CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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Oh ! I lnew leaving that Coke in the trunk of the car was a bad idea! Scott neeeds to get out of Lori's grasp befor she snorts the the whole think up!

Great update Geni!
Thanks so much for the reviews! :)

A short one. :p


Miami PD, men's room, 10am

Speed: *walks in*

Tom: *walks out of stall*

Speed: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *walks over to sink, leans over it*

Speed: You look...horrible.

Tom: *twitches, slaps at legs*

Speed: *lifts brow*

Tom: *scratches neck*

Speed: *sigh*

Tom: *pukes*

Speed: I don't know how you manage to pass the random drug tests.

Tom: *coughs, scratches at head*

Speed: You shouldn't be here, you should be at a hospital. You won't die but at least the withdrawl won't be so terrible.

Tom: *lifts eyes* ...I d-don't need a doctor...

Speed: Then go home or I'll call H.

Tom: *frowns*

Speed: *walks away*

Tom: *pulls out cellphone*

Biscayne Park, house, 11am

Lori: *walks in* This better be good! I just left my daughter with my...mother and she has enough to deal with at the moment.

Tom: *lying on couch*

Lori: *walks over* Oh my God. *kneels, grabs Tom's shoulder* When's the last time you took anything?

Tom: T-Ten hours. *sits up*

Lori: *grabs Tom's face* Where's Amy?

Tom: She left me.

Lori: *closes eyes* ...I am...so sorry.

Tom: It's okay.

Lori: I'm going to take you to the hospital.

Tom: No.

Lori: It's going to get worse, Tom.

Tom: ...Yeah. Let's go to the hospital.

Lori: *smirks* Thought so.

Truck, road

Tom: *leaning head against window*

Lori: So...do you still love me?

Tom: *looks at Lori*

Lori: I'm just curious.

Tom: *pulls out cigarette, lights it*

Lori: What's up with you? You're clean then you're not, then you're clean again and now you're not. What's going on?

Tom: *blows smoke*

Lori: Tom, level with me. You want to die?

Tom: Don't preach to me.

Lori: *pulls truck over, yanks out keys*

Tom: *looks at Lori*

Lori: Talk to me.

Tom: *shakes head* I'm not explaining myself to you, Lori.

Lori: Fine. But at least tell me the next time I see you, it won't be in the PD morgue.

Tom: *stares at Lori*

Lori: Tom...

Tom: I promise you, I will kick this. I will.

Lori: I want to see it.

Tom: *nods*

Lori: *reaches over, wraps arm around Tom*

Tom: *kisses Lori's cheek* I won't disappoint you.

Lori: I hope so because I'll kick your ass. *lets go*

Tom: *leans back in seat*

Lori: *turns key*

Tom: *looks out window*

Lori: Why don't you stay in the guest house for a while after you get out of the hospital.

Tom: *looks at Lori*

Lori: That way you'll have some sort of support system and I don't know...it's a nice place. Different environment.

Tom: Your guest house.

Lori: Yeah.

Tom: Scott won't mind?

Lori: Scott wants you to get better just as much as I do. Granted, he'd probably prefer if you did it 10 000 miles away but he's going to have to live with it.

Tom: Right.

Lori's going to get into sooooooo much trouble. As much as I want Tom to kick this, they have to stop getting into these predicaments. It's only going to lead to one thing and one thing only : DECEPTION. Let's not go there, Lori, esp since we've just gotten back from there...lol.

Excellent update

PS. I feel so bad for Tom, he's been through the ringer. Poor bastard...
(Sings) Rollacoaster Of love ! Rollacoaster of Love! ! Woooo Hooo Hooo! (funky 70's Guitar music)

Enough Said !

Great update Geni!
Thanks for the fab reviews! :D


Guest house, one week later

Scott: *slams bags down*

Tom: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *walks away*

Tom: Scotty.

Scott: *looks back*

Tom: I uh...I lost my job.

