CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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OMG! Geni that was hilarious!

Poor Ryan he can't catch a break

My poor Delko, he'll do anything Calleigh tells him too

Can't wait to
Oh, no. Poor Ryan... *hugs him*

The team going over the cliff was hysterical! I freaking love the part with Colton and Speed... :lol:

Great update! :)
Speed: Stop throwing fries.


Oh noes! Ryan is going to be eated...or is he *taps chin* Ew, H put GPS in everyone? I don't even wanna know where he put them...

For goodnes sake people, if you're lost, stay lost until we find you...how rude of them to be found so easily :lol:
Ha Ha Ha ! LMOROF ! Colton farted on speeds head OMFG! That was so funny ! and thinking they were going to starve and H. saying there was a McDonalds just a few feet from them was so tipicle of the RT group! lol!

Great update Geni!
OMFG...If I didn't just laugh my...A$$ off... Truly...simply classic RT, Geni! You've not lost your touch...Everything from the very dramatic cliff fall to the comedic find of the tourist McDonlds...Just hilarious...Simply hilarious!

Even as I sit here , I'm laughing...my daughter asked what I was laughing at, I told her comedic gold.

Awesome update, Geni!

ps Horatio's down to what, 1085 frames now?
Thanks so much for all the reviews! *snuggles tight* :D

Here's a teeny one. :p


Coral Gables, house, 2pm

Josh: Ethan! You have soccer practice in 30 minutes, let's go!

Ethan: *runs downstairs* It's just across the street, it's not like I'm in a hurry.

Josh: I need to drop Cait off at the mall so I want to make sure you're there on time. Your coach expects you there this week.

Ethan: But I suck at soccer.

Josh: Which is exactly why you need to practice more. Get your shoes on.

Ethan: *rolls eyes, walks away*

Cait: *leaning over counter* So you've actually done it with dudes?

Josh: *looks at Cait* You're supposed to be getting ready to go to the mall.

Cait: How exactly does one-

Josh: Cait.

Cait: What?

Josh: Get moving.

Cait: *picks up sticky note* Who's Brice?

Josh: Uh...just someone I met at the grocery store.

Cait: *smiles* Oooh, is he cute?

Josh: Doesn't matter, I'm cancelling the date.

Cait: *smile fades* How come?

Josh: *shrugs* Too much to do at home.

Cait: I can watch Ethan, you go have fun.

Josh: No. It's fine, maybe another time. *walks over* Ready to go?

Cait: Can I have money?

Josh: Only if you promise to actually do your chores.

Cait: I promise.

Josh: *pulls out wallet* Will 20 do it?

Cait: *laughs* I'm going to the mall, not paying a toll.

Josh: *hands over money* A hundred.

Cait: *looks down at money* But this'll only get me 2 pairs of shoes at best.

Josh: I wish I could give you the world but my salary lets me pay for the necessities of life, your education and some luxuries. Unfortunately, that means only 2 pairs of shoes.

Cait: This sucks.

Josh: When I was your age, I was lucky to get one pair every 5 or 6 years.

Cait: How did you survive?

Josh: *smiles*

Cait: You could just use the money Mom sends every month.

Josh: That goes toward things you need, not things you want.

Cait: *sighs, walks away*

Josh: *looks down at counter*

Truck, road

Josh: *staring ahead*

Cait: *staring out window* You should go on that date, Dad. Do what makes you happy for a while.

Josh: *looks at Cait*

Cait: The world isn't going to explode if you go.

Josh: *smirks* Maybe I will then.

Cait: Great. So I can order a pizza instead of eating your cooking for once!

Josh: *laughs*

LOL..WHOA...Cait's a bit on the high maintance side. LOL, if I were given a hundred dollars...TODAY, much less when I was a kid, I'd do sommersaults through out the land. Kids today, I tell ya...

At least Cait's being somewhat decent to her Dad. In times past, she's been downright nasty to him. It's nice to know that she cares for him in the least bit,but something tells me that there's an ulterior motive to Cait's contentment with her father...But that's jjust me...

Awesome update!
Thanks for the review! :D Hee. :)


Gables Estates, house, 4pm

Lori: *running down stairs* SCOTT! Where did you put that toolbox!

Scott: *walking up*

Lori: The sink is busted up, I-*trips, falls* AH!

Scott: *grabs Lori*

Lori: *clutches Scott*

Scott: *looks at Lori* Slow down. I'll get the toolbox.

Lori: *nods* Thanks.

Scott: *lets go*

Lori: *straightens out Scott's shirt* ...*tilts head* You're wearing black. You never wear black. Is there something wrong?

Scott: I didn't realize clothing could be interpreted that way.

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *smiles* I just like the shirt.

Lori: Oh. Well...good. I like it too.

Scott: *walks downstairs*

Lori: Scott! *runs down*

Near back door

Lori: I was thinking about Steph's trip to New York.

Scott: *opens back door, walks away*

Lori: *follows* Maybe...it would be good for both of them. MAYBE.

