CSI: Miami is moving to Sunday at 10PM!

Re: CSI miami wasn't on at 10 here

:confused: I just went to play CSI miami, and what played back was some stupid DirectTV crap... (I guess it was 'under cover cop') -- Which was supposed to be on at 9... my DVR says 'CSI miami', my TV guide says 'CSI miami'.... I am so MAD! :scream: :scream:

Not sure why my thread was moved/merged since this has nothing to do with the new time-slot, but rather that it was apparently delayed... I didn't miss the episode because I was unaware of the new schedule... I missed it because of the stupid football game, and CBS not adjusting its programing, so the DVR's did not know not to wait an hour :rolleyes:

Guess I'll have to wait till it's online tomorrow... I was just so in the mood for it. Unless I can find it streaming from the west coast in the next minute...
^ The threads were merged because the delayed timing/bumped episode(s) due to the football game is also being discussed in this thread. I should have made that more clear in my initial post.

That being said, a lot of folks with DVRs might have to compensate by having it set to record an extra hour (to adjust for schedule misinformation/football etc.). It might not be possible for everyone, but it's an option.
oops sorry Finch I didn't notice you acknowledged that before... Unfortunately for me, by the time I realized what happened with the delay, CSI miami was already 20 minutes into it. (Was watching ABC lineup...and usually wait so I can fast forward commercials anyway)... I wish CBS would text message me next time LOL.. I should be important enough ;)
Sunday night delays on CBS go way back to the days of Murder She Wrote in the 80's, maybe even earlier. There is also a chance of weekday delays due to news alerts or presidential speeches. Unfortunately, DVRs and VCRs are not smart enough to compensate just yet. And as I usually state, "Networks and stations MISTAKENLY believe they have the right to change schedules without notice."