Scott: *sigh* ...I'll bring you a doggy bag from whatever's left over from dinner.

Tom: What, I'm not allowed in your house?

Scott: You're not allowed at my dinner table. *walks away*

Tom: ...Thanks for letting me stay here.

Inside house

Lori: You told him you'd bring a doggy bag? What the hell is the matter with you?

Scott: *opens fridge*

Lori: He's our guest. Hence the reason he's in our guest house.

Scott: *grabs beer*

Lori: Scott...

Scott: I don't want him drooling all over you.

Lori: He doesn't drool, he oggles.

Scott: *frowns*

Lori: *smiles* It's kind of cute seeing you all jealous.

Scott: I'm not jealous. I might be jealous if I had anything to compete with.

Lori: *rolls eyes* You men and your measuring sticks.

Scott: I just think he should get off his ass and find a new job instead of mooching off of us because you feel sorry for him.

Lori: Scott, I used to mooch off you all the time. Remember when you got to Miami and paid Stephanie's medical bills even though you'd never met her before?

Scott: ...I'm Stephanie's father. I'm required by law to be responsible for her.

Lori: Or so you THINK.

Scott: *lifts brow* Which part?

Lori: Uh...OH! Remember the time you let me stay at your condo in New York and you made me breakfast?

Scott: *smiles*

Lori: *sigh* Can we focus, please?

Scott: *wraps arms around Lori's waist* Focus on what? *kisses Lori*

Lori: *smirks* You being pissed at me for letting T-

Scott: *kisses Lori*

Lori: *sighs, grabs Scott's hair*

Steph: *skips over* MOMMA!

Scott: *steps back*

Lori: *turns around* What now?

Steph: I hurt my knee. *points to knee*

Lori: Aw, how'd you do that? *picks up Steph*

Steph: Climbin' the tree outside.

Lori: Ooh, you have some splinters down there too. Why don't I get some tweezers.

Steph: Momma, don't make it hurt.

Lori: *brushes hair from Steph's forehead* I'm not going to lie, it might hurt. But you're brave so it'll be nothin' to you. Right?

Steph: *nods* Right! *smiles*

Scott: *smiles*

Kitchen table

Lori: *takes Steph's knee, grabs tweezers*

Scott: *sits at table*

Lori: So how come you were climbing trees?

Steph: Tryin' to get my ball.

Lori: Your ball's in the tree?

Steph: Yup. OW! Momma! That pinches!

Lori: How did it get in the tree?

Steph: I threw it.

Lori: *lifts eyes* ...You were playing by the pool, weren't you.

Steph: *looks down at floor*

Lori: What did Mommy say about playing by the pool?

Steph: ...

Lori: Stephanie...

Steph: You said not to...

Lori: Why?

Steph: Because I'll get hurt.

Lori: Yup. And you don't like getting hurt, right? Look at your knee.

Steph: *looks at knee*

Lori: So next time Mommy says to stay on the patio, you stay on the patio.

Steph: *nods*

Lori: *places bandaid on Steph's knee* All done!

Steph: *lifts head, wide-eyed* Done?

Lori: *smiles* Yep! You're all better now.

Steph: *looks down at knee*

Lori: *picks up Steph, places her on lap* Now, since you were such a brave girl...*grabs ice cream sandwhich*

Steph: *gasps* ICE CREAM! *grabs sandwhich*

Lori: *smiles*

Scott: *smiling*

Steph: *shoves ice cream into mouth, jumps down, runs away*

Lori: *sigh* Scott! *reaches over, wraps arms around Scott* My baby hurt her knee!

Scott: It happens.

Lori: She's not allowed outside anymore. *lets go*

Scott: We can't deprive her of the outside world because she scraped her knee on a palm tree.

Lori: What the hell was she doing climbing a palm tree?

Scott: ...Looking for her ball.

Lori: *frowns*

Scott: Lori, she'll be fine. I climbed plenty of trees when I was a kid.

Lori: Yeah? When you were 4?

