CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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OOOO! Tom about baught the Farm again! I guess Scott called his boyfriend and tipped him off to the meeting! What a bromance! Well at least Speed 7 Horatio saved his ass! not that he really cares! I guess Lori will be a target now for the Columbian drug lords!

i guess she sorta told Scott that he wasn't her number 1 priority! Hmm very interresting! Speed is not gonna be to happy with her when he finds out what shes done this time!

great update Geni!
Thanks for the reviews! :D *does a jig*


Miami Lab, 9am

Katie: *walks over*

Josh: *staring into microscope*

Katie: Aw MAN. You're not the Speedle I'm looking for.

Josh: *smiles* Katie. What brings you here?

Katie: My search for your big brother.

Josh: He's at a crime scene. *lifts head, smiling* Something I can help you with?

Katie: Not unless you're him.

Josh: Oh you aren't planning on wearing that shirt all day, are you?

Katie: *looks down* What's wrong with this shirt?

Josh: I don't think it's up to protocol.

Katie: *lifts head* Yeah. It's called being sexy.

Josh: You're in a crime lab, sweetie. I'm afraid you're setting yourself up to be taken as a joke rather than a professional, driven woman. If you'd like, I can recommend a few more flattering styles.

Katie: Maybe during our lunch break. *walks around table* What are you working on?

Josh: Some vegetation Natalia sent over.

Katie: Oh, you're looking for trace on the vegetation?

Josh: I'm narrowing down the type of plant. It's not indigenous to Florida.

Katie: Can I take a peek?

Josh: *smiles* Be my guest.

Katie: *leans over, looks into scope* Some kind of flower.

Josh: *opens binder* I've been going through plants from surrounding states but I think I need to try something further out.

Katie: Central and South America?

Josh: Yep. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.

Katie: I could help out.

Josh: That'd be great, thanks.

Katie: *smiles*

2 hours later

Josh: *flips through binder*

Katie: Isn't there some kind of computer database we can go through?

Josh: If only.

Katie: You loved Carly, right?

Josh: *flips page* Mhm.

Katie: So you're not really gay.

Josh: *lifts eyes*

Katie: Right?

Josh: I love Carly as a friend.

Katie: You knocked her up. Twice.

Josh: *stares at Katie*

Katie: I mean what happened, you get a pile of gay porn and a turkey baster or something?

Josh: No.

Katie: So you were intimate with her.

Josh: Yes.

Katie: You know she's a chick, right?

Josh: That is how one creates a child.

Katie: Oh I know. Your big brother sure taught me that enough times.

Josh: Carly and I both wanted children.

Katie: Isn't that a little unfair to your kids though? To know that they were a mutual agreement between two people but there was never any real intention of being a family?

Josh: When Carly and I married, we had every intention of being a family. Some marriages don't work out, as evidenced between you and Tim.

Katie: Tim was a wifebeater, he wasn't living a lie.

Josh: Is this interrogation going somewhere?

Katie: I'm just curious about you, is all.

Josh: You're free to ask questions, all I ask is that you don't presume to judge an event you weren't privy to.

Katie: Fair enough.

Josh: Thank you. *looks down at binder, grabs page*

Katie: *leans on table, stares at Josh* So what turned you gay?

Josh: *smiles* You make it sound like I was bit by some radioactive gay spider.

Katie: Well I don't know how it all happens.

Josh: I've pretty much always been...me.

Katie: But you can get it up for women.

Josh: *sigh*

Katie: I mean, do you have to think about dudes, or was Carly that butch?

Josh: *frowns*

Katie: Here, let's test my theory.

Josh: *looks down, flips page* What theory?

Katie: That you're no different than your brother. *lifts shirt*

Josh: *grabs pen, writes in folder*

Katie: HELLO! *jumps up and down* Flying boobies!

Josh: *looks back at binder, turns page*

Katie: Seriously? Nothing?

Josh: *lifts head* I appreciate the effort but the only thing you might get out of this is a suspension by Lieutenant Caine, who just happens to be walking this way.

Katie: *pulls shirt down*

Horatio: *walks in*

Katie: You sure my bellybutton's an innie? I could have sworn it was an outie all this time.

Horatio: *narrows eyes*

Josh: Lieutenant.

