone for the day LOL

I knew Speed was gonna kick the crap out of Tom eventually.
YAY! Katie and Speed...they are so adorable.

I can't wait to read more. Keep up the great work :D
Thanks so much for the lovely reviews. :D :adore:


APL Manhattan Miami, boardroom

Scott: Who's next?

Bob: *looks at folder* Willard Williams.

Scott: And where's he applying from?

Bob: SolQuest Financial. Interesting how all the rival companies want a piece of the pie once there's a Vice President position open.

Scott: Send him in.

Bob: *snaps fingers*

Scott: *looks at Bob*

Bob: Oh right. *laughs* People only do that in movies.

Scott: *smiles*

Bob: *waves hand*

Willard: *walks in*

Scott: *lifts head*

Willard: *walks over to Bob, grabs his hand* It's SO nice to meet you, sir. I've heard so much about you. I would really love the opportunity to work along side such a brilliant mind and a heroic soul.

Bob: *stares at Willard*

Scott: *lifts brow*

Willard: I know we'll work together really well.

Bob: I like this guy, he knows how to give a compliment.

Scott: *stands* Mister Williams, I think I'm the man you're looking for. *extends hand* Scott Finch.

Willard: *looks at Scott* Nice try. *looks at Bob* So what exactly does this job entail? Do I get a bonus?

Scott: ...*lowers hand*

Bob: If you can find me a good woman, you can have all the bonuses you want.

Williard: I can do that!

Scott: Robert.

Bob: C'mon Scotty, let me fantasize about being in your chair just this once.

Scott: Maybe later. Mister Williams, have a seat please.

Willard: Boy your assistant sure is pushy.

Scott: Robert's my assistant. I'm the CEO.

Bob: I'm your assistant? AWESOME.

Scott: We'll talk about it later. *gestures toward chair*

Willard: *sits*

Scott: *flatens out tie, sits*

Willard: You don't look like a hero.

Scott: I'm not sure who exactly has been spreading...*looks at Bob* stories about me but *looks at Willard* we're here to discuss your application. Now, it says here that you spent 6 years at SolQuest. Why the change?

Willard: *squints* You're not as tall as I would have expected.

Scott: Mister Williams, let's talk about you and why you want this job.

Willard: This is really rather disappointing. You're just a dude. And you're younger than me.

Scott: How about I give you a call in the next few days.

Willard: Don't bother. *stands, walks away*

Bob: What was wrong with him?

Scott: *writing* Send in the next one.

Bob: Okay. Yuri Talbott. *waves hand*

Yuri: *walks in, sits* This place doesn't double as a whore house does it? *smiles*

Scott/Bob: *stare at Yuri*

2 hours later

Scott: *leans back in chair, rubs face* Maybe we should call it a day. My 5-year old could help run this company better than some of these yahoos.

Bob: There's 2 left.

Scott: *sigh* Okay. *leans forward, grabs pen* Who?

Bob: *looks down at file* Sarah Miller. *waves hand*

Sarah: *walks in*

Scott: *lifts eyes*

Sarah: *smiles, places briefcase onto table* Hello gentleman, I'm Sarah Miller.

Scott: *staring at Sarah*

Bob: I'm Robert Redford and this here is Scott Bakula.

Sarah: *laughs* Robert Jones and Scott Finch, I presume. It's nice to meet you both. *walks over, extends hand*

Scott: *staring at Sarah*

Sarah: *lifts brow*

Scott: *grabs Sarah's hand* Welcome. Please, have a seat.

Sarah: *pulls chair, sits*

Bob: Want me to get your briefcase?

Sarah: *slides briefcase over* I have it but thank you. *opens briefcase*

Scott: I have your application but you didn't attach a resumé.

Sarah: That's right. *pulls out folder* In the past, some managers with sticky fingers have passed my files off to some questionable employers that I had no desire to be associated with. Call me crazy but in a world like this, you can never be too safe.

Scott: I agree.

Sarah: *slides folder across table*

Scott: *opens folder* ...Another SolQuest employee.

Sarah: I was District Manager in Detroit.

Scott: And your reason for leaving?

Sarah: Unprofessional atmosphere as well as inappropriate work conditions.

Scott: *nods* And you've applied for the Vice President position at APL. Why's that?

Sarah: This firm has a good reputation and the success to back itself. And I'm the person you need to ensure a continued success.

Scott: *staring at folder* Looking at your credentials, it seems you're quite qualified.

Bob: You're a little overly confident, though, aren't you? I mean, you seem to think you're the only person for the job.

Scott: *clears throat*

Bob: What?

Sarah: You want your employees to trust their superiors are doing what they're supposed to be doing and you want your clients to trust you so that means you need to know what the hell you're doing up here otherwise you don't have a company.