Scott: *kneels, reaches for toolbox*

Lori: But before I completely hand her over, I want to know as much as possible about your mother.

Scott: *stands* Okay. What do you want to know? *walks away*

Lori: *follows*

Inside house

Lori: *shuts door* Was she there for your highschool graduation?

Scott: Yes.

Lori: Did she ever take care of you when you were sick as a kid? Y'know, the old chicken noodle soup deal.

Scott: No. *opens toolbox* Which tools do you need? I need to keep some for outside.

Lori: Did she ever tuck you in at night?

Scott: *shakes head, rummages through box* The maid would.

Lori: What's the best memory you have with your mother?

Scott: *staring down at box*

Lori: Come on, what's the first, best thing that comes to mind when spending time with her?

Scott: ...When I was 8, she took me to the top of the Empire State Building. There was snow all over Manhattan but I remember it was a clear day. One of my mother's friends was head of security and he let us up early so there were no tourists.

Lori: That must have been pretty cool.

Scott: I turned around and she was passed out on the deck.

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: Apparently she'd been drinking heavily that morning.

Lori: *lowers eyes*

Scott: It was -5 farenheit. So I covered her with my coat. I stayed up there with her for 2 and a half hours before someone noticed.

Lori: ...And that's the best memory you have?

Scott: It was the longest amount of time she'd voluntarily spent with me.

Lori: *places hand on Scott's arm*

Scott: *lifts wrench* Can you use this to fix the sink?

Lori: *smirks* Yeah. *takes wrench* I think it'll do just fine.

Scott: Great.

Lori: At least your mom got help, right?

Scott: *nods* When I was in college.

Lori: I bet she tried to make up for lost time.

Scott: *smiles* Did you need any other tools?

Lori: I don't think so.

Scott: Good. I'll get back to work outside. *picks up toolbox, walks away*

Lori: *stares ahead*

Yeah,..Doris is a real peach. Poor Scotty, he's had a terrible childhood, and his mother was a raging alcoholic. Of course he's going to have issues! Good on Lori though for reconsidering even though coughIwouldn'tdoitcough. But hey, to each his own! I'm going to love reading this, maybe Steph will tell her grammy that she'd prefer not to get brainwashed...HEY, it's Lori's child- anything's possible!;)

Awesome update!
Well talk about a candidate for mother of the year! Wow Scott really had some lousy memories to fall back on ! I still can bbelieve that after all that hes wanting to let Steph stay with her in NY. Somehow I think if he lets her go somewhere along the line theres gonna be some trouble between Doris and Lori.

Great Update Geni !
Great updates Geni!

Damn I wish my dad gave me $100 every time I wanted to go to the mall

Scott needs a hug....poor baby. His mother sucked monkey balls too.

Can't wait to
*huggles Scott* Poor kid. No wonder he tries to be Superman...

Cait... what are we going to do with you, girl? Goodness. First lesson- $100 should buy you more than 2 pairs of shoes... :lol:

Josh should totally go on the date. He needs some lovin' too! :D

Great updates!
Thanks so much for the awesome reviews! :)


Hummerhome, Nevada

Katie: Okay, with you in this costume, no one will ever recognize you in Vegas.

Delko: You really think I'm a blonde?

Katie: Oh definitely. Now, your new drag name is Delfina. Carly, get the lipstick.

Carly: *hands over lipstick*

Delko: It's blue.

Katie: It's part of the image.

Delko: But won't this make me more noticable?

Katie: Yeah as your common Vegas freak, not Eric Delko. The cops won't even know.

Speed: Maybe we should give him some breasts.

Delko: *frowns*

Katie: YAY! I have some socks in my suitcase! Speed, help me get the dresses! *runs away*

Speed: *walks away*

Anni: *straightens out wig* You look beautiful.

Delko: I'd better be a very rich man by the end of the night.

Anni: This is what you get for being banned from Vegas.


Katie: *throwing dresses* I know I put those extra large socks somewhere. OH and the giant bra, too.

Speed: Why did you think to bring these things?

Katie: H said we were coming here. I couldn't leave without all my costumes.

Speed: ...What exactly did you think we'd be doing?

Katie: *smiles, stands straight* That's the beauty of it. Anything can happen. OOH maybe I'll even get married!

Speed: I don't think Vegas would be the right backdrop.

Katie: *smile fades* What, you don't think I could get married, even here?

Speed: No, that's not what I mean. You should marry someone you love, not the first drunken guy that happens to smile your way.

Katie: *smirks* Y'know...that's kind of sweet.

Speed: I know I make fun of you a lot but in all seriousness...any guy would be lucky to have you.

Katie: Thanks.

Speed: *nods*

Katie: *hugs Speed*

Speed: *lifts brow, wraps arms around Katie*

Katie: ...We had a lot of good times together.

Speed: We did.