Scott: Sure. I fell and broke my wrist.

Lori: And then what?

Scott: Then I kept climbing trees.

Lori: *lifts brow*

Scott: Human nature, Lori. Steph will get a few bumps and scratches down the road and yeah some of what she'll do will be incredibly stupid and dangerous but you can't keep her from experiencing life, even the painful aspects.

Lori: So you're saying you want to let her do whatever the hell she wants, even if it means getting herself killed because kids will be kids?

Scott: No. That's not what I'm saying at all.

Lori: *rolls eyes*

Scott: You can't put her in a bubble.

Lori: *lowers head*

Scott: ...You want to go hang out with her?

Lori: Yes. *stands, runs away*

Scott: *smirks*

Upstairs, bedroom

Steph: *dressing barbies*

Lori: *steps in* Steph?

Steph: *looks up, smiles* Hi Momma. Wanna play?

Lori: ...Sure. I guess. *walks over, sits* What are you playing?

Steph: House. Barbie wants a new one but Ken has no moneys.

Lori: *smiles* Maybe Ken should get a better job. I hear 'beach bum' isn't much of a career.

Steph: *giggles*

Lori: So what does Barbie do for a living?

Steph: Cowgirl.

Lori: Is that why she's wearing boots?

Steph: Yup.

Lori: *grabs car* And this is her corvette. If only it were black.

Steph: Barbie likes pink, Momma.

Lori: I know she does. I don't.

Steph: *grabs car from Lori*

Lori: *looks at Steph*

Steph: *shoves Barbie into car*

Lori: Where's she going?

Steph: Vacation.

Lori: Where to?

Steph: The beach.

Lori: Is Ken going?

Steph: Nope.

Lori: How come?

Steph: He's gotta find a job.

Lori: *laughs* Right. He's a deadbeat.

Steph: Just like Grampa.

Lori: *smile fades* What?

Steph: Grama says he's a deadbeat.

Lori: ...What else does Grandma tell you?

Steph: Daddy's hot.

Lori: *frowns* No he's not. *rolls eyes* Well, yes he is--but not to you! Ugh...looks like 'Grandma' needs a talking-to.

Steph: *puts shoes on Ken*

Lori: What does she say about me?

Steph: She says you're a whore.

Lori: *frowns* You don't get to see Grandma anymore.

Steph: *lifts head* What's a whore, Momma?

Lori: You'll find out when you're older.

Lori: What does she say about me?

Steph: She says you're a whore.

Lori: *frowns* You don't get to see Grandma anymore.

Steph: *lifts head* What's a whore, Momma?

Lori: You'll find out when you're older.

All I have to say about that is :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: Katie's in SOOOOOOO Much trouble, I don't even think she's got an iota of what kind of hellfire's gonna descend on her. I have to say, that was funny , and quite unexpected.

On another note, Tom...he just spirals down more and more. I wonder what his bottom is? And Scott was a bit harsh, but with measure- I mean, the guy sacked his wife and she's all lovey dovey over him. I'd be a bit cross too. But Scott's taking it in stride, as always. Gotta love this guy.

Awesome update!
Well now I guess Tom will be sneakin in th ehouse to see Lori or lori will just go to the guest house to see Tom! Hmm Very interesting! I can't understand Scott putting up with Lori's crazyness to have her lover in the same strech of property as her husband Sme has deffanitly lost her mind! i guess we'll how this is gonna pan out in the weeks to come!

Great update Geni!
Granpa's a deadbeat...ha ha...
Katie is gonna get an earful.

I feel bad for Tom, but at the same time I guess I don't blame Scott.

Great update Geni! I can't wait to read more.
O_O But...Sammy wasn't a Speedle child...she shouldn't have been doomed! Poor thing :(

Yeesh. I don't really like Lori anymore. I mean, Katie is acting like a cowface, but Lori is still being a jerk. She may not realise it, but she is. Pick an identity woman! You can't be Jekyll and Hyde forever.

