CSI Miami game...I need help!

I am also very much stuck on the 2nd case of Miami and Speed is absolutely no help! I swear I've triple checked every location and piece of evidence I have. HELP?!
Hi! I'm having the same frustrating problem; was anyone able to help you? Might you pass along whatever tips they gave?
I'm stuck also at the same thing. can anybody help me? i want nicky
For all the ones who are emailing me, I'll try and g et back to you, but I can't right now as my home internet has been taken off and I'm currently in the library without the file!

ctx :D
I'm stuck on the 2nd case too. I CANNOT get to interview Nicky. I have all the evidence, my partner won't give any hints. I've even followed all the walkthroughs and I still can't get an interview with her! Is there a bug in the game? Please sumbody help me. i have try many things n dunno wut to do anymore... i'm dying to finish this case. plz... send me an email... :confused: help me
I got past the second case and all in 20 minutes but without seeing where you are i cant really help...Can anyone help me out on the last case though? Im seriously stuck and ive tried starting the case over and everything. I just cant get though it. dark_gerbil@hotmail.com if you can help.
I saw that many people were mailing you to help them solve CSI Miami Case 2. I’m having the same problem…I think I have all the evidence, asked all the questions and compared all the fingerprints and DNA but still can’t get an interview with Nicky. Can anyone help me please??