CSI Miami game...I need help!

There's something not mentioned in most walkthroughs...even though Nicky gives you her prints, you have to search through the computer until you find her hospital record; then you can get a warrant. Hope that helps...
Do you have the evidence near the bridge? ^^

(yes I played it, finished it in a couple of hours :p)
Mm I can't remember it exactly if it was the vomit.. I played it 3 months ago or something.. You should search for a walkthrough guide, you'll read there how to get further ;)
Is there some sort of fault with the game? I've got stuck on 2 occasions, and even followed walkthroughs which didn't help!

I gave up eventually!
Callacrap, there are some small faults with the game and a patch was released to fix it.

I'm not sure if this is the problem that you are having but the patch does fix a number of faults that were found in the game. Just search for miami computer game patch and you should be able to find it. :)
I keep getting stuck on the last case. I've restarted the level multiple times (and used a walkthrough for the past two restarts). I can't get the numbers off the roulette wheel in the Judge's house. Does anyone have any tips or is that what the patch is for?
SaraGrissom said:
Does anyone have any tips or is that what the patch is for?

I don't actually know, but I would suggest getting the patch if you haven't already as it does fix several glitches and crash problems in the game. :) As the patch is free and easy to download it's certainly worth a try.
I think it is on ubisoft, but if you literally just do an internet search for 'csi miami game patch' you will find a link to it from hundreds of sites. :) I hope that it helps you.
Thanks. It worked! Lol I downloaded, restarted the case and followed my walkthrough (I was too lazy this morning ^_^ ) and it worked! Ha, now I just have to go back and do it myself if I feel like it. Lol. Thanks a bunch.
i have tried those site and dl but still cant play them case its says handler not found ive unistall it and re-installed it but still cant not play them and i realy want to finish them please help