Horatio: You mind running some samples from my crime scene? It's a priority.

Josh: Not at all, sir.

Horatio: *hands over envelope* We believe it's heroin.

Katie: Ooooh FUN!

Horatio: ...Make sure she doesn't get any.

Josh: *smiles, salutes*

Horatio: *walks away*

Katie: *sits in chair* Okay, on a scale of 1-10, how hot is Horatio?

Josh: *smiling* Gee, I can't imagine why you and Tim are no longer married.

Katie: Okay, how about Eric? You damn near chased him up a tree once.

Josh: Well that should tell you everything you need to know. *winks*

Katie: *laughs*

Josh: Mm, can't beat that perky little ass.

Katie: I agree. Eric's a fine lookin' male specimen.

Speed: *walks in*

Josh: *smile fades*

Katie: *looks at Speed*

Speed: Have some more samples for you.

Katie: Who, me?

Speed: *glances at Katie, looks at Josh* H already told you these were a priority, right?

Josh: Yeah.

Speed: Page me as soon as you have the results.

Josh: Will do.

Speed: *walks away*

Josh: *opens envelope*

Katie: Did you see that? He basically ignored me.

Josh: Sweetie, you are - and I mean this in the most loving way - next to impossible to ignore whenever you open your mouth. *smiles*

Katie: I will take that as a compliment.

Josh: Of course you will.

Katie: So how are your kids doing, anyway? I haven't seen them since they were wee things.

Josh: Well Ethan's more interested in his video games than anything and Cait...Cait worries me sometimes.

Katie: How come?

Josh: She's been acting out lately. Getting into trouble at school, not being home on time, neglecting her studies, things like that. And she's got an attitude to boot. I wish I could address it a little better but I've been working doubles and odd hours so the only time I see her is when she's running out the door.

Katie: And where's Carly in all this?

Josh: Carly gets Ethan on weekends and Cait's supposed to go too but she refuses.

Katie: That's unfortunate.

Josh: It's probably because she gets away with more at home because Dad's not around.

Katie: ...Why don't you take a week off? Spend some time with them. I can cover you here.

Josh: That's very generous but I don't know...what if they don't want to spend time with me?

Katie: I'm sure Cait would benefit from a little more of your presence either way.

Josh: You sure?

Katie: Definitely.

Josh: *smiles* I owe you. *stands*

Katie: Don't be afraid to be a hardass every now and then.

Josh: I'll try. *walks away*

Katie: *sits in chair, grabs gloves*

Oh Shit! This is not gonna go well I can already see that! She has got josh to leave and shes got the samples that Speed wants asap! what the hell is she up to now!
And the flying boobies was so funny! I guess Speed is stll playing the quiet game with her! Well she did shoot his wife and got away with it. I guess we'll see what happens! i'm sure someone is gonna be in big trouble somehow!

Great Update Geni!
If Cait's still being a little b*tch, I'm gonna shoot her... :lol:

I love whenever Speed and Tom get together... it's always so damn funny. :D

Katie's interrogation's pretty damn funny... Poor Josh... though I do love him so. :D

I hope Scott and Lori can work things out...

Great update! :D
LOL..KATIE! I've lost count how many times this girl is inappropriate! I loved, however, how she tried to prove that Josh wasn't gay. Josh, as ever, was unflappable, and undeterrent. Love that guy, just love him to pieces.

Ah...I think this goes way past the quiet game...Speed full fledged ignored her. I really don't think they can consider themselves friends- not at the moment anyway. And katie shouldn't be hurt or surprised, she shot Anni for cripes sake! This should be second nature to her, you know after losing her mind and everything...

Cait is going to really show her true colors, this is something that I feel deeply. She's already idolized Lori, I'm guessing it's down hill from there, lol.

Awesome update, can't wait for more!
Wee! :D Thanks so much for the awesomesauce reviews. :adore:


Coral Gables, house, 11am

Josh: *walks in, shuts door*

Cait: *staring at television*

Josh: *looks over* Hey.

Cait: *flips channel*

Josh: Caitlin.

Cait: *rolls eyes* It's Cait.

Josh: *walks over* You're supposed to be in school.

Cait: Called in sick.

Josh: You're sick? With what?