Oh! That reminds me. Cait is a brat. Seriously. She reminds me of the reason why I never want to go to the shops just when school gets out because most 14 year old girls today make me weep for humanity.

Great updates! (I just caught up a few pages. Exams is fun, yes?)
Thanks so much for the reviews! :D

Hi Carly! *waves spastically* :)


Gables Estates, house, kitchen, 4pm

Scott: *places plate on table*

Steph: *looks at plate* I want cookies.

Scott: You're having meatloaf.

Steph: *frowns*

Scott: *pulls chair closer, sits* It's good. It's meaty and healthy.

Steph: *pushes plate*

Scott: *pulls plate*

Steph: *pushes plate*

Scott: *pulls plate*

Steph: Daddy, I don't want meatloaf.

Scott: *hands over fork* Try it.

Steph: *takes fork*

Scott: Just take 2 bites.

Steph: *shovels meatloaf into mouth*

Scott: *smiles* Good?

Steph: *spits out meatloaf*

Scott: *smile fades*

Steph: Yuck.

Scott: You eat when Mommy's home.

Steph: Can I have cake now?

Scott: When you eat your meatloaf, you can have all the cake you want.

Steph: *grabs fork, shovels meatloaf into mouth*

Scott: *pours juice into cup*

Steph: When's Momma comin' home?

Scott: Soon.

Steph: *nods*

Scott: But we have lots of fun together, right?

Steph: I miss Momma.

Scott: I know. But she's visiting Grandma so she'll be home in a little while.

Steph: *shoves plate off table*

Plate shatters

Scott: *looks down at floor*

Steph: I want Momma. *crosses arms*

Scott: *sigh*

Condo, 4:30pm

Lori: Stop spreading lies to my child.

Katie: What lies?

Anni: *feeding baby*

Speed: *looks over at Katie*

Lori: Um, for starters, you told Stephanie that I'm a whore.

Katie: You are.

Lori: And you told her Dad's a deadbeat.

Speed: *stands* What? *walks over* You said what about me?

Katie: You're not father of the year.

Speed: You're not mother of the year either. I don't go telling Stephanie all of your shortcomings and believe me, there are a lot of them.

Katie: Name one.

Speed: You're insane.

Katie: That's a relative term.

Speed: Okay, you're obsessive, immature, b-

Katie: HA! You want to talk immaturity, let's start with you. Is there anyone on this planet you HAVEN'T knocked up?

Lori: *raises hand*

Speed: *frowns*

Lori: ...*lowers hand*

Speed: *looks at Katie* How about we all agree to keep this little family feud under wraps around Stephanie.

Katie: Fine by me.

Lori: *nods*

Speed: Good.

Katie: ANNI! I WANNA WATCH YOU WITH THE LITTLE MIRACLE! *runs into living room*

Lori: Thanks.

Speed: *nods*

Lori: ...What in the hell did you see in Mom anyway?

Speed: I think I blocked it out.

Lori: *smirks*

Speed: Why don't you come visit for a while.

Lori: Sure.

Living room

Katie: My kids are prettier than your kids.

Anni: *frowns*

Katie: Right Lori?

Lori: I happen to think their child is cute.

Anni: Thank you, Lori.

Lori: *smiles*

Katie: Ugh, looks like your kid is gonna have brown eyes. And dark hair. Pfft, we all know blonde hair and blue eyes is where it's at, right Lori?

Lori: My eyes are green.

Katie: ARE YOU SERIOUS? *grabs Lori's face* Dude. When did you get these?

Lori: *lifts brow* When I was born. You were there.

Katie: Your father wasn't.

Lori: *rolls eyes*

Anni: I think I left her blanket upstairs, would you mind holding her?

Speed: Not at all.