Katie: Remember when Holly was 4 and we took her camping...we were going to make smores so you and I, I think went to go get napkins or something but when we came back, she had stuffed everything in her mouth? *smiles* We must have laughed for an hour. *laughs* And then we spent another, cleaning her up.

Speed: *smirks*

Katie: *sigh* And there was that one night at home when we were watching that movie with Holly and even Lori came downstairs to sit with us.

Speed: I remember. She actually smiled for once.

Katie: Well, that's because she was making killer shots for your face with popcorn and Holly started to find that very amusing.

Speed: It took me what, 3 hours to get all the salt out of my eye?

Katie: *smiles* 3 and a half, maybe.

Speed: *nods*

Katie: Well anyway...as it stands, I'd much rather dwell on the good.

Speed: Not that you'd ever let me forget the bad.

Katie: *lets go* Why don't we just have a truce.

Speed: A truce.

Katie: Yeah. Let's just get along, once and for all.

Speed: You realize that only works for about a week.

Katie: Well I want to make it work longer. Remember, I'm trying to better myself.

Speed: Right. Well, I hope we can get along. *grabs dresses* Now let's go dress Eric in drag.

Katie: *smiles* I'll get the pumps.

Vegas, street

Delko: *wobbles* I don't like these shoes.

Ryan: You look fine.

Delko: *looks over* What's with the bandage?

Ryan: Bear attack.

Delko: Oh. How'd you fend it off?

Ryan: I threw the GPS at it and ran like hell.

Delko: Well I can tell you for certain, walking in heels is harder than running away from a hungry bear.

Ryan: What are we supposed to be doing anyway? I want to gamble.

Delko: You're not allowed to gamble. Apparently you have some sort of addiction.

Ryan: Do not.

Delko: Do too.

Ryan: *slaps Eric's boob* Do not.

Delko: HEY! *covers chest* Watch the twins.

Ryan: They're socks.

Delko: Shh they can hear you.

Ryan: *rolls eyes*


Anni: BIG MONEY! *throws dice*

Speed: You're enjoying this a little too much.

Anni: Shut up, I want to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Dealer: Snake eyes.

Anni: DAMNIT. *looks at Speed* Give me 300 dollars.

Speed: What for?

Anni: So I can win our money back.

Speed: *frowns* Anni, you suck at gambling. I'm not going to give you a penny, let alone-

Anni: I GOT HIS WALLET! *holds up wallet*

People cheer

Speed: *sighs, grabs wallet*

Anni: Hey.

Speed: Let alone 300 dollars. If you want to gamble, at least play a game you're good at.

Anni: Blackjack, here I come. *snatches wallet* I'm only going to take 50, I swear.

Speed: How many 50s?

Anni: *smiles* Cute. Why don't you go get us a room.

Speed: I already did.

Anni: Is it big? Does it have a whirlpool? Does it have robes? *gasp* DO WE HAVE A VIEW?

Speed: *smirks* It has everything.

Anni: Excellent.

Speed: The only downside is we have to share.

Anni: *smile fades* ...With who.

Speed: Katie and Carly.

Anni: What for?

Speed: Horatio only gave us so much. And it's not like we're the only ones relegated to sharing a room. Colton, Eric and Ryan have to share one and Horatio, Calleigh and Heather have to share another.

Anni: What about Lora?

Speed: She doesn't like casinos so she's playing video games in the Hummerhome. She's being a bit anti-social.

Anni: Well...I guess it won't be that bad. We came on this trip to spend time with our friends, right?

Speed: Yep.

Anni: Then that's what we'll do.


Carly: Let's set a few ground rules. Firstly, we're not flooding their room with mustard and secondly, we're getting earplugs.

Katie: I think we should bunk with H and Calleigh.

Carly: What for?

Katie: This place could be really romantic. I think Anni and Tim deserve the room to themselves.

Carly: *lifts brow* Are you on drugs?

Katie: We don't come here very often and it's not like they have the funds for a vacation getaway. This could be the last time they have the chance to really be alone until their kid gets older.

Carly: ...You are on drugs.

Katie: I'm not on drugs. *grabs Carly's arm* Let's go.

OMG ! Katie has actually grown a heart! That was a sweet moment with Speed talking about there kids. I hope they can get along better, But some how can't see her being nice for to long! Shes got something up her sleeve, I see it comming! I just hope Speed doesn't kll her when it comes! it may push him over the edge!

Lol! Why is it i get a bad feeling about Eric being dressed in drag! I hope he doesn't end up in jail or worse in a drag queen show on the vegas strip! lol! oh maybe he will end up at the bunny ranch ! lol! I have this weird felling by the time they leave Eric will have a pimp and his own street corner! lol!

Great update Geni!
OH awwwww Katie really is trying! I'll give it to her for that! There might be help for her yet:))

How come I feel like Eric's going to get busted* I didn't mean to pull that bad pun, but it is what it is*? He and Ryan seem to be birds of a feather nowadays, that in itself is pretty funny.

Anni+ gamblingx Speed/ Vegas , baby!= Good times...Good times.

Awesome update!
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