Cait: Typhoid.

Josh: You don't have typhoid.

Cait: Yeah well the school doesn't know that. What the hell are you doing home?

Josh: *smirks* I called in sick.

Cait: *looks at Josh* Homosexuality is a sickness now?

Josh: *walks over, sits* I wanted to spend some time with you guys.

Cait: *rolls eyes* Great, let's get out the Monopoly.

Josh: *stares at Cait*

Cait: Go back to work, homo.

Josh: *lowers eyes*

Cait: *staring at television*

Josh: *leans back against couch*

Cait: *angry sigh* If you're going to stay, why don't you at least make yourself useful and get me some cereal.

Josh: What kind do you want?

Cait: Reese Puffs. Don't put any milk in it, I hate milk.

Josh: *nods* Okay. *stands, walks away*

Cait: *flips channel*

10 minutes later

Josh: *walks over, sits*

Cait: *grabs bowl, looks down*

Josh: *looks at TV*

Cait: *throws bowl at Josh*

Cereal spills everywhere

Josh: *looks down*

Cait: There's too many peanut butter balls in that one. I like more chocolate than peanut butter.

Josh: *staring down at floor*

Cait: Well what are you waiting for? Clean it up.

Josh: Cait, I would like for you to clean it up.

Cait: *lifts brow* Why?

Josh: How about because I said so.

Cait: *laughs* How about stick it.

Josh: *stares at Cait*

Cait: *waves hand* Chop chop.

Josh: *grabs remote, turns off television*

Cait: What the hell! I was watching that!

Josh: Now you aren't. Clean this mess up. Now.

Cait: You clean it.

Josh: *nods, reaches over to table, grabs phone* This your cellphone?

Cait: *frowning* Yeah.

Josh: *places phone into pocket* It's mine now.

Cait: HEY!

Josh: Clean this mess up then go upstairs and put on some proper clothes or the phone's off-limits for a week.


Josh: Okay, phone's gone.


Josh: Not as many as you'd think, especially under my roof.

Cait: JOSH!

Josh: Two weeks. Would you like to go for three?

Cait: *frowning* Daddy, this isn't fair.

Josh: You'll thank me when you're older.

Cait: UGH! *runs upstairs, slams door*

Inside truck, road

Cait: *staring out window*

Josh: *turns wheel*

Cait: Where the hell are we going?

Josh: Where would you like to go?

Cait: You're asking me?

Josh: We'll make a day of it. I'll take you anywhere you want to go. What do you like to do?

Cait: Hang out with my friends.

Josh: You're hanging out with me today.

Cait: *looks at watch* I'm supposed to be meeting my boyfriend in like, two hours.

Josh: Well I guess since you don't have your phone, you won't be able to call him and tell him you aren't going to make it.

Cait: Is this some kind of punishment because I called you a homo?

Josh: You consider spending time with your father a punishment?

Cait: Yes! I'd rather go back to school and watch my biology teacher pick his nose.

Josh: *smiles*

Cait: *frowns, slumps down in seat* Ugh...people can see us. I'm unpopular enough as it is.

Josh: *looks at Cait*

Cait: *leans head on window*

20 minutes later

Cait: *looks out window* Why the hell are we at a camping store?

Josh: *smiles* Because starting tomorrow, we're going camping.

Cait: Uh no we are not.

Josh: Yes we are. 5 days of nature hikes, tenting, campfires and togetherness.

Cait: How the hell am I supposed to update my twitter if I'm in the middle of nowhere getting smoky and gross over a campfire?

Josh: You aren't.

Cait: You're so lame! I'm not camping!

Josh: *places truck into park, turns key* Come on, let's go pick out our tent.

Cait: *frowns*

Inside camping store

Josh: *grabs tag, looks down*

Cait: *crosses arms* Daddy, do you even know how to put up a tent?

Josh: I went to a military academy when I was a kid, they taught us basic survival skills.

Cait: Was this an...all boys academy?

Josh: *looks at Cait*

Cait: *rolls eyes* You must have enjoyed it.

Josh: Before we leave tomorrow, I'm going to confiscate all of your phones, ipods, laptops, and cigarettes.

Cait: *frowns* You don't have to be a bastard about it.

Josh: You just lost your phone for another week.

