CSI Miami game...I need help!


I've been stuck on the second case for as long as I can remember. I've collected everything I can, but it won't let me move on.
If anyone can email me, or something, and tell me how to do the second case, you'd be a huge help.


Thank you.
I had the same problem. To move on run the fingerprint from the bag of drugs in the car through AFIS and match to right one.

I'm stuck on the same case- though not in the same place. I CANNOT get to interview Nicky. I have all the evidence, my partener won't give me any hints. I've even followed all the walkthroughs and I still can't get an interview with her! Is there a bug in the game? Please help i'm dying to finish this case.
I am having the same problem, did you ever figure out what to do? I have done everything that I am suppose to do. I cannot get any hints from my partner and I cannot get Nicky in for interrigation. Please help!
I finally made it past the second case, now I am stuck on the very last one. I have gotten to the point where I am suppose to click on the numver 30 and 17 and then go talk to Denise, but she wont talk to me....am I missing something? I am following a walk through but I have done everything I know of, if you can help please email me at tmkeech@yahoo.com Please and Thank you!
I cant get past Scene 2 im trying to get a warrent for nicky but i just dont have enought evidence!
I got a walkthrough but it says...Compare the "Beer Tap Impression (Fate)" with the ".....compare it to what???? someone please help! email me at mytvnoturs@hotmail.com
I'M stuck in csi miami case 2 i can´t get a warrant to nicky and i've already done and collect everything!!! please help me i want to progress in game but i don't know who to.. send me an email to Finegirl_CC@hotmail.com thank you
I am having the same problem... gurr! This happened to me in dark motives and i had to restart the game then it worked. But i have already played it through twice now. Please let us know what to do to interview nicky! I ahve gotten everything, and follwed walkthroughs as well. HELP!!