Anni: *hands over baby* I'll be right back. *stands, walks away*

Katie: HA HA! You have to hold it! Ooh let's dye her hair blonde. *grabs at baby*

Speed: *grabs Katie's arm*

Katie: *looks at Speed*

Speed: *frowning*

Katie: I hate it when he gets like that. *leans back on couch*

Lori: *sits beside Speed* So when do I get to hold this sister of mine?

Speed: *hands over baby*

Lori: *smiles, looks down*

Katie: HEY! No fair!

Lori: She's not crying! I think we'll get along great.

Speed: *smirks*

Katie: Tim...I want to hold her.

Speed: Ask Anni.

Anni: *walks over, sits in chair*

Katie: Anni, I wanna hold the baby.

Anni: No.

Katie: WHY!

Anni: Because you're too loud. And you said she was ugly.

Katie: I didn't say she was ugly. I said all my kids are prettier.

Lori: *hands over baby* Here.

Anni: *takes baby*

Lori: I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get home. *stands*

Katie: But you haven't heard all the other things I've spread about you.

Lori: *frowns* Goodbye. *walks away*

Katie: What a grump.

Gables Estates, house, 5:30pm

Lori: *walks in* I'm home!

Steph: MOMMA! *runs over*

Lori: *smiles* Hey! *picks up Steph*

Steph: *wraps arms around Lori*

Lori: How was dinner?

Steph: Yucky.

Lori: Yucky? Daddy's food isn't yucky.

Scott: *walks over* Apparently it loses its taste when you're not around.

Lori: *smirks*

Door busts down

Lori: *looks at door*

Guys rush in

Guy: *lifts gun* ON THE FLOOR!

Scott: *steps over to Lori*

Guy2: *yanks Scott by the hair*

Scott: UGH!

Guy3: *grabs Steph*

Lori: *kicks Guy3 between the legs*

Guy3: *slams gun into Lori's face*

Lori: AGH! *falls over table*

Guy: *grabs Lori by the shirt* Are you Lori!

Lori: YES! What the hell do you want!

Guy: The rest of my money!

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *staring at Lori*

Steph: *crying*

Lori: Money?

Guy: My guys say you only gave 150. You cheated us!

Lori: *blinks* Money for what? What are you talking about?


Lori: *closes eyes* ...I'm going to kill her.

Guy4: What should we do with kicky mckickerson over here? *holding up Steph*

Guy: Oh I don't know...what did we do with the last kid?

Guy4: We shot her.

Guy: That's right, I remember now. Right through the precious little temple.

Guy4: *puts gun to Steph's head*

Steph: *screeching*

Scott: *lunges forward*

Lori: SCOTT, NO!

Guy: *grabs Scott, slams him into wall*

Scott: *falls over*

Mirror shatters onto floor

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Guy: I want the rest of my money.

Lori: There's a safe upstairs. The combination is...*blinks* um...damnit.

Guy: *lifts gun to ceiling, pulls trigger*

Bullets fly

Steph: *screams*

Lori: *covers ears*

Guest House

Tom: *lifts head*

OO....OMG...YOu know how to leave a cliffhanger, GENI! I have to say though, the family time earlier was cute, even still, Katie needs to be slapped BIG TIME! And especially now that there are thugs at Lori's house. I wonder what Tom is going to do>>>????

Awesome update...SO CAN'T WAIT for the next update!
AHHHHHHHH! Geni, I can't handle cliffhangers

Great update. Katie is wrong. She needs to stop being jealous
Lori is going to kill her, I can see it now.

Can't wait to read more!
I was hoping that I was gone long enough that there wouldn't be a cliffhanger, but...

HOLY HELL!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

If they kill Steph, I will endlessly throw toasters at them... :evil:

I think they should have committed Katie years ago, at this rate... :lol: Crazy, crazy woman! Always trying to stir the pot... Can she have a sane love that won't try to kill her so that she'll leave everyone else alone? :lol:

I'm sad to see that Tom and Amy have split up, and that Tom has fallen off the wagon... again. Hopefully he can kick it for good with Lori's help. :D

Great updates! Can't wait for more! :)
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