Cait: *angry sigh*

Miami Lab, 1pm

Speed: *walks over, stops*

Katie: *smiles* Hey, I paged you.

Speed: Where's Josh.

Katie: He's taking the week off. I had a tech run the samples. *hands over folder*

Speed: *opens folder, looks down*

Katie: They're a match to the reference sample H gave. You're looking at the same black tar heroin. The impurities are the same.

Speed: So the Colombians left the package next to the officer as a message.

Katie: *lifts brows* Colombians. When the hell did this become about Colombians? And I thought they were big on cocaine.

Speed: Tom won't talk and Connor, our Colombian friend in custody won't say anything either.

Katie: Does Lori know anything about him?

Speed: *lifts head*

Katie: She has connections.

Speed: I don't want to involve her.

Katie: Chances are she knows what's going on if Tom's involved.

Speed: *frowns*

Police Department

Lori: *stares through glass*

Speed: You know him?

Lori: ...

Speed: *places hand on Lori's shoulder* Lori, y-

Lori: *shrugs, steps back* Don't touch me.

Speed: *nods*

Lori: His name is Connor Torres. He was born in the US and moved to Colombia with his father when he was 15. He was in charge of one of the camps for about 8 months.

Speed: How did you meet?

Lori: I was given to him for his birthday.

Speed: *looks through glass*

Lori: His dealers aren't your typical thugs either. They're all kids. Maybe early teens.

Speed: How old were you when you two first met?

Lori: Nine.

Speed: *walks away*

Lori: *crosses arms*

Interrogation room

Connor: *scratches head*

Speed: *walks in, throws folder onto table*

Connor: When do I get my phone call?

Speed: When I get my information.

Connor: I didn't catch your name Detective...

Speed: Speedle.

Connor: *smiles* Now you wouldn't know Lori, would ya?

Speed: The heroin we pulled from one of your men was a match to the heroin left at a police officer's murder scene.

Connor: What men? Anybody could have been at the Port.

Speed: If you tell me the names of the schools you frequent to pass off your stash to your kiddie dealers, maybe you can cut a deal with the DA.

Connor: *stares at Speed, smiling* She was my bitch.

Speed: *writing in folder*

Connor: A real trooper. Some of the time, she even seemed to like it.

Speed: *lifts eyes*

Connor: Ooh. Anger. Are you sure you can work my case without risking a...what do they call it...conflict of interest? I'm sure my lawyer will be intrigued. By the way, the person who processed this so-called heroin isn't *laughs* related to her in any way either, right?

Speed: *closes folder* Keep marinating. *stands, walks away*

Connor: *smiling*

PD, hallway

Horatio: *staring into room*

Speed: *walks over*

Horatio: Did Katie directly handle the heroin?

Speed: She's not authorized to process it. She would have had to give it to a lab tech.

Horatio: But the information came from her.

Speed: She passed on the file, she didn't handle the evidence.

Horatio: Okay. I'll handle this case. Eric just got a call-out, I want you to go with him.

Speed: I hope that prick isn't going to walk.

Horatio: We'll see how things go. In the meantime, you're hands off.

Speed: Of the case, or him?

Horatio: *puts on shades, walks away*

Speed: *places hands in pockets*

O-O Poor Cait...she's having trouble dealing with the fact that her father wants to spend time with her. I feel worst for Josh, however, he's having to deal with the fact that he wants to spend more time with Cait... I don't think it was kosher to call him homo, I mean, it's her father. Yes, she has deep seated feelings about his prefrence, and I can understand that ( believe me, I can), but she has to be tolerant. I hope this camping trip brings them together.

Meanwhile... Connor...ugh..can I go ahead and pimp slap him? Poor Lori's having to re live a very dark time in her life. I just hope that they can eradicate this threat before someone gets hurt. I can only assume that Scott's still stewing about Lori sleeping with Tom, rightfully so. I think Lori needs to put things in perspective. But of course, this is Lori Speedle we're talking about- we really don't want to know what her perspective is...

Awesome update... needless to say, More PLEASE! :)
if I was Josh Cait would be bald at this point and carry the name Yule! especialy after telling me to get the mess cleaned up! He has got some serious problem with that one and he will have a hard time trying to straighen her out!

on the flip side!