Bob: *stares at Sarah*

Sarah: I started out pouring coffee on the street in front of an office building and eventually I made my way up to the boardroom to pour coffee. Then I found myself at a computer negotiating deals across the country. Soon enough, I was managing an entire floor and hiring interns. A few years later, I moved up to hiring the managers and overseeing a whole district. I played all the little political games. I know the job because I've done all the jobs.

Bob: *nods slowly*

Sarah: That doesn't mean I'm not still open and willing to learn. *smiles* Though my primary concern is for the clients and employees.

Bob: How do we know you aren't just blowing smoke up our ass because the salary's good?

Sarah: If I was lying and wasn't very good at the job, I don't think Mister Finch would be too keen on continuing my salary or my employment. Right?

Bob: Huh.

Scott: *sips coffee*

Bob: *staring at table*

Sarah: You know, it's funny. If a man came in here and said everything I just did, he'd have gumption and drive. But if a woman does it, she's considered an overconfident bitch.

Scott: *spits out coffee, covers mouth*

Bob: *looks at Scott*

Sarah: *smiles* Or maybe I am an overconfident bitch. Either way, it's been a pleasure.

Bob: We'll contact you.

Sarah: *nods* Thank you for your time. *stands, picks up briefcase*

Scott: *leans back in chair*

Sarah: *glances at Scott, leaves*

Scott: *staring at door*

Bob: Yuck.

Scott: *points to door* I want her.

Bob: What? Why?

Scott: Well for one, she's the only one who came in here today with half a brain.

Bob: She was just putting on a show to catch our attention.

Scott: Put the paperwork through.

Bob: Scotty, th-

Scott: Do it. *stands, walks away*


Sarah: *steps off elevator*

Scott: *walks over* Miss Miller.

Sarah: *smiles* Mister Finch.

Scott: Welcome aboard.

Sarah: *blinks* What?

Scott: You're hired.

Sarah: *stares at Scott*

Scott: I want you to start Monday.

Sarah: *smiles* Thank you, sir!

Scott: *smiles*

Sarah: I uh...*laughs* I look forward to working with you.

Scott: There will be an office waiting for you.

Sarah: *grabs Scott's hand* Thank you again.

Scott: *nods*

Sarah: *walks away*

Bob: *runs over*

Scott: *stares ahead*

Bob: ...Think I got a chance with her?

Scott: *looks at Bob*

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How come I think that something's going to go down with this , Sarah Miller? I mean, because, I can almost see this connection. Scott dropped just about everything when she walked in, and they are on the same level career wise ( I would say intellectually, but Lori's not stupid) and it's very apparent that he respects her after two seconds of just meeting. Call me crazy, but there's something about to be rotten in the cotton. Believe me, I don't wish it true- I just see the signs..lol

Excellent update!

ps, that doesn't mean I don't like Sarah, the opposite is true. I love her confidence and wit. I just don't want that confidence and wit to smear itself all over Scotty... :guffaw:
I'm with Anni ! What the hell is up with this bitch! I hope this is not another Kimberly in the making! She needs to know where her place is, and its not in Scott Finch's bed thank you very much! Lori seems to always have her hands full with these potential woman that appear in Scott's life!

Oh and could you please find Bob a woman! The brother needs a hook up! Thanks in advance! lol!

Great update Geni!
Bob is such a whore...LOL

I can't wait to hear more from Ms. Miller...hopefully this doesnt turn out bad at all.

Great update Geni! Can't wait to read more
Thanks for the reviews! :D

Yeah, Bob does need a woman. :lol:


APL Manhattan Miami, Monday, 9am

Scott: *writing*

Bob: *walks over* New girl's here.

Scott: Mhm.

Bob: She's hot.

Scott: *flips page*

Bob: I think productivity will go down with her around, Scotty. I really do.

Scott: Productivity's going down because you're standing here and not working. Shoo.

Sarah: *walks over* Houston faxed me a copy of their branch report, they said you wanted to see them at the end of each month.

Scott: *lifts head* Give me a sexond, um *clears throat* second. *walks over to printer*

Sarah: *stares at Scott*

Bob: *crosses arms*

Scott: *grabs paper, turns around*

Bob/Sarah: *staring at Scott*

Scott: ...I'll have the report now.

Sarah: *hands over report*

Scott: *staring at Sarah, takes folder*

Sarah: *smiles* Let me know if you need anything else. *walks away*

Scott: *swallows*

Bob: Oh yeah, you definitely hired her for her brains.

Scott: *frowns* Out.

Bob: I'm just saying. The drool couldn't be leaving your chin any faster.

Scott: *stares at Bob*

Sarah: *walks in* Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier but I hope you don't mind, I went ahead and told the LA branch to go ahead and take on one of the local firms they've been talking to. I dealt with them a few years ago, they're good people. Well, as good as it gets in this field.

Scott: *nods* That's fine.

