CSI: Miami Icons #7 - Showcase, Links and Requests

ch3r12y, I love those Out Of Time icons. :) Especially the Eden ones. :D

Here are mine from the negative space challenge:


no words

Feel free to snag. :)
Really awesome work, everyone! :)

GregNickRyanFan, I'm loving those Speed icons you did for the challenge. Great work. Also that Tripp icon is awesome! :D The third negative space icon is my favourite -- I love how it's put together.

Hannah06_95, really cool Speed icons. Love the colouring on the first one.

csifann1, fantastic work! :eek: The Calleigh one has a terrific crop and effect and the Natalia icon is beautiful.

ch3r12y, amazing! Absolutely terrific job on all three of those -- they're all so unique and well-done. :)

FallenForFlack, awesome colouring! The first one is my favourite, though I love the crop on the third.

I come bearing some premiere icons (screencaps courtesy of Lady I)

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Those icons are awesome Geni! :D Love the colouring.

I did some from the premiere too, again caps courtesy of Lady I:

Will try and get some more up later, if anyone has any specific requests(characters, caps, scene etc.) from the episode let me know.
Awesome premiere icons, Shazza! :D The Horatio one is my favourite -- wonderful colouring.

[33] 'Out of Time'
[16] 'Hostile Takeover'



You can find the rest at my LJ. :)
OMG so many many great icons :eek:

Shazza love, love those icons from the premiere. Really love the coloring :thumbsup:

Geni I'm speechless :eek: Those icons are freaking awesome!!! I left a comment on your LJ;)
OMFG, everyone has AMAZING AMAZING icons :eek::eek:
I really love the coloring in everyone's icons, they're perfect :thumbsup:
Definitely, I can't be gone for this long.

Bloody Mary and Mrs.Devil, I left a comment on your LJ :)
I made some Emily Procter ones and one of Ryan,


you can find the rest here at my LJ
I'm excited to be able to make a new batch of Miami icons! I will have to start soon. Loving everyone's work though. GORGEOUS!
:eek::eek::eek: WOW I all the icons here!!!

AnnaDelko I love the colour that you used it's amazing the third icon
Mrs.Devil I love yuor icon especially H's Icon!!!!!
Bloody Mary Do you know that you're amazing don't you????? :eek::eek:
vampireslayer I love the light in your icon
FFF Lovely icon!!!!!
DeaditeSlayer you're so creativity!!! :thumbsup:
ch3r12y only one word amazing :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Now it's my turn... I tried with some Jesse's icons, but here's the only I've been able to make:

hello everyone!

I've lurked here for the longest time, cheaking out everyone else's mad graphic making skills and decided to try it myself. :)


I'm a super newbie to this, so some imput/advice would be great! :)
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my icons. :adore:

Mrs.Devil, really cool style on your icons. :D The first one with Horatio is my fav -- I'll have a look in your LJ!

AnnaDelko, great batch. :) The colouring and cropping is fantastic! Mind if I snag a few? Will credit.

Lady_I, great cropping on your icon. I could never get that picture to come out properly when I fooled around with it. :lol: Hopefully you'll show us some more soon!

miamifan08, glad to see you joining in on the Fan Art fun. :D As for any input/advice, I'm no expert but I'd suggest perhaps lowering the intensity of the yellow/green or any single colour for that matter as it may overtake an icon (if that makes sense). But the idea and placement/crop is well-done. :) Definitely keep at it.

I brought a few Jesse icons.