Lori is gonna have some serious problems of her own if Conner gets out of jail! I hope Scott knows what hes in for when the columbians come to call! I guess good friend Tom will be there to help Lori out seeing that he loves her and all! i don't know if Scott is high enough on the list to be considered for this mission or not! will have to see if he can handle the pressure!

Speed is really get alot of what he done in the past dumped back on him lately. I hope he can hold up.
Thanks for the reviews! Such a pleasure to read. :)


Kendall, house, 7pm

Scott: *bangs on door*

Tom: *opens door* Where's the fire!

Scott: Where's my wife!

Tom: Maybe you should stick a GPS tracker up her ass.

Scott: She's not at the hotel, she's not at the police station and she's not at her parents' house.

Tom: It's a free country. There's lots of places she could be.

Scott: She's not answering her phone.

Tom: She's not here.

Scott: *rubs forehead*

Tom: Thanks for calling the cops though.

Scott: I didn't do it for you. I did it so Lori wouldn't get herself killed. She told me she was going down to the police station to talk to her father about something, do you know what it was?

Tom: Yeah, the guy who was about to kill me knew her from Colombia. Apparently she was his pet or something. He just posted bail too, the bastard.

Scott: What?

Tom: PD had to let him go.

Scott: And now my wife is missing.

Tom: Maybe it's a coincidence.

Scott: You remember where that warehouse is?

Tom: *stares at Scott*

Warehouse, near Port of Miami

Lori: NO! *kicks Connor*

Connor: UGH! *holds leg* Tie her up!

Guy: *grabs Lori's arms*

Lori: *kicks Guy in the face*

Connor: Tie her FEET first.

Guy2: *straps Lori's leg to bed*

Lori: *screams, knees Guy2 in the gut*

Guy2: AGH! *falls backwards*

Connor: *smiles* She got feisty. *slaps Lori in the face*

Lori: *spits at Connor*

Connor: *smile fades, wipes eye*

Lori: *frowning*

Connor: I think you need something to relax. *extends hand*

Guy3: *hands over syringe*

Connor: *smiles*

Lori: *looks at syringe*

Connor: It's just like old times. *pulls cap from syringe*

Lori: NO!

Connor: Excuse me?

Lori: Keep that stuff away from me.

Connor: *sits on bed* I don't know about you, but I'd prefer not to get bit again.

Lori: *frowns* Then don't stick certain appendages where they don't belong, you piece of shit.

Connor: Ooh. I wish I'd kept you around. *grabs Lori's arm*

Lori: *struggles*

Connor: *sticks Lori with syringe*

Lori: *kicks legs* HELP!

Guy: *looks at Guy2*

Guy2: *shuts door*


Guy3: *crosses arms*

Lori: *blinks* Help...

Connor: *strokes Lori's hair* Shhh...there now. Doesn't that feel better?

Lori: *drops legs*

Connor: *looks at Guy2* Well boys, it looks like we'll all get a turn.

Guy2: *smiles*

Lori: *sighs*

Connor: *looks at Lori* Saddle up boys.

Port of Miami, 35 minutes later

Tom: *shuts door*

Scott: *walks over*

Tom: *pulls out gun*

Scott: *looks around* Which one is it?

Tom: The one with the light on.

Scott: *looks up*

Inside warehouse office

Connor: *slaps Lori* WAKE UP!

Lori: *blinks slowly*

Connor: *grabs Lori's face* HEY! You're missing all the fun! *lifts head, laughs* I guess she's a little too relaxed.

Guy3: *laughs*

Connor: Take off guys, we need some alone time.

Guy2: We'll be outside. *walks away*


Tom: *grabs Scott, slams him against wall* Someone's coming.

Scott: *looks ahead*

Guy2: *walks past*

Tom: *lifts gun*

Scott: *shakes head*

Tom: *frowns*

Scott: *grabs Guy2*

Guy: What th-

Scott: *grabs Guy2's windpipe, squeezes*

Guy: *flails*

Scott: *twists Guy's head, covers his face*

Tom: *stares at Scott*

Guy2: *struggles*

Scott: *squeezes harder*

Guy2: *drops to knees, passes out*

Scott: *lets go*

Tom: *lifts brow*

Scott: Go.