Sarah: Also, a television station in New York is covering Wall Street as part of a docu-series about trading and investing and they want APL to be included. I told them I wouldn't sign off on anything until I had the CEO's say-so. They want to interview you but if you'd prefer I do it, I don't think they'd complain.

Scott: If you wouldn't mind.

Sarah: *smiles*

Scott: ...How did you have time for all of this?

Sarah: I got here early.

Scott: *tilts head*

Sarah: I'd better get back to my office, I have a potential client waiting. *walks away*

Bob: *blinks*

Scott: ...She's good.

Bob: Very good.

Scott: *nods*

Gables Estates, house, 5pm

Steph: *runs into kitchen* Momma, the baby's cryin' again.

Lori: Just a minute. *closes oven*

Steph: I picked up all ma toys like you told me.

Lori: Good. Can you put these plates on the table?

Steph: Yup. *takes plates, runs away*

Lori: *runs upstairs*

Steph: *puts plate onto table, drops plate*

Plate shatters

Steph: *looks down* Oops.

Scott: *walks in*

Steph: *lifts head* DADDY! *smiles*

Scott: What are you doing?

Steph: Settin' the table.

Scott: *looks at floor*

Steph: That one got away, Daddy.

Scott: *smiles* I see that. Why don't we clean it up and get another one.

Steph: *nods*

Lori: *runs downstairs* Oh good, you're home. Can you change Dom? I've got a chicken to singe.

Scott: *takes off tie* Sure.

Steph: *picks up fork, drops it* Whoops.

Scott: You okay there, Stephie?

Steph: *kneels, picks up fork* Ma hands are wobbly.

Lori: *looks at Steph*

Scott: What do you mean?

Steph: *opens hand, closes it* This one don't work good.

Scott: Does it hurt?

Steph: *shakes head*

Scott: *looks at Lori*

Lori: *staring at Scott*

Steph: *bends under table* Where's ma pony cup, Momma? I putted it somewhere.

Lori: It's in the living room.

Steph: *runs away*

Scott: I'm sure she's fine.

Lori: What if she's not?

Scott: We'll get her checked out.

Lori: *nods*

Scott: As for right now, I'm on diaper duty. *kisses Lori's forehead*

Lori: *smirks*

Scott: *walks upstairs*

* Cue the death March* Scott...tsk tsk...get those thoughts out of your head right now! Nothing good can come of those...NOTHING I say! Admire Sarah for her gumption, her tenacity, and her promptness...BUT don't...DO NOT sleep with her. You'll surely meet your maker FAR earlier than you think. Just a little memo...;)

What's going on with Stephie's hands? I hope it's not a risdual effect of her coma.... Nothing needs to happen to her....She's been through enough!

Awesome update!
Well Looks like I was right ! Mr finch has developed a wondering eye for the new girl! Better watch your Ps and Qs there Scotty boy, or you'll be wishing for that diaper duty after Lori packs up those two kids and leaves your ass for flirting with the new hired help!

Oh know ! I hope Steph hasn't developed some kind of damage due to the poisoning incident ! They need to take her and get that checked out! I would hate for her to become one of Jerry's kids !

Great Update Geni!
*sigh* Oh Tom, I had such high hopes for you. Now you're back to being an ass.

Sorry, i'm taking Speed's side on this one. I remember studying stuff like this (well, not exactly like this) in Legal Studies at school, and every time we'd study something like this, the mother and the step father got all the rights while the biological father got practically nothing, even if he wanted it. So poor Speed.
Oh goodness gracious, I damn near fell off the chair when Scott said sexcond...

What the hell Scott! Don't be distracted by the new girl...your wife will kill her.

Whats wrong with Stephie...shes gonna be ok right

Great update Geni! Can't wait to
Thanks for the fab reviews! :)

HI CARLY! *waves* :D

Yeah, the legal stuff is always a sticky situation. :/


Condo, bedroom, 10am

Speed: *rolls over*

Katie: *sits on bed* Hey. No work today?

Speed: I'm off the case.

Katie: *lifts brow* Why?

Speed: H found a lead and said I was off. I don't mind, I'm not sure I'll be able to get out of bed anyway.

Katie: Tom sure pounded the crap out of you, huh.

Speed: *lifts finger* I would have won that fight had I not already been screwed up by the causeway.

Katie: *lies besides Speed* Do you know what you're going to do about Brook?

Speed: *shakes head*

Katie: *places hand on Speed's cheek* It'll work out.

Speed: *looks at Katie*

Katie: *smirks*

Doorbell rings

Katie: I'll go get it.

Speed: Okay.


Katie: *opens door*

Lori: *lifts brow*

Katie: *smiles* HI. OOH YOU BROUGHT A BABY! *grabs baby carrier*

Lori: *steps in* Where's Dad?

Katie: He's upstairs in bed.