Tom: *walks ahead*

Guy3: Hey, what are you d-

Tom: *slams butt of gun into Guy3's face*

Guy3: *smacks into wall, falls over*

Scott: Subtle.

Tom: You have your way, I got my way.

Guy: *walks past, stops* HE-

Tom: *lifts gun* Say a word and I blow a new hole in your face.

Guy: *stares at Tom*

Scott: *grabs cuffs from Tom, slaps them on Guy*

Tom: Cuff him to that pole.

Scott: *drags Guy over to pole*

Guy: We're going to kill you, Carter.

Tom: I guess we'll have to see who gets there first.

Guy: *frowns*

Upstairs, warehouse office

Connor: *wipes Lori's cheek with cloth* Your makeup's such a mess. Oh wait, some of that isn't makeup. I guess your face just attracts fists.

Tom: *kicks door in*

Connor: *lifts head, looks back*

Tom: *lifts gun* Stand up.

Connor: *stands, smiles* Tommy. Come by to pay me back?

Scott: *walks in, looks at Lori*

Tom: Get up against the wall.

Connor: Oh, big man and his big gun is suddenly unafraid.

Tom: *shoves Connor against wall*

Scott: *runs over to Lori, pulls her jeans up*

Lori: *groans*

Scott: *frowns, looks at Connor*

Connor: You boys missed the fun. She was real cooperative and everything.

Scott: *walks over, slams fist into Connor's face*

Connor: *falls sideways*

Scott: *grabs Connor, punching him*

Tom: *steps back*

Scott: YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! *slamming Connor against wall*

Connor: *swings at Scott*

Scott: *grabs Tom's gun, pushes it against Connor's head*

Connor: Do it. Kill me.

Scott: *cocks gun*

Connor: *laughs*

Tom: *kneels* Scott, you're not a murderer.

Scott: *staring at Connor* You ruined EVERYTHING she worked so hard for!

Connor: She was asking for it.

Scott: *pulls trigger*

Tom: *pushes Scott's arm*


Bullet pierces into floor

Connor: *blinks*

Tom: *grabs at gun* Scott, give it here.

Scott: UGH! *slamming gun into Connor's face*

Tom: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *throws gun, smashes Connor's head into wall*

Tom: *grabs Scott, pulls him back*

Scott: *pushes Tom*

Tom: Stop! He's out! Go get Lori.

Scott: *looks at Tom*

Tom: I'll watch him.

Scott: *stands, runs over to bed*

Tom: *picks up gun*


Scott: *unties Lori*

Lori: *wraps arms around Scott*

Scott: *blinks*

Lori: *grips Scott tight*

Scott: *wraps arms around Lori, picks her up*

Tom: *points gun at Connor* Get out.

Scott: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *glances at Scott*

Scott: *leaves*


Scott: *walks toward door*


Scott: *looks back*

Lori: *burries head into Scott's neck, sighs* ...Scott.

Scott: *looks down at Lori*

O-O Poor, poor Lori. She's worked so hard for the soberiety, and the trust, now...it's all gone. My heart breaks for her, I know she's going to be okay with Scott by her side, but she's got a long road ahead of her. I think this changes things alot. My only hope that is while she recovers, ( which , she has to...) she doesn't act out. My biggest hope is that she doesn't resort back to her old ways. I think with Stephanie around, she may see the need to deal in different ways. * Sigh* This is just so horrible.

Oh man, no one's told Speed yet. I think Connor's better off where he is now than having to face him. And OO on Scott...Fury pulls a lot out of people apparently. The one good thing to come out of this, and only happened because of this is that Scott and Tom worked together. I'm pretty sure that the momentary team work is out the door now. Scott's going into protective mode now, and I hardly think Tom's going to get a get in to see her free pass. It would be interesting to see how they both react to Lori's attack.

Awesome, heartbreaking but ultimately excellent update! Can't wait for more!
Thanks for the review! :D


Hospital, 6am

Speed: *walks over* Finch.

Scott: *looks at Speed*

Speed: She in there?

Scott: Yeah.

Speed: *walks in*

Inside room

Lori: *sleeping*


Lori: *holds out lollipop*

Speed: *lifts brow* Where did you get that?

Horatio: I...might have had something to do with that.

Speed: *gasp* Did Horatio give you that?

Lori: *giggles*

Speed: Come on, let's go wash your hands or you'll stick to the walls. *picks up Lori*


Speed: ...Would you mind looking after her today?

Calleigh: *smiles* Really.

Speed: Is it a problem?

Calleigh: Not at all. Is there anything I should know about her?

Speed: She...likes to play with guns.

Calleigh: Oh we have so much in common.

Lori: *giggles*

Speed: Just don't let her shoot any okay?

Calleigh: You have my word. Besides, if she's anything like you, it won't go off anyway.

Lori: *points at Speed, giggles*

Speed: Funny. *walks away*

Lori: *screams*

Speed: *turns around*

Lori: *reaches out*

Speed: *sigh* Be good. *kisses Lori on the cheek*

Lori: *smiles*

Speed: *mumbles* Keep her away from Eric.

Calleigh: *laughs*


Lori: *frowns, rolls over*


Lori is sitting on the floor crying

Speed: *walks in* What's going on?

Calleigh: She just started crying.

Speed: And you didn't do anything?

Calleigh: You're the father, you do something!

Speed: *walks over*

Lori: *looks up* DADDA! *reaches out*

Speed: *picks up Lori*

Lori grabs Speed's shirt and wipes nose

Calleigh: *sigh* I guess she's suffering from seperation anxiety?

Speed: Cal, I'm on a case. You could have dealt with this.

Calleigh: How?

Speed: By distracting her.

Calleigh: With what?

Speed: Where's everyone else?

Calleigh: They're in the hospital visiting.

Lori leans head on Speed's shoulder


Lori: *grips pillow*


Calleigh: Hey maybe me and Eric can take care of her for a while.

Speed: Uh, yeah I don't think so.

Calleigh: Why not?

Speed: I wouldn't trust Eric with a potato.

Delko: Hey. She is not a potato she is a human being. I am very responsabable.

Speed: *frowns* ...When you learn to pronounce 'responsible', you can take care of her.

Delko: What's the worst that could happen? It's not like I'd drop her down the toilet.

Speed: No.

Delko: Come on! I'm good with kids!

Calleigh: He really is.

Delko: Yeah see? Calleigh agrees. And besides, once we get her sitting in front of cartoons, she'll be so distracted, she won't even know you're gone.

Speed: No.

Delko: She'll be fine.

Speed: *looks down at Lori*

Lori touches Speed's stubble and giggles

Calleigh: *smiles* Please?

Delko: Yeah please?

Speed: Fine. *hands Lori to Calleigh*

Calleigh: Yay!

Delko: Yes!

Speed: But if something happens...I'll murder you.

Delko: *laughs*

Speed: *stares at Eric*

Delko: Um...*clears throat* You're not kidding.


Lori: *rolls over*


Katie: *sits on bed* Alright, time to sleep.

Lori: *pulls off covers* No.

Katie: *puts covers back on* Yes.

Lori: *pulls covers off* No.

Katie: *sigh* Come on, you need sleep.

Lori: *shakes head*

Katie: I let you stay up long enough. It's time for sleep.

Lori: *throws pillow on floor* No!

Katie: *grabs pillow* You can't stay up all night.

Lori: *crosses arms*

Speed: *standing in doorway* Having trouble?

Katie: No.

Speed: *walks in* Well no wonder. She's just like her mother.

Katie: Funny.

Speed: I'll take care of it.

Katie: *stands* What makes you think she'll listen to you?

Speed: She hasn't listened to you either.

Katie: *rolls eyes*

Speed: Go.

Katie: Fine. *leaves*

Speed: *sits on bed*

Katie: *stands in doorway, peeks in*

Speed: *covers Lori*

Lori: *yanks covers off*

Speed: You're going to stay up forever?

Lori: *nods*

Speed: Alright, but you're going to have to be punished by the tickle monster.

Lori: NO! *giggles*

Katie: *smiles*

Lori: *laughing* NO DADDY!

Speed: *covers Lori* You going to sleep now?

Lori: *lies down* Uh huh. *giggles*

Speed: Good. *kisses Lori's cheek*

Lori: *hugs Speed*

Speed: *blinks*

Lori: Night Daddy.