Lori: *looks at Katie*

Katie: *shuts door*

Speed: *walks downstairs*

Lori: *looks at Speed*

Speed: Can I get you something to drink?

Lori: Uh...water would be okay, thanks.

Speed: *walks into kitchen*

Lori: What are you doing here, Mother.

Katie: Making sure he's okay.

Lori: Why do you have to swoop in just because he's single?

Katie: I'm not swooping.

Lori: *stares at Katie*

Katie: *looks down at carrier* Oooh look at the cute baby! *runs away*


Lori: *walks over*

Speed: *hands over glass*

Lori: What's she doing here?

Speed: Visiting.

Lori: *nods slowly*

Katie: *runs over* Oh you know what, it's early for everyone. Why don't I start breakfast. Did you eat yet, Lori?

Lori: I didn't have much.

Katie: Growing babies need mothers with full stomachs. I'll make pancakes. *reaches across counter* Excuse me.

Speed: *lifts arm*

Katie: *grabs frying pan* Let me see if I remember...banana for Lori and plain for Tim.

Speed: Sounds about right.

Katie: *smiles*

Speed: *smirks*

Lori: *blinks* ...I just walked into a parallel universe.

Katie: You two go visit baby, I'll take care of the rest.


Lori: *rocks carrier* So...Mom's making breakfast.

Speed: Yeah.

Lori: In your home.

Speed: Yes.

Lori: For us.

Speed: It would seem that way.

Lori: Please tell me she did not spend the night.

Speed: She did.

Lori: *rolls eyes*

Speed: Nothing happened, Lori. She's been here every night for the past few months. We've been...talking.

Lori: Dad, you don't talk. At least not with your mouth.

Speed: *stares at Lori*

Lori: She's only here because Anni isn't.

Speed: What's wrong with that?

Lori: Um, hello. She's using you. Do men just go completely blind when a pretty skirt says 'here, let me help you'? Nevermind, I already know the answer to that.

Speed: ...What if your mother and I can work?

Lori: In your case, third time is not a charm. You'll go back to beating the crap out of her and she'll keep living in denial.

Speed: No. Not this time.

Lori: I've been around abusive people my entire life. Everyone says that.

Speed: I don't care what everyone else says.

Lori: Fine, whatever, play your little games with each other.

APL Manhattan Miami, boardroom, 11am

Scott: *staring at wall*

Sarah: This proposal is something I've put together from my years of experience in dealing with multiple companies with similar invested interests. I know APL's had a bit of friction with some of the other smaller firms and that's why I've asked those firms' presidents to be here today.

Man1: And what do you propose the solution is?

Sarah: We buy you out.

Man2: *laughs* You want complete ownership.

Sarah: Yes.

Man2: I thought APL was partnering with us, not trying to create a monopoly on Wall Street.

Man3: And all this because some of us don't agree with what APL wants?

Man1: This isn't a solution, this is a takeover.

Sarah: Think about it. Right now, none of you can do anything major without APL's say-so and you've agreed to this because you were falling off the market. Now you're in the plus and suddenly you want more room to move around. That's all well and good but you know the problem with a democracy? When everyone has a say and there are a thousand different ideas running around, sometimes things don't get done. Everyone wants to be their own entity.

Man4: We are our own entities, we just have your name stamped on the back of our business cards.

Man5: We never agreed to a complete merger and my employees won't reneg on their contracts. Neither will our clients.

Man6: If this is the way you want things, you can consider us pulled from your fancy company.

Scott: *leans on table* How about before we all start bubbling over before the stove's even turned on, why don't we consider a compromise. What about...a set standard that everyone has to follow. That way, you're not um...you're not...*places hand on chest* constantly running to us and you can still run your companies.

Sarah: *looks at Scott*

Bob: I like it.

Man1: Seems fair. I'll talk to my people about it.

Scott: *leaning over table, nods*

Man2: Maybe this 'partnership' will work afterall.

Scott: *winces, grips chest*

Sarah: Sir?

Bob: This meeting's over. We'll convene next week once we're closer to a new proposal.

Everyone leaves

Bob: *runs over to Scott* What's going on?

Scott: *closes eyes* It's nothing. I have the flu.

Sarah: More like pneumonia.

Scott: I'll be fine.

Bob: You looked like you were having a heart attack.

Scott: I'm going to take the day. *stands* I don't want any phone calls at home. *walks away*

Bob: *looks at Sarah*

Sarah: *looks at Bob*

Bob: ...You doing anything tonight?

Sarah: *frowns*

Lori's the skeptic...Maybe this time , they will work out this time. What would be the problem in that? I think it's high time for everyone to be happy, LOL. Of course, happiness with this crew is a relative term.

Whoa..Scotty needs to go to the doctor and pronto. Getting sick can be a deadly thing for him...Stop with the stubborness... GO TO A DOCTOR for cripes sake!

Awesome update!
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