Speed: *sits up* Goodnight.

Lori: *closes eyes*


Speed: *kneels* Lori?

Lori: *stares at Speed*

Speed: Come here.

Lori: *crawls out from under table*

Speed: Um...you're going to go away for a while.

Lori: Why?

Speed: It's complicated. But we won't be seeing each other for a long time.

Lori: I don't wanna go.

Speed: You have to.

Lori: *starts to cry*

Speed: ...Don't cry Lori, everything's going to be...fine. You can be a big girl right?

Lori: *nods*

Speed: Okay you need to do that for me, alright?

Lori: *hugs Speed*

Speed: *hugs Lori*

Colton: Look, I got a time limit here.

Lori: I don't wanna go.

Speed: *hugs tighter*

Colton: Wrap it up.

Speed: *lets go* Okay. You need to go with him now.

Lori: *shakes head*

Speed: You'll be fine.

Lori: *wipes eyes*

Speed: *stands*

Colton: *grabs Lori* You're saving all of Miami, you know that.

Speed: *nods*

Colton: Come on kid, we have a plane to catch. *picks up Lori* You can tell the hostages that they're free to go. When Trevor wakes up you can arrest him.

Speed: Yeah.

Colton: Okay Lori say bye bye to Daddy.

Lori: *waves*

Colton: *leaves*

Speed: *stares down the hall*


Lori: *opens eyes* DAD!

Speed: *sits up*

Lori: *looks at Speed* You're here.

Speed: How are you feeling?

Lori: *stares at Speed*

Speed: *nods*

Lori: *wipes eyes*

Speed: ...I'm sorry, Lori. I should have known y-

Lori: No. You couldn't have.

Speed: *lowers head*

Lori: *lies head on pillow*

Speed: ...You were having a nightmare?

Lori: *shakes head, grips pillow*

Speed: *stares at Lori*

Poor Lori...she's now resting in the hospital, but I dont think you can call that resting. I do like the fact that she was dreaming of good times with her father, save for the last flashback that he allows her to go with Colton. Easily, the worst decision made by Speed, and now, he's going to pay for it in spades. His daughter , who one could see he loves dearly, is now a victim, possibly a hollow shell for what has been done to her. Yes, Speed should feel bad. This all came about because ofhim. * Kicks Speed for the moment*

Still heartbreaking , but excellent!
OOO! bad jew jew! Wonder what will happen to Lori now! Scott & Tom going to rescue her was a good thing, but they were a little to late and now i'm afraid that all the good is about to be undone! Lori is having some serios Speed flash backs! i not sure how thats going to make her feel about him now! it could be good or it could be a bad thing.

Whats gonna happen to Tom now! he obviously killed Conner to keep him from getting to Lori again,and to keep Scott out of trouble, but hes probably gonna be in some bad shit now and I don't know if they can or want to get him out of it.

I just hope it all turns out for the best on all fronts. I think Speed is deffantly doing some serious sole serching when it come to Lori latley! maybe he can figure out where hes gone wrong in the Father department!

Great update geni!
Katie: I mean, do you have to think about dudes, or was Carly that butch?
HEY! Geez, I feel like I'm back in high school. Boys can be jerks. ;)

Yeesh. Cait is piece of work. I swear I wasn't that bad when I was a teenager (oh wait, I still am. HEE!)

Aw, poor Lori! All those flashbacks *sniff* That takes me back a number of threads. back when Colton was an ass and Trevor was alive (he is dead, right?) Ah, more nostalgia.

OH! That reminds me, I have a story for you. I was in chemistry the other day and we were using really strong acetic acid, so the entire room smelled like vinegar (I have a point, I swear) and my teacher said something about how it would taste good with chips, and one of the guys said "can I test that theory?" and I looked up and all I thought was "You wanna test that theory?" I felt like I should;ve been yelling "HOLY SAINT POPSICLE STICKS BATMAN!" or something XD
*hugs Lori* Poor thing. Just as things were starting to get back to being okay...

I love all the little flashes, though. Lori really was such an adorable kid, and totally a Daddy's girl. And Speed was such a sweetheart with her... I love the part where she touches his stubble and giggles... too cute!

Great updates! :)
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